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OOC | Guess the Murderer! - Random Event - 04.Jul.21

Surprise! There is still a murderer on the loose. It's also about time to point out that there is a prize for figuring out who that person is and why they are doing it.

The killer is a named character (PC, NPC, Adoptable) with a motive. Some hints have been dropped over the event to this. Do you think you know who it is? If so, message me your guess so others won't be spoiled if they're enjoying the mystery of it all. The culprit may also have a few more tricks left them and some more targets before it's all said and done.

If you guess the culprit and motive (or at least the culprit before anyone else if the motive isn't solved) you get an item of your choice from the shop. (Please note that if you already own something that has a limit, like the second goldrider, you cannot get another one.)

Also, please mention if you have a character that would know the answer and why. Just because it's obvious OOC doesn't mean it will be known IC.

Good luck!