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2023/08/04 Hello loves! While I haven't been writing, I have been working on updating some issues that have been hanging around on the layout! The Character change box is now at the bottom of the page, beside the up/down arrows! Green and Gold dragon flight dates have been shifted to the bottom of the page, where the (useless!) discord widget was located. Where the dragon flights were in the header, is now replaced by a Monthly Event box! This will be updated at the start of each month, with a fun mini-event you can take part in, if you want to! Thistle!
2023/01/07 Welcome to the New Year! We are now ELEVEN years old! Thank you, all of you, for your love and writing! I am looking forward to spending another year with youall! In addition, a new Default colour scheme is in progress and will hopefully be available soon! All my love! ThistleProse
2022/07/29 Gold Malvayth and Bronze Xyxyth clutch is Hatching! Come and join the shenannigans 743.08.03 | NIGHT STALKERS HATCHING and bring the popcorn!
2022/05/11 Gold Malvayth has Flown, caught by Bronze Xyxyth of A'tay. Their Hatching will be PC, and take place in Telgar in August around the 20-22nd! Update your Candidate Applications and prepare for some fun!
2022/04/21 New default layout! I hope you enjoy it! If you find any bugs, please report them in the discord #bug-squishing channel!
05/JUL It’s Hatching time!! Come take part in the shenanigans here
30/JUN Gold Thallyath of Ista Weyr has laid a clutch! More information here
27/JUN A bluerider, and then a greenrider, are found dead. More information here
25/JUN The Touching is up! Take part here
30/MAY After the Touching, many Candidates found themselves preyed upon in the form of their food. More information here
18/MAY Another goldrider - Ameris of Benden - is attacked. More information here
05/MAY Multiple individuals are attacked whilest out of the Weyr! More information here
04/MAY Take a chance OOC and guess who you think the murderer is! You can win prizes! More information here
03/MAY Goldrider Cazan and her twin brother Cazelarias are attacked. More information here
24/APR Goldrider Ashara of Fort is murdered by two brownriders. More information here
12/APR Searchrider B’jin was attacked at Telgar Weyr, surffering a slash to his throat. While in Benden, bluerider B’dor is found dead in his weyr. More info here
05/APRMore attacks occurred today. More information here
03/APRMultiple individuals found their death this day; more information here and here
28/MAR Tragedy has struck again! Across all the Weyrs, multiple people - primarily dragonriders - have fallen ill after eating muffins. There have been multiple deaths, and others are in criticle condition. More information here
24/MAR Weyrwoman Ameris and her son, Rislan, poisoned! More information here
18/MAR Benden’s Weyrleader M’ris and his children have been poisoned! Resulting in sickness and death. More information here
18/MAROn 18.03.742 Bronzerider A’dris of Vyaniorth was found dead in his personal bathing pool. He appears to have drowned after drinking an excess of alcohol. Afterwards it was realized that Machiya of Gold Cameth from Telgar Weyr had disappeared. Having never arrived at her destination, it is suspected she had an accident between.
11/MAR Gold Racoth of Donmaline went between taking Bronze Beruth of T’rel with her shortly after she had been caught, due to T’rel strangling Donmaline. He did not survive. more info
25/FEB Congratulations and thank-you to Guest for taking on a moderator role! <3
14/FEB Stars Above PC Hatching Link
06/JAN :o new layout is a WiP. Please report bugs in Discord.
01/JAN Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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Welcome to the Month of Lovetm! This month's Monthly Event is all about Romance, whether it is asking someone out on a date, or getting sweaty between the sheets! Anything and everything counts, if it even looks sideways like it could be related to Valentine Day -- including lover's spats, or breaking up, Flights Wins (or Flight Losses!). Honestly, this month has a huge opportunity for interpertation, so go wild!

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Ahh, the fresh snow, the crisp air, the naked trees... welcome to Winter! Or, just the Colder Months for those in the more Northern Weyrs, while Ista is just... not as hot. But it is time to enjoy the end of the Turn, so folks should get together, spend some time gossiping, and drinking Hot Chocolate (alcohol and marshmallows opional)... does Pern even have marshmallows????? (they do now!)

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Feel like bitching? Wanna take part in a brawl? Or bet on someone? Take part in Brawls and Bitching this month! Boo-yeah!

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Thistle flunked this month; You can still post until the end of November as a result <3
Experience, tell or hide from a Spooky Story!

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The flu is running rampant, colds are clogging noses, and someone might have lost a limb?

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Partake this month by going fishing... or anything that occurs while fishing, or dealing with fish!

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[G] [C] [EVENT] 744.11.26 | A Tad Protective
7pm | Invite

Date of Birth
03.08.723, 21
Blonde, ear length


Written By: SunsetWay
He wasn't a fighter. Despite the way his mouth could anger a person here and there, he had yet to actually be hit nor had he ever been stirred to anger enough to bother instigating something. It had been a marvellous feat and he had to go and ruin it because of one little comment. His siblings were going to have a field day teasing the shit out of him for months to come when they found out he might actually care about them. But that would be a future problem, as he was currently, somehow, straddling a bluerider in the dining cavern, his already sore hand still balled and flying at the man's face yet again to the hooting and hollering from the spectators. Yeah, if he was going to go down in flames, might as well do it spectacularly.

"Anything else you want to say about my sister?" Orgailian growled, leaning in close to the rider's face. The Asshat had the audacity to chuckle before spitting blood in his face, causing Orgailian to lean back again and wipe away the mess. 

"She probably hits harder than you," Asshat laughed again to a mixed chorus of cheering and booing before shoving him hard enough to tip the scales back into his favour to buck Orgailian from him. He may not have been a brawler, but he was wily and squirmed with the best of them; something he proved after taking a hard punch to the jaw. Son of a bitch! The pain was enough motivation to get his ass in gear again and dodged the next hit and got them both back on the ground with Asshat pinned once more.

Not that it mattered as he heard a familiar voice call out one of his lesser used nicknames before he was dragged off the bluerider. He glared at Mylorah for interrupting his vengeance and barely heard her asking what he was doing above the ringing in his ears. "He called our sister a whore! Not Casa. Wynera."

If he thought he had been putting on a show, it was nothing compared to seeing the co-Junior Weyrwoman fly at the bluerider.

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of Gold Amagrith

Date of Birth
10.02.721, 24
Light Brown
Brown, long


Written By: SunsetWay
It was strange to walk into the dining cavern laughing at something Tazikel had said, to then find a brawl in progress where curiosity took over, to seeing one of her brothers in the middle of it all. "Gaili!" It was also strange it was Orgailian and not K'dar, like she always assumed it would be. T'ryn was a distant second place if she had to rank brothers who would throw down for anger issues or defending someone's honour. But, Orgailian? Last, definitely last.

She quickly dove in to pull her brother away, much to the crowd's disappointment--and even amusement that one of the Junior Weyrwomen was stepping in. "What has gotten into you?" She rolled her eyes at the apparent slight to Casa. "Casa doesn't care what anyone says abo--what? That asshat!" Mylorah swore before taking three steps back toward the bluerider and leaping onto his back, legs wrapped around his waist and arms on his neck. Who did he think he was to insult Wynera? She was the purest of their messed up bunch and didn't deserve such filth to look at her!

Now there was an idea. She switched from choking the man to attempting to claw out his eyes, though it was proving difficult with his hands constantly batting at and yanking hers away while he called her crazy. She growled in frustration and growled again when Amagrith tried to intervene. 

What are you doing? This isn't proper! Mylorah had no idea where her dragon started getting all these notions of being proper from. Maybe Bedith. She had been trying to cosy up to the Weyrwoman while they had a brief overlap on the Sands. That was all well and good, but some rules needed to be broken and this was one of those times.

Remember how we cherish our special friends and family? Mylorah grunted as she landed on her ass, having been successfully dislodged. Sometimes we have to defend them as well. This guy said untrue and mean things about Winnie. And maybe it wasn't the best time for a lesson after all as the gold dragon roared from the entrance to the Sands, making everyone in the room pause. Silence fell over them as Amagrith deigned it necessary to tell everyone, You will leave my favourite people alone!

Everyone suddenly seemed to find their food interesting once more as people moved back to their seats or for the exit. The asshat raised his hands in surrender and took a few steps back before deciding it was safe to turn his back on the insane pair of siblings and booked it out the door as well, likely to the infirmary.

Everyone's fine now, Ama. I'll come see you soon, okay? You go rest now. Mylorah felt the ripple of anxiety through the bond before it relaxed as her dragon gave up on the crusade and returned to her current favourite spot on the Sands. When a hand appeared before her with her knight smiling down at her, Mylorah returned it and let him help her back to her feet. "Always a gentleman, Sir Tazicurls." She gave him a quick kiss and shooed him off. "Go mingle. I should patch up my brother and brace for our impending doom from S'far or Mulrissa." No need to get anyone else involved in the drama.

"C'mon, baby brawler," Mylorah grabbed Orgailian's hand and tugged until he sighed and followed her back to her weyr. She ordered some supplies to be sent up, mumbling to her brother that she hated having such power but might as well use it before probably losing it.

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