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Alina Lanina
Full Name:
Bell, Little Bell
Date of Birth:
20.12.720 - (27 years old)
Place of Birth:
Healer Hall
Searched By:
Fortian Bluerider & Blue
Sah-ree-el (slight roll of the r)
Primary Home:
Fort Weyr
Searched Date:
Eye Colour:
Hazel Green
Hair Colour:
Golden Blonde
General Description:
Eyes: Slightly almond, hazel but drifting toward a light green. They tend to do that thing where they pick up on other colours around them, so in some instances they may seem warm gray or blue. She has learned well to dress to play that up.
Hair: Her hair is long, drifting down to her hips when uncoiled and is a darker blonde shot through with golden streaks here and there. In the summer it's more of a golden hue than it might be in the winter season.

Her more elaborate hairstyles keep all of the hair where it needs to be without having to resort to a short snip of the shears. She's fully aware that if she does Impress, she may finally succumb and ask for a shorter cut of hair. She likes her hair, shaffit, it's one of the few things she's vain about.

Height: 4'10"

Sariel was born almost too early for the Healers on hand to keep alive, which meant that she really never grew all that much and that's stuck in her craw. She stopped at 4'10" and, well, that was all she had in her, though she was toned, lean, and thankfully proportionate.

Sariel spent quite a while waiting to get to the point where she was strong enough to do the things she wanted to do. It meant that she developed a hobby of knitting, crochet, and needlepoint as she watched life unfold at Healer Hall (when she wasn't at someone's elbow trying to learn). Having something in her hands to do has become a habit.

She was a rather good keeper of secrets as a result and her expression always seems to lean toward knowing things maybe she shouldn't.

Sariel thinks her light hazel green eyes are her best feature. Her hair is a deeper blonde headed toward brown, with touches of gold woven through it. It's usually tied back, elaborately plaited, or just loose when she's off-shift.

If given a chance to describe herself, she'd probably say her eyes dominate her face, her nose is a bit small, and her lips are full but not that wide. They're delicately balanced features that work well to catch the viewer off-guard and they usually do.
General Dressing Style:
Her favourite garments are a combination of purples from soft lavenders to depthless purples and various shades of blues, greens and yellows to white, but she does look great in charcoal grey.

Fashion-wise, she dresses for the weather if off-duty and her wardrobe is fairly spare. There's maybe one or two fancy dresses and the rest are something like three or four tunics and two pair of trousers, one pair of sandals, a pair of boots, economical shoes that are so worn they've conformed nicely to her feet.

She does enjoy wrapping herself up in shawls or blankets of varying hue.
Alina Lanina
Firelizards: She adores them and has been wanting one for ages. She's determined to Impress one of the lovelies herself but it's something she will reward herself with when she feels she's earned the right.
Bathing: If she can fit it in, she'll bathe each morning or evening - it's nigh impossible to not bathe after a shift.
Night Shifts: Generally speaking, they're quiet and she can get in more study - from the artist side of her to the diagnostician and healer in her. There isn't an instance where she has a second to lose when it comes to cramming more knowledge into her head.

(She'll gladly quiz apprentices in the halls or at Weyrs she's staying at as a Gold Candidate.)

Knitting/Crochet/Needlepoint: She's a fast knitter and crocheter, faster when she's irritated about something. Needlepoint can be all savage stabbing but it helps channel her energy into something productive.
Sharply Organised Mind: Her intelligence is something that gives her an edge in a very male dominated society. She has been consistently able to demonstrate an ability to recall, in detail, things pertaining to artistry, Healer knowledge, and Candidacy. She has little trouble opening her mind for other things and has a keen interest in draconic health as well.

...she has alotta of brain to offset her lack of brawn, so to speak. It's the one thing she could feasibly control.
Attention to Details: Be it details or broad strokes, political slings and arrows, not much misses her. She's able to take the relevant details and tuck them back into her mind until they're needed.
Sweet & Charming: She's gentle and sweet where she might have been a pill. Let's face it, she could have turned out bitter, conniving, and power-hungry. She didn't.

Sariel loves a game of quick wits and knowledge, is secretly a terrible loser but hides it well, and despite her size can drink a table under - which is just bizarre.

She can't abide nastiness to others and steps in when she sees it, using carefully placed words couched as diplomatically as possible.
Dirtiness: As a Healer she abhors grime to the point that she'll do a complete re-scrub if she has time and something's touched her. Blood and the like somehow don't really end up as grime until she's finished setting something right.
Modesty: Once you've seen naked bodies as much as Sariel, modesty seems stupid and she has zero use for it.
Willful Ignorance: If there's one thing she can't abide, it's obstinant unwillingless to learn or change when informed of something that is proved to be true. Don't be an idiot.
Impatient: She tries very hard to be patient when it comes to teaching or instructing -- or when someone's about to do something wrong. Her knee-jerk reaction is to fix it herself, sometimes bodily rather than verbally. Her frustration has been known to get to her more than it ought and she has hissed and quit before.
Overly Critical: If there's one thing she's quick to do, it's step up and slam someone down with knowledge. She can be over-zealous with this. Her generally gentle, quiet, voice never really rises but her presence is felt and her words heard. (If only to get her to stop glaring.)

She is also incredibly critical of herself and this is a huge reason why she is constantly seeking knowledge or a better way to do something.
Meddling: She is into everything and wants to be in all the fardling pots, which is ridiculous. Sometimes this meddling is good, sometimes she just makes a mess like a firelizard getting into someone's paint.
Quiet Voice: She can be seen as pushy when it comes to getting a room of people quiet enough for her voice to come through (this is often enough to the point where she actually carries a little bell. What? It's better than kicking someone's shin.)

The higher her frustration arrows at being ignored, the more the bell gets rung.
Habits & Mannerisms:
She has jiggle-leg when waiting, sticks the tip of her tongue out when thinking.

Always, always has a pencil or pen handy and her small sketchbook somewhere about her. If she hadn't been born at Healer Hall, she might have been one of Harper Hall's artists. For her, it's all about documenting details and illustration gets it across better than words.
General Personality:
Perceptive. Quiet. Encouraging. Soothing. Cheerful.

If there was one thing she did best growing up, it was watching. Even as a baby, her eyes were everywhere, absorbing information like a sponge. She knew which creche auntie was having a bad day with her hands, which one was having issues with another woman, which was missing her son who'd gone off on his assignment, and so on.

She'd talk with them and listen, encouraging them to tell her their woes. Sometimes, she could watch the weight lifting off their shoulders and it gave her great joy to know she could do something good.

It became a habit when she was knitting or doing embroidery with them to let them lay their burdens down and get some relief from whatever stress was going on in their lives.

Her quietness has both helped and hindered her in many respects. While it gave her a calmness that drew many to her for a shoulder, it distanced herself from her peers who found her strange and somewhat creepy as she was always watching. Sariel's nature is one of a young woman whose life mission is to make others happy or at least ease their misery - sometimes at her own expense.

It's easy to get burnt out, no matter if she's just gotten her knots and all. She just needs to make sure to take a breath before she keeps going and to guard her own mind against others.

Growing up weak and forcing herself to get strong physically and mentally gave her a core inner strength that meant, for her, she could do anything she set her mind on, especially when it came to her own survival as a student and a woman in a male-dominated profession.

She's Stood for as many Hatchings as possible for her to do - though only when there was a gold egg on the sands. She has more recently attended non-gold egg Hatchings. Clearly, Sariel loves a good Hatching, Impression. She celebrates each egg hatched and Impressed with joy.

She is mentally tough, though she might not be the strongest physically, she'll find a way to survive just like when she was born. Just like when she was bullied by other children who didn't know better and some who did. She made it through them, she can make it through anything life throws at her.
Alina Lanina
Father: Fortian Brownrider S'eil of brown Renath, b.185, Dragonless after plague took his dragon.
Rank: Dragonless
Mother: Marielle, b.190, d.225 (childbirth)
Rank: Lower Cavern Staff, Healer Hall
Past Lovers/Partners: L'gan
Current Lovers/Partners: Sometimes R'vi or anyone L'gan fancies - she's pretty open when it comes down to it - ladies as well.
-- L'gan; Handfasted 740, Turn's End
Children: Twins, girls. Lariel & Sarion; 4 turns, baby (deceased due to poisoning)
Various and sundry. She doesn't know them, they don't know her, pretty much.
L'gan and green Semath (Handfasted Turn's End 740)
Lariel (F) - Child
Sarion (F) - Child
Unknown - Child (deceased)
Lariel (F) - Child
Sarion (F) - Child
Has a blue firelizard named Sapphire
Important History:
716-732 & 0-12:
Sariel struggled for a while in her early years. She was often bullied by the younger and older, fitter, children at the creche but she refused to let them get to her. Sitting them down to talk with them in an attempt to understand why they acted the way they did was her way of figuring out how to avoid or evade the situation entirely.

Her curiosity was intense and she noticed that nearly everything had a pecking order from the avians to even the mighty dragons of Pern. Sariel came to understand that it was nature’s way to weed out the weak.

And right then, Sariel had been found wanting. Wow did she hate that. So much.

She knew she’d have to be stronger, faster, and succeed more if she was to prove herself worthy as a person, something that was very difficult for her to accept. Eventually, she won over the better part of her bullies with sheer kindness (not always, she's thrown her share of punches) and a willingness to help them solve their own problems or just listen. There were those who just refused to cave into her open, quiet kindness, or took it as weakness itself. In the end, she realised it only mattered as much as she let it.

The bullying was pretty nasty once someone found out her father was dragonless and hadn't suicided like a real dragonrider. Sariel was furious. Her father had tried and failed to follow his dragon, it happened. Sometimes her father, who she visited regularly in his room at Healer Hall, didn't even know who he was or where he was. And it wasn't his fault. It was the plague that did it, that took his mind and his dragon. Really, her father's loss is just another reason for her to become a dragonrider and not a stay as a Healer. Sariel wants both, a healer and a dragonrider.

When she was twelve turns, one of those bullies turned on her for a reason she’s long forgotten and tripped her down a flight of stairs.

She lay there unconscious for a while until she was found by the Headwoman, who summoned a healer (of many that there were in the Hall) to make sure the girl was alright.

Aside from a nasty concussion, Sariel was fine, which was quite a blessing. Her only lasting damage was that one of her wrists was strained (a near break) and now clicks. The incident made her wary of unknown physical contact or people she doesn't know in her personal space. Being assaulted like that was something that stuck with her but she refused to let it define her.

732-738 & 12-17: The absolute second she could jump into apprenticeship as a Healer, she did so. She was the first to arrive for lecture, the last to leave, and was a mouth of questions. Young Sariel absorbed lessons like plants did water and she grew in leaps and bounds mentally. Her knowledge was growing and it was just brilliantly fun in her eyes.

Her free periods were learning ones as much as possible. She was in the infirmary more often than not - either at Fort or other Weyrs where she'd be Standing for a queen egg. Sariel saw every healer encounter as a chance to learn something new.

By seventeen, she had developed faster reflexes, neater stitching, and sharp intelligence that served her well as a Healer. She was also, still 4'10" and kinda still a bit angry about it.

Her sexual history is lean and far between, punctuated mostly by goldflight/greenflight lust. Two months into her seventeenth turn, she found herself pregnant with L'gan's child, well children as she found out soon enough. Pregnancy seemed to make her all the more knowledge-hungry and she refused to get behind in her work. The morning sickness lasted well into her third trimester and seemed to spark in the lightless hours of said morning. It was not graceful at all.

The birth was difficult on her to the point that she nearly died bringing two children into the world. As it was, a Masterhealer was needed to get all three through without losing them.

She might have another pregnancy or two in her but it's risky.

738-740 & 17-20: Lariel and Sarion (both girls) develop well and are seen often by their mother, who by 740 has walked the tables to get her journeyknots with a determined step and a sharp eye.
740 & 21: Turn's End - Handfasts L'gan of Green Semath.
741 & 21: She suffers a deep sharp-clawed rake to her thigh as a green accidentally smashes into the first gold of the clutch and they tumble around in an effort to free themselves. She Impresses Golden Cirith moments later and L'gan tends to her wounds. An earthshake rumbles through the Hatching Sands, to which the young queen does her best to shelter her new lifemate and her weyrmate.

Sariel's life as a Healer has always been one of be better than perfect. She's had to work four times as hard as her male peers and continues to do so with a singleminded ferociousness.

Her knots must be better, her recollection of anatomy must be flawless, her reaction time faster, her mind sharper. She learned how to compartmentalise information, to file them into her mind, and pull them out whenever the knowledge was needed. She is very much stuck when it comes to her male peers who have one thing she doesn't (yes, it a penis, gold star). They get promoted time and time again while she has to sit there and watch them walk the tables. It has been immensely frustrating for her and she hates being ignored and told that she doesn't matter, her opinions don't matter, and when she was Searched, suddenly there was an out to an impossible situation. It was clear she'd never make Master but she did make Jr. Journeywoman.

Beyond the stodgy Healer Hall, there is so much more. She could have a weyr, a lifemate who would never tell her she was less than, who would never ignore her, and the unconditional love...

When she was Searched, she just sobbed out of relief. It was really ugly crying and the blue dragon nuzzled her and gave her all the hope he could. The bluerider just put his hand on her shoulder and everything stilled. It was such a gentle thing to do. That's when she knew in her heart that she didn't have to be stuck. Impression, as a Gold Candidate, would take her life in a completely new direction. Like dragon wings, she could rise up and fly out of the misogynistic mess. If she couldn't be a recognised Healer, by Faranth's left tit, she would be a Weyrwoman.

Her knowledge of anatomy was something she worked at in pen and pencil sketches.

She keeps her sketchbooks dated and in order.

She loves klah. It keeps her going when she's bone-weary.
Alina Lanina
Date(s) Tapped:
Date Apprenticed: 21.12.732 AL - She slammed into that apprenticeship hard.
Date Tapped: 25.05.240 AL - Jr. Journeywoman
Quick response time
Excellent diagnostician
Work Ethic
Frustrated with the entire system
Additional Information:
Alina Lanina
Dragon Information
Wing and Rank:
[Select] of
Adult Stats
34’ foot length, 15’ foot tall, with a 48’ foot wingspan.
Clutch Details:
Aradissicath x Xyreith at Fort Weyr on the 10.01.741 AL [Clutch Page]
Cirith is a plump little hatchling, exhibiting a noticeable roundness to her entire figure for her first few months of life. Once she starts flying it seems to activate a growth spurt and Cirith loses most of her roundness, though she will never be a delicate dragon.

Her weyrling hide is mostly yellow with a tinge of green to it, with some orange splashes, most of them centred around her wings.
Despite her growth spurt, Cirith retains a softness to her shape, though she will never return to the chubbiness of weyrlinghood (not unless she really lets herself go). Her form reeks of femininity, in every line of her body and every move she makes. Her eyes are particularly expressive, with delicately shaped eye-ridges that look like she’s just slightly lifting her eyebrows in curious interest. Her roundness and softenss of shape means that even when egg heavy later in life, she won’t look awkward or even as if she’s carrying – unless her clutch is particularly massive.

To look at, Cirith is a magnificent dragon. Her hide looks like burnished gold, sanded with freshly minted sunshine. Her wings are dappled, deep orange like a sunset, fading to brilliant yellowy gold, and then darkening to almost red in some lights. As she grows, and Sariel gets to know her dragon’s hide, she’ll discover – not so much patterns – but unique sketches and scribbles in her dragon’s colouring that may look like words, like things.
Cirith’s voice is usually bright and cheery, with an almost bell-like quality. However, when she is sad or upset her voice flattens out, losing its usual animation.
Cirith is intensely playful, always charging head-first into any situation she thinks might be fun - which means she charges into almost everything. She has no concern for whether she should be getting herself involved, she’ll just do it. Sariel will get used to receiving requests to keep her dragon out of other people’s business. Cirith does get better with discernment of the appropriate time to throw herself into a situation, but most of the time will proceed with getting involved anyway.

Such involvement is never done with ill intentions or malicious thought; always with curiosity, and a general joy for life that Cirith simply wants to share with all those she comes to know. She’s friendly, seeking out company beside her rider in a way more commonly associated with the greens and blues than the more standoffish golds. If such a thing is mentioned to her, Cirith will snort, scoff, and want to know who is at a loss – her, and all her friends, or those who are too good to socialise?

As she ages, Cirith will take on a kind of mentorship role to many, but most particularly to candidates. She has a great love for their youthful enthusiasm and bright optimism. She wants to see them succeed, and those who succeed with her own offspring are especially dear to her. Cirith will do anything she can to answer their questions and guide them – things she will, by the time she’s nearing her teens, be very good at due to her unwavering ability to get her nose into other people’s business, and learn things hse should know, and things that she really doesn’t need to know. After all, what dragon needs to know the process for brushing hair? For doing laundry?

Nevertheless, Cirith is overall a sweet and genuine dragon that almost everyone will if not love, have little dislike for. While there will always be outliers, and those who hold grudges (Cirith is very good at making an unnational nuisance of herself) Cirith rarely – if ever – takes offence. They’re welcome to dislike her, if that is what makes them happy. She doesn’t understand how it could make them happy. But okay.
She’s a bit disappointed she doesn’t have hands like humans do. There’s so very much that can be done with thumbs! Instead, she constantly asks her rider to do things with her hands so Cirith can live vicariously through it, seeing through Sariel’s eyes and feeling what’s in her hands. Sometimes this results in Sariel buckling and unbuckling a belt ten times in a row or running her fingers over the tines of a comb for several minutes, so Cirith can get a proper feel of it.

Warmth: Being warm is one of the best possible things, and Cirith loves to be as warm as people. This ends with her constantly seeking out sources of warmth, including sunlight, bonfires, piles of blankets, and other living creatures. She gets as close to the heat source as possible, which often ends with her curling around people or other dragons - even, on a few memorable occasions, trying to cuddle with cows and horses!

Being Bored: Nothing, absolutely nothing, is worse to Cirith than having nothing to do. Spontaneity is great, so she doesn’t always have to have things all planned out, but if she can’t find anything to entertain herself with she gets twitchy and irritable, as well as even more likely to throw herself into the nearest person’s current activities, no matter what they are.

Open: Cirith doesn’t hold much by the color hierarchy of dragons, and likes everyone regardless. She still benefits greatly from being a gold, though she doesn’t truly recognize how much easier it is for her. Even so, Cirith is friendly to everyone and considers everyone worthy of her time.
Protective: She is protective of Sariel's friends, her twins, and especially her Weyrmate, L'gan, and his Green Semath. This protectiveness extends to her entire Weyrling class as well. They are of her clutch and she has a deep need to keep them from harm. This doesn't mean that she's smothering at all but she is watchful and it comes from a place of love.
Courageous: Cirith has the heart of a warrior and come the Threads she and Sariel know will come one day, she will help her Weyr survive.

No Filter: She wants to learn everything about everyone, and assumes the same of everyone else, so she shares information freely. This includes personal, private information about herself, her rider, her rider’s mate, her children, her friends, and anything else she’s ever learned. There’s no maliciousness in it, she simply values knowing things above privacy, and if something she knows could potentially help a person, she will share it in a heartbeat.
Creator Credits
Inactivity Preference:
Fade Out
Character By:
Dragon By:
ThistleProse & Zandelion
Additional Credits:
Dragon Base Created By: Mistywren
Additional Art: Lines - HybridGeist, Colour: Pallas
Alina Lanina
Stamp Collection