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18/MAROn 18.03.742 Bronzerider A’dris of Vyaniorth was found dead in his personal bathing pool. He appears to have drowned after drinking an excess of alcohol. Afterwards it was realized that Machiya of Gold Cameth from Telgar Weyr had disappeared. Having never arrived at her destination, it is suspected she had an accident between.
11/MAR Gold Racoth of Donmaline went between taking Bronze Beruth of T’rel with her shortly after she had been caught, due to T’rel strangling Donmaline. He did not survive. more info
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Isabelle Fuhrman
Full Name:
Indi, Vara, Ra, Di
Date of Birth:
05.04.716 AL - (28 years old)
Place of Birth:
Southern Continent
Searched By:
IN dee VAH rah
Weyrlingmaster Assistant
Primary Home:
Telgar Weyr
Searched Date:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Dark Brown
General Description:
Indivara's face is clearly an oval with a narrow and defined chin. She has full, pale pink lips sitting under a pert nose, are full and expressive. A scattering of dark freckles cover Indivara's features, spread across her nose and cheeks most predominately though they are also visible scatered across her whole face, down her neck and over her shoulders and onto her arms. Her face is extremely expressive, and the girl is completely incapable of hiding her emotions, though this has never given the impression of disturbing her.

As a result of the World Above Hatching in 731 AL, Indivara was mauled across her face and chest. Despite the skill and talent of Talian, Indivara's lack of proper care bestowed on the stitches resulted in harsh scarring across her face, and over her chest. There are distinct claw marks from the upper left hand side of her face, stretching down to the lower right side. Two lines start on her forehead, the first stopping just above her right eye, while the other continues down across the bridge of her eye and ends in the centre of her right cheek. Two more start directly under her left eye, just barely missing blinding the girl, with the first stopping in the middle of her nose, while the fourth dips under her nose and through the centre of her lips to end on the centre-right of her chin.

Six distinct claw marks decorate her chest, with some having faded out while others remain clear. They start on her left shoulder, and stop a few hand spaces there after, angled to the right. These are not quite as bad as those on her face, though likely because they were able to be more carefully kept clean and tended.

Indivara's height is visibly lacking, though her body is long limbed and delicate; she is not particularly well endowed when it comes to hips and bust, though she isn't entirely lacking in that sense, either. Her legs and arms are long and well shaped with the distinct but subtle tone of someone who spends a lot of time doing physical activities. She is light and lithe, with a pretence for climbing trees. As a result, her hands are calloused and her nails short and rough but she is flexible and acrobatic.

Indivara is a regular bather, never going to bed dirty but she is completely at ease with getting dirty during the day and has no fear of dirt or grime for the duration of the day, but she will not allow it in her bed.

Indivara has large, vividly and deeply blue eyes. They are framed by sparse but long and dark lashes. Her eyes are bright, captivating and the type that could easily be considered beautiful. Easily readable, Indivara's eyes are definitely windows to the soul, betraying her every thought and emotional response without hesitation despite her desires. Full of everything from laughter to furious anger, her eyes will quickly tell someone how Indivara feels if they take the time to look. Expressive eyebrows rest above her eyes, quirky and not afraid to shift position they are rapid indicators of her thoughts.

Indivara's hair is an unacknowledged glory, falling in silken waves easily to the girl's hips. A very warm brown, with natural light and dark highlights bringing it to life, Indivara's hair is straight and without frizz. It is easy to maintain, and often quickly tied back in a tight braid that works itself loose over the course of the day. Her forehead is covered or not depending on the current growth of her fringe, which is occasionally trimmed to length, before being left to grow out once more.
General Dressing Style:
Indivara dresses in, quite literally, whatever. Usually, her dressing style consists of an over sized shirt that can generally be assumed to have been stolen from V'ler's wardrobe and a pair of tight fitting leggings. Her feet alternate between bare and a pair of simple slip on shoes that are easy to kick off. Her hair is almost always pulled back into a tight braid at the beginning of every day, but being so silky and smooth, it has almost always worked itself loose before the day is out.

Once upon a time, Indivara was wrangled into a dress by her mother, Jada or Kerrin. Since her life has moved her away from her greenriding friend and after the loss of her mother and Jada, Indivara refuses to wear dresses unless the circumstances are absolute; being a bluerider she finds her best outfit is pants and shirts, not skirts.
Isabelle Fuhrman
V'ler: While Indivara would likely never put it into words, she has a deep affection for V'ler, and trusts him impeccably. Since the death of Jada, V'ler has been a constant in Indivara's life; she is often found in his bed or at his side, and despite the birth of their daughter in 233 - the result of Indivara flight-mothing a green flight - their relationship is completely platonic, though that doesn't stop the Weyr gossip from saying otherwise.

Lessons: While lessons could occassionally be boring, Indivara found she did well enough at them during her youth to enjoy them. Writing and spelling were her strengths, while math was a weakness. After Impression, Indivara found there was a lot about dragons and riding them that she didn't know, and was delighted to learn. Having graduated, she is currently futhering her education as a Weyrlingmaster Assistant so that she might teach her own classes in the future.

Gossip: Perhaps her most 'green' trait, and something the girl undoubtedly picked up off her mother, Indivara has a great taste for gossip. She enjoys sharing it (usually more malicious rather than less) and listening to it grow and spread. She loves the way the Weyr at large will take something heard in passing, and manipulate it to the individual's own personal style, before passing it on. She thinks it is amazing, thrilling, and hilarious - especially when is about herself, though she finds it less enjoyable when it is about her friends.
Courageous: Indivara is incredibly courageous; she will take on any obstacle and she will rarely, if ever, give up on something she believes in, even if no one else has any faith in her.

Loyalty: Indivara's friends are few and far between, but her loyalty to them and their causes is not to be underestimated. She will stand by anyone - male or female, human or dragon - that she believes in regardless of their stances.

Honesty: Indivara is well known for her brutal honesty, often to the point of making other people cry brokenly in the wake of her harsh and often cruel words. While the things Indivara says are usually honest, they are always tarnished by the girl's own point of view. As a result, their exact potency can be considered debatable.
Mirrors: Indivara has a distinct dislike for mirrors, most particularly after her run-in with bronze Hoth during the Hatching of 231. The amount of scarring that now mars her features disturbs the girl, ruining what she already considered to be a bland and unappealing façade. Despite the turns that have passed since gaining the scarring, Indivara is still distinctly uncomfortable with them. She wears her discomfort in the form of a brash attitude and snapping remarks to those that stare.

Sexims towards herself: There is nothing Indivara abhors quite so much as being told that since she's a girl, she cannot do something; that she should go do proper girl things, or to be laughed at outright when she reminds the world of how damned determined she is to Impress not only a fighter, but a bronze! Since Impressing a blue, Indivara has been reminded again and again at how much the world around her thinks such a position is fit only for men; she has had to work twice as hard as any of her clutchmates, and its really brought home to her the way the world works.
Unfortunately for other women, Indivara's great hatred for sexism only rears its head when such commentary is applied to herself; she is just as quick as any man to tell a girl to go fix her hair before she breaks a nail. Stupid pansy bitches.

Sex: For a long time, Indivara's only experience with sex was through flight mothing; indeed her very first experience was during Krypth's maiden flight in 232, where she was grabbed by a horny dragonrider with no regard to what she wanted or how she felt about it. From there, Indivara took to flight mothing and her experiences with sex were rough and lusty; her only experience with sex outside of flight lust was with R'VI, and the experience ironically causes Indivara a lot of embarrassment and discomfort.
Pigheaded: Considering herself to be the best, and the most amazing, Indivara is incredibly pigheaded, obnoxious and - at best - incredibly difficult to socialise with. She is prideful and quick to take offence, whether the comment was meant that way or not - or even if there was or wasn't a comment made.

Spiteful: She is vicious and spiteful with a quick and acidic tongue as often as not; the rest of the time she is faster to physically attack even if the person she is laying into is twice her size (which is not hard to be) or even if they're not a person at all; Indivara has been known to punch the occasional dragon in the nose.

Troubled: At her core, Indivara is a troubled young woman who puts on a lot of attitude to hide all the insecurities and emotions that live within. She rarely cries or seeks out help from those she loves, instead bottling it all up inside and dwelling on it when she has time and privacy.
Habits & Mannerisms:
The most important thing to note about Indivara is that she is an exceedingly clean person. For all the dirt and grime the day may present upon her, and her lack of worry about getting her hands (or any other part of her) dirty, Indivara will never go to bed dirty. A bath is taken every night, regardless of any attempts to cancel, and only then will Indivara go to bed.
Indivara also has a habit of rolling her eyes, at almost anything and anyone, regardless of rank, seniority or the general fact that they probably have far more knowledge about something than she. Indivara values her own opinions, and unless you are talking about something with which she agrees, Indivara doesn't care.
General Personality:
Indivara is a harsh, course young woman who packs a great deal of importance on herself, and relatively little on almost everyone else in comparison. While Indivara thinks a great deal of both herself and her own thoughts and opinions, her views on that of others is incredibly lousy and it is a rare moment in which the girl will listen to the thoughts and ideals of someone else - especially if they clash with her own. Those who voice an opinion differing to that which Indivara believes are responded to in a small variety of ways, depending on the person in question. If she can get away with it - and she usually can, in some way or form - Indivara will lash out with an acidic tongue or in a more literal way, with fists making themselves known to more than one of the young men that roam the Weyr. Those that laugh off the girl because of her diminutive size are liable to find the toe of her boot connecting with their shin, her fist somewhere in their kidney - or, if she feels especially insulted - she will aim right for the prize and make sure she hits hard in the groin.

Indivara doesn't, and never has, had any fear of a physical confrontation, and will attack with all the ferocity of a cornered feline. Teeth, fists, head butting, kicking, scratching - nothing is above or below the belt for the spunky young woman, who believes that if her brawl partner had any sense of justice, they wouldn't be picking on a teeny-tiny girl - regardless of the fact that Indivara almost always starts such events. Baiting, teasing and physically launching straight into the attack without any warning, Indivara takes offence at almost anything, though particular triggers are her scars, her height and her gender. Telling her to put a dress on and get back in the kitchen is the fastest way to earn Indivara's fearful wrath. Despite coming out worse for wear on several occasions - often enough to remind the girl she won't always win - Indivara will never back down from a fight, and will take a beating with her teeth gnashed and do her best to give as good as she gets.

Despite her prickly nature and obvious lack of skills when it comes to making friends, Indivara is a fierce protector of those that she has become attached to. Most notably, Indivara will leap to the defence of Kerrin, with little to no thought about whom she might be contending at the moment in question. Such defence may be leaped into verbally or physically, and Indivara will rarely hang around long enough to ask questions; instead she leaps right to the defensive and will make any ill-speaker eat their words - alongside either a knuckle sandwich or a flood of Indivara's own vicious words.

Indivara is full of insecurities, which are the largest source of her own vicious attitude and swift flying fists. Believing herself to be of a bland appearance at best, the girl views her scarring as the final lodge against her physical appearance and a reason she will never be so much as 'pretty' in the eyes of anyone but her distinctly biased mother. They were horrific, and split her face into several pieces, while also destroying the smooth surface of her chest. Indivara detests her scarring, and refuses to look in a mirror or the flat surface of water unless absolutely forced. As a result, the girl takes deep offence when people mock her, and very rarely will she stay silent enough to listen to anyone comment upon her features. The only person she allows any leeway with talking about the incident is Master Talian, if only because he was her healer for the duration thereafter.

Additionally, Indivara is extremely sour about her lack of height, finding it to be both insulting and a pain in her arse; she takes very unkindly to those who find it amusing or tease her about it.
Isabelle Fuhrman
Father: A'din, b.680, d.725 AL
Rank: Greenrider; deceased in 725
Mother: Ivandel, b.683, d.734 AL
Rank: Weyrfolk; died in landslide 30.07.734 AL
Divandel - Brother, 17.10.226 AL, deceased in Landslide 30.07.734 AL
Past Lovers: Bronzerider; Assorted blueriders;
Mated to: V'ler of blue Veeth
Varlea, daughter
- Pregnant 01.03.733 AL
- Birth Date: 25.12.733 AL
- Father: V'ler of blue Veeth
- Foster Parents: R'nya of bronze Rhezalth and Rhaedalyn of gold Aradissicath
- Foster Siblings: Alyren, twins Dalna and Rajlyn

V adira, daughter
- Pregnant 07.03.739 AL
- Birth Date: 15.12.739 AL
- Father: V'ler of blue Veeth
- Foster Parents: R'nya of bronze Rhezalth and Rhaedalyn of gold Aradissicath
- Foster Siblings: Alyren, twins Dalna and Rajlyn
Important History:
Prior to Birth:
716; d16.m01:
A'din took his Weyrmate Ivandel with him when he was forced to flee the Weyr; Ivendel was five months pregnant with their first child. The trip was harsh on the heavily pregnant woman and she suffered greatly because of it.
716: d05.m04 - Birth:
Indivara was born to her parents alone in the South, and while both were delighted by the reasonably easy labour Ivandel endured, they were also terrified by the prospect of raising an infant alone. The child was small, and sickly as a result of the poor nutrition Ivandel was able to get during the end portion of the pregnancy.
1st Turn:
717; d27.m06:
Indivara, just past her first birthday, gets a very bad cold that takes a lot out of the child. There is a lot of heartfelt fear that she will be lost, but also an outstanding amount of determination on part of her parents and the green dragon that she pull through. The recovery period was long, and kept Indivara low of weight and struggling but she survived.
2nd Turn:
718; d05.m04:
Indivara's second birthday was uneventful. Though the child was extremely small for her age, she was developing normally and A'din is not overly concerned though Ivandel goes out of her way to make sure the child gets the best of what food is available.
3rd Turn:
719; d05.m04:
Indivara is still tiny for her age, but she is growing into a fierce little child who is determined to explore and often goes 'missing', to reappear up trees in the area surrounding the small family's chosen living area.
4th Turn:
720; d16.m02:
When Tsuen's gold Nirinath's call to regroup was heard by green Khainth, the dragon had been quick to draw together the small family and shuttle them along to the chosen meeting point, both dragon and humans anxious to rejoin with the rest of their kind and more afraid of the turns they had spent alone than the threat of the illness that had destroyed the dragon population still remaining.
720; d26.m07:
Ivandel miscarried in the beginning of her second trimester. The loss of the child was devastating for the woman and she went through a prolonged bout of depression.
720; d05.m04:
Indivara turned 4. She remains a small, runty child that is often alternating between being sick, and hiding up in trees. With most of the few children in the newly formed Weyr being younger than she - or recently born - Indivara attaches herself to a slightly older Weyrbrat, Kerrin.
5th Turn:
721; d--.m--:
Indivara took to exploring, often vanishing from sight from her parent. She enjoyed a year of mischief and mayhem as the accomplice of Kerrin, often taking the fall for the older weyrbrat when her short legs couldn't keep up with his escapes. While this often resulted in tantrums by Indivara, she never tattled on Kerrin.
221: d05.m06:
Indivara becomes ill with a cold, but manages to avoid being struck down by the firehead sweeping through the Weyr; a lucky escape, for catching it would have killed her undoubtedly.
6th Turn:
722; d--.m--
Indivara was shuffled off into generalised education, an event she did not appreciate. She displayed a talent for words and spelling, but was easily outmanoeuvred by numbers. Despite this, she took a smug satisfaction in teasing Kerrin about his lack of spelling skills.
7th Turn:
723; d24.m05:
The ups and downs of the dragonrider politics within the Weyr go completely unnoticed by the child, who takes the turn to fall out of a tree, breaking her arm between elbow and wrist. Being right handed, and breaking her left arm, she found she was still expected to undergo her lessons. She was not impressed.
8th Turn:
724; d19.m02:
Indivara was deeply curious about the arrival of the Northern expedition, and utterly confused by the way the entire Weyr went on edge and was kept closely guarded and hidden. When she asked the usual childish questions about 'why', she was hushed or sent away. Bitching to Kerrin revealed little more and simply made the child angry with her friend. He, at least, was meant to tell her this stuff! It didn't occur to her that he simply didn't know either.
9th Turn:
725: d15.m11:
Ivandel becomes pregnant earlier in the turn, though it is followed by a devastating event as A'din dies shortly after Indivara's 9th birthday, leaving his daughter alone with her mother's advancing pregnancy. Indivara is wreaked by grief, the girl being close to both her parents and never having lost someone close to her. Ivandel topples into a well of grief herself and the pair go through the remaining term of Ivandel's pregnancy in a black haze.
10th Turn:
726; d24.m03:
Ivandel gives birth to a baby boy after a long and difficult labour. He is born fit and strong but the difficulty Ivandel underwent puts the woman into the Healers hall for several weeks before she is fit to return home. Indivara spends much of the time escaping from the creche and bothering Kerrin, whom she had been avoiding with gusto during the months prior to her baby brother's birth. Her mother comes out of her slump with appearance of the baby boy, and Indivara, being a young child, claws her way back to genuinely cheerful once more.
11th Turn:
727; d24.m07:
Indivara is furious about being refused the right to stand for the Renewed Hope Clutch, having recently turned 11 and thus making her 'more than old enough!' in her not at all humble opinion. Her mother, furthering Indivara's outrage, supports the refusal for her daughter to Stand. Her only relief comes from learning that Kerrin, too, is refused the right to Stand. She takes to bitching viciously around her friend, righteously (in her opinion) furious at their being denied.
227; d14.m09:
Indivara is devastated by the loss of the young blue and his rider. She is loudly and obnoxiously convinced the fault lies, not with with the fact it was a girl whom Impressed the little blue, but instead with the Stolen who had Impressed his clutchmates tarnishing the entire batch of dragonets.
12th Turn:
728; d11.m11:
A useless Notherner killed their dragonet. Indivara, outraged by the loss, flees the Weyr where she spends a lot of time on the outskirts, mostly living up trees and avoiding having to have anything to do with anyone that comes searching for her. She dedicatedly avoids both her mother and Kerrin.
13th Turn:
729; d28.m08:
Indivara was thrilled when the Weyrling group reached graduation, the girl taking part in the dancing and celebrations that occurred as a result, though she wasn't stupid enough to drink anything; her mother would kill her.
729; d15.09:
The death of yet another Northern-bonded Weyrling disturbed, distressed and enraged Indivara, who strongly felt that the fault lay with those that had dragged in people who had no respect or desire to be around dragons (crazy fucks!) and thus, ended up killing themselves and a perfectly wonderful dragon!
14th Turn:
730; d--.m--:
The addition of more Northerners brought in without consideration over the turn did very little to soothe the girl's feathers regarding her attitude towards both their sourness and the general opinion that they would be the ones to Stand and Impress the expected clutch Nirinath would give them hopefully within the very near future. Indivara slunk around the outskirts a lot, trying to keep a low profile and mostly succeeding.
15th Turn:
731; d19.m03:
Indivara is again refused the right to Stand, once more with her mother supporting the Weyrleaderships refusal to allow her girl onto the Sands, despite Indivara being almost fifteen turns of age and "more than old enough!" The new decree that women would need to have children before being allowed to Stand sent Indivara into a furious fit; she was a weyrbrat - it was her right to Stand at a Hatching!
731: d08.m05:
Indivara attended the public lashing of B'jin with Jada, but fled the scene shortly there after; Even Indivara's course nature wasn't built for such violence. She dragged Jada away with her.
731; d04.m06:
Indivara is mauled viciously by the bronze hatchling Hoth after the girl decided to sneak onto the Sands and Stand unofficially. The mauling tore her face into shreds, as well as putting deep slices through her chest and shoulder area. Indivara was punished by Weyrleader D'ren and refused allowance to stand at the next Clutch - whenever that might be.
16th Turn:
732; d15.m02:
Krypth flies, and Indivara, who was spending time with Jada at the time, is snatched away by a bronzerider. While being her first experience with sex, and coming out of it more than a little shell shocked and roughed up. She is, however horrified when she finds out Krypth was captured by S'kef's brown Tyrrisath. Furious with the outcome, she spent a great deal of time ranting viciously at Kerrin, while pointedly ignoring his demands to know what happened to her face.
732: d25.m04:
Indivara point blank refused to attend the public lashing of the misconducted Northerner. She scolded Jada something fierce when she heard about her display at the lashing later. She doesn't think Jada heard a word of what she said, but Indivara felt much better after screeching at her.
732: d05.m05:
Indivara joined the flight moths - willingly this time - at a green flight, for her second round of exploits. With a better understanding of what would occur, Indivara found the experience quiet enjoyable and it quickly became a habit. She developed a process of leaving before they woke up, or scoffing them so as they wouldn't seek a lucid re-enactment, thus avoiding too many good looks at her scarred body, and a reputation as being a nasty bitch to discover - it did, however, make getting trips between to avoid pregnancy much easier!
732: d15.m07:
Refused the right to stand as punishment for sneaking onto the Sands at the last Hatching, Indivara stood scowling at Jada's side for the duration, watching with a flat look as the dragonets attached themselves to Northerners and left good solid dragonrider material - such as Kerrin - standing without.
732: d02.m08:
Once more, Indivara's opinion that Northerner's are inadequate dragonriders is proven with the death of Iruvia and her green dragonet Unowth.
17th Turn:
733: d.m:
18th Turn:
734: d.m:
19th Turn:
735: d.m:
20th Turn:
736: d.m:
21st Turn:
737: d.m:
22nd Turn:
738: d.m:
23nd Turn:
738: 15.11: Indivara has an emergency c-section to birth her and V'ler's second daughter, Vadira. Thread link

-- Indivara was poisoned, alongside Zelana, on [DATE].
Isabelle Fuhrman
Indivara has a basic education as far as reading, writing and math are concerned. As of her graduation to Wingrider, Indivara and Venseth have been in training to become Weyrlingmaster Assistants, with a future goal of being Weyrlingmasters.

Since [DATE] she has been training to be a Weyrlingmaster under B'jin, greenrider of Larrikith.

Since [DATE] Indivara has been a fully qualified Weyrlingmaster, and been educating her own classes.
Isabelle Fuhrman
Dragon Information
Wing and Rank:
Wingrider of N/A
Adult Stats
28 foot length, 14 foot tall, with a 42 foot wingspan.
Clutch Details:
Gold Aradissicath x Bronze Xyreith at Katila Weyr on the 13.09.734 AL [Clutch Page] Key Word: Utopian Egg Name: Utopian Egg Description: Caramel in colour, this average-sized egg is speckled with a darker brown.
As an infant, Venseth is visibly and gorgeously blue. With aqua tones from dark through to bright, the young dragon’s hide is like looking up at the surface from the bottom of the lake on a clear day. Much like the sunlight on water, the light on Venseth’s hide causes it to glint and glimmer, the contrasting light and dark that mingle together gently coming to life with even the most subtle of movements.

Venseth’s body is as square and squat throughout his growth as he was at Hatching. His eyes are large in a large, square head that is constructed with a broad forehead and deep cheekbones. The point of his muzzle is broad, with wide nostrils, while his headknobs are short and squat. The rest of his boyd follows this trend, with a thick neck, a broad chest and ribcage and an almost stumpy tail. Venseth stands on stocky legs that are perfectly proportioned to the rest of his body, and even as a freshly hatched baby, Venseth is notably one of the biggest of the blues in his clutch.
Venseth’s infant hide peels away to reveal a darker version, as if instead of looking up from the bottom of a clear pool of water towards a gorgeous summer sky, one is instead one is peering down from the surface, to the bottom of a deep lake. Murky dark blues mingle with deep aquatic greens, the colours smudged together like soft ripples in the water. There appears to be no particular pattern to the colours, simply a mingling and weaving together that flows from one end to the other of his body, and yet is clearly patchy if one stands back and stares at him.

In build – Venseth unabashedly retains the thick, heavy body he had as a youngster, with a short, blocky head and wide nostrils and large well set eyes that are as secretive of his emotions as Indivara’s are revealing of hers’. Reaching a solid twenty-eight feet, and not an inch more, Venseth’s large size is notable, while his wingspan and height keep him in proportion, his sheer bulk make him look more like an undersized bronze than a particularly large blue.
The timbre of Venseth’s voice is deep, and contains a husky air about it, as if there is a frog permanently caught in his throat. That impression is only deepened by the manner in which he projects softly – a murmur, a whisper, a light touch upon the mind of the one to whom he is speaking, for Venseth is wary of bombarding the mind too heavily with his presence. Soft, gentle and sweet, Venseth’s voice is vastly at odds with not only his outward appearance, but also his prickly rider.
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743.04.24 - V'lia's green Tiath
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xx - 732.09.19 - Blue Saph is Impressed
xx - 732.09.26 - Gold Queenie is Impressed

**Indivara's firelizards were originally called Blood Sucker and Shit Head, but she renamed them at some point.

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