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2023/08/04 Hello loves! While I haven't been writing, I have been working on updating some issues that have been hanging around on the layout! The Character change box is now at the bottom of the page, beside the up/down arrows! Green and Gold dragon flight dates have been shifted to the bottom of the page, where the (useless!) discord widget was located. Where the dragon flights were in the header, is now replaced by a Monthly Event box! This will be updated at the start of each month, with a fun mini-event you can take part in, if you want to! Thistle!
2023/01/07 Welcome to the New Year! We are now ELEVEN years old! Thank you, all of you, for your love and writing! I am looking forward to spending another year with youall! In addition, a new Default colour scheme is in progress and will hopefully be available soon! All my love! ThistleProse
2022/07/29 Gold Malvayth and Bronze Xyxyth clutch is Hatching! Come and join the shenannigans 743.08.03 | NIGHT STALKERS HATCHING and bring the popcorn!
2022/05/11 Gold Malvayth has Flown, caught by Bronze Xyxyth of A'tay. Their Hatching will be PC, and take place in Telgar in August around the 20-22nd! Update your Candidate Applications and prepare for some fun!
2022/04/21 New default layout! I hope you enjoy it! If you find any bugs, please report them in the discord #bug-squishing channel!
05/JUL It’s Hatching time!! Come take part in the shenanigans here
30/JUN Gold Thallyath of Ista Weyr has laid a clutch! More information here
27/JUN A bluerider, and then a greenrider, are found dead. More information here
25/JUN The Touching is up! Take part here
30/MAY After the Touching, many Candidates found themselves preyed upon in the form of their food. More information here
18/MAY Another goldrider - Ameris of Benden - is attacked. More information here
05/MAY Multiple individuals are attacked whilest out of the Weyr! More information here
04/MAY Take a chance OOC and guess who you think the murderer is! You can win prizes! More information here
03/MAY Goldrider Cazan and her twin brother Cazelarias are attacked. More information here
24/APR Goldrider Ashara of Fort is murdered by two brownriders. More information here
12/APR Searchrider B’jin was attacked at Telgar Weyr, surffering a slash to his throat. While in Benden, bluerider B’dor is found dead in his weyr. More info here
05/APRMore attacks occurred today. More information here
03/APRMultiple individuals found their death this day; more information here and here
28/MAR Tragedy has struck again! Across all the Weyrs, multiple people - primarily dragonriders - have fallen ill after eating muffins. There have been multiple deaths, and others are in criticle condition. More information here
24/MAR Weyrwoman Ameris and her son, Rislan, poisoned! More information here
18/MAR Benden’s Weyrleader M’ris and his children have been poisoned! Resulting in sickness and death. More information here
18/MAROn 18.03.742 Bronzerider A’dris of Vyaniorth was found dead in his personal bathing pool. He appears to have drowned after drinking an excess of alcohol. Afterwards it was realized that Machiya of Gold Cameth from Telgar Weyr had disappeared. Having never arrived at her destination, it is suspected she had an accident between.
11/MAR Gold Racoth of Donmaline went between taking Bronze Beruth of T’rel with her shortly after she had been caught, due to T’rel strangling Donmaline. He did not survive. more info
25/FEB Congratulations and thank-you to Guest for taking on a moderator role! <3
14/FEB Stars Above PC Hatching Link
06/JAN :o new layout is a WiP. Please report bugs in Discord.
01/JAN Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Currently: Summer 07.745 al
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Welcome to the Month of Lovetm! This month's Monthly Event is all about Romance, whether it is asking someone out on a date, or getting sweaty between the sheets! Anything and everything counts, if it even looks sideways like it could be related to Valentine Day -- including lover's spats, or breaking up, Flights Wins (or Flight Losses!). Honestly, this month has a huge opportunity for interpertation, so go wild!

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Ahh, the fresh snow, the crisp air, the naked trees... welcome to Winter! Or, just the Colder Months for those in the more Northern Weyrs, while Ista is just... not as hot. But it is time to enjoy the end of the Turn, so folks should get together, spend some time gossiping, and drinking Hot Chocolate (alcohol and marshmallows opional)... does Pern even have marshmallows????? (they do now!)

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Feel like bitching? Wanna take part in a brawl? Or bet on someone? Take part in Brawls and Bitching this month! Boo-yeah!

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Thistle flunked this month; You can still post until the end of November as a result <3
Experience, tell or hide from a Spooky Story!

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The flu is running rampant, colds are clogging noses, and someone might have lost a limb?

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Partake this month by going fishing... or anything that occurs while fishing, or dealing with fish!

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Kathryn Newton
Full Name:
Jimmy, Jim
Date of Birth:
08.02.718 - (27 years old)
Place of Birth:
Seacraft Hall in Tillek
Searched By:
R'der of Blue Dragonth
JIM eh LEE ah
Dragon Healer
Primary Home:
Benden Weyr
Searched Date:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
General Description:
With long golden blonde hair that naturally falls into waves and loose curls framing a soft face, Jimeleah looks a little younger than her actual age. Her face is expressive and animated when she's engaged in something or even just thinking, but it defaults to general irritation when she's resting idly or lazily day dreaming.

She's lean and not particularly curvy, with longer limbs in proportion to her torso. Her legs combined with her posture can make her appear to be taller than she really is.
General Dressing Style:
Jimeleah prefers comfortable clothing and is especially fond of leather jackets. When she does wear dresses she prefers things that leave her arms free to move around. She enjoys bright colors.
Kathryn Newton
Adrenaline rushes.

A good competition. Doesn't need to win to have fun if it was a good match.
Calm in emergencies.


Doesn't take things personally.
Other people's drama.

People who look down on others.

Feeling powerless.
Low threshold for bullshit.

A dick when in competition mode.
Habits & Mannerisms:
She fusses with her nails, either picking at dirt that's gotten under them, chewing at them when they get long, or otherwise picking at them. She frequently forgets other people can see her scowl when she's thinking.
General Personality:
Independent and strong willed, Jimeleah prefers to keep busy with something, or at least know that she could be doing something if she's choosing to relax. Knowing there's nothing at all she can do is the worst and she hates feeling powerless. Being made to do nothing but wait for someone else will have her complaining and grumbling.

Overall she's a friendly person though and enjoys company in general. She enjoys the freedom the Weyr has given her to be flirty or rebuff people to suit her own mood rather than trying to force herself to tolerate someone with the hopes of marrying up. That said, she's still trying to figure out what she wants in a person or even herself now that the dust of her Impression has cleared.

Jimeleah tends to be direct to the point of occasionally appearing rude and she frequently expects the same out of others and doesn't become particularly upset when given criticism. She is quick to forgive and move on when she feels appropriate apologies have been made and finds people who cling to grudges to be baffling.
Kathryn Newton
Jimtartan b.699
Seacraft Hall drudge/lumberjack

Leahrin b.700
Seacraft Hall kitchen helper
Tartrin m. (b.716)
a couple of failed engagements
Important History:
08.02.718 and 0 - Born the second child and only daughter to Jimtartan and Leahrin.
720 and 2 - Jimeleah and her brother Tartrin have a surprisingly good childhood thanks to the generosity of a crafter's daughter who is fond of watching them. Jimeleah considers the babysitter to be her best friend, and adores the older girl.
723 and 5 - Her babysitter gets married and her new husband demands that she puts her time to better use than watching a drudge's children. Jimeleah is heartbroken that she has to lose her best friend because she's too poor.
724 and 6 - With no one to watch the children, Jimtartan starts taking them with him while he works in the forest gathering wood. Jimeleah is primarily watched by her brother Tartrin, but finds herself having fun exploring in the forest and occasionally trying to help her father by gathering twigs for him.
730 and 12 - She's deemed old enough to take on a more active role helping the family so she's sent to help her mother work in the kitchens.
731 and 13 - Jimeleah dreams of going on adventures sailing on the ships that her father harvests wood for. Her parents try to help her find other interests to distract her from wanting something she cannot have.
733 and 15 - Jimtartan manages to find a young man with a promising career in the craft who is interested in his daughter. He readily agrees to helping arrange that marriage since it would be a step up for his daughter socially.
734 and 16 - Jimeleah finds herself disenchanted with the thought of marrying a crafter only to stay at home and do nothing except tend to the house and carry children. She tries talking to her betrothed about wanting to do something other than clean up after him which results in a fight and the engagement being dissolved.
737 and 19 - Yet another marriage proposal falls apart because of an argument she picks with her intended husband over expectations that she will be a quiet housewife.
739 and 21 - Searched by a rider from Fort Weyr, her father encourages her to try and use this as an opportunity to make something of herself since her prospects are low and he is too poor to do much to help her on his own. She takes some time to adjust to Weyr life but finds it more refreshing than her previous life.
740 and 22 - Attends healer classes, discovers she enjoys the high stakes and pressure of working emergency situations and specializes in emergency healing and triage.
741 and 23 - Much to her surprise, she Impresses to Green Jammerith at Fort. She enjoys the challenge of classes and learning to be a rider, regularly pushing herself and her dragon to do better, especially in flying drills.
743 and 25 - With the death of the gold dragon, she jumps on the opportunity to shift her focus to dragon healing and studies as much as she can before transferring to Benden to be the dragonhealer there.
Kathryn Newton
Date(s) Tapped:
Emergency/Triage, Dragonhealing
Maintaining calm under pressure, good at prioritizing multiple patients.
She doesn't have the tolerance for long-term care of bedridden patients and her bedside manner is awful and brusque. She is not the best at giving bad news gently.
Additional Information:
She studied healercraft in order to Stand at Fort Weyr and found she rather enjoyed her studies. She shifted her focus to dragonhealing in 743 with the death of the gold dragon.
Kathryn Newton
Dragon Information
Wing and Rank:
Wingrider of
Adult Stats
18 foot length, 9 foot tall, with a 27 foot wingspan.
Clutch Details:
Aradissicath x Xyreith at Fort Weyr on the 10.01.741 [Clutch Page] Green 15
Awkward with overly large tail and wings that she frequently trips over, Jammerith is chubby but not nearly as round as some of her other clutchmates. Her hide is a pebbly blend of bright greens with almost blueish tinges in some spots.
Jammerith grows into her wings and tail becoming a well proportioned but petite green. Her baby fat melts away leaving a very nimble and agile green that could practically tie herself in knots if she tried.

Her adult hide darkens slightly, the darkest spots having a bluish tinge on her legs and the edges of her wings and towards her tail. Her hide is mottled blend of peridot and emerald, making her appear to be quite the little gem in the sky.
Her voice is warmly effeminate, breathy and soft with a light hint of smokiness. If Jammerith were a human she'd sound at home singing in lounges.
Jammerith isn't as outgoing as some of the more flirtatious greens, preferring to be aloof and pickier about any male companionship. She shares some of her rider's competitive streak and enjoys testing herself with challenges.
With her small size, Jammerith is obsessed with squishing into things and trying to see where she can fit. Her flexibility has led her into some interesting places, and her daring has led to her occasionally getting stuck as a result. Despite her aloofness, she doesn't seem to understand the concept of personal space and frequently gets a little too close to people or other dragons.

Basking - Sometimes it's nice to just laze in the sun.
Being fussed over - Jammerith enjoys attention, and as much as she doesn't enjoy being injured, she does like being pampered and fussed over by her rider and friends during recovery.

Inebriation - She dislikes how people act when they're inebriated and absolutely hates when her rider is inebriated.
Storms - They're dreary and wet and she doesn't like flying in them.

Agile - Flexible and quick, Jammerith is capable of impressive maneuvers and tight turns in the air, and has even outgrown her initial clumsiness on the ground to become quite graceful.
Loyal - Once she's decided that someone is a friend she is devoted and supportive of them, and eager to come to their defense against all perceived insults and threats.
Bold - Jammerith is not one to shrink away from a challenge just because it seems difficult or even dangerous.

Judgmental - She is very critical in her views on others, and frequently is not fair in her judgements, freely giving friends passes on things she would sharply criticize in others.
Forgets her limits - She pushes herself hard sometimes and has injured herself as a result. Luckily so far these have only been minor injuries, but Jimeleah still has to pay attention to keep her from over exerting herself.
Flight Records
743.05.19 - Edath (R'dal)
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Inactivity Preference:
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Character By:
Dragon By:
Additional Credits:
Kathryn Newton
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