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Thinking Ahead - Ojassa - 02.Apr.21


Pleasant surprise today, D'hys stopped by to rummage around that dead bluerider's weyr. I've been thinking of having another child and so far Jasandian is proving to be a rather clever boy, why not try for another one with him?

I stopped by to have a chat and I have to admit there is something refreshing about just being blunt and not having to dance around the subject. He's got some business here, but if he has time he'll stop by. I've already made arrangements for the boys to be elsewhere and out of the way just in case. We'll see if he's as much fun as I remember him or if he's slowed down at all over the years.

I'll be keeping my eyes open for other options in case he doesn't stop by or if things don't take. All of my hopes and aspirations for my children aside, it would be nice to just have a baby in the weyr again.

Who knows, if D'hys doesn't work out maybe I'll find an actual father figure for the boys. Ha.

RE: Thinking Ahead - Ojassa - 28.Apr.21


The boys have been practically fighting over who gets to read to me since I mentioned trying to focus my eyes has been giving me a headache. Things are still a little blurry, I have to squint to write this, but I can tell it's getting better. Hopefully I fully recover, though I might still let the boys read to me.

I heard that some brownriders were to blame? I really wish I knew more, but I am not exactly in shape to go snooping on my own. I might have Zeke send a few letters for me to a few friends, see if they've heard anything more specific.