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742.03.30 | Distractions - D'nei - 01.Apr.21

Specter was a tiny spot of added warmth on D'nei's chest as he lounged on his couch. It was a small soothing point to focus on in the midst of all the chaos. With the recent attack on the Weyrwoman and Goldrider Sariel, along with the added influx of healers trying to learn Dragonhealing, the supply records were in a state of chaos and D'nei had long since given up trying to track where everything had gone and was just doing his best to at least make sure the current totals were accurate so they could at least be aware of pending shortages.

With all the chaos going on in the Weyr, and the news of just how big the poisoning was, D'nei had bottled his own troubles and anxieties up further. He was just one man, one bluerider... no one wanted to hear about his confusions and hurt. He'd considered going to try to talk to R'dal or F'drel, but the other bluerider had enough of his own problems, serious ones. It was hard to compare his own confusion and distress to a brother's death.

Specter let out a soft hungry chirp and shifted his weight as his wings began to itch. That was one good thing about the firelizard, D'nei thought as he sat up and carefully adjusted the firelizard into his arms. None of his current problems mattered at all where Spec was concerned. He still needed to eat, he needed to be oiled, and he needed to be cared for and watched over since the healers had not been able to fix his eyes. D'nei couldn't just wallow and do nothing, he was needed.

He carried his firelizard to the table to oil him up first before getting the special food he'd acquired. There was supposedly something about the particular herb mixture blended in with the meat that was supposed to be good for the health of the eyes. Or at least that was what he'd heard from one of the old women in the kitchen who had an uncle who was a beastcrafter and had told her the trick. Hopefully it would work.

"Come on, Specter. Time to eat buddy. Let's try the plate again." He held out a meaty finger for the firelizard to sniff and lick, leading Spec's nose down to the plate of meat. At least Spec had stopped biting him and was now a bit more careful about how he ate. After making sure his precious tiny baby was eating he went to wash his hands.

D'nei was not prepared for the tiny heart attack waiting for him when he returned. Specter was at the edge of the table, head tilted, chirping softly, and as soon as D'nei made a startled noise and said his name the lizard launched himself through the air at him. He dove forward, arms outstretched to catch the little thing before he fell to the floor. "Spec! Careful, buddy! You can't just... you have to look before you... just be careful okay?"

Specter chirped cheerily before climbing up D'nei's shirt to perch up on his shoulder and snuggle against his neck happily. With a heavy sigh the bluerider walked back to the couch to lounge again, reaching up to give the firelizard a fond pat. At least he was a cute and cuddly little distraction from all the deaths and injuries.