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743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Zoremet - 02.Jul.22

Zoremet was very torn as he leaned back against Zelly while she read a book that Orgailian had found for her. He would have been leaning against Lazerat, but he was still finishing his lunch as they sat outside in the sun. So instead he stayed with Zelly and reached up to scratch at the fresh stitches in his neck. Most of his stitches were out at least, the slash that went over his left elbow was still stitched up since it went over the joint and kept pulling whenever he moved, but the healer had been especially displeased about the wound in his neck for some reason and had judiciously applied some numb weed to it before doing an entire new row of stitches there.

"Stop picking at them. You were messing with them in your sleep and that's probably why they haven't healed yet." Zelana hadn't even looked up from her book as she scolded him, probably something she'd just naturally absorbed from visiting him and Gail so much in the infirmary and being around Benden's grumpiest healer. Zory huffed, straightened up, and pinched his fingers around one of the stitches in direct defiance. He gave it a small gentle tug as he stuck his tongue out at her. It stung, but it was worth it just to see her roll her eyes at him before they both had a quick giggle.

Only now he really did want to poke it more and gave it a gentle rub to try and soothe that sting before he reluctantly pulled his hand away, shoving it under his other arm to hide his missing finger. It was still weird to catch a glimpse of out the corner of his eye, and Zory didn't like other people taking note of it and bringing it back up either. Maybe he'd get used to it with time, at least that was what his brothers had said.

He glanced over to see if Lazerat was done eating yet, and decided he at least had had enough that he was fair game for cuddles. Or at least his legs were. He scooted over and carefully settled down on the grass to rest his head on the other man's lap as a pillow. "Are you excited for the Hatching? it should be soon." He blinked up at the handsome holder man and smiled, once again getting a giddy feeling that he was part of the reason Laz was there. It was because he'd been injured... and probably because he was worried something might also happen to Zelly, he reasoned, but still! At least part of it had been for him! "Did you do or see anything fun on your ship trip?"

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Lazerat - 03.Jul.22

Lazerat was smiling as he watched the easy way Zoremet and Zelana interacted. His sister had always been outgoing and social so it wasn’t that he was shocked by her having a good friend. He simply loved seeing her happy and finding a place where she could be herself and belong. Weyr life suited her, even though he’d never forgive their parents for the way they shipped her off to one and then dusted their hands clean of her. Zelana deserved better than such treatment but she had turned it to her advantage and now flourished.

He only wished this visit had been one of his usual casual pop-ins, not one brought on by more attacks. At least Zelly was safe this time, though one of their mutual friends had been viciously attacked and Zoremet’s brother poisoned. He’d been on a ship when Shadow appeared with a letter—a letter he had scolded his sister about. She needed to work on her skills in writing about an emergency that was possibly under control. At least she was safe this time. For now. It had been a long trip, stuck on a ship and then pretending he was a normal merchant with nothing wrong in his life before being stuck on a ship again. At least Zelly had kept him updated and she was still fine. It ate at him that he wasn’t there to keep her safe like he had always done before the Weyr but Lazerat didn’t have anything to do but hope A’tay and anyone else near her could do his job for him.

He arrived the night before because A’tay was kind and agreed to pick him up as soon as the ship got in. He knew A’tay had a little sister as well and suspected her understood the urgency completely. It was probably also why he left them alone for a little while to catch up and let Lazerat prove to himself that Zelly was safe before she led him down to the infirmary where their friend was still staying. It had been a short visit given the hour and how cranky Orgailian was so it was nice getting some more time with the much happier brother while enjoying some sun as well.

Lazerat laughed as he finished off the last of the sandwich Zelly had whipped together. Something easy and portable with little mess for cleaning up, she had said. His little Zelly Bean was becoming so practical and thinking ahead more now and it was almost scary. “Like I said last night, it’s hard to tell you were injured with how much pep you still have,” it was a compliment as it was something Lazerat liked about Zory. The blonde was always so full of life and excitement about everything—and curious. Always questions and an interest to learn more when something grabbed his attention.

“The trip was pretty standard, sadly, so I don’t have any exciting tales or sightings. But the sunsets are always beautiful and a peaceful time of the day.” It was a time used for reflection, something he was doing a lot of more and more but he didn’t want to bore or worry either of them. He’d talk with his sister when he had come to a conclusion and had some kind of plan for following through. That was why he switched to the other question tossed his way.

“I’m always excited for the Hatchings. The baby dragons are adorable but there’s always the chaos of the whole affair that is something to behold. Although I do hope you both Impress soon so I don’t have to worry about you being in the middle of said chaos.” Maybe that was part of the thrill of watching Hatchings? There was definitely a spike in adrenaline but Lazerat really did prefer Zelly got her dragon soon and could then watch beside him. He didn’t mind putting himself at risk over stupid ideas like cliff diving but there was a lot of teeth and claws let loose in a Hatching that didn’t need to get close to his loved ones.

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Zelana - 03.Jul.22

After her giggle fit from Zory's silly little bit of token defiance, Zelana finished reading the section she was on. She resisted the urge to just fold the corner of the page down to mark her place, instead grabbing the extra slip of paper she'd brought to use as a bookmark so that Gail wouldn't give her that disappointed frown at seeing a book he'd checked out for her being treated poorly.

Since Zory had decided to take over her her brother's lap she decided to move so she could settle in comfortably against Lazerat's chest. It was nice to have him there after all of the stress of the attacks, comforting and secure in a way she hadn't realized she'd wanted. Sure she had friends and Zory and Gail's other siblings, but it wasn't the same as having her own big brother around. Even if she had to restrain herself and avoid some of the affection she wanted to give the man, just being able to cuddle was nice for now. Maybe later once things had calmed down and no one else was around she could steal him away to some secret closet or even borrow K'dar's temporary weyr while he was still in the infirmary.

"You should have seen him early on. He was so pale. The healer had to take some blood from his siblings to put back into him." Zelly reached over to gently pet her friend's hair for a moment. "Rh'us is a very grumpy healer, but at least so far people are recovering pretty quickly. He even let me give my special juice to Gail!" That she was especially proud of, since she was convinced it had helped. She looked up at Laz and grinned. "I've been trying to make a stomach cure that tastes good."

The comment about the trip not being exciting made her pout, and she couldn't help but tease a little as she asked, "You didn't even have any fun with any of the cute sailor boys?" Zelly wasn't sure which was more amusing, just teasing her brother about it or watching Zory turn a shade pink when he heard the question. Maybe she'd let the two of them wander off instead. She'd probably see how Lazerat felt about it later.

For now she thought about the hatching and nodded. "I hope we impress soon too. That would be nice. Maybe the dragons will feel like you and Orgailian are good choices because you're both survivors." She gave Zory's head another encouraging pet at that. "Dragons would probably keep you safer." Zelly conveniently didn't mention or think about how Tiberuth had been directly poisoned and how K'dar was still in the infirmary because of it. "Maybe I'll get lucky and impress too. Get a nice little green since there's no gold. We'll just have to see how it goes." She glanced up at her brother then. "What if you could get a dragon? You could try to become a candidate too."

With only catching some movement out the corner of her eye she reached down to gently bat at Zory's hand. "Stop picking at your stitches."

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Lazerat - 03.Jul.22

Lazerat wrapped one arm lightly around Zelly as she joined their little pile and gave into temptation by letting his free hand brush fingers through Zory’s hair. It was just a brief touch, nothing lingering or repeated, but just a moment of gentle interaction with one of his two favourite people to acknowledge the man was safe now and not pale and in need of blood. To be fair, the list of favourites was rather short but Zory ranked fairly high which was why there was so much relief at seeing his bright smile. But Zelly was his top favourite person and he turned his attention back on her, grinning at the chance to tease her. “Your special juice, huh?” It wasn’t the best teasing he’d done but it was enough to keep the mood light. He didn’t know for certain if she had slept with Gail but knowing his sister as well as he did, the chances were high.

But it seemed like it opened the door for being teased in return and Lazerat chuckled and shook his head. “No cute sailor boys. We’re all rugged strapping young men, after all.” Zelana knew about how he and Sammor helped each other out sometimes on longer trips but for some reason, Lazerat didn’t want to go into details about it in front of Zoremet. He liked the blonde man and knew it was mutual given what they had done roughly a year before in that very Weyr and it somehow felt rude to bring up casual interactions with limited options that didn’t mean anything more than release.

So they talked about dragons instead. “If that does happen, don’t you go getting any ideas about injuring yourself to speed up getting your dragon, Zelana.” Lazerat already struggled with the knowledge that he couldn’t be there to keep his little sister safe from outside threats but to have her seek it out? He always believed she would be the death of him. Having her Impress safely and to a nice little green was the better scenario and he nodded at the idea. From what he knew of each colour’s rank and duties, Lazerat preferred Zelly to be on gold for the respect and overall security it came with but he also didn’t think she would like that much responsibility and being cooped up all of the time no matter how much she had matured and focused her interest on studying.

He smiled faintly and gave Zelly a little squeeze of a hug. “Being a dragonrider has never really been a dream of mine,” but he had considered it more lately. Leaving his parents, the craft, and all of his responsibilities behind had been something he considered more and more with each passing day. It was what he wanted to talk to her about but he needed more time to plan it all out and decide if his heart was smarter than his head. His life was in Ista Hold where he would take over the family business but his heart hadn’t been in it for a long time. He needed to be free but would he get that in a Weyr?

Another small smile and a shake of his head as Zelly’s words and slap to Zory’s hand drew him away from his thoughts. “There’s nothing wrong with scars since they carry stories,” Lazerat began as he shooed his sister’s hand away so he could take Zoremet’s in his, “but that doesn’t mean you need to intentionally add to them or hinder your healing.”

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Zoremet - 03.Jul.22

Zory closed his eyes for a moment at the feel of Lazerat's fingers in his hair. It was something he always enjoyed, especially with Zelly. She played with his hair all the time when they were just hanging out and cuddling. Sometimes he wondered if he should grow it out like A'tay so she could do more as she played with it, but then he'd have to do more with it and he wasn't sure he could keep up with all of that. He couldn't help but giggle at the special juice comment, even though it probably hadn't been meant in any sort of dirty fashion. "Zelly doesn't make juice, she makes potions. Casa has been teaching her some herb stuff and Gail's been finding books to help."

He thought it was a really cool hobby, but it made sense to him. Like how she just mixed random ingredients and then called it food. If she could cook why couldn't she make potions? It was more interesting and useful than his knitting after all. A scarf wouldn't have done anything to help his brothers while they were poisoned. Though maybe he if could do a nice enough blanket... he tucked that idea neatly in the back of his mind to work on later. First some fluffy comforting yarn, though something easy to clean would probably be best. He'd have to do some small tests with the different yarns he'd managed to collect.

At least he wasn't left blushing for long at the thought of Lazerat and cute sailor boys, or even rugged sailor boys. He didn't even have time to mention he wanted to hang out with Lazerat on a ship to look around. And maybe do more. Zory eagerly latched onto the dragon talk and nodded. "Maybe! I don't know if we'll actually be that lucky though. They might also think we haven't recovered enough yet." Hearing Laz warn Zelly against trying to get injured too made him snort softly and nod. "You really shouldn't do. It sucked. A lot."

Zelly's suggestion was something he latched onto though. The thought of her handsome holder brother being around more did sound really nice, though he wasn't sure why getting a dragon wouldn't be part of everyone's dream. "They're really nice. You can go so many places and see new things! And you're never alone. Also, I'm not sure if you've ever cuddled a dragon, but that's really nice too. I get to cuddle Xyxyth, and even Malvayth when I go visit them!"

He wasn't even aware he'd been picking and tugging at the stitches until Zelly slapped his hand. He was going to whine but then Laz was holding his hand and talking and Zory was turning red again. His voice was slightly hoarse for a moment as he said, "I'm not doing it on purpose." After taking a moment to swallow down the lump in his throat he more clearly said, "I think it itches enough that it bothers me without me noticing. I might have to just try and wear something around it to keep it safe." It was nice that Lazerat thought scars had stories, and he supposed it was true, even if he didn't especially like the story behind his newest set.

Still he lifted his shirt anyway to show off the fresh ones on his torso. "I got all these too. But it stopped the guy from giving Gail more poison." And really that was the thing he was the most grateful for. He pulled his shirt back down and tilted his head up at Laz. "Do you have any scars?" He might have asked before but he didn't remember.

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Lazerat - 05.Jul.22

"Gail seems to be a close friend," he levelled his best playful protective big brother look on Zelly. "It's been a while since I've had to talk to a boy about you. I might be out of practice but I'm willing to try." Her reaction was about what he expected and Lazerat grinned and planted a kiss to the top of her head--a gesture that was innocent enough after watching Zoremet and his siblings the day before. But the teasing dropped off as the focus shifted to the Hatching and Lazerat thought more about dragons.

Zory brought up some good points with how dragons were a constant companion and offered him the freedom to travel a lot more easily and swiftly and Lazerat chuckled at cuddling with them. Of course Zory would list that as a high point for having a dragon of his own but at least he had some in his life that let him be affectionate until he had his own. "Maybe," was the only answer he could give. As much as he wanted to leave his life behind, Lazerat knew he couldn't. He had never dreamed about having a dragon and didn't think he would start now. Some dreams and realities weren't meant for everyone.

"Maybe socks on your hands when you aren't busy, like with knitting," he replied absently before giving himself a mental slap to focus on the people with him and not get lost in his head. Seeing how cut up Zoremet truly was had Lazerat wincing and fully understanding why he needed blood. "I wish it hadn't been needed but I'm glad you and your brother are okay. I don't think our lives would be nearly as bright without you in it." But he truly did appreciate and understand the need to protect a sibling. Lazerat had done a lot over the years to keep Zelana safe from injury and even rumour. What did he care about his own reputation so long as hers was intact?

"Do I have scars? A few." They certainly weren't from heroic deeds like Zoremet's but like he said, they had stories all the same. "I have one on my calf from the early days of cliff diving. The water was choppier than I thought and I was bashed against some jagged rocks. I learned that wasn't a good spot for jumping." He couldn't show off that one given how they were all sitting but he could show his forearm and the faint line down it. "I got lucky. I was rock climbing and slipped. My clothing took most of the damage but a rock did still slice me and a Healer did a great job of stitching me up. I think I have a few freckles of scars scattered around from that fall as well but you really have to be looking for them."

And then he was grinning at his sister once more, his eyes dancing with mischief. "Do you want to tell the story about the last one? It is your embarrassing moment after all."

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Zelana - 05.Jul.22

"Mhm, he's fun," Zelly said as she shot her brother a sly wink. She smiled at the gentle bit of sibling affection and continued to lazily lean against Lazerat while he and Zory kept chatting about dragons and other things. As much as Zelly was looking forward to getting a dragon of her own one day, she wasn't in a rush. She had such wonderful friends with wonderful dragons of their own! And Xy was always such a sweetheart. Hopefully one day when she did get a dragon she would get along with the bronze very well. Assuming she got a gold. The more she'd been thinking about it a green would also be nice and she wouldn't have to be stuck in places waiting on eggs!

Zelana tilted her head to get a look at the scar Lazerat showed off even though she'd seen it and his others plenty of times before. "You have so many from climbing, it's like you climb knives instead of rocks and cliffs." As much as she teased she had a couple of her own tiny scars from slips and falls trying to climb with her brother, but having him around meant that he could show her which routes up were the safest since he'd already tested them before (and likely earned a lot of his scars that way so she wouldn't have to). That and he'd always been there to catch her when she did have a big fall. She smiled at that and twisted around to give give him a hug. "Thanks for getting all those scars so I wouldn't have to. It might be harder for me to flirt with boys otherwise."

She laughed before pausing and blinking as he brought up the last scar. "Ugh!" With a groan Zelly pulled away from the hug to cover her face with her hands before dramatically leaning back against Lazerat again. "I apologized so many times for that!" But when she glanced from behind her hands she saw Zoremet looking far too curious and eager for his own good so she rolled her eyes and sighed, arms crossing petulantly though the small smile on her face didn't match.

"It's a dumb story. And it was an accident," she repeated that last fact since it was of key importance in her mind. "I'd stolen mother's fancy scissors, the kind that we were forbidden from touching, and I was going to hide them to play a bit of a joke, but then I heard her coming so I had to run! So I hear her start yelling about the scissors so I ran even faster, and then I turned a corner and looked behind me to make sure she wasn't there and..." She groaned, cheeks turning pink from embarrassment. "I just crashed into something and fell. So I look down and there's Lazerat, and I'm not feeling very comfortable because something is digging into me, and I'm no longer holding the scissors and... they were in his ass. Firmly stabbed in his left cheek."

It had been such a nice ass too! She had felt so terrible about marring it. "I couldn't pull the scissors out, so I tried to hide them and... well I'm sure you can see how that would be very hard to do. She never did use those scissors again. I think she let you keep them as a souvenir?" Zelly tilted her head up curiously at her older brother, unsure if she was remembering that part quite correctly.

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Zoremet - 05.Jul.22

The more Lazerat talked about climbing and cliff diving the more Zoremet wanted to give it a try. Though the thought of falling or getting battered against rocks from picking a bad place to jump made it seem all the more daunting. It probably wasn't something he should try to do himself. "Maybe you can let me watch you cliff dive sometime. And maybe I can give it a try... not yet though. I'm not supposed to let my stitches get wet. Have to sponge around them when I bathe."

And then Laz brought up a mysterious scar that had to do with Zelly and her reaction only made him more curious. He put on his biggest and best puppy eyes as he watched and waited for Zelana to notice, ready to plead if he had to. And when she told the story he listened with rapt attention and managed to keep still and silent up until the very end when he started to giggle.

"Scissors?!" He giggled, thinking about the one story that K'dar had told him once from a book he'd read. "So instead of the sword in the stone it was the shears in the butt." That made him outright burst into laughter and he rolled just enough to bury his face into Lazerat's abs so he could try to muffle the sound at least a little bit and compose himself. When he'd had a couple of moments he rolled back to his original position again, gasping for a few breaths. "Sorry! Sorry... it probably wasn't as funny when it happened. But it does sound funny now."

He thought about it a moment and tilted his head. "I don't think I've ever kept a souvenir from a scar or injury. Maybe if a funny story happens to cause one I'll try to keep something." Zoremet reached up to brush some stray hair from his forehead and caught sight of his hand again and paused to study it thoughtfully. "Maybe I'll ask if I can keep my finger? Just... put it in a tiny jar or something. If they even have it." He frowned and looked up at the siblings. "Or would that be too weird?"

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Lazerat - 06.Jul.22

Lazerat continued to grin as Zory gave puppy eyes to Zelana until she broke and told the story. He knew it should have been a mutually embarrassing story since he was the one that had their butt attacked but Lazerat played up being a victim and simply accepted that it happened. It really had been a freak chance of an encounter but it did teach his sister why you didn't run with sharp objects. "It's definitely funnier now than at the time. It also took me a while to gather my courage enough to be in the kitchen with Zelly and sharp knives." He laughed at the look his sister gave him but sobered up when Zoremet was looking at his hand that was now a finger short.

Zory seemed to be taking the loss well enough but Lazerat still felt bad for bringing up knives. He was, however, glad he stopped short of saying he was worried what Zelana might cut off since moving beyond simple stabbing and slicing. He stayed silent for several seconds, unable to think of what to say. He settled for a shrug and said, "maybe a little weird but if they do still have it..." he trailed off as an equally or likely more morbid idea came to mind. "You can keep the bone in a little pouch in your pocket as a lucky charm of sorts. Losing it might be what saved you from a fatal blow and the attack saved your brother." He wasn't sure if he would do it himself in that situation but Zory needed positivity and it wasn't the worst thing he had ever come up with.

"Zelly said the next Hatching is in Fort," Lazerat offered up as change of subject when conversation lulled. "If you don't Impress here, are either of you going to Stand there or take a break? Candidates can do that, right? They don't have to hop Weyrs all the time?" He thought he remembered Zelana mentioning something like that but it had been a while ago and maybe rules had changed. Maybe they should change if attacks were happening again. Keeping the Candidates in their home Weyrs meant less traffic coming and going in others.

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Zoremet - 06.Jul.22

Zoremet frowned, but mostly because of the whack that Zelly gave her brother. "It's fine... I've actually watched her cook before and she's really good. I don't think she'd cut me on accident, and she's too nice to do it on purpose." He was back to smiling as Zelly reached over to ruffle his hair and thanked him for his defense. He gave his hand another glance before tucking it away under his arm so that Lazerat wouldn't have to see it anymore and shrugged. "I don't really know if it makes sense yet to me that it's not there. It's still a surprise to see it. Or not see it I guess. And I think that bothers people more than anything. I guess when I was first waking up I kept asking what happened to it, but then forgetting I asked... and I didn't mean to upset anyone, I was just... confused. I guess I still am."

Hopefully Lazerat wouldn't stay too upset about it; sometimes Zory thought that was the worst part of getting hurt. He didn't want everyone else to be upset too. The suggestion of putting the bones in a pouch made him tilt his head curiously up at the man as he listened. "A lucky little bone might be neat. I'll have to ask the healer about it." Zoremet considered the idea a bit more, finding himself rather pleased with the perspective that Lazerat brought. "Oh! And if I have it then I didn't really lose it either! It's just... not on my hand." Hopefully that wouldn't be too weird too. T'cai would probably have some neat ideas for it too, the bluerider knew a lot about bones and how to decorate them.

"I'll probably go to Fort. I'm not sure if Zelly will since she's a girl." He knew his sister tried to avoid Fort at all costs, and he was pretty sure that his friend was of a similar mind. He reached up with his intact hand and gave her a poke. "Or are you going to go too? You'll at least watch right?"

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Zelana - 06.Jul.22

"Accidentally cut someone once in the kitchen and you're labelled a maniac forever," huffed Zelly under her breath with an eyeroll before giving her brother a solid whack to the chest with the palm of her hand. She wasn't really upset at all, though Zory's quick defense was appreciated and she gave him a cheery smile before playing with his hair a little. "See, Zory appreciates me, Laz." She turned her head to stick her tongue out at her brother, considering trying to tease him a bit more when the topic of Zory's missing finger came up and she decided against it.

Though of course the boy would latch onto the weirdest ideas. If he was going to be weird then she might as well too. "Maybe not a pouch. Maybe you can make a little necklace so you don't drop it and lose it," suggested Zelly in regards to the lucky finger bone. "Though if you don't want people to see the bone, you can hang the pouch around your neck I guess."

Zelana caught Zory's hand as it reached to poke her and gave it a fond squeeze before releasing it. "I don't think I'll go, they have weird rules about girls having to take extra classes there." Sure, the thought of doing healer classes was potentially useful, but it seemed a whole lot of boring work. She was enjoying her current methods where she hung out with Casa and learned more things about herbs and things, and spent time with Gail in libraries, and asked little old ladies in kitchens what sorts of recipes their moms used to make when they were sick. The stricter sort of healing seemed too fussy, too much, and she was sure she'd end up just as grumpy as the healer who had been in charge of her friends when they recovered.

"Oh and yes, I will watch and cheer for you." She gave Zory a smile at that and turned back to her brother. "Candidates don't have to stand for everything, but if you go for too long then they might assign more of the boring chores and you might get kicked out of the candidate barracks to make more room." At least that was what she'd heard, and she had no reason not to believe it since it mostly made sense. "I don't have to worry about that part though since moving in with Pickle." Zelly grinned, still pleased with how things had developed with A'tay since she'd first found him as a boring boy. And now that she'd said it aloud, she couldn't help but give her brother a sly glance to see if he was jealous or not.

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Lazerat - 07.Jul.22

"Isn't it still a risk to be an observer?" Lazerat asked as he recalled the story A'tay told him about his brother's mate's accidental Impression to a gold of all dragons. "Not that I don't want someone there cheering for Zory," he quickly added to make sure they both knew he wasn't trying to keep the friends apart for some reason. But it was so easy to picture Zelana hanging out in the crowd and a little dragon making its way to her and trapping her in the Weyr with extra classes and rules. To top it off, Zoremet likely wouldn't Impress and he'd carry extra guilt for being the reason it happened and it being for nothing.

"Maybe you should both skip that one if you have the choice." There was still the chance one or both could Impress there in Benden and he started to feel bad for getting them to make plans as if it wasn't a possibility. The odds did always suck but there was still always a chance and that was what they should have been focusing on. He was going to say something encouraging but Zelana was answering one of his other questions and Lazerat frowned at the news before he could stop himself.

Zelly and A'tay were officially living together? How serious was that relationship? The look he caught her giving him had him realise it was intentionally said to make him jealous and it had worked. But Zoremet wasn't correcting her so it was still true. He was at risk of staying silent too long and put a smile on and said, "aww, my Zelly Bean is settling down. A'tay's a good choice and I'll be happy to call him brother." There was absolutely no way his sister was ready to commit to one man, no matter how sweet A'tay was. But that didn't mean he couldn't tease her about it since she was living with a man. Hopefully she and A'tay were on the same page about their relationship because jealousy aside, Lazerat did like the bronzerider and didn't want him hurt.

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Zelana - 08.Jul.22

"It is a risk I guess, but I don't think they could force me to take the classes if I didn't go stand on purpose. It's not my fault if I'm too tempting and a dragon grabs me while I watch." At least, Zelana hoped they couldn't force her to take the classes. If it did happen she'd probably write some very sad letters to Casa begging her to help, though she had no idea if the Ista weyrwoman would or could do anything (if it was even necessary). Maybe if it came down to it she could try to seduce another weyrleader.

But she didn't have time to dwell on that thought as Laz tried to counter tease her about A'tay. "It's nice having a kitchen of my own! And Pickle appreciates my cooking. I just have to teach him a few more things to try and boost his confidence." A small movement from Zory caught her attention and she remembered he was still there. While she wouldn't mind sharing a few more details quietly with Laz, she didn't want to say anything about A'tay in front of his own siblings, so she just smiled and added, "I'll get him to swim a little further out with me eventually." That was a plausible enough explanation she decided.

She'd just have to get her brother alone later on, which would be easy enough and quite a bit of fun if she was able to arrange for some privacy. Zelly gave him a conspiratorial grin and a wink before reaching down to poke her friend on the nose. "If you Impress before me you have to promise to pick up Laz for me sometimes when A'tay is too busy okay? And you can't just kidnap him for yourself either."

It was fun to tease Zory about his crushes on occasion, and she certainly didn't mind sharing. Whether or not the two decided to do anything more than cuddle on this visit was up to them though. There would be plenty of time for her to be greedy later she was sure.

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Zoremet - 08.Jul.22

Zory shook his head. "I'll probably still go but I won't be upset if you aren't there if I Impress," he said as he reached up to poke at Zelana. "So you don't have to come watch if you don't want to. You'll just have to visit later and be sure to bring me my yarn." As much as it was nice to have family there to celebrate immediately he knew things happened or people were nervous about stuff. Mylo might be able to convince him to change his mind about going to Fort since she liked to keep an eye on him, but he wasn't too worried about it either way.

He yawned and adjusted himself so that he was lounging a little bit more on Lazerat as he listened to him talking to Zelly about A'tay. It was nice that the two got along so well, and it was really nice that she was still working on teaching his brother how to enjoy the water more. "Maybe we could do a big trip to the beach sometime. Just have a swimming party. Maybe Lazerat can take me to a cliff to jump off of."

The poke to his nose made him tilt his head up curiously at Zelly, though the return to the topic of Impression didn't seem that interesting. Until she teased him about Lazerat and keeping the man for himself. Zoremet turned a shade pink in embarrassment because while he hadn't thought about that possibility before, now he was thinking about it. "I wouldn't keep him for too long," he grumbled before batting ineffectively at Zelly with a flail of his hands.

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Lazerat - 09.Jul.22

“You can be quite persuasive,” Lazerat agreed though he knew his sister wasn’t actually talking about swimming but neither was he. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know more about her time with A’tay but knew he’d hear it later on because Zelana would want to further tease him and bring out his jealousy. It was an awful place to be; he wanted her happy but also hated hearing how happy she was. But that little wink she gave him was enough to keep him wrapped tightly around her finger and looking forward to when they could be alone.

He’d try to convince his sister not to go to Fort’s Hatching later as well. She didn’t sound too confident on what the rules were for accidental Impressions but she was a Candidate all the same and Lazerat felt that might outweigh the fact she wasn’t actually Standing. It led back to wanting her happy and he could tell the rules at that Weyr would leave her miserable. Maybe only Standing at Ista was the best idea? She was a beach baby, like him, and he knew he wouldn’t want to be away from the constant sunshine for too long. Speaking of that, Lazerat smiled down at Zoremet. “I’m sure we can arrange something. A’tay could bring some of us and you two likely have another rider friend to help out and spend the day with us and I’ll take you to my favourite spot.”

And then he was laughing as Zelana’s teasing turned on their friend and Zoremet’s adorable blushing and reply. “Not too long, eh? I’d say that’s not a very good endorsement but I happen to know for a fact that it’s not true.” And now he was teasing the younger man. He and his sister were a menace when together.

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Zoremet - 12.Jul.22

Zoremet groaned, rolling over until his face was pressed against Lazerat's abdomen in an effort to hide how red he was. Zelly teasing him about wanting to steal her brother away for some private time was one thing, but Laz too?! Though the fact that he was pressed up even more against the man wasn't helping the red in his cheeks. He was not going to be able to escape the teasing at this rate, even his siblings knew about how he'd snuck off at the party to go have some private time with the man.

So instead of trying to deny the accusations more he huffed and adjusted so he was properly clinging to Laz like a barnacle, one arm squishing between Zelly and her brother so he could tightly hug him. "Fine. I'm going to take him for as long as I want then. And you'll just have to get your own dragon if you don't want to share." He lifted his head to stick his tongue out at her, still pink, but a little less flustered at least.

And then Zelly had to go and tease him about N'noa and he was back to hiding his face in embarrassed shame. "It's not my fault! He was busy! I didn't want to bother him." The words were all slightly muffled but Zory didn't care to repeat any of them. Maybe he'd be able to try and catch up with the man after he was back in Ista. Unless he Impressed at this hatching. Then he'd just have to wait and see what happened afterwards. He unhooked one of his arms from around Laz to blindly bat at Zelly again in protest as she giggled and ignored him.

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Zelana - 12.Jul.22

The sight of Zoremet trying to hide against her brother was too funny and Zelly couldn't help but giggle. Especially once he started to try and claim he was just going to be kidnapping her brother. As if he could keep him away from her! She didn't say that part aloud though, just gave Laz a smile before sticking her own tongue out in response.

"Really is that so? Just like how you went and kidnapped N'noa?" She grinned even more at the response, easily dodging his flails. "He's another cute boy that Zory has a crush on," she quietly told her brother, "he's a lot of fun, you might like him. But Zory is terrible at flirting so he just went and talked to him, but he was too busy trying to get things ready for his graduation to realize. So he ran away instead." She gave Zory's blonde hair a gentle pet only to giggle as the flailing started back up again and she had to retreat.

With Zory distracted she turned her attention back to Laz and smiled up at him. "I'll introduce you next time you come visit me in Ista, I'm pretty sure he'll be there too. He makes some very interesting party drinks." She gave a wiggle of her eyebrows to emphasize just how interesting they were. "I'm going to try and learn a few of his recipes. Casa's also going to teach me what she knows but I'm curious if they have any differences to their methods."

She drummed her fingers on her brother's leg for a moment before asking, "What are you planning on doing the rest of the day besides killing Zory so very slowly with embarrassment?" A bit more quietly she added, "If you want I could give you and Zory some alone time. But eventually I want to spend some time with you in private to talk about some family stuff."

RE: 743.06.29 | Stitches and Sun - Lazerat - 13.Jul.22

He felt a little bad with how red Zoremet was turning and the amount of flailing he was doing but Zelana didn't relent and Zoremet even gave it back--or more like just gave into it. The touch of guilt didn't last long as he watched his Zs interact again. Lazerat was once again leaning into being happy that his sister had carved out a new life and had people she could actually rely on and be comfortable around. He still didn't like the way she ended up in a Weyr but it was a much better place for her than a Hold. She'd likely be married off by now and miserable with a kid and a husband who was doing his best to destroy her love of life and free spirit.

"This N'noa fella sounds interesting. Maybe I should steal him away when I'm not being stolen," he smiled sweetly at Zoremet and then cast a glance at his sister. Zelana wasn't the jealous sort and would likely encourage him to meet more of the people she knew for random encounters but he did want to see exactly what she thought of him going along with her idea. His own amusement was showing, however, at the idea of Zoremet taking all of his time. He did like the younger man and wouldn't mind some time alone at some point but he saw in his sister's eyes that she didn't believe he'd stay away from her for long and she was right.

"The rest of the day's plans involve nothing strenuous since Zory's still covered in stitches." He knew what Zelana was hinting at but Lazerat wasn't going to risk pulling any stitches and being a part of the lecture the grumpy Healer would probably give. He also knew what she meant by family stuff. At least, he thought he did. Hoped he did. As far as he knew, nothing else had happened but he had been gone for a while and even when he was home, he tried to avoid his parents as much as possible. Either way, he truthfully replied with, "I always have time for family stuff, Zelly Bean.”