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742.03.02 | Toes in the water, ass in the sand - Maliah - 09.Mar.21

She was working on landscapes and she was finding that she might hate them.

It wasn't the glamourous dragons that roamed around the weyr, it wasn't their riders and it certainly wasn't beasties with wrinkles but it was something and Maliah was determined to be good at everything. She was getting much better at drawing hatchlings, there had been a bronze weyrling in Fort that had allowed her to draw him for the better part of two hours before she came home to Ista. That had been fun. D'sen had blushed and stammered and blushed some more as Maliah had flirted with him but in the end, Viskuth had been drawn to the delight of the dragonet and his rider. She'd even been nice enough to give them the drawing.

But now she was home and trying to keep herself from thinking of payback for Kor'is being a dick. Oh, she'd found out rather quickly who he was and where he was going, her shitty little mind had wanted to immediately go to hie weyr and shortsheet his bed but F'drel had talked her out of it. But it hadn't stopped her from creating a big Plan. She just had to be sneaky enough and clever enough not to get caught. Her brother had warned her Kor'is wasn't pleasant and wouldn't be above doing something back but Maliah didn't care.

She snorted as she put charcoal to paper again and tried to capture the moving waves. It was harder than it looked and she damn near threw the paper into the ocean before getting herself under control. Her head was bent and her concentration was deep enough that she didn't see or hear the person before they dropped beside her. "What?" she muttered as her hand moved across the paper.

RE: 742.03.02 | Toes in the water, ass in the sand - Orgailian - 22.Mar.21

Normally when Orgailian wanted to write, he found a quiet area and did so. Having a sister for a Weyrwoman made it a lot easier thanks to offering up the little-used private library of sorts. It was filled with records he had learned M'ris spent a lot of time getting back from the Harper Hall and a table with a couple of chairs. It was perfect. Except when a minion was sent to look something up, like that afternoon. Orgailian could be a social butterfly when he wanted to be but he was more in the mood to write and opted for his other favourite spot--the beach.

Normally it was quiet at that hour of day thanks to being midday and people either eating or cooking or too full or busy to sneak out for a swim. The still cooler weather helped keep people away as well so it was perfect. Or it normally was. Not only did he spy someone already there but they were in his favourite spot as well. Why was everything working against him that day?

Despite there being a whole lot of open space, Orgailian still headed to his spot. He was itching to write but he was also curious to know who the girl was and what she was doing. So he plopped down beside her without a greeting, introduction, or permission and smirked at the fairly appropriate reply he got.

He took a moment to glance at the paper and noted she was an artist of sorts and decent at it. He then glanced up and found a pretty face set in irritation. Was that from him or her drawing? "Youre in my preferred spot so I had to come see who you were and what you were doing. I'm not disappointed by either discovery."

RE: 742.03.02 | Toes in the water, ass in the sand - Maliah - 24.Mar.21

She took a moment to look at the person who plopped down next to her, really look at him, and found him to be quite attractive. And irritating but Maliah would try to be nice. "I didn't know you owned this particular stretch of beach, beastie," she told him as she went back to studying her drawing with a jaundiced eye before turning for him to see it. "Does the horizon lines match?" she asked him seriously. She had no real idea if he could draw or even had an eye for composition but the lines of her drawing were annoying her.

"You must be lonely if finding me wasn't a regret," she grinned at him as she wiggled her drawing for him to look at. "Most people are sorely disappointed when they meet me," she continued with a grin. He was familiar to her like she should know his name but Maliah couldn't remember what it was for the life of her. It wasn't altogether that unusual, she tended to stray towards riders rather than not when she wanted company and she had a feeling he was not one.

"You might come to regret not being disappointed in seeing me, beastie," she laughed at him before dropping her voice with a conspiratory tone, "Don't be fooled by this pretty face, I'm kind of an asshole."

RE: 742.03.02 | Toes in the water, ass in the sand - Orgailian - 25.Mar.21

Beastie? Okay then. He supposed he'd been called better and worse than that and he was the one that hadn't given his name out so probably deserved as well. Not that he offered it then either. "I didn't say I owned it, just that I preferred it here." There wasn't even anything outstanding about it but Orgailian liked the view from that particular point. Everything lined up nicely and seemed balanced.

Blinked rapidly as the drawing was thrust into his view. He considered it, not having a true eye for art but felt he could still tell if something seemed off. As she spoke about disappointment, Orgailian gave a soft snort and glanced at her. "I get that reaction sometimes as well thanks to my dad and brothers." He was probably as flirty as R'nd when he wanted to be but he wasn't always as friendly as his brothers. If caught in the wrong mood, people left crushed.

Orgailian gave a laugh at the woman's confession that she was kind of an asshole. "Another thing we have in common. I'm called an asshole regularly when not being called by my name of Orgailian."

He went back to studying the drawing and finally gave a shrug. "I think it's fine but you could probably try moving it up a smidge as well. But I'm not an expert. I write about the horizon, not draw it." He wiggled his book as proof to his words and the reason he was there at all.

RE: 742.03.02 | Toes in the water, ass in the sand - Maliah - 28.Mar.21

She grinned as his eye blinked rapidly. Sometimes she had that effect on people, especially when she was off like a rocket. Much as she was now, shoving the drawing in his face and expecting an answer as quick as she thought. She could almost feel bad for people at times but now wasn't exactly one of those times.

She cocked her head quizzically at the mention of his dad and brothers. She didn't know much about them and was curious. "Who are your dad and brothers?" she asked with that curiosity as she decided that she liked this guy. He wasn't immediately put off by her and didn't immediately try to get into her pants. Things were looking up.

She grinned at him again when he explained he didn't mind that she was an asshole. "Good to know I'm in good company," she told him with a chuckle, "I'm Maliah." She wiggled the drawing again waiting for his answer and was pleased when he gave it. She huffed out a breath at his suggestion, a little annoyed she hadn't thought of it first but managed to shift it.

"Better," she murmured before explaining, "I don't like drawing landscapes and can never get them right but I figured, practice makes perfect right?" She glanced up at his own wiggle. "You write?" she asked with a little bit of excitement, "What do you write? I can read but I'm not great at writing. My sister can though." Ferra had her own ideas about things and none of it was the same as Maliah.

"Are they exciting stories about true love or are they.. Naughty?" she grinned at him.

RE: 742.03.02 | Toes in the water, ass in the sand - Orgailian - 29.Mar.21

As Maliah corrected her horizon line, Orgailian gave a little sigh as he launched into his family tree. "My dad is bluerider R'nd. You probably heard tales and legends about him from his time in Katila romancing the population. My brothers are T'ryn, A'tay, and Zoremet. If you wondered why I look familiar and you know one of them, now you'll know why." They were like a set of quadruplets with how alike they all looked. It didn't bother him most days but it clearly got to A'tay enough that he grew out his hair to try to have something different.

Orgailian nodded in agreement that the drawing did look better. He was also still a bit shocked that Maliah had trusted his word and followed his advice even with him saying he wasn't an expert. A laugh followed her enthusiasm over his book and he gave a little shake of his head. "I have yet to write anything naughty about the ocean or sunset I'm afraid. They usually inspire introspective thoughts and poems. I do write short stories that are adventures and I guess with some love elements." As lovey dovey as some of his poems could be, Orgailian hadn't ever tossed much of it into his stories. He gave Maliah another look and considered it. Maybe he could try it out if someone was that interested.

Not that he normally shared much of his writings. A piece here or there when he was especially proud or if someone pestered him enough. He opened his book to the current page that was marked and flipped back several until he came upon his goal. "A poem to go with your drawing and the view that inspired it," he stated while angling the book so Maliah could read it.

RE: 742.03.02 | Toes in the water, ass in the sand - Maliah - 09.Apr.21

"I've seen Zoremet around," she told him and grinned a little toothily at his sigh before he launched into the litany of family, "But the rest? No idea." She supposed she probably should, the way he said their names made her think that they were very important people with emphasis.

"Only write about the ocean or sunsets?" she grinned, "Never about naked people rolling around in the waves or a soft bed?" She was interested in knowing if that was something Orgailian was into writing about. She nodded when he mentioned writing short adventure stories and knew that Ferra would love to read the stories he had in his notebook. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and squinted. Maybe she could hook them up.

The idea almost made her laugh out loud, Ferra was a stick in the mud and never any real, good fun. And by real, good fun, Maliah meant the touchy touch kind. The thought made her grin though and her eyes were twinkling as she looked over to the page he was pointing at. Her eyes skimmed the page, taking in the deep words written there. "Still needs naked bodies," she grinned at him with a wink, "But it's good. Have time? I wouldn't mind hanging out here and letting you read me you poems."

RE: 742.03.02 | Toes in the water, ass in the sand - Orgailian - 10.Apr.21

Orgailian rolled his eyes as Maliah tried to get him to confess to or try to write smut. “Why write it when I can live it?” He finally commented after she finished reading the poem. He returned the grin, finding it hard to be truly annoyed when she was both pretty and complimenting his work. “But if you’re that interested, I might be tempted to write something for you sometime.” While he had never written it himself, he had read such scenes in the past and found they were very hit and miss. Actually, he wasn’t even sure he wanted to sully his notebook but what was writing if not pushing himself and challenging himself with a new theme?

He also realised he was purposely avoiding her question and finally gave a shrug after giving Maliah a long look of consideration. Despite her warning about herself, Orgailian appreciated her brusque nature and perhaps some critique wouldn’t hurt. “And I suppose I can read you some. Not many get that honour so feel special and lucky to whatever degree you’d like.” His grin was still in place as he gave a little sass back before flipping further back in his notebook to find some poems Maliah might like. Despite her interest in naked bodies, Orgailian had a suspicion she would care too much for the overly romantic ones. But then, he wasn’t sure he did either. He had been experimenting with various poetic devices at the time and ended up with some nauseating work.