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2022/05/11 Gold Malvayth has Flown, caught by Bronze Xyxyth of A'tay. Their Hatching will be PC, and take place in Telgar in August around the 20-22nd! Update your Candidate Applications and prepare for some fun!
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24/APR Goldrider Ashara of Fort is murdered by two brownriders. More information here
12/APR Searchrider B’jin was attacked at Telgar Weyr, surffering a slash to his throat. While in Benden, bluerider B’dor is found dead in his weyr. More info here
05/APRMore attacks occurred today. More information here
03/APRMultiple individuals found their death this day; more information here and here
28/MAR Tragedy has struck again! Across all the Weyrs, multiple people - primarily dragonriders - have fallen ill after eating muffins. There have been multiple deaths, and others are in criticle condition. More information here
24/MAR Weyrwoman Ameris and her son, Rislan, poisoned! More information here
18/MAR Benden’s Weyrleader M’ris and his children have been poisoned! Resulting in sickness and death. More information here
18/MAROn 18.03.742 Bronzerider A’dris of Vyaniorth was found dead in his personal bathing pool. He appears to have drowned after drinking an excess of alcohol. Afterwards it was realized that Machiya of Gold Cameth from Telgar Weyr had disappeared. Having never arrived at her destination, it is suspected she had an accident between.
11/MAR Gold Racoth of Donmaline went between taking Bronze Beruth of T’rel with her shortly after she had been caught, due to T’rel strangling Donmaline. He did not survive. more info
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Adam Senn
Full Name:
Ry, Vian
Date of Birth:
28.05.712 - (32 years old)
Place of Birth:
Ista Weyr
Searched By:
N/A Weyrbred
Primary Home:
Ista Weyr
Searched Date:
N/A Weyrbred
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Brown, shaggy
Lean, fit
General Description:
Piercing blue eyes may not be the first thing noticed on Ryvian but they will capture and entice most people into all sorts of mischief.

Unremarkable brown in colour but the shaggy sexed up style makes it stand out. While it’s typically worn in that style, Ryvian can tie back the strands that fall into his face in a top-knot when needed for chores.

Ryvian is of a slender build with muscle definition only recently starting to show thanks to both the work he’s made to do around the weyr and his body fully maturing. Even if he took exercising seriously, it’s unlikely he’ll develop a body even close to some of the buff riders running around and keep to his lithe form – though many say he’s a bit too skinny, but he’s comfortable in his own evenly tanned skin.

His facial features blend together nicely to make for, in his very loud opinion, an aesthetically-pleasing vision. His lips are just full enough to be abused for perfect pouts and have been labelled by past lovers as made for kissing. Eyes of alluring blue are often set for the illusion of sultry seduction though Ryvian lacks the true follow-through like R’nd and D’hys, for example, have. He is a playful soul and that light can shine through as often as his lust.
General Dressing Style:
When it comes to clothes, it’s an odd mix of style and comfort. Ryvian may give off the appearance that he just grabbed his clothes from a floor (which in most cases he did) but everything typically matches in some way so he’s never a true fashion faux pas. Still, comfortable khaki-like pants are his go-to item and if his rivals are lucky, he managed to find a shirt as well. When that happens, the shirt is usually of short sleeve since he’s of Ista bloodlines and enjoys the hot summer days and maintaining a tan. Whether the shirt slips over the head or is a button-up that missed the memo on actually being buttoned up, is always a surprise.

If he’s made to dress up for a Gather, dark pants that are a bit more form-fitting are donned with a nice shirt that starts out in a presentable shape but is usually untucked or improperly buttoned before the night is out and in a colour that goes well with his bright blue eyes.
Adam Senn
Nyvian: He’d be lost without his other half. The brothers only had each other since the Plague and soon after as well when their parents died within months of each other. The boys do everything together and they understand each other. Fighting is natural but sticking together and laughing is even more so.

Flirting: Flirtationships are the best! Ryvian is a friendly guy and he likes taking it that little extra step by flirting with pretty much anyone and everyone. It’s so less complicated when there aren’t any rules and expectations when all is said and done.

Living in the Moment: Despite all the hardships in his young life, Ryvian believes everything should be enjoyed and living in the here and now is all anyone really needs. Why worry about tomorrow when it only stresses today?
Optimism: He has a strong zest for life and it’s hard to get him down over things as Ryvian is carefree and sees everything as half-full.

Humour: He also has a strong sense of humour and is extremely playful. It’s hard to be in a bad mood with Ryvian around!

Loyal: If Ryvian counts you as a friend then you have someone that will always be there for you through thick and thin.
Being Alone: He hates not having someone around him for entertainment. Nyvian will always be the most desired companion but anyone he likes is more than fine enough to fill the void that appears when bored and slightly lonely.

Work: While he’ll do work, Ryvian prefers to avoid any and all menial labour. It’s not fun and sucks up all his free time. He’s young and should be enjoying life!

Cold Weather: What is so appealing about having your teeth chatter, losing feeling in your nose and fingers, and layering over your layers? Ryvian has never experienced the cold weather thanks to coming from Ista and living in the South but from what he heard, he hates everything about the wintery weather and snow. Katila’s winter is cold enough for him!
Jealousy: He tries his best to hide it but Ryvian can be rather jealous. Nyvian is his brother and it can bother him when Nyvian ends up more popular or sought after.

Abandonment Issues: His parents died on him soon after everyone reunited, and in moments of watching Nyvian go off without him, Ryvian fears he’ll leave for good in his own way as well.

Time Management: Time management isn’t one of his strong suits either, especially if he’s having fun. Losing track of time is something that’s easily done though Ryvian tries his best to make it to classes and special meetings on time. Whether he succeeds all of the time is debateable.
Habits & Mannerisms:
He slouches a bit when sitting, especially during lessons he knows he can teach from hearing it so often. When standing, however, Ryvian stands rather tall without a slouch but usually has his hands in his pants pockets or he’s fiddling with something.
General Personality:
While Ryvian is just as flirtatious as his brother Nyvian, he is the more playful twin that likes to dabble in mischief. He’s outgoing and even considered loud, but surprisingly not obnoxiously so. Ryvian may like attention and playing up aspects of himself that he knows someone likes in him, but he still knows when to tone it down and likely won’t be the centre of attention for all of the Dining Hall with a booming voice. Crowds don’t faze him but intimate parties are far more fun.

According to many, an interesting facet to Ryvian is that he loves his twin and he’s not afraid to show it. It’s clear the brothers are best friends and anyone that tries to get between them would be in for a surprise when it backfired, but Ryvian is completely comfortable with changing the way he touches Nyvian when he knows the audience is sexually interested in them together. He plays upon and feeds from the reactions such things garner and finds it amusing how many people dream of having both twins – either together or one after the other – or imagining the siblings together without a third party. It’s a fascinating society he lives in and he loves it.

In general, when Ryvian is simply being Ryvian, he’s extremely laidback and could almost be called lazy. He’s not about to dispute such accusations since he does enjoy lazing about the hut or outside as opposed to working constantly on tasks no one else likes doing either but Katila needs in order to function. He mostly blames Indivara for constantly getting called on to help move heavy items or swing an axe or hammer since his friend likes to throw herself right into chores at the start of the day so the remainder of the day can be spent playing. Ryvian used to be okay with that mentality since he could slip out with her, but in recent times, there always seems to be ‘just one more thing’ before he can finally sneak out and enjoy doing nothing for the rest of the day.

When it comes to how only a very small handful of people can tell him apart from Nyvian, Ryvian doesn’t mind. In fact, that’s just another fun game to him. It likely all leads back to spending his early years in exile with Nyvian and their mother – who could always tell them apart – and missing out on the chance to fool people by pretending to be the other twin. Given that not even their father, who admittedly hadn’t seen them in several turns due to the exile, knew which was which and most of the Katlian population didn’t seem to care enough to figure it out, Ryvian still never had the proper chance to experience living as his brother for a day since every day he’s simply just Vian. Although, if truth be told, some days he does wonder if he actually is Ryvian given how few people call him by his own name instead of the collective name shared with Nyvian and how easily he adapted to that. In the end, it made life easier for all concerned and Ryvian decided since he loves Nyvian, where was the harm in being indiscernible from each other and being one unit?

Thanks to the time in exile and the passing of their parents, Ryvian is admittedly dependent on Nyvian and will even have minor bouts of guilt (privately, of course; no sense ruining the fun!) when Nyvian isn’t included in the latest mischief. However, even with that reliance on his twin, Ryvian fancies himself as independent and help isn’t really needed in any area. He’s just around to have fun anyway. Why waste time in worrying over anything or trying to bend to what is expected of them when he could be enjoying life how he, and Nyvian, want it to be?
Adam Senn
Father: V’ron (Vianron) b.676 d.723
Rank: Brownrider

Mother: R’ny (Rony) b.682 d.723
Rank: Greenrider
Twin brother N’vian (Nyvian)
Pretty much everyone.
Tavian [M] b.735 (mother is Tavynia )
Ryvala [F] b.738 (mother is Tala )
Important History:
712 & Born: Ryvian is born two minutes before his brother Nyvian to greenrider R’ny and her mate brownrider V’ron.

713-715 & 1-3: Ryvian is spoiled alongside his brother and enjoys a nice pampered life of a toddler, oblivious to any drama around him.

716 & 4: As the plague starts to spread through all the weyrs, the young boys are taken South with their parents, riding with one parent each. Sadly, the decision to keep even mated riders apart in the exile forces both boys to live with their mother while their father lives on territory close by.

717-719 & 5-7: Despite the young age, Ryvian still tries his best at helping his mother with building a shelter and finding food. A lot of the days are spent playing with Nyvian when in the cooler months or napping beside his twin in the hotter ones. They treated it as an adventure and Ryvian didn’t complain too much since he couldn’t remember life at Ista Weyr to compare anything to.

720 & 8: The call to reunite reaches them and the family moves to the area soon to become Katila and meets up once more with their father. All seems well again in the mind of eight turn old boys!

721 & 9: During the firehead outbreak, Ryvian and his brother are kept inside and away from others as much as possible. Their parents said they survived the plague and the uncertainty of exile, they certainly weren’t losing anyone to firehead!

722 & 10: Ryvian is still too young to fully understand the uprisings against Nirinath and the punishments for their actions were kept from him. To him, the turn was spent playing with the other children around his age while the community worked on huts and buildings. He loved Nyvian but it was fun to have more kids to entertain them.

723 & 11: A few months before the twins’ birthday, their mother dies of a ruptured appendix. That was naturally hard enough on the young boys about to turn eleven but a month after their birthday, their father also dies though of blood loss due to slicing his leg open on a hunting trip taken alone.

724 & 12: He overhears adults talking about the Northerners on ships and isn’t entirely sure why they’re bad. He likes where they are though, and starts to think the Northerners want to take away more from him and worries Nyvian will leave him next. He becomes a bit clingier to his brother until he’s assured the ships have left.

725& 13: The terrible storm that hits Katila does some damage to their hut. Since it was built for a family of four and now only two young boys live there, it’s decided to move the twins into a smaller one bedroom hut so a family can move into their larger one upon repair.

726 & 14: Another case of firehead breaks out and Ryvian encourages Nyvian to stay inside with him and ignore their friends for a while. He’s still worried about losing his brother and points out they’re stronger when they’re together. An ‘Us against Them’ mentality takes over for a time.

727 & 15:Three months after their fifteenth birthday, the twins Stand for the Renewed Hope clutch but fail to Impress. Ryvian is disappointed but also glad that at least Nyvian didn’t Impress either. At least they got to Stand! Poor Kerrin wasn’t allowed thanks to his father being mean and saying he wasn’t ready.

728-730 & 16-18: As a boy in his teens, Ryvian spends a lot of his time flirting and experimenting while trying to stay out of trouble. Everything’s done in the name of fun!

731 & 19: Ryvian doesn’t see the point in having to take Candidate classes again but still attends them to avoid G’rem’s wrath. Some classes turned out to be fun but in the end, neither twin Impressed at the Hatching. That was once again disappointing and with the month before seeing B’jin lashed publically, Ryvian is pretty subdued for several months as he tries once more to keep his nose clean and behave.

732 & 20: Now at the age of twenty, Ryvian feels older and wiser when it comes to many things and decided not to get his hopes up at the new Hatching. He was right to do so as yet again, he didn’t Impress. While having a dragon was something he always wanted thanks to growing up in a weyr and having dragonriders for parents, Ryvian’s fine in his non-rider lifestyle for a bit longer as he enjoys life with Nyvian, making friends and finding new lovers.

734 & 22: Nyvian Impressing at the start of the turn left Ryvian devastated and feeling alone. He ended up going into seclusion for months before slowly coming to terms with the change in life. After the landslide sent everything tumbling around him again, Ryvian finally found luck on the Sands and Impressed blue Vydoriath.

736 & 24: Still trying to find his own path in life now that his brother isn't constantly at his side, R'vi decides to get away from most things and people familiar to him and moves to Ista.

737-738 & 25-26: R’vi is enjoying life and has taken over R’nd’s old role of Candi Man in Ista, making sure new Candidates feel welcomed and seducing the ones old enough for such things. At the start of 738, he finds out he’s a father from the fling he had with Tala. He’s not sure how to process that fact and doesn’t have much to do with the child at this point.

742 & 30: He was thankfully never targeted by the Weyr killer, but he did lose some friends.

743 & 31: Late in the year, goldrider Sariel passed away, devastating her mate L'gan. Both were important (and lovers) to him and R'vi was also left in a void, though he did his best to comfort L'gan and lead them both back to happier times.
Adam Senn
Given his young age, several turns spent in exile, and being raised in Katila, Ryvian hasn’t had any sort of training outside the very basic lessons from Harpers and the reading his mother involved him in while in exile. He’s convinced, however, he can teach Candidate classes now from sitting through six clutches’ worth by the time he Impressed but that's too much work.

He mostly excels at being a stunningly beautiful model for budding artists and prefers not to exert himself for much else.
Adam Senn
Dragon Information
Wing and Rank:
[Select] of
Adult Stats
27’6 foot length, 14'2 foot tall, with a 41'7 foot wingspan.
Clutch Details:
Gold Aradissicath x Bronze Xyreith at Katila Weyr on the 13.09.734 [Clutch Page] Ista Weyr
A deep sapphire colour, Vydoriath’s hide is dappled with lighter hues and hints of purple, creating a generally gorgeous sight when he is in the sunshine. Most obviously, the purple winks into sight along his ridges, and at points on his lower leg. In comparison, the majority of his body and wings are dappled shades of gorgeous sapphire and royal blues, with a soft splash of sky-blue thrown in as a naturally occurring contrast.

In build, Vydoriath is not particularly outstanding; a delicate, almost whispery ghost of a dragonet he is made of incredibly fine lines and delicate, feminine appearance. His face is incredibly finely chiselled, and with careful lines and wide, intelligent eyes. Narrow, fine eyeridges arch just shy of offering up permanent questions.
Full growth sees Vydoriath reach an impressive 27 feet and six inches, putting him notably at the top end of the blue dragon scale, but not quite tipping through as the largest. Almost as if to spite his impressive length, Vydoriath has a large wingspan, and a long set of legs, proportionately making his length slightly smaller than would be desired for his other measurements.

Like many of his colour-brothers, Vydoriath retains the whispy, delicate build he displayed in his youth; long limbs, wiry muscle mass and particularly serpentine lines form his build. He has notably long fingers and toes, with carefully maintained claws tipping each one, that he quickly develops a (slightly) annoying habit of tapping in a cascade. His face is slightly long, with long headknobs and a long nose; his narrow forehead only enhances the appearance of elongation. Narrow, medium-set eyeridges are set in what on any other dragon would be assumed as disapproving lines above almost constantly happily swirling eyes.

As if to mock those that mocked him in Weyrlinghood for his purple tints, Vydoriath’s infant hide peels away, to reveal more prevalent purple colouration splattered across his silky blue body, breaking it up and bringing eye catching quirks to an already quirky dragon. Almost his entire face looks like one of Grith’s painters has gotten too close and dumped the bucket of purple paint on him, the colour fading into deep blue just past the corner of his eye before swirling into light and dark blues that smear over his body with a marbled impression.

There are notable light patches, and especially when the light shines through his wing membranes does the pale summer-sky-blue become most apparent, with hints of violet shining through mostly along the edges of the membrane. In contrast, his left hind-knee is home to a purple kneecap, and his shoulders look like someone has slapped him with violets and splattered pollen all over him, like a jokey might a racehorse.
Vydoriath has a bright, generally good natured voice that is full of laughter and, more often than not, a complete lack of regard of how others view him or his bonded. His quirky sense of humour is often given life in the way his voice rolls with languid delight through the minds of whomever he so pleases – whenever he so pleases.
Vydoriath is an intelligent dragon, and one who generally looks at life through eyes that love to have fun. From harmless enjoyment of company through to the more devious of prank pulling, Vydoriath is all about having a good time – but more, he is about making sure those around him are enjoying life, and enjoying it to the max. While his antics could (at the extreme) be considered dangerous or even life threatening in some instances, every action Vydoriath goes through is carefully considered and the pros and cons weighed. No action is ever done rashly or without careful judgement.

A forward thinker, and incredibly aware of those around him, Vydoriath is almost always in the know of who is unhappy – and why – before even some of the most notorious Weyr gossips. He makes it his business to be updated on who is sad, or having a bad day, primarily so as that he can set about reversing that particular situation. It could easily be said, or assumed, that Vydoriath’s primary mission in life is to cause joy to those around him, and one would not be wrong. However, that creation of joy came with his desire to show Ryvian what a bright, brilliant world was around him, while also being attracted to the young man’s desire to see his friends and loved ones smile.

At his core, Vydoriath is an incredibly thoughtful and serious dragon, but it is that quiet seriousness that will grow to fuel the persona he will publically display – a clown, a dork, a playful idiot – whatever is needed at any time, in order to bring joy to those around him. A leader in his own right, Vydoriath will never be afraid to step forward and take action, though he almost entirely funnels such efforts into causing harmless mayhem and destruction rather than more traditional leadership roles.

Vydoriath is a lover of life, and a lover of joy, and he will go out of his way to make sure that everyone around him and everyone important to him or his bonded, are filled to the brim with happiness and love. As a result of that, Vydoriath is easily disturbed and upset when he discovers others taking joy in the destruction of happiness and laughter in others. The mean spirited, and the cruel, are creatures Vydoriath does not understand – human, dragon or otherwise – and while he is not a natural defender of the weak, Vydoriath will make it his mission to embrace those so broken, and do his best to piece them back together.

Ryvian may, indeed, be the only one to see the serious, quiet and often heartbroken form of his dragon, so well hidden does Vydoriath keep it. He fears in upsetting others, or in making them worry, and upsetting and distressing Ryvian when he himself is upset or distressed is often more than he can bare; letting others know is not something the dragon will ever allow if he can so avoid it.

Likes: There is nothing Vydoriath likes more than seeing other’s embrace and enjoy life. He loves the sound of laughter, and the way human faces twist to look so funny and full of joy when they smile. He loves the way his fellow dragon’s can brighten up the night with eyes of happy hues, and he loves the sound of joy. He loves music, and the way humans dance together at parties. He enjoys the warm summer sunshine and the gentle grace of a light snowfall. Any time, any place, and event where happiness can occur is where Vydoriath enjoys being, and at it is, at its core, what keeps the dragon strong.

Dislikes: The first time Vydoriath becomes aware that laughter can be used to express cruelty will be of great impact upon the dragon. That which he loves, above all else but Ryvian, used to cause pain and distress, will cut him deeply and cause the dragon to question much he thought he knew about himself and about the world.

Upsetting or causing distress to others is something Vydoriath dislikes greatly, but even the actions of others to so do will never outweigh the distress he causes himself, when he is the cause of unhappiness in others. He lives to see joy burst free from everyone around him, and being the cause of a pout or of tears is more than Vydoriath can ever bare. When such occurs, he will go out of his way to fix things, make them right, and bring a smile to that sad, sad face.

Habits/Mannerisms: Vydoriath will develop an often considered annoying habit of tapping his claws much as a human might tap their fingers in a cascade while thinking. It is not an absent habit, and while it may not be picked up upon immediately, it is something Vydoriath does only when he is thinking deeply, usually about how to fix some (real or imagined) unhappiness in someone.

Vydoriath is an unabashed prankster, taking a great joy in causing amusement and entertainment for others, though never expressly at the expense of the joy or happiness at the person or creature being pranked. He puts excessive thought and consideration into not only who he will prank, but when and where and how. He loves nothing so much as seeing others laugh, and will often paint himself as the Court Fool in order to bring joy to those whom he deem as needing it.

Strengths: A fast thinker, and often a quick dropper of quips, Vydoriath is a smart dragon with a bright mind often put to the task of mischief making and fun creating. A creator of games, a creator of pranks and tricks. Naturally inclined to leadership, Vydoriath can and will step up to the plate when required, and he will do so without so much as hesitating. Despite that, he shamelessly prefers to use his forward moving skills in more entertaining ways.

Empathic, almost to a fault, Vydoriath is always ready to assist, to be there for someone – whether they are a friend or not. He loves everyone, has time for everyone, and will always be a solid rock when needed.

Weaknesses: Unhappiness is Vydoriath’s most obvious weakness, from the moment he cracks shell until the moment he takes his last trip between, the blue dragon lives for making those around him happy, and making sure they enjoy life. At the top of his list, always, will Ryvian be pacing, but Vydoriath is not a dragon to ignore the distress of others, and he makes it his mission to be uplifting and enjoyable company – always, and at all times.
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