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2022/07/29 Gold Malvayth and Bronze Xyxyth clutch is Hatching! Come and join the shenannigans 743.08.03 | NIGHT STALKERS HATCHING and bring the popcorn!
2022/05/11 Gold Malvayth has Flown, caught by Bronze Xyxyth of A'tay. Their Hatching will be PC, and take place in Telgar in August around the 20-22nd! Update your Candidate Applications and prepare for some fun!
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05/JUL It’s Hatching time!! Come take part in the shenanigans here
30/JUN Gold Thallyath of Ista Weyr has laid a clutch! More information here
27/JUN A bluerider, and then a greenrider, are found dead. More information here
25/JUN The Touching is up! Take part here
30/MAY After the Touching, many Candidates found themselves preyed upon in the form of their food. More information here
18/MAY Another goldrider - Ameris of Benden - is attacked. More information here
05/MAY Multiple individuals are attacked whilest out of the Weyr! More information here
04/MAY Take a chance OOC and guess who you think the murderer is! You can win prizes! More information here
03/MAY Goldrider Cazan and her twin brother Cazelarias are attacked. More information here
24/APR Goldrider Ashara of Fort is murdered by two brownriders. More information here
12/APR Searchrider B’jin was attacked at Telgar Weyr, surffering a slash to his throat. While in Benden, bluerider B’dor is found dead in his weyr. More info here
05/APRMore attacks occurred today. More information here
03/APRMultiple individuals found their death this day; more information here and here
28/MAR Tragedy has struck again! Across all the Weyrs, multiple people - primarily dragonriders - have fallen ill after eating muffins. There have been multiple deaths, and others are in criticle condition. More information here
24/MAR Weyrwoman Ameris and her son, Rislan, poisoned! More information here
18/MAR Benden’s Weyrleader M’ris and his children have been poisoned! Resulting in sickness and death. More information here
18/MAROn 18.03.742 Bronzerider A’dris of Vyaniorth was found dead in his personal bathing pool. He appears to have drowned after drinking an excess of alcohol. Afterwards it was realized that Machiya of Gold Cameth from Telgar Weyr had disappeared. Having never arrived at her destination, it is suspected she had an accident between.
11/MAR Gold Racoth of Donmaline went between taking Bronze Beruth of T’rel with her shortly after she had been caught, due to T’rel strangling Donmaline. He did not survive. more info
25/FEB Congratulations and thank-you to Guest for taking on a moderator role! <3
14/FEB Stars Above PC Hatching Link
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02 - Mizeath of Ameris [Benden]
03 - Roeth of Azelina [ANPC][Fort]
04 - Thallyath of Casa [even years][Ista]
04, 10 - Malvayth of Cazan[Telgar]
05 - Quayleth of Ojassa [odd years][Ista]
06 - Bedith of Mulrissa[Telgar]
07 - Neryseth of Lassalla [Telgar]
09(743), 03(745) - Iliyith of Helyna[Benden]
09 - Aradissicath of Rhaedalyn[Fort]
11 - Varanuth of August [Benden]
12 - Nadioth of Vaeyla [even years][Benden]

01, 04, 07, 10 - Solenath of X'siar
02, 05, 07 - Tybalith of D'lyne
02, 05, 08, 11 - Fayath of A'mos
02, 07 - Halomirth of F'drel
02, 07, 11 - Semath of L'gan
02, 08 - Rilaleeyth of J'ver
03, 06, 09, 12 - Coroth of C'dhin
03, 07, 11 - Larrikith of B'jin
04, 10 - Tiath of V'lia
05, 11 - Jammerith of J'me
08 - Siolilth of J'shom

[G] [H] 743.08.03 | Night Stalkers Hatching
After midnight

Bronze Pardrith

Date of Birth
09.07.726, 17
Curly dark brown to black


Written By: vet
Ch'es had never been more overwhelmed in his life. He already struggled in social situations for obvious reasons (like having lived the past several years in relative isolation), but the chaos here was something else. With so many congratulations and cheers ringing out from different directions, the boy didn't know where to turn first. He barely had time to embrace his roommate before he was walking away. The same for Mylorah, though Ch'es knew she had her own dragon to attend to now as well.

Unlike S'far, Ch'es knew the frustration and the jealousy that must burn in his roommate, and felt a flood of guilt for it. Sironar had taught him so much since he'd been dumped in his bedroom with naught but a concise letter from his father explaining his inability to speak. With far more grace and acceptance than Ch'es suspected he'd have managed in his shoes, Sironar took him under his wing. Together, they devised hand signals before he'd learned to read and write with any proficiency. While he knew a lot more of it now, they still tended to use that nonverbal language when it was just the pair of them.

But it would never just be the pair of them anymore, would it? His heart ached to know that Sironar had gone to many Hatchings and had yet to Impress. He'd even asked Malvayth to tell her babies, and she'd assured him she had. So why? Didn't they see how wonderful a person he was?

While Pardrith gorged himself, he rifled through his bonded's churning maelstrom of thoughts and emotions. I can tell he is a very dear friend. That one of my siblings has not chosen him does not mean he is not worthy, the hatchling assured. He is suited for another. After a pause, the dragon lifted his head to look after the retreating form of Sironar. He does not resent you. And he truly is happy for you.

Frowning, Ch'es swiped oil across his robe and waited a moment to ensure it would not burn or peel away at the fabric before applying it to his dragon. How do you know?

I read him. The dark male lifted his chin in silent indication for Ch'es to apply oil there first. Feeling the itch in his own neck, the boy complied.

Like...his thoughts? That seems rude without his permission, he pointed out. I think those are things he should tell me when he feels safe to do so. But understanding it came from a place of concern and wanting to reassure him, Ch'es scrubbed the itchy skin with an oil-slicked hand down his dragon's neck. Thank you, Pardrith. We'll both have to look out for him. I don't want him to be lonely.

Apparently considering the issue resolved, or at least set aside for now, Pardrith nudged at Ch'es while his belly grumbled hungrily.

Alright, I'll get you more, he promised with an amused chuff of laughter. Later, he would find Siro and have a proper discussion. With Pardrith's help, of course.

Of course.

Blue Cunaguaroth

Date of Birth
Dark brown
Fit, stocky
Black, short


Written By: brainbow
The dragons had mostly stopped humming by the time the dragonets started spilling onto the sands. Obennin had not. He'd spent the evening shifting from foot to foot, vocal chords thrumming the chopping line of notes that had accompanied all his youthful antics. It didn't have as much punch as it used to. Of course, there used to be a second part he never sang anymore.

He stopped his song and cheered along and oohed and aahed with every crackle. He clapped more enthusiastically than many at the first leathern head. Oben had stood so many times on the hot stands, he knew the drill at this point. Knew it so well that some part of his brain (probably the part that kept his theme song churning in his throat) kept him smiling and making all the appropriate noises while another part of him slowly sank into a panic.

It was during Hatchings, after all, that Oben had to try hardest not to stay mad at his sister. She had to be right that it was okay for her to have left without him, that he was still meant to tame the skies even if that meant without her. Each tiny dragon that found its mate, Oben crooned with the crowd, beaming and congratulating. He cheered for Mylorah and her golden nugget, pouting a little that the highlight was over so quickly, and trying to hide the sad, building resentment.

What if his sister was wrong? What if he wasn't meant to be a dragon rider, and he was just wasting his time here, getting old, being useless?

Oben cut his humming off once more as a ruckus grew from a group of hatchlings congregating at the wall, he gasped as one green vaulted another up and over, then was up and over herself! People scrambled, a cacophony of shouts and pants as a path cleared for the dragonets.

"But..." Oben said half-hearted as he watched not one, but two of the little beasts he'd so hoped to impress go running off toward people who hadn't even wanted them. He wanted to melt into the sand. His sister was probably wrong. How much rejection did she expect a guy to take? "I'm standing right here..."

But you don't belong to any of them.

"Well, yeah, but I could..." he tried not to sound like a kicked wher as he said it.

Not really, but you could get me some food and take care of this itchy spot I can't reach...

"Huh?" Oben turned, looked down at the striking little blue thing at his feet, head tucked under his wing trying to gnaw at a patch on his back. Realization rushed in tingling waves down his scalp, skated through his veins to the very pit of his bellybutton. There was a high pitched keening in his ears, that intensified when the creature cocked its head like it could hear it, too.

O'in, you're making that noise out loud.

"Oh." He straightened, failing to keep the wide smile from stretching back across his face. The dragonet stared back at him expectantly.

"Hungry! Yes, right, right! This way, little guy."

Cunaguaroth chirped happily and followed his weyrling toward the food and oil. The smile never left O'in's face as he took in the rest of the evening's spectacles.

Green Viverrith

Date of Birth
fit and slender
Brown short and messy


Written By: ValGal9
Damakos stifled another yawn as he stood on the Sands and waited. While this wasn’t strictly-speaking the earliest hatching he’d attended since becoming a Candidate, the timing was still bizarre, coming so soon after the touching. Still, maybe it was just a Malvayth thing—there always seemed to be something a little different with her clutches. She was a sweet gold, but definitely unique.

When a brown emerged first, he grinned because he’d won a decent bet finally, but the gold’s early entrance surprised everyone from the sounds of things. So much for betting she’d emerge last. He quickly lost track of his thoughts as the hatching progressed, focusing on avoiding claws and headstrong dragonets. Surely it wasn’t normal for this many to wander off the Sands?

Finding what appeared to be a safer spot after the chaos of Green 6 and her brothers charging through the candidates, he tried to get his heart to stop racing. Damakos glanced involuntarily over at the healer stand nearby. He had been lucky so far to escape any bad injuries at other hatchings, but knew it was just a numbers game. At least there seemed to be plenty of healers available if something did happen.
His eye was caught again as a small green emerged and made a beeline for the water barrels. He grinned, reminded of the small cats who would gather at the ports when fishing boats returned, some brave enough to climb the barrels to try stealing a treat. She even scolded the healer who laughed as the barrel tipped over, marching away with her nose held high as if she’d done nothing wrong.

Well, I didn’t! How dare he laugh at me? He must have tipped it on purpose. I just wanted to play! He hid another grin of his own as the green marched over. “Of course you did. Though it did make rather a mess, little one.” You’re supposed to be on my side, M’kos! Startled, he looked down and realized she was right in front of him. Not the others. Him.

“I am… of course I am, Viverrith.” He reassured her, smiling. Good! Then let’s find some food! Those fish things sound yummy—do you have some? Or more water—I’m thirsty too. M’kos chuckled and on an impulse tickled her chin. “I don’t have any fish, but I promise I’ll find some for you to try.”

Bronze Sherekhath

Date of Birth
19.07.725, 18
lean and athletic
Blonde medium to shoulder length depending


Written By: BardlyThere
It had been almost exactly one month since Quisavensalin had arrived in Telgar. One month since he'd disappointed his uncle and been practically exiled. Sure there were other options, but none of them seemed appealing, and as irritated as Uncle Habraxel was, he'd at least taken the time to sit down and talk to him like he always had in the past, without raising his voice or his hand or doing anything else other than sit and talk out in the garden. He'd started to miss his uncle the moment they agreed he'd go to the Weyr to be with his father.

It was also one month since he'd met R'nd, his real father, in person. One month since he found out he had several half siblings. He still wasn't sure how he wanted to deal with that. There was supposed to be a party after all of the hatchings he was sure, he could try to introduce himself then, or he could wait another month. He'd asked R'nd to give him a month or two after all and the bluerider... his father had agreed. He still wasn't used to the thought. He'd been told when he was younger, but it hadn't seemed real then, he was just a name, a character from one of his mother's memories. If his mother hadn't looked so happy to see the man when she introduced them Vensy might not have gone at all.

So it was hard to be excited about the hatching even though it was his first. His thoughts kept running, and there was nothing he could do except look around and speculate as to which ones were his siblings. He had asked R'nd for a list of names at least, and while they'd looked around the Weyr he'd even subtly pointed a couple of brothers out. One of them he could see standing next to the large bronze dragon that watched over the eggs, the other was in the stands behind him. The dragon certainly looked imposing, but A'tay himself seemed rather harmless.

His thoughts were interrupted as the eggs began to hatch and there was a flurry of murmurs and excitement. At least he had something new to focus on instead of just standing there doing nothing. Vensy remembered from all the lessons he'd been told that hatchings could take hours, that there were frequently lulls, but it seemed that there weren't very many at all in this one. Sure, some of the hatchlings took their time, like the gold who wanted to just stay in bed and play, but as soon as she finally was sent off to a pretty girl (who received a lot of cheering, he noted) even more dragons had appeared.

The greens crowding the wall were fascinating, and he couldn't help but quietly wish them luck just to see what would happen. And when they did manage to get over and find people in the audience (something he didn't even know could happen), he couldn't help but chuckle softly to himself. He was still thinking about that little bit of chaos and the reaction it had caused in the audience when a couple of blues and then a bronze hatched. That one caught his eye as it started to walk along the wall and take the occasional peek over the top of it.

But it didn't climb into the Stands, instead turning around and walking towards his group. Vensy got ready to step out of the way, thinking to himself it was a shame. It would have been funny to see the bronze go over too. No it wouldn't, the rough and rumbly voice scoffed as the bronze kept walking, pausing only long enough to give him a nudge with his nose hard enough that he had to take a step back. Let's go I'vens, I'm hungry. I'vens rubbed his stomach awkwardly as he stared after the hatchling as it moved past him. Are you coming, I'vens? "Yeah... yeah just give me a moment Sherekhath."

With a run of his fingers through his hair, I'vens turned to follow after the dragon. His dragon. Unpleasant memories threatened to climb up to the surface but he shoved them down and away, instead trying to focus on other things, living people. What would his mother say when she found out he had a bronze? She would say it is wonderful because I am wonderful. I'm not just a bronze after all, and you are not just a boy. You are mine, and I am yours. The bronze turned to give him a more gentle and affectionate nuzzle and he couldn't help but smile as he knelt down to wrap his arms around it in a hug. "Well let's get you fed then. And then you'll have to hold still because you're making me feel itchy and I'm pretty sure that means I need to oil you."

Gold Malvayth

Date of Birth
14.02.717, 26
Brown right
Lean, tomboyish.
Dark Auburn, Short


Written By: BardlyThere
Things had quieted down since the last egg had hatched leaving just two on the Sands. Malvayth stared at them as Cazan cautiously stood to one side while she tried to gauge the gold's reaction to the pair of eggs not hatching. The dragon delicately walked closer, lowering her head to take a sniff as she inspected them more closely. No, those two wouldn't hatch, she could tell though she wasn't sure exactly how she could tell. She was seething as her thoughts tried to discern some sort of reason and she narrowed her eyes. Two eggs... you and and Ch'es went on two horses... the horses murdered my babies! She shared the thought only with Cazan, Xyxyth, and A'tay, and only because Xyxyth had so much confidence in his rider.

The horses must pay. Cazan blinked, incredulous for a moment, but then she felt just how serious Mal was about avenging the eggs and she leaned over to the side, frantically looking for S'far who quickly seemed to spot the look of panic on her face. Urudith's voice was suddenly in her mind, What is wrong? Cazan took a deep breath as she tried to focus only on replying to the weyrleader's bronze while Xyxyth consoled Mal. Mal thinks... she thinks the horses did this. Because I went on a horse ride and there were two horses then, and there are two dud eggs now. I'm pretty sure she wants to eat them.

The silence in response was profound, but she was sure she heard an audible sigh as she saw Urudith leave the dragons' ledge and fly off. S'far ambled down from the Stands to go join Cazan, A'tay, and their dragons, a slightly amused smile on his face. "Hello! What's going on here?" Malvayth immediately turned to tell the weyrleader all about the sinister plot by the horses to kill two of her eggs simply because she interrupted a ride because they didn't deserve to carry people as nice as Cazan.

"Ah, I see. That is very serious. Urudith is investigating it right now, so you don't have to worry. Just be sure to rest up, get ready for the party tomorrow to meet the new riders your babies have chosen, and Xyxyth will help me handle these eggs. Does that sound good to you?" Malvayth gave a speculative chirp as she considered, looking from the weyrleader to Xyxyth to Cazan and back again to S'far. That is acceptable. Cazan mouthed a silent "Thank you" to S'far.

It was several minutes after that when Urudith returned with one of the cows, head, tail, and hooves removed. I found one of the horses, they were... criminal horses. From the wilds. Here, eat. I'll catch the other one for you tomorrow. Malvayth gasped, turning to Cazan as she exclaimed how right she'd been before thanking Urudith and happily devouring her "horse" corpse. With half of her vengeance complete she was back to being in a much better mood, and already trying to conspire to have A'tay spend the rest of the night over to cuddle and "help" Cazan while she cuddled Xy.

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