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12/APR Searchrider B’jin was attacked at Telgar Weyr, surffering a slash to his throat. While in Benden, bluerider B’dor is found dead in his weyr. More info here
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24/MAR Weyrwoman Ameris and her son, Rislan, poisoned! More information here
18/MAR Benden’s Weyrleader M’ris and his children have been poisoned! Resulting in sickness and death. More information here
18/MAROn 18.03.742 Bronzerider A’dris of Vyaniorth was found dead in his personal bathing pool. He appears to have drowned after drinking an excess of alcohol. Afterwards it was realized that Machiya of Gold Cameth from Telgar Weyr had disappeared. Having never arrived at her destination, it is suspected she had an accident between.
11/MAR Gold Racoth of Donmaline went between taking Bronze Beruth of T’rel with her shortly after she had been caught, due to T’rel strangling Donmaline. He did not survive. more info
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This profile contains instances of Violence, Sexual Assult, Abuse, Death, Loss, and may not be suitable to all readers.

Ronan Keating
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
23.06.683 AL - (61 years old)
Place of Birth:
Subhold of Lemos Hold
Searched By:
Primary Home:
Telgar Weyr
Searched Date:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Blonde, Silver
Sturdy, softly fit
General Description:
While B’jin has a naturally solid build, which could easily become toned to make himself look stronger and more intimidating than he is, B’jin is not particularly inclined to excessive exercise, for enjoyment or otherwise. As a result, the greenrider has a slim but soft body with no excess of muscle mass. He is as fit as he needs to be, to live the life of a dragonrider, and not a bit more.

B’jin’s face is open and honest, with large emotional eyes and a wide, cheerful smile that is filled with straight white teeth. His forehead is high and wide almost never hidden under hair that is kept short or swept back. Shaving regularly and with great dedication, B’jin’s face is very rarely home to more than a five o’clock shadow – one that is showing an increasing amount of grey as the greenrider leaves behind the prime of his life.

B’in is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to appearances; when he is comfortable in his own skin and the situation, the greenrider carries himself with his shoulders back and his chin up, demanding an air of superiority that isn’t often seen in greenriders, but is brought about mostly by his role as Weyrlingmaster, or his deep pride in being a Haprer. On the flip side of the coin, if B’jin is not comfortable, he tends to shrink in on himself, bringing his shoulders up around his neck and actively attempting to make himself appear small and unintimidating or unimportant enough to avoid attention.

Wide, soulful and incapable of hiding his true emotions, B’jin’s eyes are literally windows into his innermost thoughts. Deep, chocolate brown they are warm and emotionional, filled with everything from joy to terror. They are surrounded by unabashed smile lines, indicating a preference for laughter and joy, though shadows that linger within hint at a haunted past. His eyelashes are thick, long, and such a pale blonde that they are almost invisible unless one is right in B’jin’s face. Eyebrows are expressive, and a darker blonde than his hair, they are active in their expression of B’jin’s moods and thoughts.

Contrary to his younger days when his hair would be kept long, B’jin now prefers to keep it short-cropped, perhaps long enough to run fingers through. His hair is a dark honeyed blonde, with bleached highlights from the summer sun. Silver hair is coming through at B’jin’s temples, though the lighter colour of his hair overall tends to blend it and keep most from noticing.

Though his overall shyness and general prudishness keep such facts hidden from the general public, B'jin's body is home to more than his share of scarring. His back is riddled with long healed scars from when he was publically whipped in 730-something, while his throat has a much fresher scar in a horizontal line across it, from when he was attacked by an unknown assailant in 742.
General Dressing Style:
Incredibly conservative and deeply modest, B’jin is most often found dressed in a pair of tidy, well made, and obviously well cared for slacks and a long sleeved shirt. His pants are usually coloured a dark shade of blue, dark grey, or plain black while his shirts tend to be a spotless white. They are accompanied by thick soled riding boots. The overall style of his outfit is mostly changed by the flowing fashion his shirts are designed to follow, though he refrains from decretive stitching and colours when possible, feeling that his rider knots are all the decoration he needs. In warm weather, the neckline of his shirt is often loosely laced, while cooler weather will see a pant-matching vest breaking up the stark white of his shirt.

B’jin keeps a pristine set of his old Harper outfit carefully cared for and maintained in one of his trunks, though he has long since outgrown the outfit he wore in his late teens. Additionally, he now has several sets of dragonrider leathers that he finally takes pride in wearing, notably since he has become a public figure as a Weyrlingmaster and responsible for the Hold bred Candidates – as a Searchrider (albeit a mostly inactive one these days), he is also responsible for creating a cutting image when he goes on Search. Always one to take pride in his appearance, B’jin makes sure his riding clothes are in top condition.

While there was a dry period for the duration of 731 while B’jin’s beloved guitar was at first remaining where he’d left it in the North, and then in the home of bluerider I'SHAN’s hut until he reclaimed it in the fourth month of 732, it can now be seen regularly hooked once more over either B’jin’s shoulder, or tied carefully on to Larrikith’s riding straps. In any case, it is no longer ever very far from the greenrider and he is more than happy to play it for anyone that asks.

Since the attack in 743 that rendered B'jin mute, he has taken to wearing scarves of fancy designs and colours to hide his scarring. He enjoys buying pretty ones, and likes when people give him new ones as guests. He has a couple that he's particularly fond of, that are quite similar in colouration to his own dragon Larrikith, and that of R'nd's blue Ayyonth.
Ronan Keating
Lavender: B’jin has always held a special affection for lavender, perhaps most readily because it is a soothing, relaxing medical herb that doesn’t cause his body distress. The scent of lavender almost always lingers around B’jin, as he uses it in Larrikith’s oil and often puts lavender oil on his wrists in the morning. Sprigs of the plant can be found scattered throughout his home, and he has a small garden of them in pots within the dragon portion of Ayyonth’s weyr in R’nd’s rooms.

Art: All forms of artistry are deeply admired by B’jin, most notably when such things are done well; B’jin can be incredibly arrogant and self-righteous about his opinion on art, and being a spectacular artist himself with ink and paper, he is not above telling other’s his opinion on such matters. His opinions on what art is good, and what is not, is incredibly skewed and while he might consider a child’s stick drawing to be a master piece, he will have no issues in telling a Jr. Journeyman they should have studied a different field.

Teaching: B’jin enjoys teaching, and took a shine to it during the first few turns after Katila was formed. He often took on the younger children, keeping them distracted and educating them at the same time so their parents could focus on other things. While he had never taught prior to that moment, and in fact had spent much time himself as a student prior to the plague, he found it much to his liking and quickly put up his hand to take on Weyrlings when it became apparent that Krypth was going to be a frequent flier. He has, since then, been a Weyrlingmaster and takes a great deal of pride in presenting his Weyrlings for graduation at the end of their fifteen twelve-month term.
Socialite: At heart, B’jin is a true socialite; he loves spending time around people – any people – and takes joy in bringing them joy, especially through the means of his voice and guitar. It is hard to make B’jin uncomfortable when out in public, as he is a bit of a chameleon and adjusts himself and his mannerisms to fit those he is socialising with, be them Lord and Lady of the Hold or the lowliest drudge doing their chores. He finds comfort in crowds, as they protect him from the shadows of his past.

Larrikith: Their time together did not start smoothly, with Larrikith choosing B’jin from the Stands, and – as B’jin saw it – ruining his lifetime ambition to become the Master Harper of Pern. Instead, he became a lowly greenrider with no future and no prospects. It took many years before their bond became something other than the push and pull of two magnets that just wouldn’t connect properly. After the building of Katila, and after leaving N’mall, B’jin found his relationship with his dragon strengthening and building into something that would have shocked their Weyrlingmaster. Now, B’jin shares a solid bond with his dragon, who has always loved him and just needed him to accept that fact.
Brown Dragons: B’jin has a deeply ingrained terror of brownriders, and a deep distrust of them – both ride rand dragon alike – firmly believing there is no such thing as a nice brownpair before, during or after the plague. He believes the evil stems from the dragon, who tarnish their new riders and bring about the absolute worst possible nature in their personality. The only brownrider B’jin will be seen willingly around is T'lian, though he has no trust at all for his dragon Khaduceth.

Numbweed: Intensely allergic to the plant, B’jin is incredibly skittish around numbweed and refuses to visit anywhere it might be found in large quantities, most notably the Healing Hall or anywhere currently brewing the plant into salve. Contact with anything in which the plant is present results in a nasty and vicious outbreak of harsh boils and intense pain. B’jin has been lucky enough not to come into contact with an untreated plant as yet, and is in no hurry to touch the stuff. As a result of his allergy, B’jin has an incredible tolerance to pain beyond most men, having had to go through his life with very little in the way of pain relief.

Blatant Stupidity: B’jin is a generally fair and patient man, but his patience is tried by blatant stupidity. He doesn’t mind a lack of knowledge, or those that are simple minded. What he can’t stand, and what makes him tick, is stupidity of the sort that makes no sense. When otherwise intelligent people make statements that simply and obviously make no fucking sense despite all evidence that points to the obvious. In such situations, B’jin will turn on a heel and walk away without comment, just to get away from a situation that is prone to make his brain bleed.
Alcoholic: B’jin is a closeted alcoholic, taking too often to drowning both his discomfort and the pain of memories in the booze that is easy to come by, if a bit harsh on the palate. While B’jin is a cheerful drunk on most occasions, there have been those few times where drinking has only sunk him deeper into the black hole of despair he was trying to escape, making him dour and snide. Mostly, though, a drunk B’jin is a lot of fun for everyone involved as he gets cheeky and upbeat, teasing anyone within range.

Temper: Though rare to be brought to the surface, B’jin has a terrible temper with a long fuse. It isn’t easy to anger the greenrider, but he does hold a grudge and while some things will be forgotten a moment later, the oddest things will be remembered for turns and turns to come. When angered, B’jin relies on a sharp tongue and a nasty attitude to pitch his battles; he is rarely if ever physical in his outrage towards another person, though he has been known to throw items and punch walls if really pressed.
Habits & Mannerisms:
B’jin has a nervous habit of sweeping his fingers back through his hair, though it is something occasionally done in frustration or boredom too. In moments of stress, he is known to close his eyes and pinch the bridge of his nose while breathing deeply, commonly brought about by questions his Candidates or Weyrlings may come up with. Being incredibly conservative, B’jin is never seen without a proper amount of clothing on his body.
General Personality:
Usually, B’jin is a bright, charming man with an easy smile, bright eyes, and infectious laughter, all of which are easy to come by and happily shared. A socialite to the highest degree, B’in enjoys spending time with his many acquaintances. The general appearance he displays is of a man who is always happy and both easily entertained and happy to entertain. Contrary to appearance, B’jin only has a handful of very close friends that he feels he can confide in, and he takes his relationship with each of them very seriously.

Laziness is perhaps one of B’jin’s biggest faults, of he enjoys spending his time relaxing and playing music, or just staring up at the clouds in the sky. While he was an active and dedicated student as a Harper, he never felt as if he were working – the same of which cannot be said for the duties and responsibilities that came with his dragon. Perhaps because of that, he was quick to become a Searchrider, where he could laze off while doing the job expected of him (mostly because Larrikith did the actual work.)

Despite his laziness where dragonriding is concerned, B‘jin has always been a happy teacher, and it didn’t take much to encourage him that teaching Weyrlings was where he should spend his time. Intelligent and patient, B’jin finds it easy to teach even the densest of students having a way with words and a talent for expressing himself that makes explaining things clear and understandable to even the most difficult students. It is with pride that B’jin has seen each of his Weyrling groups find their way to graduation.
Ronan Keating
Father: Jimandor, 153 AL, deceased
Rank: Farm hand
Mother: Moraleen, 156 AL, deceased
Rank: Kitchen hand
Lenador: M, b.23.02.187 AL, d.??? | Sr. Journeyman Vintner specialising in the growth of grapes.

Andeleen: F, b.16.10.189 AL, d.N/A | Sr. Journeywoman Harper, specialising in script work and record keeping at Telgar Hold.

Moramanda: F, b.15.09.193 AL, I.12.10.208 AL d.215 AL | rider of green Namdith.
Moramanda's children:
- Marandia; b.05.07.210, d.215 AL
- Asrillia; b.15.08.212, d.215 AL
Lady Amarilla, f, of Telgar, 203 AL; a secret affair
S'kef m, of brown Tyrrisath; non-consensual
N'mall, m, 190 AL. On and off from 209 AL to 228 AL; Weyrmate.
R'nd of blue Ayyonth, weymate <3
Bendilam, M, 15.11.203 AL, . Born to a Telgar Hold woman during his assignment there.
N'mor [Indamor], M, 19.03.222 AL, son of Isnary of blue Dynith who is deceased.
Amorandii, F, 09.11.226 AL, daughter of Jayedi of blue Caymath who is deceased.
Numbweed allergy; known only by a select few
Important History:
683 & Birth: Benjinamor is born
687 & 5: Young brother Lenador is born
689 & 7: Younger sister Andeleen is born
692 & 10: Benjonamor was apprenticed to the Harper Hall when he was spotted by a Journeyman at Lemos Hold during a family trip to sell farm produce. Later in the turn, Moramanda was born.
695 & 12: Apprenticed to a master in Music, after Benjinamor displays a unique talent for singing; he is also taught how to make and play his own guitar, though his first creation leaves a lot to desire.
700 & 17: Walked tables to become a Journeyman
701 & 18: Assigned to his first minor holding
702 & 19:: Returns to Harper Hall to update his education before recieving a new assignment
703 & 20: Assigned to Telgar Hold; Late in the year Bendilam is born to a woman that Benjinamor was involved with in a semi-serious manner. Her attempts to marry him were stubbornly refused. He didn't want a wife or a child; he wanted his Mastership. He withdrew firmly and refused to have anything further to do with the pair.
704 & 21: Benjinamor was thrilled when he was assigned to accompany the Lord and Lady of Telgar to Telgar Weyr to view a Hatching. They arrived three days before the eggs Hatched, and Benjinamor was assigned to bronwrider S'kef, who took the opportunity to assault the arrogant young Harper (A very close, very dark secret). Three days later, Benjinamor's life was further thrown into chaos when he Impressed green Larrikith from the Stands while he was recording the Hatching.
705 & 22: Larrikith flew in he rmaiden flight, and was caught by S'kef's brown Tyrrisath. The result of the flight was incredibly traumatic for Benjinamor, and cemented the young man's opinion that S'KEF was an incredibly dangerous man. Benjinamor spent several days in the Healers wing of the Weyr.
706 & 23: Graduation rolled around, with Benjimaor scraping through by the skin of his teeth - for all that he was an eager student at the Harper Hall, he was a lousy weyrling. The name B'jin was awarded him by his dragon. Larrikith, unsure why B'jin was so withdrawn, set about exposing him to more people in what would become a habit of never flying the same dragon twice.
709 & 26: A casual friendship with a brownrider called N'mall, who transfers to Telgar is established. Moramanda is Searched by a blue dragon, much to B'jin's horror, and brought to Telgar Weyr.
710 & 27:: Moramanda Impresses to green Namdith. B'jin and N'mall's relationship becomes sexual after a long game of give and take before B'jin relents. Larrikith disproves of the abusive man N'mall turns out to be, but is unable to turn B'jin against him. A fierce rivalry springs up between the green dragon and the brownrider, unbeknown to B'jin.
712 & 29: After a lot of badgering, N'mall convinces B'jin to move in with him, much to Larrikith's displeasure, and she takes to being an abrasive bitch to both N'mall and his beast Kalirohth. Unfortunately this only further heightens B’jiin’s dislike for his dragon and he ignores her simply to spite her.
715 & 32: The plague strikes, causing B’jin no small amount of distress. While his bond with Larrikith is rocky at best, he is greatly upset by the way dragons seem to be dropping dead at random, watching friends and wingmates lose their dragons. B’jin turns to his Weyrmate N'mall to support him in the time of unknown.
716 & 33: The order is finally received to flee South, and B’jin does so with his sister Moramanda and her green Namdith, along with her two daughters and N'mall on his brown Khalirohth. During the flight across the ocean, B’jin is devastated when green Namdith is lost in the waves during a storm, taking his sister and nieces with her. Traumatised, B’jin barely manages to stay sane in his grief as Larrikith struggles to keep flying.
717 & 34: B’jin with Larrikith and N'mall with Khalirohth find a small area of land for themselves and set up camp. Their dragons bring in beasts they’ve killed for hide and meat to share with their humans, while also providing protection from the large carnivores of the Southern continent. B’jin’s relationship with Larrikith beings to solidify into something more typical of a dragon and its rider, but he still refuses to leave N'mall, especially since it would mean living by himself.
720 & 37: Larrikith and Khalirohth are alerted by Nirinath’s call, and the four of them join the other survivors in what will become known as the Katilan boundaries. B’jin is more than slightly alarmed at Nirinath being the only gold to join them, and he is amongst those who are vocal in their desire to return to the North and the lives they once lived.
721 & 38: Most of this Turn is spent with N'mall and their dragons building their home together. Larrikith takes to the skies once more, thrilling in the small return to normalcy and is flown by a blue who is ridden by a female rider, resulting in the birth of Indamor early the next Turn.
722 & 39: Indamor (N'mor) is born, and this time B’jin takes an active interest in the production of his offspring, though he is far from a perfect first time father, B’jin does his best and is confused when N'mall takes the whole thing badly. Larrikith fiercely objects to N'mall’s treatment of B’jin when the greenrider refuses to stop seeing his infant son and the bluerider responsible for birthing him.

Aching to return home to the North, B’jin would have been amongst those that were planning to leave the Weyr, had it not been for N'mall who ‘talked’ B’jin out of it. The event caused Larrikith much distress, though B’jin walked out of the event with little more than hidden bruises.
723 & 40: B’jin turns forty, which causes the greenrider some distress. Meanwhile, Larrikith takes to the skies four times a Turn once more in a relatively predictable manner, still refusing to be caught more than once by any given blue, brown or the rare bronze. B’jin is rather amazing there are enough dragons alive for her to be so picky, and grumbles through his flight lust, being quick to leave the room once he gains his own mind again, mostly because N'mall is a jealous lover and Khalirohth has never won a flight of Larrikith’s.
724 & 41: The Northerners that made their way to the Southern continent in search of the dragonriders was of great curiosity to B’jin, who went out of his way to find out as much about them as possible before actions were taken to ensure the Northerners would leave the dragonriders alone and without knowledge of their being alive and well enough in the South.
725 & 42: B’jin and N'mall’s hut managed to survive the storm, a relief for both riders who were loath to have to rebuild it. B’jin was especially grateful not too much damage was done to his little garden of lavender plants that lived along one wall. Larrikith is once more won by a female bluerider, this one ridden by Jayedi, and the woman becomes pregnant. N'mall becomes enraged at the news and another fight is sparked between the pair – N'mall jealous and B’jin confused.
726 & 43: Little Amorandii is born to Jayedi, and once more B’jin actively seeks to take part in the child’s life, despite N'mall’s objections. When Amorandii is weaned, B’jin takes her into their home as Jayedihad her hands full with other children. N'mall and B’jin have a rather heated fight about the sick brown, and it is further inflamed when N'mall physically prevents B’jin from taking part in the attack on Tsuen’s hut. While it proves to be for the best in the long run, Larrikith is furious as B’jin is hut-bound for a full sevenday to avoid questions about his bruised face
727 & 44: Larrikith flies two days before Nirinath. B’jin is ecstatic at the prospect of new dragons. B’jin and Larrikith aren’t part of the Search party, as a result of "N'mall"’s threatening insistence. The pair mourn the loss of the young Weyrling pair, and much to Larrikith’s disgust and anger, B’jin turns to N'mall once more for approval and reassurance.
728 & 45: The shock of losing two more of the Weyrlings affects B’jin quite deeply. He becomes deeply depressed and withdrawn, spending time only with Larrikith and his two young children (currently 6 and 2). He has another fight with N'mall when he catches the brownrider backhanding little Indamor; B’jin is enraged and breaks it of permanently with N'mall while Larrikith shrieks and rages from outside the hut. N'mall is kicked out and forced to find a new home as the greenrider boasts a momentary spine. Confused at suddenly being alone after so many years of being with the other man, B’jin seeks reassurance and comfort with his friend Parella, causing many people to gossip that their relationship is sexual. Whether that is so or not has never been relayed, with both greenriders finding the gossip of great amusement and seeing no need to confirm one way or the other.
729 & 46: As the Weyrlings graduate, B’jin bounces back from his depression while Larrikith uses her flights to introduce B’jin to a wider range of sexual partners and the different ways people other than N'mall and "S'kef" enjoy sex, though in the beginning B’jin is extremely uncomfortable and does his best to flee before his partners' wake, he slowly grows more comfortable with the freedom being single affords him.

B’jin also uses this Turn to request picking up his previous title of Searchrider once more, and brings in two Candidates over the Turn; though he disagrees with the method of stealing Candidates rather than honouring them with a proper Searching, B’jin does his best to Search out candidates he feels will Impress Gold or Bronze, and only those who seem willing to the prospect of a new life, however vague his means of determining that.
730 & 47: B’jin is grounded in the Spring for Stealing Master Healer Talian to be a Candidate. B’jin brought in a total of four candidates over the Turn. Larrikith flew routinely and B’jin lingered on his own terms with the third and fourth flight of the Turn; nothing came of either event, but Larrikith was well pleased with the subtle progress of her rider.
731 & 48: Talian’s attempted suicide had a devastating effect both on B’jin, and his dragon Larrikith, as did the way the greenrider was both ignored and avoided as a result of the green dragon’s reaction. The other side of this flip coin, however, allowed B’jin to get to know R'nd better, on an intimate level. Larrikith’s approval of their budding relationship was echoed by R'nd’s blue Ayyonth.

The beginning of the fifth month, B’jin is publically lashed for insubordination, the first public lashing in the Weyr since the plague.
732 & 49: Larrikith trolled the Weyr by staging a Flight over the drunken Weyr, creating the laughable belief that being drunk neutralises Flight Lust, as blue and brown dragons took a merry ‘Chase’.
733 & 50: B’jin turned 50 and didn’t cope well with that knowledge. He was also disturbed by the execution of bronzerider T'shiro of bronze Cucluith, for the apparent poisoning of D'ren. B’jin doesn’t really believe the bronzerider did it, though he’s never said as much to anyone.
734 & 51: B’jin is delighted when his son Impresses to a bronze hatchling, alongside one of R'nd’s boys, especially since B’jin took on the Weyrlingship of the class, and he looked forward to educating the group. He hadn’t taught a class for a couple of Turns, and was looking forward the large class. Unfortunately just hours after the Hatching, the Landslide hit, taking out a good portion of the Weyr and a couple of B’jin’s young students. N'mor, in an effort to save B’jin’s beloved guitar, severely breaks his arm and has to have it amputated.
Year & Age:
Ronan Keating
Date(s) Tapped:
Date Apprenticed: 12.10.693 AL, age 10
Date Tapped: 15.07.200 AL, age 17
Additional Information:
Benjinamor was first spotted with potential for Harper Craft when a Journeyman saw his artwork at the Gather in Lemos. Intrigued, he quizzed both son and the heavily pregnant mother before paying a small amount of marks to Benjinamor’s mother to take the child with him and back to Harper Hall, where he was instructed in music, notably his voice.

During the turns when his voice was crackling, Benjinamor went back to his original art, which he hadn’t been trained in during his stay at Harper Hall but he had continued in his spare time. His work was good, and he made a few marks selling portraits at Gathers. Once his voice settled down, he was again taking up singing and guitar.

Benjinamor walked the tables at a young seventeen years, after much hard work and dedication to his craft and his future. Despite his youth at Walking, it took until late in his 18th Turn before Benjinamor was assigned to his first minor Holding; he would spend over a Turn teaching the children of the Holding before being recalled back to the Harper Hall.

His next assignment, and his first major posting, came when he was assigned to the Lord of Telgar to educate his young wife. At a youthful twenty turns of age, and filled with his own self-worth, Benjinamor was unafraid as he fell into a sexual relationship with the Lady of Telgar during his stay there, an event that was broken off only when Benjinamor Impressed to green Larrikith from the Stands. To this day, only R'ND has been made privy to the fact that B’jin and lady Amarilla had more than a teacher-student relationship.
Ronan Keating
Dragon Information
Wing and Rank:
Wingrider of
Adult Stats
20' foot length, 10' foot tall, with a 30' foot wingspan.
Clutch Details:
Gold Wenorth x Brown Bamoth at Telgar Weyr on the 13.02.704 AL [Clutch Page] Telgar Weyr
As a weyrling, Larrikith was a round little dragonet, lingering on the edge of overweight from the constant feeding she was getting and the fact that B’jin never cared enough to make sure his dragonet wasn’t gorging herself. Her hide was a dark olive green with rough patches from a lack of good care, again as a result of B’jin’s lack of interest in the dragonet. She suffered a lot of cracked hide from dry patches that needed more oiling and often had dry hide wisping off her body from a lack of care during bathing. It didn’t seem to matter how much Benjinamor got into trouble, he simply didn’t care for the dragonet.
Larrikith grew into a beautiful little green dragon. Sitting on the small side of twenty-foot, she is well rounded and pudgy from a lifetime habit of gorging herself and a lazy attitude towards work that she picked up from her lifemate. While she still carries the scars from her mistreatment as a Weyrling, Larrikith’s hide of moulted dark forest green and a pale creamy green hide the scars from all but the closest of examinations.

Larrikith’s colouring varies across her body, though her extremities are almost all a uniform dark forest green that fades as it meets up in the centre of her body as a light, creamy green colouration with some few speckles that appear to be pure white.
Larrikith has a sultry, incredibly feminine voice that is in the low registers. While it is possible for excitement to up both pitch and the decibels in which Larrikith is prone to speaking, it rarely happens and even more rarely is heard by anyone but B’jin.
Much like her rider, Larrikith deeply enjoys socialising with other dragons, be them smart and witty or dumb as a log of wet wood. She finds all of them to be engaging for different reasons, and while she’s an intelligent beast herself and has a love for intelligent conversation, she is far from a bully and enjoys the company of the more stupid beasts simply because she is free to relax and not worry about how she is perceived when she’s with them.
Larrikith is a quippy, sarcastic little dragon who takes a great deal of joy in teasing B'jin, whom she loves with an unconditional devotion. Larrikith enjoys flying, with or without her lifemate on board and is often found floating around the skies for no reason other than to enjoy the feeling of the wind beneath her wings.
Flight Records
-- Larrikith usually flies in months 03, 07 and 11. Sometimes she might fly a little earlier or later, though --

Maiden Flight, 705.07.15 AL: Larrikith is flown by S'kef's brown Tyrrisath
721.xx.xx AL: Won by a female ridden blue; resulted in the pregnancy of N'mor
725.xx.xx AL: Won by Jayedi's blue; resulted in the pregnancy of Amorandii
727.xx.xx AL: Larrikith flies two days before Nirinath. Caught by random blue
231.03.05 AL: xx - Larrikith is flown by R'nd's blue Ayyonth
731.06.17 AL: xx - Larrikith is flown by NPC brown
731.11.17 AL: xx - Larrikith is flown by R'nd's blue Ayyonth
732.03.15 AL: xx - Larrikith is flown by R'nd's blue Ayyonth
732.07.20 AL: xx - Larrikith is flown by S'kef's brown Tyrrisath
732.11.24 AL: xx - Larrikith is flown by V'ler's blue Veeth
733.03.24 AL: xx - Larrikith is flown by R'nd's blue Ayyonth
733.06.23 AL: xx - Larrikith is flown by R'nd's blue Ayyonth
733.11.24 AL: Larrikith is flown by R'nd's blue Ayyonth off camera
734.03.17 AL: xx - Larrikith is flown by D'hys's blue Zeianth
734.07.12 AL: Larrikith is flown by R'nd's blue Ayyonth off camera
734.11.26 AL: xx - Larrikith is flown by V'ler's blue Veeth

-- Because Larrikith and Ayyonth are mated, only non-Ayyonth wins are recorded hereafter; or PC flights --
736.07.26 AL: Larrikith is flown by V'ler's blue Veeth off camera
740.03.15 AL: Larrikith is flown by V'ler's blue Veeth off camera
742.03.20 AL: Larrikith is flown by D'hys's blue Zeianth off camera
Pet Details

xx 734.07.10 - Gold Shimmer is Impressed

[Image: OOlA8Vm.png]

Assorted clutches over the years, but B'jin is rarely allowed to access them. When he does, he sells the eggs, which makes Shimmer pissy with him.

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Fade Out
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Ronan Keating
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Greenrider of Larrikith who Impressed him when he was NOT a Candidate and had NO desire to be a Dragonrider and she's a royal pain in his butt... But he does love her...Resident of Telgar Weyr since the Great Move North occurred. Too lazy to move to a different Weyr now that others are opening up, and quite comfortable with the chilly Telgar weather. Better for snuggling in!Harper Trained, specialising in voice with a secondary speciality in art and drawing. He's really, really good at drawing. Which is probably a good thing, since he NO LONGER HAS A VOICE.Journeyman rank. Should have been a Master damnit! Stupid Larrikith and her Stupid Impression D<[Image: hold-lemos.png][Image: murder-mystery.png][Image: mystery-note.png][Image: posts-100.png][Image: posts-250.png][Image: posts-500.png][Image: solo-1.png][Image: solo-5.png][Image: locations-5.png][Image: locations-15.png]

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