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742.03.28 | Pern-wide Poisonings! - Random Event - 31.Mar.21

Tragedy has struck again. During the afternoon of 28.03.742 various infirmaries began to receive reports of illness following the consumption of muffins found in their weyrs (one muffin in each case). Initial symptoms of the poisoning included drowsiness, dizziness, shortness of breath, and fainting. After a few hours of eating the muffins, the patients who had reported to the infirmaries displayed increased difficulty breathing despite clear airways, convulsions, and some eventually died. The following casualties were reported:

In Benden Weyr:
Goldrider Fatemea - Deceased
Bronzerider L'varl - Deceased
Brownrider A'mad - Deceased
Brownrider K'ton - Alive In Critical Condition
Journeyman Weaver Vondal - Alive In Critical Condition

In Fort Weyr:
Weyrwoman Rhaedalyn - Alive In Critical Condition
Goldrider Sariel - Alive In Critical Condition

In Ista Weyr:
Bluerider Z'ia - Deceased

In Telgar Weyr:
Goldrider Maceray - Deceased
Weyrleader S'far - Alive In Critical Condition
Bronzerider A'dis - Alive In Critical Condition
Bronzerider S'igi - Deceased
Bronzerider T'ryn - Alive In Critical Condition

In two known cases, the muffins were clearly left for Weyrwoman Mulrissa and Goldrider Cazan and were found in their weyrs, but were eaten by Weyrleader S'far and Bronzerider T'ryn respectively. It is suspected that Brownrider K'ton's muffin was intended for Goldrider Vaeyla and Craftsman Vondal's was intended for Goldrider Helyna.

*Survivors will find that they suffer from the following symptoms for at least a few months, possibly for the rest of their lives: headaches, occasional twitching, sporadic tremors in various degrees of severity based on individual. This particular toxin is also known to cause miscarriages in pregnant survivors even in small dosages.