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2022/07/29 Gold Malvayth and Bronze Xyxyth clutch is Hatching! Come and join the shenannigans 743.08.03 | NIGHT STALKERS HATCHING and bring the popcorn!
2022/05/11 Gold Malvayth has Flown, caught by Bronze Xyxyth of A'tay. Their Hatching will be PC, and take place in Telgar in August around the 20-22nd! Update your Candidate Applications and prepare for some fun!
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25/JUN The Touching is up! Take part here
30/MAY After the Touching, many Candidates found themselves preyed upon in the form of their food. More information here
18/MAY Another goldrider - Ameris of Benden - is attacked. More information here
05/MAY Multiple individuals are attacked whilest out of the Weyr! More information here
04/MAY Take a chance OOC and guess who you think the murderer is! You can win prizes! More information here
03/MAY Goldrider Cazan and her twin brother Cazelarias are attacked. More information here
24/APR Goldrider Ashara of Fort is murdered by two brownriders. More information here
12/APR Searchrider B’jin was attacked at Telgar Weyr, surffering a slash to his throat. While in Benden, bluerider B’dor is found dead in his weyr. More info here
05/APRMore attacks occurred today. More information here
03/APRMultiple individuals found their death this day; more information here and here
28/MAR Tragedy has struck again! Across all the Weyrs, multiple people - primarily dragonriders - have fallen ill after eating muffins. There have been multiple deaths, and others are in criticle condition. More information here
24/MAR Weyrwoman Ameris and her son, Rislan, poisoned! More information here
18/MAR Benden’s Weyrleader M’ris and his children have been poisoned! Resulting in sickness and death. More information here
18/MAROn 18.03.742 Bronzerider A’dris of Vyaniorth was found dead in his personal bathing pool. He appears to have drowned after drinking an excess of alcohol. Afterwards it was realized that Machiya of Gold Cameth from Telgar Weyr had disappeared. Having never arrived at her destination, it is suspected she had an accident between.
11/MAR Gold Racoth of Donmaline went between taking Bronze Beruth of T’rel with her shortly after she had been caught, due to T’rel strangling Donmaline. He did not survive. more info
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Logan Lerman
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
13.05.718 - (26 years old)
Place of Birth:
Southern Wilderness
Searched By:
Primary Home:
Telgar Weyr
Searched Date:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Dark Brown
General Description:
T'bia is someone that could quite easily be considered an adorable kid; with a rounded face, full lips, settled and slightly wide nose and bushy eyebrows, T'bia furthers the cute ordeal with full cheeks and a wide-eyed wonder and insatiable curiosity at the world around him. The young man’s ears are well fitted to his head, but often hidden behind his mop of dark hair. They are a stunning blue that is often lit brightly with curiosity and a genuine love for life. His hair, the length of which is usually too long to be short, but too short to be long is regularly left to its own devices, and only cropped off when pushing it aside no longer does the job of keeping it out of his eyes; unlike his bright eyes, T'bia's hair is a dark brown, almost but not quite black.

Modestly tall throughout his youth, T'bia will never reach a huge height, cropping in at the end of his growth at five foot ten; he leaves many taller, but is no short crop bluerider, either. He has a well-proportioned body, with shoulders just broad enough to take him outside of the ‘willowy’ category and into the potential to build up a formidable physique in the future, though he is a far cry from such in his youth. Currently, his most visible muscle mass is on his arms, well exercised from washing and oiling a growing dragonet, though his abs are firming up and his leg muscles developing as they take more to the skies.

T'bia has a mostly flawless complexion; nary a freckle in sight, though he has a collection of scars marring his hands and feet from his wild childhood life in the south. His skin would be a soft, peachy cream if it were not for the constant sunshine he has been exposed to his entire life. As a result, it tends to remain tanned closer to a dusky bronze. Since puberty hit, T'bia tends to wear shadowing over his face, shaving less regularly than required to keep a clean face, but regularly enough to keep the hair from growing too long.
General Dressing Style:
Despite the crappy options available to him throughout his life, T'bia dresses as well as he can. He has an innate sense of class, and is determined to look as best he can, in all situations. His clothing is usually re-seamed, something he does himself and was self-taught through the ups and downs of growing up with the desire to look better than the average weyrbrat.

Generally speaking, T'bia dresses in muted colours, favouring blacks, dark greys, and the occasional white or calico. Since Impressing, he’s taken to wearing a blue scarf that he went to great pains to get dyed to match his dragon’s adult hide.
Logan Lerman
Jycenth's being right: Being a pessimistic fellow, T'bia often finds himself lost in the dark thoughts of 'what if' and 'but'. Contrary to this, Jycenth is much more optimistic creature, and often reassures his rider that things will be fine. T'bia is especially fond of those times Jycenth is right, and puts a lot of faith in his dragon.

Success, and being praised for it: Success, in any manner or form, is something T'bia greatly enjoys, and even the most simple of praise will have the young man glowing with pride. He enjoys doing something properly, doing it well, and while he is happy knowing within himself that he did well, being told 'well done!' by someone, especially someone he considers important, is something T'bia strives for every day.

Family time: T'bia has a really strong bond to family; he is protective and patient with his younger siblings, and considers it his big-brother responsibility to be there for them, to help them, and to make them proud. He does his best to take care of them, and enjoys spending time with and around them. T'bia has a strong relationship with his father, and considers it his duty as eldest son to make the man proud, and to be the best he possibly can be in order to do that. He enjoys spending casual time with the man, and hopes to be half as good a dad in his own future, as he considers his father to be to him and his siblings.
<b>Determination:</b> T'bia is determined; he is determined to prove he isn't incompetent, to prove he is worthy of his dragon, and to prove he is worthy of his father's pride. Despite his constant fuck ups, and his seemingly downhill battle to prove himself worth anything more than a laughing stock for the Weyr, T'bia has yet to give up on his goals, and someday, he is sure he will reach it. Maybe. But he's determined to try!

<b>Patience:</b> T'bia has incredible patience. Despite his constant failing, being laughed at, and continually screwing up the most obvious and easiest of tasks, T'bia just picks himself up and continues on. He never gets angry when he messes up, though it does upset him deeply, he does his best to learn and not repeat the incident. T'bia is incredibly patient with his own idiocy, and extends that patience to being particularly gentle with children (notably his own young siblings), with his mother's (and his own) blaming him for his brother's death, and with life in general.

<b>Accepting:</b> T'bia is an incredibly accepting individual; he can accept that he is by far the worse in almost everything he tries his hand at, just as he is accepting of the mockery others bestow upon him for said failures. He accepted the responsibility and blame he felt when his infant brother was killed and he couldn't prevent it. He accepted that his mother blamed him as much, if not more so, than he himself did. He accepts that he isn't perfect, and he accepts that as determined as he is to improve himself, he never will be. More so, however, T'bia is widely accepting of the world around him, and the people within it. He is a gentle soul, who take people, dragons and everything in between as they are, and not what others think they should be.
<b>Being laughed at:</b> T'bia greatly dislikes being laughed at, though he often finds himself the butt of jokes, or the cause for much amusement in his peers, often at his own expense. His 'talk first, think never' habit results in a lot of hilarity - for everyone but himself.

<b>Being flustered and/or embarrassed:</b> Embarrassment makes his inability to think even worse, and the more flustered he gets, the worse T'bia is likely to screw something up, no matter how simple whatever he is doing might be. The more he screws up, the more flustered and embarrassed he becomes, only intensifying the end resulting failure.

<b>Expectations and disappointing others:</b> T'bia hates expectations, especially those placed upon him. Expectations make him nervous, and nervousness makes him flustered, and being flustered leads him to spectacular failure; failing means disappointing those that put their faith in him. The only expectation he hasn't managed to screw up, is the expectation people have of him screwing up, which shames him. How can he ever make his father proud of him, if all he can do is shame the man by making a mess of everything he does? How can he set a fine example for his siblings when he is nothing but a disappointment? The expectations he places upon himself are far heavier than any placed on him by those he cares for, and his own perceived short coming are all the more crushing as a result.
<b>Coward:</b>T'bia tries not to be, but he has a cowardly streak that he cannot deny. It doesn't usually affect his life too much, because T'bia doesn't go out of his way to put himself in situations where he needs to be brave, or where he'll be called out for being a coward.

<b>Inability to think before speaking:</b> He can't help it! His words seem to entirely bypass the thought process, and simply spill free of his lips in answer to questions, or to ask his own. Often his words come out jumbled, or whatever he is asking has a blatantly obvious answer that, had he taken a few moments to think about, T'bia would have known the answer himself. Regardless, it is a personal flaw he is incapable of over coming.

<b>Opinions of Others:</b> T'bia is incredibly aware of the opinions others form of him, but he is even more aware of the opinions he thinks others have formed of him. This aspect, and his awareness - of both the literal and the imagined - only further increase T'bia's inclination to fall into his other flaws and weaknesses, thus enhancing the opinions of others that assisted in causing those opinions to start with. It is a vicious cycle that escaping from seems near impossible.
Habits & Mannerisms:
T'bia does <i>not</i> possess the ability to think before speaking; oft-times he displays quite the opposite trend of his words entirely bypassing the brain in order to tumble free from his lips. Sometimes, this can make him difficult to understand, as the words can come out jumbled and he will need to pause and restructure the sentence to express himself. Most commonly, this results in T'bia asking awkward questions, or stating embarrassing opinions that are better not expressed.

T'bia is easily embarrassed, especially by his own vocalisations, and it is a regular occurrence to see his features stained with a heavy flush. When embarrassed, he can be seen to wring his hands, squirm where he is sitting or standing, and actively avoid eye contact as he ducks his head.
General Personality:
T'bia is a gentle soul, with a sweet disposition and an inclination to care too much what it is others think and believe of him. Unfortunately, he is also very sensitive to being the centre of attention, whether that attention is literal or perceived, and it unconditionally results in T'bia making mistakes, and mistakes are something T'bia considers personally unacceptable. He views such things as letting down those that believe in him, or are relying on him, whether they are or not. Failure is prone to causing depression in the young man, wherein he is inclined to quietly withdraw into himself, often locking himself away where he can be alone, and focus on things that he finds soothing, such as re-sizing is clothing.

Thankfully, T'bia is also an incredibly determined individual, and as regularly as he feels that he has let down others, he also feels that moping is in no way going to reassure them that he is doing the best that he can to make them proud. He is an incredibly determined kid, who will do everything in his power to succeed and claim the end goal in a positive light, even if he spends the entire journey there tripping, stumbling and falling on his face.

This determination is often displayed in a bright smile, and a willingness to not let the mockery of those around him get to him - at least not publicly. In the depths of his own internal thoughts, and where only Jycenth has access to such things, the unkindness of his peers often strikes T'bia deeper than he is willing to reveal to anyone, and depression is something he fights off regularly and with varying determination; the assistance and unconditional love and support of Jycenth has done wonders for T'bia's self confidence and desires to be the best he can, for himself, and not just to make Jycenth, his father, and his siblings proud of him.

While he will very never be found laughing at his own antics, T'bia has a sense of humour. However, his amusement is brought about by much more innocent antics, and he is not overly prone to outright laughter, though he smiles regularly and without hesitation in most situations. T'bia will never laugh when uncomfortable, or force laughter, as he views it as a pure and innocent expression of the heart, and he finds it uncomfortable and saddening that others are so willing to give laughter life at the expense of someone else feeling belittled.

Often being the butt of pranks, jokes and entertainment for his peers, T'bia is acutely aware of the power bullies have over others, and he is a great believer in those that stand up to such antics. However, T'bia is a coward, and far too scared of making even more of a fool of himself to ever attempt standing up for anyone, most particularly himself. He will reassure a victim of bullying in private, to reassure and encourage them to ignore and move on past the horrors of being a laughing stock or a punching bag, but he will never have the spine to actively stand up to someone, or tell them to grow up. Instead, he withdraws in on himself, and when not the target himself, does his best to seem invisible and uninteresting, lest they turn their attentions upon him.

Despite his desire to make his father proud of him, to be the best big brother possible, and to make sure he is worthy of his dragon, T'bia cannot bring himself to stand up for any of them, or call attention off them when they are the third-party targets when he himself is being bullied. That he cannot do this shames him incredibly, but only fuels his deep desire to be better than he is, and to prove not only to those he cares about, but to those that laugh at him that he is worthy of his dragon, that he is a good son and that he is a good brother. Every time someone laughs, it only adds to that determination, and every tiny piece of praise may as well be a wholehearted celebration, for how strongly it affects T'bia.

Praise is something T'bia cannot get enough of, and with it so rarely coming his way, he cherishes and remembers every moment he is told something positive, about anything. The day his father encouraged him to Stand because he believed he was worthy of a dragon is something T'bia treasures, just as that belief being rewarded with his Impression to Jycenth will never be forgotten, for the blue dragon believes in him above and beyond all else, and has the uttermost faith in him in a way that T'bia will never be able to deny, even when he might be dragged to the very bottom of his abilities to rise up once more. His graduation is yet another marker in a book of successes that T'bia is slowly compiling that continue to convince the boy he isn't worthless, and his determination to be someone his family can be proud of will, perhaps, someday come to light.
Logan Lerman
<b>Father:</b> Th'nyr (Thyrenyr) - b.674 AL, I.694 AL, d.TBA AL
Rank: Bluerider of Quendyluth
<b>Mother:</b> Aryiziah, b.697 AL
Rank: Weyrfolk
+ Brother, 721 AL - full sibling, claimed by father
+ Yizanrer, Brother, 724 AL - full sibling, claimed by father, deceased 15.01.725 AL in one of the summer storms.
+ Sister, 728 AL - father, claimed flight child
+ Sister, 731 AL - father, claimed flight child
Brownrider M'dox
Blames himself for his brother's death
"That kid who asked if browns fly blues" ... that later mated to a brownrider...
Important History:
<b>718 AL & Birth:</b> Thobiahz was born; the pregnancy was not unexpected, but Aryiziah had had a reputation for losing her pregnancies. The couple were far more surprised when she managed to keep the child the full term, than they were worried about that same fact. Thobiahz was born on the 13th day of month 5, a healthy and squalling baby.

<b>720 AL & 2 years old:</b> Thobiahz was playing on his father's blue, Quendyluth, when he fell from the dragon's back, and crashed heavily into the ground. He broke his arm, suffered concussion and got a nasty scar on the back of his head which he takes pains to keep hidden by his hair throughout his life. His arm was set and maintained careful watch of by a Survivor at Katila with enough healer training to be sure the boy's arm healed without blemish and it doesn't pain him.

Over all, the move from their lonely life to that of the Katilan set up has no negative effect upon the young boy. He is quick to make friends with the other toddlers in his age group, and is easily kept out of trouble by the crèche workers; the child having a sweet disposition and a desire to be cuddled rather than actively cause mischief.

<b>721 AL & 3 years old:</b> Thobiahz's mother births his full sibling, a boy. The toddler is not overly impressed by this new addition to the household, but nor is he overly mouthy about the new baby. He does end up taking to being the 'best big brother ever', and enjoys the praise given when he is sweet and gentle with the infant.

<b>224 AL & 5 years old:</b> His mother birth's another child, and another brother. Much better at this big-brother gig, Thobiahz enjoys the appearance of this young sibling much more, and is both amused and scolding of his three year old brother, who is not at all pleased with the new addition.

<b>725 AL & 6 years old:</b> The summer before Thobiahz turns seven, his home he shares with his parents and siblings is completely destroyed. One year old Yizanrer dies in the destruction, devastating the entire family. Along side his mother, Thobiahz blames himself heavily, as the boys shared a room and he wasn't quick enough to the crib to get the youngster. In mourning, his parents break off their Weyrmating. Thobiahz moves out with his father, who doesn't blame the boy.

<b>727 AL & 09 years old:</b> Nirinath finally flies, and Thobiahz finds himself too young to Stand for the clutch that results, a great disappointment to the young boy who watches with bitter-sweet emotions. His father stands with a hand on his shoulder the entire time, and Thobiahz takes reassurance from the man's presence. His time will come!

<b>728 AL & 10 years old:</b> Thobiahz's father introduces him to a new infant, and says the little girl is daughter, and thus, Thobiahz's baby sister. Thobiahz is still plagued with the guilt of losing his baby brother several turns ago, but he takes to babysitting the little girl when he is able to, and grows more confident the more time he spends with her wherein she isn't taken away from him by a fury of nature.

<b>730 AL & 12 years old:</b> Thobiahz comes of age to Stand, but Nirinath has yet to repeat her performance of Flight and clutching, and the young man is worried about what that might mean. Will he ever get the chance to Stand for a dragonet of his own? His father seems content that Nirinath will fly again, and so Thobiahz trusts in that fact, something that is rewarded the next year when Nirinath does, indeed, fly again.

<b>731 AL & 13 years old:</b> Just prior to the beginning of the Candidacy classes, Thobiahz falls over the edge of a low cliff during a hunting trip with a group of other boys, and manages to re-break the arm he broke as a toddler. Due to the injury, he is unable to participate in the latest clutch, much to his severe disappointment. The events involving the young bronze and the weyrbrat Indivara, however, put a very strong damper on Thobiahz's desire to Impress, and highlights the young man's cowardly streak.

<b>732 AL & 14 years old:</b> Thobiahz baulks at standing for Krypth's first clutch in the year, still suffering uneasy nightmares of the mauling Indivara was subjected to in the clutch of the previous year. His father, however, is encouraging, and when Krypth again flies he talks the young boy into giving it a shot. Thobiahz, nervous and worried, fumbles through Candidacy and spends most of his time displaying his 'ask first, think never' habit, asking questions that quickly have him viewed as an idiot. That opinion causes more insecurity in the young man, which only intensifies his ability to ask what could easily be rendered as stupid questions while also making him doubt himself and screw up regularly easy tasks.

To everyones surprise, Thobiahz Impresses to a lovely little blue in the last clutch of the turn, who goes by the name of Jycenth. Thobiahz is still unsure how his Weyrlingmaster felt about being stuck with him, and is quite sure he and all the assistants hated it. Jycenth is less pessimistic, and takes to shinging a bright light on Thobiahz's life, including, but not limited to, renaming his young rider T'bia in honour of bonding to him. Regardless, Jycenth calls him Bibi far more than anything else.

<b>733 AL & 15 years old:</b> T'bia fails spectacularly in redeeming himself as a non-idiot in his Weyrlinghood, managing to consistently shove his own foot further and further down his own throat with ridiculous questions, fumbling and face planting at all the most inopportune moments. If nothing else, he managed to make T'lian seem less incompetent, though his continual failure at expressing any form of intelligence before his class and teachers only further added fuel to the Fire of Failure. T'bia is less concerned with the opinion people form of himself, but he writhes from the embarrassment of the opinions others might form of his father and his dragon as a result.

The announced execution of T'shiro and his bronze horrifies and terrifies T'bia, but even worse is the announcement to the class that they will be travelling between to get away from all the drama. T'bia is convinced he's going to die; Jycenth is much less pessimistic and is far less surprised when they make it through the trip unharmed.

<b>734 AL & 16 years old:</b> Much to T'bia's wide-eyed shock, and Jycenth's laughing 'I told you so', the pair graduate on the 15th of month 7, alongside the other clutch from earlier that year.

<b>Year & Age:</b>
<b>Year & Age:</b>
Logan Lerman
T'bia has the same general education as the rest of the Weyrbrats at Katila, with no particular skill in either reading and writing, or mathematics; his abilities are enough to get him through the required schooling, without quite managing to be the worse in the class.

He does have relative skill with a needle and thread, specialising in re-sewing his own clothing. He has never taken that skill to actually creating his own items of clothing, though he’s found it has been a wonderful advantage in creating riding leathers for Jycenth.
Logan Lerman
Dragon Information
Wing and Rank:
[Select] of
Adult Stats
27'8 foot length, 14' foot tall, with a 42' foot wingspan.
Clutch Details:
Gold Krypth x Brown Tyrrisath at Katila Weyr on the 12.12.732 AL [Clutch Page]
The little blue that breaks free of his shell at the very end of the clutch’s Hatching reveals himself to be an almost impossibly delicate hatchling. His wings are spindly, with the membrane between the fingers stretched so thin the dark midnight blue is almost see-through as a result. His eyes are huge in a proportionally small head, with delicate and feminine headknobs and pretence for settling himself down as pristine and perfectly as most well-bred ladies.

Jycenth’s infant hide is dark midnight blue that is lightened only by splatters of a brighter shade of blue that does nothing so much as highlight his delicate physique. With absolutely no extra weight, the hatchling spends the majority of the first few months being pumped full of as much meat as possible to fill him out and hide the almost skeletal appearance of his bones, notably his ribs, though they are often hidden under his translucent wings.

As he ages, Jycenth fills out enough to stop worrying his Weyrlingmaster, but he never puts on any real weight, simply enough muscle and fat to hide the skeleton underneath. He retains a presence of delicate femininity, with perfect poise and a quiet command for attention that many well-bred holder ladies would be liable to envy.
Adulthood greets Jycenth with welcoming arms, and a beautiful hide. With the darkness of weyrlinghood falling away, Jycenth becomes a startling array of three very different blues, though they take care to merge one into the other. The entire front half of his body is a deep almost midnight blue, broken only by bright sky blue in a pattern that looks as if Jycenth dipped his nose in a glass of water.

Through the middle of his body, Jycenth’s dark hide smears into that same sky-blue that is displayed on his nose, to cover the rear of his body, and the vast majority of his wings. A bright, clear and eye-catching colour, it could very easily be considered beautiful. The two shades of blue are broke by a third, which takes the time to colour his ridges in a pale, almost white shade that is vastly at odds with the otherwise clearly blue shades, and yet seems to fit just so on the quirky dragon.

Build wise, Jycenth’s breakable looking Hatchling body doesn’t change much, beyond growing to an adult size. He retains the delicately feminine build; his head small and refined, and offset with large eyes and an inclination to tip his chin downwards in a manner as if eternally bashful only increase his flair for feminism. With carefully crafted headknobs, and a particularly narrow muzzle, the blue’s entire face screams of a delicate damsel.

This screaming doesn’t just stop at his face; Jycenth’s entire body is made up of a very delicate skeletal structure, with very little in the way of excess muscle or fat. He has long legs ending in delicate feet, a narrow chest and a high and very ‘grey hound’ stomach line. His tail is delicate and slim, but of a perfectly proportional length to the rest of his body. In contrast, his wings are slightly large, while he is also marginally tall in comparison to his length.
Jycenth’s voice is gentle and sweet; with a soft and happy lyrical nature to it, a strong indicator of his upbeat and generally amused personality that lies within the blue hide. Never one to vocalise his negative emotions, Jycenth’s voice never holds home to any of the darker emotions, leaving it always light and engaging. Perhaps the most notable thing about Jycenth’s voice, however, is the unquestionable fact that it is distinctly female, and often causes those that hear it to double-take when they realise it’s a blue speaking to them, and not a green.
Jycenth is, without question, an utter sweetheart. He is as sweet as it is possible to be, while remaining firmly grounded and completely honest. He is full of gentle love and laughter, finding good humour in almost all situations and very rarely becoming upset or distressed by the events of the world around him. Contrary to his appearance, Jycenth is not a delicate dragon; he has a very strong ‘live and let live’ attitude, and views the ups and downs of life as challenges that should be moved towards without hesitation and with determination to succeed.

Optimistic, apparently to a fault but actually far from that, Jycenth is never one to let the worse of the world get him down. He has unfailing faith in his bonded, repeatedly informing the young man that he can even when T’bia strongly believes otherwise. Such times are then followed up (far more often than not) where he is right, which he usually expresses with gentle teasing and a happy-go-lucky ‘I told you so’ that, rather from being cruel or snide, is encouraging and builds faith and trust between the pair.

There is nothing he is openly afraid of, often appearing a completely fearless dragon, Jycenth proceeds to make his way through life with his head held high, his attitude positive, and his expectations never high enough to be let down, but never so low as to not actually have them. He views those around him with fascination, and seems to enjoy both people and dragon watching. He takes in what he sees, and will often fill the late evening with quiet talking with T’bia as he asks questions, and tries to understand what it was that he saw going on around him throughout the day.

Much like T’bia, Jycenth is incredibly curious, and has an insatiable appetite for knowledge, no matter how irrelevant it might be, and despite the fact that his own memory is not particularly good at retaining what it is he learns. Regardless, he considers each day an adventure, and any day spent not learning something new is a waste to the pretty dragon, who will go out of his way to learn something, even if he has to actively seek out a situation where he can proceed to find something new.
The most notable mannerism that Jycenth displays is the way in which he carries and presents himself, with delicate femininity and well-mannered class. He is proper, prim and takes great care to present himself with clarity and precision. When he does speak to others, his words are just as carefully presented as the way in which he carries himself. When he sits, Jycenth does so with his tail curled up around his feet and his wings settled just so, but it is the way he holds his head lowered so that he can replicate the manner in which women often peer up at someone from under their lashes. Lacking eyelashes, Jycenth is not quite able to perfectly carry off the appearance, but he does a very fine job nonetheless.

Jycenth enjoys watching, and listening, far more than he enjoys speaking. He enjoys learning, and being taught, and will often go out of his way to put himself in situations or places where he can be a student to another, whether they are actively aware that they are teaching him something or not. He enjoys the simple beauties of the world, like sunshine through the clouds and flowers in the springtime, but never discounts things like a rainstorm or a murky night.

T’bia’s pessimistic streak is something that saddens Jycenth, and he dislikes seeing his rider become so downed and depressed when the things T’bia wants don’t come to pass in a way he thinks they should. He dislikes the way his poor rider often becomes the butt of others’ amusement, and how that, too, upsets the young man he chose as his own. Jycenth dislikes how sometimes it takes so much effort to convince T’bia that listening to other’s is not always wise, and sometimes all he has to listen to is the love that Jycenth feels for him.

Jycenth has all the resounding confidence that his rider so lacks; he has faith and belief that everything will turn out for the best, and he is confident that they will always find that best possible ending, if only they are willing to look for it. He knows T’bia is so much more and so much stronger than he believes himself to be, and Jycenth is willing to spend the rest of his life convincing the boy he chose of just that, if that is what it takes. He is T’bia’s confidence, and Jycenth is fine with that, and while he would never dream of denying the day T’bia is able to stand up confidently on his own two feet, he will not complain about the boy’s need for his very presence and reassurance, either.

Hand in hand with his confidence in the world, Jycenth is capable of finding beauty in just about every situation, even the dankest of scenes or the lowest of times. He believes that if one only looks hard enough, the light will appear in the darkness and shine bright. Almost ironically, the blue does not realise that in such situations, and particularly for the likes of T’bia, he himself is the light that is being sought out, and which shines bright, uplifting those around him.

Despite his healthy adult length, Jycenth’s most debilitating weakness comes in the form of his physical fragility. His small skeletal structure, his lack of additional weight, and the way his wing membranes never quite thickened, retaining a semblance of translucently that goes beyond the normal. These aspects all result in a very literally fragile and breakable dragon. He belies this physical weakness with a strong and healthy personality and attitude toward life, but heavy weather is a dangerous time for him to fly; his wing fingers slimmer and more frail than other dragons (notably other blue dragons), and his lithe body easily ruffled by the wind on the best of days. He does not have a particularly easy time in the air, and often prefers to spend his time in more enjoyable pursuits, though he and T’bia both thoroughly enjoy flying. It is believed that his lack of strength in the air is a part of his lack of interest in taking chase.
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