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742.12.27 | Kiss The Stars - Vaeyla - 01.Apr.22

It had been a very long time since Vaeyla had thought about her beautiful gold, Nadioth, flying. Too much had happened in that time for it to even remotely cross her mind with any severity. When her dragon was ready to fly, she would let it be known. Everyone knew that, Vee knew that. The last Turn had simply been very hard on all the weyrs and it was something that she personally had worked very hard to try and put past her. The attacks on her friends and weyrmate had put her in a rather dark place for a while, even though many others had more serious situations she had been upset and worried too. She had spent every last bit of her spare time taking care of K’ton when he had fallen ill, the guilt of knowing the muffin he had eaten had been meant for her had broken something in her. Even after he had recovered she seemed to be diminished just a bit, it made Nadioth very cranky on occasion. The what ifs would have driven her mad had it not been for Nadioth’s constant love and strength, even when cranky. So, yes, for many reasons thoughts of her dragon flying had passed out of her mind even though other golds and greens were going up as expected.

Recently, however, Nadioth had been slowly displaying the signs that she was getting ready, finally, to fly again. Unfortunately Vaeyla had missed a few of the first signs until her precious gold started snapping at Ironth in the Weyr over seemingly nothing at all. Then there was the temper tantrum that ended all temper tantrums the day before last, all because someone had not addressed her as she had expected to be. It had taken Vee nearly half the day to calm the gold’s tirade, then she had had to help clean up the mess she had made with her lashing tail flailing about and her gigantic, stomping feet. At the end of that day she had fallen into bed beside K’ton wondering how long it would take to tan her dragons hide like a toddler. Nadioth had laughed at her and told her that her human hands weren’t big enough. The one thing the goldrider could not miss, nor anyone else, was the unmistakable glow of that golden hide. She had noticed it one afternoon after she had bathed and oiled the fussy beast and had been both relieved and apprehensive. Her first clutching had been…interesting to say the least and she did not relish a repeat adventure. This would be better of course. It had to be.

Nadioth kept her and the weyr guessing as to when her annoying ass would actually go up though. It wasn’t any surprise to Vee, her dragon did things whenever it pleased her, no one else. Her dragon was a lot like she was bold, mouthy, and temperamental at times. The primary thing the pair had in common was their stubbornness, and by the shell was Nadioth proving her stubbornness now. She probably had just about every male dragon in the weyr riled up with her flirtations the last few days and Vee was irritated about as easily as dry grass burned. Even Digger was avoiding her and that actually hurt her feelings.

These things rolled through Vee’s tired mind as she tossed and turned beside her weyrmate, trying not to wake him as she did so. She wanted to sleep, but couldn’t. She was tired but her mind was restless, which irritated her to no end. She was hot and had already tossed off her covers even though it didn’t help much when one slept next to a walking heat source. In the dark of the weyr and in her mind she could feel and hear Nadioth stirring as well, also restless, growling in her sleep. Vee understood, she was just about ready to start growling herself. If you start growling, we will really give them something to gossip about, came her dragon’s even but slightly heated tone. Vee rolled her eyes but grinned and rolled over again, this time draping an arm around K’ton’s middle and rested her forehead against K’ton’s back and sighed. She was still hot, almost unbearably so. Why was she so hot? It wasn’t hot outside, it wasn’t even hot in the weyr. Was it? Maybe it was, maybe it was just her. She was annoyed as she pressed herself closer to her mate’s back, taking in his scent, feeling his heart beating gently under her palm as she moved her hand over his chest. Why wasn’t he awake, she wanted attention, he should be paying attention to her damn it. She felt Nadioth stir in her mind again right before there was a loud growl that followed a hiss and a responding growl as Nadioth moved again, hoisting her golden bulk off her couch. So fixated on trying to rouse K’ton for the attention she wanted, because she deserved his attention and why shouldn’t he be giving it to her, that it took a moment for her brain to clear of the hormonal fog that was her dragon rising, for her to realize her dragon was rising! In the dead of damn night. Who even did that!?

I do!, Nadioth snapped through their link as she snapped at Ironth who was simply trying to give his weyrmate what she wanted, attention. She would not be that easy to catch, not tonight! She made for the weyr ledge and Vee finally snapped out of her lusty daze and rolled away from K’ton to look at her dragon, whirling red eyes glaring brilliantly in the dark moments before she dove off the ledge. ’Blood! Blood only you beast!’ Nadioth gave an angry, defiant roar. I will take what I want! ’You’ll blood the damn things or get caught by a sharding blue!’, she argued back as she slapped K’ton on the arm to fully wake him. “Wakey, wakey, love. Guess who finally decided to fly?” Nadioth’s will was strong as she went back to silently demanding she only blood her kills. It took a few minutes but the brunette finally pulled the gold under control and felt, through their bond, hot blood coursing down her throat, felt her own desires rise as Nadioth slowly gathered watchers, human and dragon alike. Her greedy beast took down four herdbeast before issuing a challenging roar to whatever suitors had gathered around her. Chase me, if you dare!, she taunted them all before launching herself into the clear, star-filled, night sky.

Note: I am very aware that this is stupid late and really is for my own purposes. I don’t expect anyone to actually reply, but please feel free to do so! :)

RE: 742.12.27 | Kiss The Stars - T'drin - 03.Apr.22

His annoyance at the time was sharp, a dig inside his mind as Gelabrith rumbled awake. "What a fucking time to choose," he muttered to himself, "Don't know why the fuck you didn't tell me Gel." The bronze hissed, shoving his bulk up and out. Nadioth rising in the dead of night had caught him off guard, the big bronze out of sorts as he fought off the sleep that was still rattling around in his empty head. My head is not empty, he grumbled and was finally out the door of his weyr. Gel did what bronzes did while T'drin tried to keep himself from running straight to Vaelya and K'ton's weyr.

Head poked out of his weyr, hand reaching out and grabbed a passing drudge to tug them into his weyr. He hissed out a breath as Gelabrith's lust caught him up and twisted his insides. "If you don't want this you better run now little bird," he growled at the drudge in his hands. When the drudge grabbed a handful of his dick, T'drin knew exactly what he was going to be in for. At least it was no shirking violet he'd grabbed and a drudge well versed in the happenings of a gold in flight.

"I'll make it worth your while," he promised and found himself lost in Gelabrith's need and fervor as the bronze leaped into the sky after Nadioth.

I'll give you something to work with.