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2023/01/07 Welcome to the New Year! We are now ELEVEN years old! Thank you, all of you, for your love and writing! I am looking forward to spending another year with youall! In addition, a new Default colour scheme is in progress and will hopefully be available soon! All my love! ThistleProse
2022/07/29 Gold Malvayth and Bronze Xyxyth clutch is Hatching! Come and join the shenannigans 743.08.03 | NIGHT STALKERS HATCHING and bring the popcorn!
2022/05/11 Gold Malvayth has Flown, caught by Bronze Xyxyth of A'tay. Their Hatching will be PC, and take place in Telgar in August around the 20-22nd! Update your Candidate Applications and prepare for some fun!
2022/04/21 New default layout! I hope you enjoy it! If you find any bugs, please report them in the discord #bug-squishing channel!
05/JUL It’s Hatching time!! Come take part in the shenanigans here
30/JUN Gold Thallyath of Ista Weyr has laid a clutch! More information here
27/JUN A bluerider, and then a greenrider, are found dead. More information here
25/JUN The Touching is up! Take part here
30/MAY After the Touching, many Candidates found themselves preyed upon in the form of their food. More information here
18/MAY Another goldrider - Ameris of Benden - is attacked. More information here
05/MAY Multiple individuals are attacked whilest out of the Weyr! More information here
04/MAY Take a chance OOC and guess who you think the murderer is! You can win prizes! More information here
03/MAY Goldrider Cazan and her twin brother Cazelarias are attacked. More information here
24/APR Goldrider Ashara of Fort is murdered by two brownriders. More information here
12/APR Searchrider B’jin was attacked at Telgar Weyr, surffering a slash to his throat. While in Benden, bluerider B’dor is found dead in his weyr. More info here
05/APRMore attacks occurred today. More information here
03/APRMultiple individuals found their death this day; more information here and here
28/MAR Tragedy has struck again! Across all the Weyrs, multiple people - primarily dragonriders - have fallen ill after eating muffins. There have been multiple deaths, and others are in criticle condition. More information here
24/MAR Weyrwoman Ameris and her son, Rislan, poisoned! More information here
18/MAR Benden’s Weyrleader M’ris and his children have been poisoned! Resulting in sickness and death. More information here
18/MAROn 18.03.742 Bronzerider A’dris of Vyaniorth was found dead in his personal bathing pool. He appears to have drowned after drinking an excess of alcohol. Afterwards it was realized that Machiya of Gold Cameth from Telgar Weyr had disappeared. Having never arrived at her destination, it is suspected she had an accident between.
11/MAR Gold Racoth of Donmaline went between taking Bronze Beruth of T’rel with her shortly after she had been caught, due to T’rel strangling Donmaline. He did not survive. more info
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Last Update: 2022.05.09

01 - Laniath of Nonalia [ANPC][Maiden 745] [Igen]
02 - Mizeath of Ameris [High Reaches]
03 - Roeth of Azelina [ANPC][Fort]
03(745/8), 09(743/6) - Iliyith of Helyna[Benden]
04 - Thallyath of Casa [even years][Ista]
04, 10 - Malvayth of Cazan[Telgar]
05 - Quayleth of Ojassa [odd years][Ista]
06 - Bedith of Mulrissa[Telgar]
07 - Neryseth of Lassalla [Igen]
08 - Amagrith of Mylorah[Telgar]
09 - Aradissicath of Rhaedalyn[Fort]
11 - Varanuth of August [Benden]
12 - Nadioth of Vaeyla [even years][High Reaches]

01 - Niath of Tala
01, 04, 07, 10 - Solenath of X'siar
02, 05, 07 - Tybalith of D'lyne
02, 05, 08, 11 - Fayath of A'mos
02, 07 - Halomirth of F'drel
02, 07, 11 - Semath of L'gan
02, 08 - Rilaleeyth of J'ver
03, 06, 09, 12 - Coroth of C'dhin
03, 06, 09, 12 - Seravath of Z'kel
03, 07, 11 - Larrikith of B'jin
04, 10 - Tiath of V'lia
05, 11 - Jammerith of J'me
06 - Cimbreth of Johar
08 - Siolilth of J'shom

Kandyse McClure
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
26.06.706 - 37 years old
Place of Birth:
Igen Hold
Searched By:
Kī - yah
Primary Home:
Igen Hold
Searched Date:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Dark Brown, Wavy, reaches middle of back
General Description:
Like all of the women following her maternal line, Kaya has marvelous green eyes that seem to feed off the colors around her, shifting and changing with them. There is no real magic in the colors of her irises; simply a trick of the light. Her smooth skin is a rich tawny framed by dark hair that is naturally wavy, though she will frequently apply handmade products and heat to help straighten it.
General Dressing Style:
Kaya generally prefers flowy fabrics that have a lot of breathability. Vibrant colors are her favorites, making her a frequent customer of the local merchants.
Kandyse McClure
Kind - A warm soul, she has a generosity about her that could save the world were she in the position to do so.
Trustworthy - A keeper of many secrets, once Kaya's word is given to maintain silence, it is one she would never break, even under durress.
Clever - As a woman living in a man's world, Kaya must be clever to keep from others taking advantage of her business or trying to steal away the good she has done.
Resourceful - With her kindness, Kaya has secured herself a small legion of helpers to ensure her business can run smoothly. With her rapid-fire wit, she tends to find ways out of trouble quite readily.
Rough Textures
Stubborn - Once her mind is made up, even the brute force of a dragon can't change it.
Impulsive - Trusting her instincts, she tends to make snapshot decisions.
Competitive - Never one to back down from a challenge, Kaya has a fiery drive to succeed even if others wish for her to falter.
Immoral - In the eyes of many, Kaya may be considered one of the drudges of high society with her secret back-room happenings and whispered deals.
Habits & Mannerisms:
When Kaya is deep in thought, she may bring her finger index finger up to her mouth in an unconscious shushing gesture to encourage those around her to quiet down.
General Personality:
Kaya is a naturally kind-hearted individual. She frequently practices altruism expecting no reward. She is reverent of her supposed responsibilities towards others. Raised as a healer, she believes she is honor-bound to care for those who come to her for help, whatever they may be. Even those who others would deem evil are treated with kindness. This is not to say Kaya is a fool; rather, she can be quite devious.

Kaya carries herself with dignity and grace, but she is not always forgiving. She carries a long memory and those who have sought to harm her or hers may find themselves without her help in the future, though it aches at her soul to deny it.

One thing her grandmother never could quite temper in her is Kaya's impatience. She can be readily frustrated when things do not go as she plans which makes her prone to outbursts that seem rather explosive in the normally demure woman.
Kandyse McClure
Mother: Zanele, b. 687; deceased in 710.
Father: Nafaya b. 680; deceased in 706.
Maternal Grandmother: Kadija, b. 661 deceased in 736.
Maternal Grandfather: Unknown, presumed deceased.
None known.
- Kijani [husband], b. 702; deceased in 735.
- Habraxel, Lord of Igen; Occasional fling, unofficial mistress.
It is whispered about among the women of the Hold and even outside its borders that Kaya has knowledge young women out of wedlock may find beneficial should they find themselves carrying unwanted seed.

Kaya's departed husband was sterile. As a youth, Kaya spent an evening with a young man which resulted in a pregnancy that she terminated to save her family's reputation. Despite multiple attempts over the course of their marriage, fruit never came to bear and it was assumed she was the barren one. Kaya has never attempted to rectify the rumors.
Kaya is the owner of a shop within Igen Hold by the name of Anahata Apothecary. She supplies various herbs, tonics, and concocted medicines available for sale and fair trade.

Kaya is known to provide meals to orphaned children every other evening.

By some, she is seen as an inappropriate spinster who is barren and therefore undesirable to be wed.
Important History:
06.26.706. (0).
Descended from a long line of wandering desert traders on her maternal side, Kaya was raised as all the women in her family had been for generations. By tradition, every girl had been taught the ways of healers and wise women regardless of what their husbands wanted while the boys were left to the whims of their fathers. In a nod to her father and her grandmother, her name was taken from both.

706-710. (0-4)
After the premature death of her parents, her father the year she was born followed by her mother four years later, Kaya was primarily raised by her grandmother, Kadija, who had accompanied her parents in their move to Igen Hold before Kaya had been born. Despite being an older woman raising a little girl on her own, Kidija maintained the Apothecary Kaya's father had originally built for her mother.

710-721. (4-17)
Kaya grew quickly, taking to learning like a bird to flying. Under her grandmother's tutelage, Kaya was taking care of patients of her own by the time she was 17 years old and gained her own following from there.

715-716. (9-10)
During the time of her tutelage, there were many things happening within the Weyrs. News that dragons had caught the plague spread like wildfire. Those who lived within the Weyrs retracted, returning to their bases and closing borders to outsiders. The following year, the dragons and their riders disappeared. While panic was widespread, there were many grateful for no longer having to pay tithes and higher taxes. Small businesses flourished, the Apothecary among them.

721-730. (17-24)
Kaya spent these years refining her practice and skills, coming out from under the watchful eye of her grandmother to work mostly on her own, though Kadija still saw her own patients who preferred the older woman's experience to her granddaughter's youth and vigor. Though there were suitors, as one would expect, Kaya had no interest following a fling when she was 16 years old that resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, and her grandmother saw no need to marry her off when they were doing quite well for themselves as they were. For those who were most insistent, Kaya found ways to spread rumors about herself that would make her less of a candidate for unwanted affections.

730-732. (24-26)
By the time Kaya had become marrying age, a young Holdman, Kijani, had become enamored with the young healer and asked for her hand in marriage. He spent two years courting her as she spent most of her time tending to patients instead of partaking in romance. Despite his ability to decline, Kaya had made her own counteroffer that she would only accept his hand if he embraced who and what she was, including continuing care for her aging grandmother.

732-735. (26-29)
Married in 732, Kaya and Kijani had experienced the love of a lifetime. With their roles switched, Kijani served as a pupil to both Kaya and Kadija, though he ran the Apothecary in the public eye. The pair seemed to have life figured out and were living it to their fullest. Their business was thriving and healthy enough that even the return of dragons, and the subsequent tithes, did little to affect their practices. It wasn't until 735 that Kijani was killed in a freak accident involving a merchant cart that Kaya's life was turned upside down.

735. (29)
Grief-stricken after Kijani's death, Kaya struggled alongside her ailing grandmother to pick up the shattered pieces of her heart and carry on. Without Kijani in their lives to make things smoother, Kaya suffered many unwanted advances and offers of marriage until she started a rumor that she was barren and unwanted. After that, the offers dwindled before finally ceasing altogether.

736. (30)
The hard hits didn't stop coming for Kaya, and she suffered the second-biggest loss of her life when her grandmother finally succumbed to chronic illness at the age of 75.

736-Current. (30-Current)
On her own, Kaya struggled to maintain the Apothecary on her own for the following year but managed to find her feet once more as she grieved properly and allowed herself to move on. Since then, Kaya has been fulfilling the needs of her community with the confidence of a skilled merchant.

740. (34)
Kaya rekindled the spark of affection with the young man from her childhood. Only now, he is the Lord of Igen, wedded to another with other mistresses. Kaya is unbothered by the other women, understanding his position. She is convinced she had her shot at love. What she gets from this relationship is company and a balm for loneliness that strikes from time to time.

Kandyse McClure
Healer (Unofficial)
Date(s) Tapped:
N/A - Kaya did not receive an "official" education and was tutored by her grandmother.
Women's health
There is no greater strength for a healer than experience. Kaya has served as a surgeon, midwife, dentist, and so on for those without great means to afford healers with formal educations. She is unafraid of doing everything she can to help another, which truly makes her an asset to her community.
No formal education. Kaya relies on older remedies or those she has self-taught and learned over the years. She does attempt to maintain relations with healers in the Weyrs and other Holds, but her lack of formal education often bars her from obtaining knowledge by direct routes.
Additional Information:
Kandyse McClure
Pet Details

Atin (ah-teen) - 11-year-old dapple grey stallion. As he was raised among a herd of mares, Atin is very polite among mares and geldings. He can be incredibly combative with other stallions. Anyone who attempts to use heavy-handed techniques with him may find themselves dumped unceremoniously on the ground and further attempts at violence can lead to vicious kicks. He was a gift from Kaya's late husband and she dotes on him endlessly.

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Additional Credits:
Kandyse McClure
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