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742.04.05 | Stop and Smell the Flowers - Cazan - 05.Apr.21

T'ryn hadn't been out of the infirmary for long but at least he was out at all. Cuddling in their own bed was much more comfortable and easier to manage than the small infirmary bed. It was also a lot more private, without S'far occasionally throwing in his own comments for their conversations. T'ryn was still mostly resting, but he was starting to get around more easily on his own that Caz felt comfortable getting some more work done.

The baby carrier she'd been working on when her mate had been poisoned was still unfinished, but she couldn't bring herself to work on that particular piece anymore. She set it aside for now, starting over on a new one that didn't have splotchy dye work from having to be hastily abandoned. Cazan would get back to the first one someday, she was sure, and when she did she could gift it to someone else who was having a child, there were always plenty of expecting mothers down in the lower caverns, or even a creche worker could probably make use of it. She was cutting new panels when she heard Malvayth excitedly perk up, We have visitors! She was echoed as Grith loudly announced her and Parella's arrival.

Cazan wasn't really sure they were up for visitors and she frowned as she stood up and began to waddle out of her work area. The old woman was already fussing at T'ryn by the time she arrived. She didn't really have time to do much more than nod and smile as introductions were made and awkward belly touches were had. Lady found their guest to be a bit loud for her tastes and kept her distance as she watched from afar, but Sir kept slowly stalking Parella, his movements slow and methodical but compared to his normal antics easily ignored.

So long as T'ryn seemed fine with their visitor though, Cazan was willing to put up with it. Hopefully it would be a nice little distraction from the poisoning and something a bit more entertaining than watching her work. Parella grabbed a flower from the table, commenting on how lovely it was as she took a sniff of it. Caz tilted her head, unsure of where the flower had come from, but before she could ask the old woman suddenly collapsed to the floor.

"What the fuck?!" Cazan stared, frozen for a moment as Malvayth sent out another call for healers. She wanted to check on the woman but with all of the poisonings lately she wasn't sure if it would be even safe to touch her. She heard T'ryn start to gasp and she moved to pull him into a tight hug as she tried to remind him to breathe.

That was when Sir chose to pounce upon the fallen woman, letting out a victorious tiny roar. "No, Sir! Off! Sir! Go find Yfris!" Hopefully that would keep him distracted and out of the way of the healers at least.

RE: 742.04.05 | Stop and Smell the Flowers - T'ryn - 06.Apr.21

T'ryn was happy to be home for so many reasons. He didn't feel as useless (even if he still kind of was), there was more privacy without S'far joining into conversations, snuggling with Cazan was a lot easier now, and he could curl up with his dragon when he needed to. He promised to continue taking it slow and to monitor how he was feeling. If anything seemed out of the ordinary, he had to call for a healer right away, but otherwise, he had been told to stay calm to help with the breathing issues and given a few other tips for the headaches and tremors in his hands.

He had been watching Cazan work, finding that was something that was still soothing, but a headache had started so he went to curl up on the couch with a cup of mint tea. They had an abundance of the stuff thanks to the days of his mate's upset stomach and it seemed to help his head a bit as well. Eventually, he laid down on the couch for a little nap to further help the headache but it didn't last long as two excited dragons were in his head announcing visitors.

T'ryn groaned for a moment at the volume but smiled because it meant Parella and Grith were stopping by. He hadn't spent a lot of time with them the past year thanks to travelling between all of the Weyrs for Cazan, Bedith, and home when it was still in Ista but he adored the green pair. Parella was like a grandma for all the kids of Katila. She watched over them when parents or creche workers were busy, Grith let them paint on her, and Parella was just the coolest with so many stories from her life and made up ones. It had also always been amusing how his dad never knew how to handle her--the bluerider with more confidence than ten combined and he floundered any time the older woman flirted.

He greeted her with a big hug before she started fussing over him, making him roll his eyes and laugh with her dramatics when Cazan came in. The interest in that growing belly was amusing--for him at least and he would apologise to Cazan for Parella's enthusiasm later--and T'ryn started telling her about the due date and names and promising Parella could baby-sit if she wanted to.

He offered to grab everyone some tea and was moving the kettle to the fire when Parella mentioned a flower. He had seen it earlier but his head hurt too much to even get close to it, worried that strong scents might trigger a stronger reaction. But Parella didn't have any issues like that and sniffed and was soon on the floor coughing, Sir was pouncing on her, and T'ryn was having a panic attack that his almost-grandma was just poisoned.

He tried to take deep breaths like Cazan and Syrendryth urged him to, following his dragon's instructions to breathe in.... and out... in...

"Let me... see her..." he gasped, wiggling out of Cazan's hold so he could fall to his knees and take Parella's hand. "Help is coming. Please hold on," T'ryn begged as tears finally spilled over. He didn't care if she had just inhaled poison and it may still be lingering around her. He or Cazan were clearly the target yet again. He wasn't going to stand back and watch a loved one struggle to survive because he was afraid to get sick again.

He did, however, move aside when the healers rushed in to check on her. But despite how active she still was, she was on the older side and had taken a deep sniff of that flower. The beloved greenrider passed away before much could be done to help her and Grith left as loudly as she had come. Her wail of loss hit T'ryn harder than the keening that Syrendryth started to mourn the pair's passing.

He waved away the healer that came to check on his wheezing as he clung to Cazan. Parella was gone! In their living room! He was useless! He couldn't even express any of those thoughts as he tried to breathe and not scare his mate further.

RE: 742.04.05 | Stop and Smell the Flowers - Cazan - 06.Apr.21

Part of Cazan was numb, most of her really, as she watched her mate clutching at Parella's hand. She couldn't think of anything to do to make this better, to try and fix this. The healers were already on their way, what if she just messed something up if she tried to help? What if she got poisoned from whatever might be lingering on Parella? What if T'ryn got poisoned?!

That thought made Cazan move to insistently pull T'ryn back up just as the healers arrived. "T'ryn... love... come on, we need to be careful, you're still recovering and we don't... the flower. How the fuck did they poison a flower?" She wrapped her arms around her mate in a tight hug as she started to shake herself. "Breathe, T'ryn... breathe. I'm right here... and..." and what? What was she going to do except be fat and pregnant and worry? What was going to be poisoned next? How had the flower even gotten there? What if one of the firelizards had sniffed it first? What if she or T'ryn had? Why couldn't she have asked about the flower just a split second before anything happened?

"I'm sorry," she muttered softly as he gave him another squeeze and gently rubbed her hand along his back, the motion half intended to help soothe him, but also soothing to her. Her mate was still breathing, still alive, still awake, still here. Dragons were keening, Sir had returned to hiss at the healers from his lofty perch on a shelf, and Cazan was too tired to even cry.

Once the healers were gone and had taken Parella and the flower away with them she gently pulled T'ryn to the couch to curl up with him. Sir flew over to join them, marching imperiously onto their laps and settling between as if to remind T'ryn that he was only being allowed to touch Cazan by the bronze firelizard's good graces. Lady flew over to gently perch on T'ryn's shoulders for a cuddle of her own. "I'm so sorry, T'ryn... I wish I knew what to do."

RE: 742.04.05 | Stop and Smell the Flowers - T'ryn - 06.Apr.21

"I'm sorry. I'm okay," T'ryn gasped though he was doing better with breathing. His chest hurt as much as his head now but he didn't think he was about to pass out or worse now. If anything, focusing on his mate's well-being was helping him recover. He had to be strong for her and help her through this moment. It wasn't every day someone died in front of you and it certainly wasn't often that it was done because they interacted with an item meant for you. T'ryn was also putting it together that Cazan had definitely been the target both times. Too many goldriders had died or been targeted and several had been lucky to have dumb mates or friends to intervene first.

He gave Sir a distracted pat to the head as he pushed in between them. T'ryn was used to the bronze flitter and his demands and found it was sometimes easier to just go with it. When Lady joined him, he gave her a little smile and scratched at her favourite spot before she nuzzled his cheek. Lady had been a great part of his support system the past week and it seemed like she wasn't done with the job yet.

"How are you doing? Can I get you a drink, anything?" Yes, he was most definitely ignoring his own loss and pain so he could help a loved one. It was what he did. He had to make sure she was fine first before he could be selfish and look at his own pain and grieve. Besides, a small part was still in denial even with the dragons still keening. The green pair was well known and loved and T'ryn had no doubt the tribute would go on for a while yet.

"I'm glad you're safe. And I promise I'll do everything I can to keep you that way. Anything mysterious in our rooms will be carefully removed and I don't think I'm going anywhere for a while so I'll be around." Syrendryth could help watch when they were asleep as well. No one would get passed them, he would make sure of it. He just had to be careful not to smother Cazan. She still needed her space but maybe they could barricade that extra door for a while.

RE: 742.04.05 | Stop and Smell the Flowers - Cazan - 06.Apr.21

Cazan sighed in relief as T'ryn claimed he was okay and his breathing seemed to settle and even out a bit more. She gave him another squeeze, pressing her face against him as she just tried to collect her thoughts. They had just watched someone die in their weyr, and it could have been either of them. The fact that they were still alive did very little to soothe over the fact that clearly they were being targeted. First the food, now flowers, and she heard Ista had their bath water tampered with. What was going to be next? What else could possibly have poison secretly added to it?

"Just stay here with me. I'm sure... I'm sure K'dar will show up soon. Maybe he can send the letter this time." Cazan shook her head as she focused on taking a few deep breaths of her own. Part of her hated how the focus was on her again, how S'far was probably going to be annoyed that one of his precious golds could have been hurt, how maybe if she didn't have Mal none of this would be affecting her at all. But then... she had no idea how things would have gone with T'ryn if she didn't have Mal. And what if he was also a target in his own right? Or what if he'd gotten poisoned while spending time with Mulrissa?

A wave of despair began to emanate from her dragon and Cazan did her best to soothe. None of this is your fault, Mal... I just... I'm upset and I don't know what to do and I'm so worried. It's because I'm too pretty isn't it?! The question caught her so off guard that Cazan's hands twitched where they clutched at her mate and she hiccupped, snorting softly through a sniffle. There was a very plausible theory that this was all because her dragon was gold, but she did not want a repeat of the black dragon incident. Luckily it seemed Mal already had a dragon to cuddle and console her, so Caz turned her attention back to her mate, giving him another squeeze. "Whatever you do, just don't get hurt again, please. If something happens to you..." she shook her head, unwilling to finish the sentence or the thought as she let out a shaky breath.

RE: 742.04.05 | Stop and Smell the Flowers - T'ryn - 08.Apr.21

"I can't promise I won't get hurt again. If it means keeping you safe, I won't mind it." He knew that still wasn't fair. If injured or poisoned again, that left Cazan worrying about his recovery or worse; perhaps mourning his death. His declaration was selfish and meant to guard his own heart and he held up a hand to stall any rebuttals. "Wait, I know," he added as he scooped up Sir to move him to his lap, ignoring the hissing protest before the silly creature settled down again. With Sir out of the way, he urged Cazan to snuggle in a bit closer. They were both in need of the clinginess and comfort.

"I promise I'll do my best to keep us both from harm. Starting with the doors. We don't need those, right?" He smiled as he teased about blocking the doors to the halls but T'ryn was still seriously considering it. They both had dragons--though Cazan was struggling to simply walk some days so a dragon ride was likely out of the question--and most of their friends either had dragons or could visit in that manner as well. It really did seem like the most logical way to keep an intruder out.

However, what if it wasn't a human entering? He glanced down at Sir and then to Lady. A muffin and a flower were light enough for a firelizard to carry and drop off somewhere. Son of a bitch! "And we definitely only eat and touch things one of us verifies they brought in or made, deal?"


T'ryn couldn't help but stare at where Parella had fallen. The Healers took her and the flower but he could still see her lying there and he couldn't help. A hand started shaking and he clenched his fist. Whether that was from a side effect of the toxin or his emotions dipping from crying to anger and back again was hard to say. He burrowed his face against Cazan's hair and let tears silently fall again. He didn't want to see K'dar or any of their siblings and friends. Everyone would be mourning for Parella while trying to comfort him and T'ryn didn't want to deal with any of that. Not yet.

"I don't... I don't want to see K'dar or any of them, Zanny. Not yet. Is that bad? Selfish?"

RE: 742.04.05 | Stop and Smell the Flowers - Cazan - 08.Apr.21

"I want to keep you safe too," Cazan grumbled as she gave her mate another squeeze. She didn't want to go on yet again about how she didn't know what she would do if anything happened to him, she'd had to say that too many times already. She was happy though when he pulled her closer and said he'd do his best to keep them both safe. "That's all I can ask for. And I might need a door still. Maybe we can barricade the one to my weyr if you think that would help." She paused and quickly corrected, "My workshop weyr. And no touching strange things. I'll try to pay more attention."

Cazan felt his hand start to shake and tightened her grip on him, unsure if he was just having another tremor spell. The dampness in her hair mostly answered the question for her and she felt crushed. There was more than their physical wellbeing to worry about, it had been rough enough when people they weren't terribly close to were affected by what was happening, but now... he'd lost someone much closer to him. In their home, while they watched.

Maybe she should have tried to pay more attention in classes when she was a weyrling in Fort. Maybe she should have expressed interest in those healer classes... maybe she could have done more to help, at least done something while they'd waited for the healers to arrive instead of just staring helplessly. What if something happened again to someone else? She'd probably still be useless, now that she thought about it. Bending over was already hard enough, getting on the ground to help someone would be even harder.

She could at least be there for T'ryn, and do her best to try and help him. "It's not selfish or bad, T. I'll have Mal tell people we don't want visitors right now, and have Sir keep people out. That's something he'd probably like doing." For now the bronze firelizard was comfortable on T'ryn's lap, though he turned his head so that he could keep an eager eye on the door. Cazan gently slid her hand back and forth on her mate's arm to try and soothe. "I'm not sure if there's anything I can do to make things better... but let me know if you can think of anything."

RE: 742.04.05 | Stop and Smell the Flowers - T'ryn - 10.Apr.21

T’ryn frowned and almost smiled at Cazan’s quick point of clarity on what she meant by her weyr. He supposed he had been a bit moody about the whole his-and-hers weyrs since they settled in. He hadn’t meant to be but the idea of two weyrs with the adjoining walkway was when they weren’t mates and might still need their own space. They were mated now and maybe building a future together and that other bedroom sometimes drove him crazy. However, he also rationally knew that Cazan did need her own space still since she had a husband and a … what even was Kor’is? Boyfriend? Lover? Fuck boy?

While it was nice to have a new problem to focus on, T’ryn just couldn’t put his all into it. He was in shock and trying to pretend he wasn’t, same with the need to process and grieve. And, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, he still wasn’t feeling well and the events they had witnessed weren’t helping. Clinging to Cazan, Syrendryth’s calming presence, and even the two firelizards snuggling with him were helping but he was pushing his luck and knew he’d crash and burn hard and probably soon.

Still, he tried to pretend he hadn’t just asked to hide away and offered a playful reply to Cazan’s concern. “If you agreed there aren’t any ghosts between, that would help.” It had only been a week but this was the third time the ghosts had been brought up. T’ryn knew his mate wouldn’t budge on her belief in the ghosts of dragons and riders living between but he knew what he saw; or didn’t see. It was only a dream. You need to let it go. T’ryn knew it had to be a dream given what they knew and how he would have died if he had been wandering there—

Maybe he had been a ghost? Not this again. I think your fever is coming back and you need to rest.

T’ryn sighed and agreed. “I think it’s probably best if I lie down for a while. It’s probably quicker if I listed everything that’s currently fine with me,” he didn’t want to scare Cazan but their health wasn’t something to downplay either. “I want to see our dragons first and then I’ll be good and get in bed.” Syrendryth and Malvayth both would know he was fine but visual confirmation was nice and a nuzzle from each of them would do him wonders as well.