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742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - K'dar - 19.Mar.21

"See, isn't this nice? Just a calm and soothing getaway in the great outdoors." K'dar let out a long, pleased sigh as he cast his line out again. Since it had required significant bribery to convince Yfris to join him, he'd done his best to try and make things as comfortable as he could. He'd already set up camp, the fire was going, he'd made sure to bring extra booze, and had even set up a hammock nearby so that the lordling could lounge by the water of the secluded fishing hole. Tiberuth was off hunting for the moment since he wasn't quite ready to settle for a nap and wanted an excuse to explore.

Ever since K'dar had gotten it into his head that he wanted High Reaches, he'd spent a little bit of time every few weeks or so just scouting the area in his free time with Tiberuth, exploring, familiarizing himself with the lay of the land and the mountains, and more importantly, looking for good fishing spots like this one. Another bite hit his bait and he gave the rod a deft jerk to set the hook before reeling in one more fish. He knew Yfris probably didn't care, but just like with all his previous catches it held it aloft for his friend to se before running a line through its gills and tossing it back in the water to keep until he was ready to cook.

"We are going to eat well, and I should be able to bring some back for T'ryn and Cazan!" He paused, head tilting curiously a moment as he asked, "Should I bring some to your parents too? I'm not actually sure if that would be polite or not. Thanks again for coming with me. I know you've been busy with getting things set up at the Weyr with your... wife and all."

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - Yfris - 19.Mar.21

“Peachy,” Yfris murmured from where he lay in his hammock. At least he had that to enjoy though it had been a tad terrifying getting into it and he wasn’t quite sure how he would free himself but that was a problem for future Yfris. Current Yfris was trying to enjoy himself but was rather bored. “I regret bringing you to my overlook and giving you the impression I’m a lover of the outdoors.” Hadn’t he also mentioned at that time that he had people that fished for him? Boats that went out and cast large nets and brought home an abundance of fish regularly? Maybe K’dar should see a healer for his selective memory that was also creating false impressions.

When the fish was held up, Yfris gave it an appropriate glance and then gave the bronzerider two thumbs up. “Another excellent catch, friend.” He half wondered if K’dar had somehow filled the spot with a few buckets of fish that he had brought elsewhere so he could show off his prowess with a rod. Unfortunately it was not the right type of rod for his interests. “No, no need to bring my parents fish. Gifts are often seen as bribery or an apology,” he replied but his gaze was on the branches above him. The trees weren’t even in full bloom yet so why were they outside with the intent to sleep beneath flimsy material?

Yfris gave a wave of his hand, brushing aside the gratitude for his appearance on the trip. “She’s only letting me decorate the bedroom so it hasn’t been much of a hassle for me. They seem to be settling in well, however.” He still wasn’t sure how he was going to fit in and Yfris was waiting for the day the Weyr decided it was best that he just stay in one place or the other. Sure, it had only been a few weeks but it would eventually come. He could only play up the role of ambassador between Hold and Weyr nonsense for so long before it was noticed that he could be useful by staying in the Weyr and simply proof-reading letters.

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - K'dar - 20.Mar.21

"Awe, you shouldn't regret that. I just thought maybe I could convince you that it was at least relaxing out here." K'dar wasn't sure exactly why he was invested in trying to change the lordling's mind about that, it wasn't that big a deal after all, it didn't bother him that most of his friends didn't want to go fishing with him most of the time. He still pouted a little as he set his pole down to the side.

"Well, decorating seems fine. You get to make things a bit more comfortable for you that way, and it's less work than having to plan out what to do with the entire weyr." K'dar studied the lordling as he lounged in his hammock for a moment, head tilted as he wondered if he could possibly convince Yfris to actually give fishing a proper try instead of just lazing the day away. Probably not, he doubted the lordling would want to get his hands in the slightest dirty like that.

Still, he had dragged his friend out here, begged and made outlandish bargains in exchange more like it, and he did want to make sure that Yfris got at least some enjoyment out of the day. "Is there anything I can do to try to make this more entertaining? You don't have to fish if you don't want to, but I really did think you'd like the relaxing and drinking part, even though it's all outside."

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - Yfris - 21.Mar.21

“All true. I do like relaxing and drinking but it’s a bit cool out still.” Yfris countered, still wondering why he agreed to such an excursion when he should have negotiated for something on Ista. Or just indoors. What was wrong with indoors? It had comfortable furniture, somewhat better heating capabilities, and a roof! He had a feeling there would be less wildlife indoors as well but he was putting his hopes on Tiberuth to keep them safe. It was probably why he was so easily lounging in the gently rocking hammock that he still wasn’t sure how to get out of.

But that was the least of his worries at the moment and Yfris sighed. “I apologise, K’dar. I’m being horribly unfair to something you enjoy especially with how much you tolerate of my interests.” To be fair, a lot of his interests seemed to be ones K’dar didn’t know he had until he tried them. And that could probably be used against him if he said it aloud. How could he hate fishing if he hadn’t truly tried? Holding a stick while staring at the water simply wasn’t his idea of a good time but K’dar was more than welcome to enjoy it while he swayed on material between trees.

“For you to know of this place means you have been scouting the region regularly, showing even more your interest in being the one to lead High Reaches Weyr. It’s quite admirable.” It had all been a silly idea to explain away their time spent together but K’dar had taken to it with little resistance. He’d have to look into what else he could teach the bronzerider about the land and history to help with that goal, especially given his mood about camping.

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - K'dar - 22.Mar.21

Of all the things K'dar was expecting, an apology wasn't one of them. He raised an eyebrow and tilted his head curiously, a small smile forming on his face. "Oh you don't have to apologize, Yfris. I know not everyone likes to go fishing. I appreciate that you actually decided to give it a try though. Sometimes it's nice to have company when I go out. Maybe I'll just ask Weslyn to come with me next time. I should probably introduce you to her next time you're in the Weyr, you two would probably get along."

Which was why he hadn't done it already. K'dar wasn't sure if he was prepared to be ganged up on to the degree that the two of them combined would be capable of. Though he'd probably enjoy it... he pushed the thought to the side as he returned his attention to the present moment. "I have been scouting around. Tiberuth likes to explore and pose on large rock formations so he can pretend that he's lording over his domain."

I am not pretending. I am practicing. K'dar did his best to suppress a short chuckle as he shook his head. "I don't know if it's admirable quite yet, but hopefully it pays off one day and I do get to be the one who opens High Reaches Weyr back up. I've been talking to S'far about it, learning how to make proper plans and he's been doing his best to help me think about things that could pop up that I hadn't thought about and considered. I've actually been learning a lot because of you."

K'dar grabbed the string of fish he had in the water and pulled them out as he gestured towards their little camp. "Come on, I'll get these started and you can be a bit warmer by the fire at least."

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - Yfris - 24.Mar.21

Yfris perked up a bit at the mention of Weslyn. K'dar had shared his adventures with his old friend but it was interesting to see it was still going on. He'd have to remember to ask after that Kat girl as well and praise his friend for finding his confidence so well with the way the bronzerider was collecting lovers now. But K'dar was talking about his Weyr goals and Yfris had to admit he was fascinated by how far his silly idea was going.

"Ah, but not everything I teach is appropriate for a leader," Yfris warned with a grin. Sure, he was a master at making it seem like you were listening or how you weren't but actually were, but most of lessons didn't qualify. Then again, it was a Weyr so maybe his sexier lessons had a place after all. Cazan swore up and down that she was corrupted by dragonrider cooties or some such thing and it only got worse after she Impressed. Yfris had a feeling it was more just the horny men she hung out with but maybe there was a truth to it and a well practiced Weyrleader was desired. Things to further look into on his next visit.

"Has S'far opened a Weyr? Maybe you could get a meeting in with one that has so you can learn more about the back end. I heard everyone helps with the cleaning and moving in but there must be a lot more to it." Yfris was musing aloud while he gave his suggestion. It wasn't like he had ever had to set up a Hold or even run one so he had little firsthand knowledge and only the snippets caught in various conversations he'd been able to get out of some of his new Weyr friends.

"I would also love to join you by the fire but I fear I live here now." Yfris sighed and cast a pitiful glance at the bronzerider. "Has anyone ever managed to dismount a hammock with dignity?"

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - K'dar - 26.Mar.21

"Ha, maybe not I suppose," K'dar said in agreement as his face turned a tinge redder. He certainly had learned an awful lot about how to give blowjobs from the man among other things. Many other quite enjoyable things that has been cascading into still more. Considering how enthusiastic Yfris was about the finer (and raunchier) things in life, he decided he'd probably wait for when he had a day off to try and introduce the lordling to Weslyn.

The question about S'far made him scratch his chin for a moment before he went back to getting his fish on their smoking rack above the fire. "I think he helped quite a bit, though he didn't become weyrleader until recently. It's a good idea though, I'll ask him if he would be able to arrange a meeting to talk with M'ris or R'nya. I guess M'ris would have the most experience with that since he's been in charge of two."

It was another point to how much he could learn from the lordling, since K'dar hadn't even considered trying to ask to meet with someone else. He chuckled softly as he admitted it, "And you're still helping me by putting that thought into my head at all. So thanks again, Yfris. And... well I guess sailors have to. I usually either roll out, or you can sit up, swing your legs over the side and bounce out. You just get used to it."

K'dar didn't wait for Yfris to struggle though, instead walking over and helping his friend out himself. "Come on, let's get you over to the toasty fire for more drinks and maybe you'll find camping isn't completely awful."

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - Yfris - 26.Mar.21

“I feel like you missed the ‘dignified’ portion of my question given those examples,” Yfris countered even as he allowed K’dar to rescue him. He supposed that also wasn’t very dignified but really—he was ‘roughing it’ so what did it matter? Besides, how often was he told he lacked dignity with the way he behaved most hours of the day? Rolling out of a hammock ranked rather low on the list when all things were considered. Still, he couldn’t help muttering, “comfortable yet horribly inconvenient.”

Once he was settled on the log K’dar had been considerate enough to build the fire near, Yfris grabbed the wine bottle and took a swig. He chuckled when he realised that act was also undignified and then took another swig. Camping didn’t need dining ware and glasses or rules, apparently. If only it was warmer and had more furniture. And walls. A ceiling was nice as well.

“Warmth and wine do make things better,” Yfris stated as he watched K’dar move around their little temporary home with ease. He didn’t bother offering the bottle since the bronzerider had no taste for most alcohol. It had taken a lot of experimentation to find something K’dar would drink and even then it was a rarity. “I do still feel slightly deceived, however. Our definitions of camping are very different and your ‘slightly modified’ take on it is a bit of an understatement.” They had met while Yfris was on a camping trip of his own at the Fort Gather but his tent and K’dar’s tent were similar in that they both had material held up by poles and spikes. One of them had furniture. One of them did not. Although this wouldn’t be the first time he’d ended up falling asleep on the floor or ground.

“Fires are always a good place to tell stories. Perhaps you can tell me more about Katila.” The few people he knew that grew up there had been fairly open about their life there but he spent the most time with K’dar and the man was the easiest to prod for such things. “Although you can also continue flattering me if you prefer. You know that gets you everywhere with me.” Yfris grinned with a wink and drank some more wine.

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - K'dar - 26.Mar.21

K'dar laughed as the lordling brought back up the dignified point. "I suppose that's fair," he said mostly to himself as he returned to the fire to adjust how close the fish were to the flames. He was never much of a cook but somehow he always managed to make decent, if not good, smoked fish. Hopefully that combined with some toasted bread, butter, and some fruit he'd packed earlier would help Yfris see some of the perks of camping.

"I usually try to camp a bit lighter than this when I'm on my own. If the weather isn't bad I don't bother with a tent at all. When I think of camping this is it, really. Your weird tent with the bed in it didn't really strike me as camping so much as just some sort of... temporary room. How would I even pack a proper bed on Tiber to bring out here?" He shook his head at the thought of just piling up stacks of furniture awkwardly onto the bronze. Granted, the dragon was probably strong enough to handle it, K'dar's packing skills were just not up for the task.

With a stretch, K'dar settled on the dry ground in front of the log, leaning back against it and propping his elbows up to rest on it as he tried to think of interesting stories. "You probably wouldn't like it, now that I think about it. There was camping, we lived in huts, hunting, fishing... though there were quite a few fun parties I suppose. None of them required masks like yours do."

He decided the parties would be a good story as any, and picked a more memorable one where all the Katilla kids had a party with a big bonfire and snuck some of Je'ler's shitty wine to it while the adults were distracted with their own festivities. "Wes and I did some dancing there. Part of me really wishes I knew back then the stuff I knew now, but I'm pretty sure I still would have been a terrible lay."

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - Yfris - 31.Mar.21

"I would probably hate it after a few days," Yfris agreed immediately based on what he had heard from former residents. It sounded quaint and charming and he wouldn't mind trying it out but he also knew it would grow tiresome after a point. He also couldn't imagine living in such small quarters with his entire family. How did anyone have fun or simply breathe!

"The celebrations do sound nice, however. Any excuse to sing and drink, yes?" Yfris took a swig of his drink as if that statement alone was reason enough for him. It was. He wasn't fooling anyone into thinking otherwise. "And everyone is a horrible lay their first time, especially when with another virgin. It's a wonder anyone tries again given some of the horror stories I've heard." He had been lucky and had been with an older and experienced woman for his maiden voyage and she had done an excellent job of steering everything and taught him a few tricks along the way that it didn't seem like she was left disappointed while he was left intrigued and wanting more.

"Besides, if you knew then what you know now, you may have scared the girl away. Everyone needs time to explore and find what they like." Look at him being so wise! Sometimes his party boy antics slipped to the side to show he could be serious and work hard and sometimes his party boy antics were how he could give such good advice. "Everything happens when it should and the hot sex that comes from waiting is always worth it."

Yfris set the bottle down and leaned forward to warm his hands. It wasn't freezing and really wasn't even that cold, but it was chilly enough to leave him uncomfortable and with frozen digits after a while. "Well, my wilderness friend, how is dinner looking?" To him, it still looked like fish. Yfris was never in the kitchen long enough to pick up anything remotely close to cooking, usually only there to flirt and get a snack out of someone.

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - K'dar - 31.Mar.21

K'dar nodded in agreement. "Any excuse to sing and drink and dance. Sometimes things were rough and people needed the distraction, so that helped too." His thoughts wandered for a moment to the landslide but he brushed them aside for the moment in favor of lighter topics that wouldn't bring down the mood. "And yeah, I suppose you're right. Everyone needs time to figure things out, some people just take longer than others I suppose."

He gave Yfris a sidelong glance before checking on the fish. The two closest to the fire were about ready, so K'dar went to go grab the rest of the dinner supplies he'd brought with them to start serving up dinner. By the time the fish was done their plates were ready for the delicately smoked filets. "Here you go, give that a try and tell me what you think. If you hate it then... well I'll figure out some other way to feed you I suppose. The fish actually gets a bit better if you let it cool down in my opinion, but some people like it still warm."

While they ate, K'dar decided to change the subject to something that would hopefully take his friend's mind off of the tedium of camping. "So the parties you throw, other than wearing a mask, should I wear anything else? Would my Gather clothes be sufficient or should I try and be... fancier? I wouldn't want to embarrass you my first time."

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - Yfris - 04.Apr.21

It was amazing what growing up in a jungle and fending for yourself could teach you! Did his parents know about smoked fish being better at certain temperature? Maybe as much as he knew—it tasted amazing when it was served and he never questioned if it could be had another way. Yfris tried some while it was still hot and found it rather tasty but he was trying to be positive and give his friend’s interests a chance so he stopped picking at the fish to let it cool a bit.

“The mask isn’t needed every time. I like the flare for dramatics if you hadn’t noticed but some friends are also still shy about their interests and like pretending they’re an unknown partner for the night. They like to believe come morning and the masks are off that they can look each other in the eye again without embarrassment.” Yfris didn’t quite understand that emotion and believed it best not to regret anything you did. But, as he said, the masks were fun and added a thrilling little kink to the parties.

“Your Gather clothes would be fine for the dinner portion of the party but clothing doesn’t stay on long enough to matter what you wear after that.” He had discovered the trapdoor in his room when he was a child. He was told it was used during Threadfall to help house the people they watched over or for extra supplies storage. Since they weren’t dealing with Threadfall, Yfris had turned the large windowless room into a child’s playroom and then into an adult’s playroom as he got older and discovered various vices.

“It does seem to taste better as it cools,” Yfris agreed as he tore into the fish again. He would happily eat it either way and was pleased to know that fact. “So are you saying you want to come to the next one? There are a few that would love to play with you and I can plan a party for next month.”

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - K'dar - 04.Apr.21

K'dar happily watched Yfris eat, pleased with the reaction his food was getting; he didn't need words when he could see it so plainly on his friend's face. He dug into his own meal as he listened to Yfris talk about the masks. It would probably be good to wear one, he decided, since he wasn't sure who all he'd meet at one of these parties and the caution combined with a bit of added mystery sounded fun. He gave a small nod as he finished off his current bite then said, "A mask sounds interesting, I think I'd prefer to wear one, at least at first."

It was good to know that his clothes would be fine as well, and he was glad that he'd received enough coaching from Yfris that he could get through a Holder dinner party to make it to whatever came after. K'dar gave Yfris a grin when he mentioned the taste of the fish improving. "I told you. It's honestly at its best in the winter when you can let it sit on the snow to properly chill I think. It's a nice added reward for making the effort to get out and fish when other people think it's too cold." He quickly added, "Don't worry, I won't try to bring you along to those, but I can bring you some fish to try afterwards."

Yfris's casual mention that there were people who would want to play with him had K'dar blinking in confusion though. "Me specifically? What have you told people?" His tone was purely curious as he asked, not at all hostile like the time Yfris had made a misstep in talking about Mylorah. "But yes, I think I'll go to your next one. It's only fair after all. You came to indulge me here, I might as well indulge you and go to one of your parties."

RE: 742.03.16 | Gone Fishing - Yfris - 22.Apr.21

Yfris laughed at K'dar's curiosity and barely refrained from ruffling the bronzerider's hair with how adorable he was. "You are delightfully innocent, my friend," he said instead, letting the statement hang there while he finished up the last couple of bites of fish. He had no idea what to do with the remains. Did one throw them in the fire? Bury them? Leave them for animals to eat? He set it on the ground so K'dar could do away with it as he saw fit.

"They want to meet you because you're a dragonrider and most don't have a lot of interactions with riders, especially not on a personal level." Normally lower ranked dragonriders ferried holders around and it was rather straightforward and courtesies exchanged. Not a lot of depth to those conversations. Even at Gathers, it wasn't often paths crossed or much more than more polite chit chat before moving along. This would be a captured dragonrider at their mercy for all their questions; and of course their desires.

"You're also weyrbred. I've had a lot of disappointments as rumours keep getting dispelled but the sex remains mind-blowing and that's the most important part for the parties." The dinner was just a formality anyway. Mostly. They did need to eat but the dinners were always the innocent excuse for his little entourage to gather before retiring for the evening for much more sinful activities.