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02 - Mizeath of Ameris [Benden]
03 - Roeth of Azelina [ANPC][Fort]
04 - Thallyath of Casa [even years][Ista]
04, 10 - Malvayth of Cazan[Telgar]
05 - Quayleth of Ojassa [odd years][Ista]
06 - Bedith of Mulrissa[Telgar]
07 - Neryseth of Lassalla [Telgar]
09(743), 03(745) - Iliyith of Helyna[Benden]
09 - Aradissicath of Rhaedalyn[Fort]
11 - Varanuth of August [Benden]
12 - Nadioth of Vaeyla [even years][Benden]

01, 04, 07, 10 - Solenath of X'siar
02, 05, 07 - Tybalith of D'lyne
02, 05, 08, 11 - Fayath of A'mos
02, 07 - Halomirth of F'drel
02, 07, 11 - Semath of L'gan
02, 08 - Rilaleeyth of J'ver
03, 06, 09, 12 - Coroth of C'dhin
03, 07, 11 - Larrikith of B'jin
04, 10 - Tiath of V'lia
05, 11 - Jammerith of J'me
08 - Siolilth of J'shom

Full Name:
Date of Birth:
12.03.708 -
Place of Birth:
Searched By:
B'jin of green Larrikith
Primary Home:
Telgar Weyr
Searched Date:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Medium Brown
General Description:
Despite his upbringing in the tropical climes of Nerat and a long residency amongst the sandy beaches of Ista, Allendris's pale complexion - dotted here and there with freckles and the odd mole, yet stubbornly resistant to any color other than the red flush of sunburn - speaks of a privileged life led mostly indoors. His body, too, is soft; though he carries very little extra weight on his slender frame, he certainly lacks the muscle that most Katila weyrfolk sport. The majority of what definition he does have is focused in his upper body and arms, thanks to frequently having to balance large glass pieces at the end of a long glass-pipe. In his craft, at least, he can compensate for his lack of strength with hands that are unfailingly steady, with long, nimble fingers that never shake or miss their mark. With his formidable height and penetrating gaze, Allendris can easily assume an authoritative presence when needed, but his willowy stature makes it clear that this is one man more suited to the finicky precision of his chosen craft than any sort of hard, manual labor - which can make him a less-than-intimidating to those who have eyes for only brute, physical power. Instead, he is forced to command respect when necessary through a firm voice and an appeal to logic, and he is not above outsmarting or manipulating those of slower wit in this way.

Though his long, slender limbs could easily appear gangly and awkward on any other man, Allendris never fails to conduct himself with the same amount of poise and grace that might be expected of the Lord Holder himself. Every movement he makes is fluid and precise, lending the man an air of nobility that is only heightened by his strikingly fine features - smooth skin, high cheekbones that accentuate his long and narrow face and nose, thin but rosy lips, and a sharp, slightly dimpled chin. Depending on his mood, his dark-eyed gaze can be either soothing and gentle or alarmingly intense, but regardless of the situation, very few details will ever escape his long and scrutinizing stares. In fact, Allendris will sometimes stare so long and so hard at something or someone as to be unsettling, but those deep brown eyes are just as often fixed on nothing when the young man loses himself yet another one of his frequent introspective reveries.

Other than that slightly unnerving stare, perhaps the most noticeable feature on the young man's person are his hands - particularly the long fingers, strikingly elegant, and almost feminine in shape and appearance with their meticulously manicured nails. And yet the fingertips are roughened beyond his years, calloused from his near-daily handling of a glass-pipe, and often burned, stained, or nicked in several places at once from his work. Though more than one of his fellow glass-smiths sport a myriad cuts and scars on their hands, arms, and even faces from their careless mistakes as apprentices, it is a testament to Allendris' caution and skill that the only mark he sports is a small, arc-shaped scar across his left palm, stretching from between his thumb and index finger to the bottom of his hand. Mercifully, the cut was shallow enough to leave his hand fully functional, but it grew infected before it healed, leaving a scar that is rather ugly despite its small size. Needless to say, it took only this one gash for his boyhood self to learn the wisdom of wearing thick gloves when handling broken glass.
General Dressing Style:
As a member of a well-to-do family, Allendris was taught to never spare any expense when it comes to his appearance. Fortunately, thanks to a generous stipend from his foster mother and a steadily increasing income from his craft, the young man never had to go long without the modern, custom-tailored fashions he'd grown so accustomed to as a lad. He dresses modestly but always in the latest style, never gaudy or obviously flaunting of his wealth, but certainly fashionable enough to attract the notice of those who are in the know of such things. Those less educated on the current trends or the signature marks of Pern's best tailors, however, may simply notice that the young man is a sharp dresser who seems to know exactly what cuts and colors suit him. The one showy luxury he does allow himself is a varying array of jeweled or intricately engraved rings on his long fingers - when he isn't wearing gloves, that is, for he often does - perhaps to distract the casual observer from his less-than-perfect hands.
Learning: Allendris is not a genius, but a naturally inquisitive mind combined with a long-standing love of studying and learning new things has filled this young man's head with plenty of facts on various subjects, and just as much confidence in the value of this knowledge. He therefore swaggers through many projects with the leader-like tone and authority of an expert, even though in all likelihood he has only read a book on the topic. To his credit, he usually does defer to the actual experts on the given subject - should any be present. As long as they've done or said something to prove themselves more learned than he.
Women: Not in a sleazy way; Allendris just finds them to be lovely and charming companions, especially when venturing outside of of his own well-bred circles where civility and grace are harder to find amongst the members of his own gender. (Tomboys and otherwise spunky, unlady-like women, however, baffle him.) To the astonishment of many, though most of his friends are female, Allendris is hardly a ladies' man. In fact, not only is he a hopeless romantic at heart, but he is also quite oblivious to when he is being flirted with - the worst possible combination for many a young lady who has caught fancy of him. More than one female acquaintance has "friend zoned" him simply out of frustration. Not that he has figured this out yet.
Music: Spending so much time around Harpers in his youth has led Allendris to a natural love of music, though he is quite hopeless at producing it himself. He very much respects those who can, and is eager to appreciate their efforts any chance he can get. He is much more of a listener than a dancer, however - though if the partner is right, he can be persuaded.
Pigheadedness: As his own actions tend to be dictated by logic and reason rather than emotion, Allendris is absolutely disgusted by people who are so ignorant and stubborn that they will not change their opinions even when presented with irrefutable facts.
Loose moral character: Even without his own history complicating the matter, Allendris was raised in an environment that encouraged judgmental attitudes towards Pernese of loose moral fiber - thieves, freeloaders, gamblers and the like, and of course men and women who tend to "get around" as it were. The young man in question is especially sensitive to the latter, as he feels that consideration for the children who may be born of such unions should absolutely come first. He has much to learn still about the differences between Hold and Weyr customs!
Challenges to his "authority": Allendris considers himself very knowledgeable on certain subjects and does not appreciate the contradicting opinions of those he considers less qualified than himself. This is especially true when it comes to his craft, and he has even been known to talk back to Masters he did not entirely agree with at the time. Fortunately, his usual politeness tends to make people very forgiving of these occasional bouts of impudence.
Haughty and Condescending:
Too serious:
Habits & Mannerisms:
Soft-spoken. Slow to show emotion on his face. Doesn't mind talking, but rarely initiates conversation himself. An idealist and a romantic who daydreams often; tends to stare into space a lot as a result. Rubs the scar on his hand in tense situations - it seems to have an immediate calming effect for him.
General Personality:
Thoughtful, gentle, and unfailingly polite, Allendris is at first glance what one might consider the ideal gentleman. Though he is sometimes slow to laugh or show a smile, he is tall, well-groomed, and dashingly handsome, yet reserved and modest enough to appear completely unaware of this fact. For anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of trendy clothing and accessories, his wealth is obvious - yet he very rarely ever flaunts it, as so many rich men are wont to do. He is logical and intelligent, and once drawn into conversation can speak with authority on a seemingly endless variety of topics, from history to fashion to the latest technological developments in his craft and many others. Indeed, many a starry-eyed young lady has assumed within mere days of meeting him that he is nothing less than perfect, and more than one has pursued him relentlessly based on this illusion.

Alas! Like most perfect men, there will always be cracks in the glass, so to speak. Allendris is no different. The first thing these potential suitor-esses may notice is that though the young man speaks in longing tones of romance and finding The One, and indeed may lovingly lavish kind words and tokens of his affection on the many charming and beautiful young women who inevitably surround him wherever he goes, he is actually completely inept at advancing beyond these initial flirtings into something more involved. Whether this is because he is waiting for the perfect storybook romance that will never come, or else just blissfully unaware of when a girl is actually returning his interest, the world may never know - but the truth is probably somewhere in between. Whatever it is, most ladies eventually get tired of it, and his fellows at Glass-smith Hall have made something of a sport out of watching him unwittingly crash and burn so that they may pick up the pieces of whatever heart he's inadvertently broken this time. And so, Allendris has watched many of his age-peers happily marry and start their families, leaving him in the dust. (Or the sand, as it were.) This has given him a bit of a lone wolf complex, as he increasingly suspects that perhaps the happily ever after he dreams of just isn't in the cards for him.

Which is just as well, for Allendris is about as married to his craft as it gets, working long hours and filling his free time with further study on all subjects of the craft. He takes his responsibilities very seriously, and since apprenticehood he has striven for perfection in even the simplest and most mundane of tasks. In glassmaking this is a much-appreciated virtue, for carelessness often leads to injury or even death. His patience and natural tendency towards caution led his Masters to appoint him a leader-type amongst the apprentices and eventually the journeymen, and over time the young man has learned how to lead and organize a group of people without being too terribly disliked. He never bullies or intimidates (Faranth knows no one would ever take him seriously if he tried), and often requests rather than orders, but his less-motivated fellows can always tell from the firmness of his tone and the intensity of his stare when he is losing his temper with them.

As for that temper... few men have seen it rear its ugly head, but it is certainly alive and well beneath that stoic face. There are quite a few things that Allendris can't stand, first and foremost being dim-witted brutes who listen to brawn over reason. He has little respect for these people - especially those of the lower classes - and he is not afraid to show open disdain for them. The other thing that will set his anger to flaring is people who challenge his authority in some way or another. He considers himself a very reasonable, fair, and well-learned man, and is unlikely to consider the possibility that he might be in the wrong, whatever the situation. As most of his fellows at the Glass-smith Hall are his friends who follow his orders simply because they like him, he is not used to being challenged, and those who do are making a grave mistake if they can't somehow back the validity of their argument. Allendris is a fine arguer who is unlikely to let a controversial subject go until it is resolved to his own satisfaction.

Though he would of course deny it, the truth is that Allendris is a judgmental sort. Drunks and gamblers, thieves and abusers, even loud and rowdy men who tell dirty, tasteless jokes and lack in manners - this proud young man has little respect for any of them. Like most Hold-bred men of some standing, he is very traditionally minded, and his own background often clouds his judgment on certain subjects (though again, he would deny this). Though he is very kind towards women and he listens to and respects their opinions as much as he would any man's, he does believe that their rightful place is in the home, and that their - ahem - affections should be reserved for a man that they love and intend to marry and no one else. As for men who fancy men or women who fancy women... well, that is something he's seen so little of that he hasn't given it much thought at all. It goes without saying that Weyr culture is completely alien to him, especially since dragonmen haven't been seen or heard from at all since he was very young. Of course he has no choice but to adapt, but it will be a challenge!
Father: Unknown
Rank: commonly rumored to be the Lord Holder of Nerat himself.
Mother: Drisina, b.689, d.708 AL
Rank: Lady Holder's cousin and assistant
No full-blooded siblings.
Important History:
708: Born to Drisina, the unmarried cousin of the Lady Holder of Nerat. The father is unknown. The birth is difficult and Drisina dies of complications, leaving the child orphaned. Thankfully, Lady Holder insists on fostering the child alongside her own despite the unsavory rumors surrounding the circumstances of the birth, as her cousin was very dear to her when they were girls.
Information goes here. A paragraph or so is good, but bare facts are fine.
709-713: Pass uneventfully as Allendris grows into a relatively healthy and well-behaved young boy.
714-716: Rumors left dormant since Allendris's birth begin to re-circulate as the youngster grows to resemble the Lord Holder more and more each day. Lady Holder pays little heed to the whisperings, but the Lord Holder - perhaps trying to discourage the rumors in his own way - treats the boy distantly compared to his (confirmed) children. Allendris begins to pick up on some of the hostility from Holder folk, and sometimes the other children tease him.

Meanwhile, the plague strikes the Weyrs. Allendris is too young to understand all of the details, but he is greatly disappointed by the disappearance of the family's firelizards, which he had always found to be quite charming companions when the other children were being simply intolerable. Life at the Hold moves on, however.
717: Overhears one day a couple of old servants gossiping over his origins, and recalling his mother's unusually "close" relationship with the Lord Holder. Allendris is shocked and confused by the revelation, but equally relieved to discover why so many of the family treat him differently from the other children and fosterlings. The boy keeps this discovery a secret, however, not wanting to cause more trouble for Lord and Lady.
718-719: Though outwardly as polite and well-behaved as ever, Allendris feels increasingly out of place amongst the other Holder folk. He seeks solace in his studies with the Hold's harpers.
720: The Lady Holder falls ill and is sent to a year-long vacation on the warm beaches of Ista with an entourage of some of her favorite companions. She takes Allendris along, having noticed his withdrawal and sensing he could use some time away from the Hold. Being an indoor boy, Allendris cares little for the beaches, but he is quite taken by the many beautiful glass trinkets available for sale on the island.

An Istan harper, hired to teach and entertain the family, recognizes the lad's fascination as an excellent opportunity for learning and takes him along to visit the small Glass-smith Hall. After this the boy becomes a regular visitor, befriending some of the apprentices close to his age and even receiving a few gratis demonstrations and lessons (at the Lady Holder's request, though he is never told).
721: The family is ready to return to Nerat, but Allendris is reluctant to leave his new hobby and friends at the Glass-smith Hall. Fortunately, the Masterglass-smith sees some potential in the boy and offers to sponsor his apprenticeship in the Hall, should his family agree. Allendris expects resistance, but the Lady Holder - not entirely unaware of the difficult situation back at Nerat - gives her blessing after much pleading and arguing (most of it for show, on her own part).
722-723: Allendris gradually acclimates to his new responsibilities as an apprentice glass-smith and, thanks to his keen desire to learn and eagerness to please, excels in this new role. Unbeknownst to him, the Lord Holder of Nerat is fuming at his fosterling's sudden absence, but the Lady Holder reasons with him to leave the child be. The Lord answers her request by resolving to cut off all contact with the boy, but the Lady continues to write and send stipends, despite the slowness and difficulty of maintaining correspondence over the sea.
724: Badly cuts his hand while cleaning up after the accident of another apprentice (he was angry and in a hurry to return to his own work, and so didn't bother to find his thick gloves first). There is a short-lived scare that he may lose some of the function of his hand, but the cut is not deep and eventually heals completely, save for his scar - which serves as a useful reminder to exercise caution and patience in all aspects of his life.
725: Resumes his work with fervor in order to make up for the time lost by his injury.
726: Graduates to Jr. Journeyman status.
727-729: As Allendris' new duties involve some amount of travel between Holds - and because he is earning an income of his own now - his foster mother's correspondences become fewer and further between, until finally trickling off sometime in early 229AL.
730: For all intents and purposes, Allendris has lost contact with his family in Nerat. Save for the Lady Holder herself, he misses few of them.
731: Stolen while traveling between Hall and minor Istan holds to deliver goods and collect sand samples.
Date(s) Tapped:
Additional Information:
Allendris is quite fascinated with all applications of glass-making, from the largest of pane glass to the tiniest of bits and baubles, and of course everything in between. Though his apprenticeship was not much longer than most of his fellows, he spent it extremely busy, attempting to learn all he could about his chosen craft. However, his nimble hands, seemingly inexhaustible patience, and a sharp eye for color, balance and detail lends him particular skill with the more decorative applications of glass-blowing, and so lately he has been quite preoccupied with figurines, beads, vases, and the like. Before being Stolen, he was just beginning to learn more about the production of lead crystal, and was considering pursuing this as his Mastery.
Dragon Information
Wing and Rank:
[Select] of
Adult Stats
36' foot length, foot tall, with a foot wingspan.
Clutch Details:
Nirinath x Ronarth at [Select] on the [Clutch Page]
Vyaniorth's mind voice is reminiscent of satin sheets and warm baths, both welcoming and inviting. With the lingering allure of so much promise, a single word from Vyaniorth can make you feel as if you are the centre of the entire universe, or inform you with suave grace that you most certainly are not, without you even realising you've just been insulted. His voice holds a modulated tone, and rarely is it either lowered or increased.
Dragons have a tendency to live in the now, and Vyaniorth is no exception as he proudly makes the most of every moment that he walks into. His opinion on the past is a moot point, as he is honestly uninterested in it, be it his own, Allendris' or that of whomever he is talking to at the time. What has been is now gone and he sees no reason to linger on it - good or bad. Unlike the majority of his brethren, however, this bronze is looking to the future with an intensity that can be worrying. He is planning, plotting and playing a game of never ending dice as he watches each move roll across the board and his sharp mind is carefully contemplating where, exactly, he is about to land. As a result, as boring as he finds those that babble about what happened two minutes ago, two days or two turns ago - he will pay the utmost attention as he woos them, positioning them in his life for maximum advantage.

Vyaniorth is goal orientated, and reaching that goal with maximum success is paramount, be it something as simple as doing well in class or practice, to winning a flight or succeeding in winding Allendris' up in bed with someone new and interesting, the latter of which he considers a true challenge, and an amusing way to spend his time with his bonded. With a suave, classy nature and an easy way with both men and women, human or dragon, Vyaniorth finds his life mates inability to pass beyond a certain point with a potential partner utterly bewildering, adorably endearing, and frustrating enough that he will, eventually, take things forcefully into his own control. Allendris will come to find himself sitting in the dark room of interrogation, with the bright light that is his dragon shining down on him, and asking how he missed all the glaring signs of invitation the man was receiving; all the while, Vyaniorth is planning the next round, choosing his next target, and making arrangements to throw Allendris' at them in the most diplomatic manner he can devise.

While intelligence of his sire could be seriously questioned, Vyaniorth will quickly crush any such ridiculous thoughts that he might be anything less than brilliant. His mind, always at work, is imaginative and bold. There is nothing too outrageous to be achieved, no puzzle too difficult to solve and no challenge that cannot be conquered in some manner or form - he has only to figure out the pieces and put them in the right order. Thankfully, Vyaniorth is one that enjoys being challenged - both mentally and physically - and will throw himself (and Allendris) into any situation he deems worthy without fear or thought to the risks it may present, for Vyaniorth has no fear, and his confidence in both himself and his rider are unsurpassed.

Missing out on reaching the goals that are set for himself, however, rarely brings Vyaniorth down for long. While a highly emotional dragon, and with no restraints on sharing his feelings with Allendris, Vyaniorth rarely feels anything for very long. Anger, irritation and frustration are all momentary bouts that are quickly cured or forgotten as he moves along through the moments that string together his life. Happiness, joy and enthusiasm are just as fleeting and as likely to appear and vanish with very little warning. Vyaniorth's wild and unbound emotional bursts will take some getting used to as they flair through Allendris, but should never be anticipated or feared. Like his chosen one, Vyaniorth has the uttermost dignity in the way he displays his emotions though he will forever be far more of an open book than Allendris.

While the emotion that fuels their bond is strong, and Allendris should never doubt the love his dragon feels for him, Vyaniorth is not a possessive dragon without good cause. If the man wants to spend the evening drinking with his friends then Vyaniorth salutes him and will catch up with him tomorrow, and probably won't check in unless he senses Allendris desire for his presence. In the same breath, Vyaniorth salutes Allendris' lovers with a pride that comes with putting another notch on his rider's bed head; but should Allendris become attached to someone he is going to find his dragon going Inquisitor on his arse - no question will be too big or too small, too embarrassing or too outrageous as he digs deep into the personal life, wants and desires of the other human. It isn't that Vyaniorth doesn't want Allendris to settle down and be happy, it is simply that Allendris is his and when it comes to a third party joining their life long bond, the bronze dragon is going to make sure that like when the man Impressed him, that Allendris is getting the best possible available
Habits/Mannerisms: Starting with Impressing his bronze hide, Vyaniorth has taken to getting his life mate into sticky situations. While in the beginning the young dragon didn't intend to cause such times for Allendris, as he grew and his knowledge of the world and how it works grew, the dragon found that he enjoyed putting his bonded into situations and positions that compromised his wants, his desires, or his state of mind. From simply volunteering for more work to flying a green or gold with a rider that Allendris would prefer not (or even would) to wake up beside, Vyaniorth thoroughly enjoys himself.

Likes: There is nothing Vyaniorth enjoys quite as much as a good quality challenge. He enjoys having to work, both mind and body, to reach a result that appeals to him. He requires constant stimulation, else he becomes bored and, by so doing, will use his boredom as an excuse to play his chips as he desires, throwing dice that will land Allendris into situations that the man is less than likely to approve of or appreciate solely so he can watch how the man digs himself out without souring his reputation or appearance. As much as this dragon ever enjoys a challenge, he also thrives on watching those around him power through a situation that others struggle in.

The brain power of his companions and fellows is of great interest to this monster of a dragon; he finds those of less intelligence to be highly amusing, and is not above using his own smarts to twist the poor human or dragon - it matters not to he - around until they collapse in a pile of broken confusion. More so, however, Vyaniorth enjoys the company of those dragons with higher intelligence as they provide more witty conversation and are more challenging to manipulate. A good challenge is always appreciated, and as a result, the bronze will often seek out intelligent company, regardless of colour or rank, as a form of entertainment when bored or idling.

Vyaniorth is a bronze with a hankering for green. Despite his superior size on the feminine population, this bronze is not above rising to the challenge, and he will chase any green he finds pleasing and appealing - whether for her intelligence, her grace, her pretty hide, or because he thinks her rider would make for a good tumble for Allendris. Once his mind is set to capture one of the emerald minxes, Vyaniorth will chase her every time she takes to the skies, until the day he captures her; after which he is generally content and will move on to the next.

Dislikes: There are four ways to get Vyaniorth stuck firmly in the bad books, and find that it takes a great deal of work in order to get out. Boredom is a high ended irritation for this dragon. There is nothing quite as horrible as being bored out of his over active mind. This boredom could originate because he has nothing to do, or isn't allowed to do anything in particular. Or it could be because someone is grilling him about histories or telling him irrelevant stories that - frankly - Vyaniorth couldn't give to wings about. He couldn't care what you did two minutes ago, let alone two weeks or turns. It's unimportant and he has better things to do than listen to you babble on about it. Topped with that, he becomes dry and eye-rolling whenever Allendris reminiscences. Life before Vyaniorth stepped in is irrelevant, so stop fussing over it!

The other major turn off for Vyaniorth is clingy females - dragon or human - he doesn't care. If they cling, follow or just won't take a hint, well, he's going to get irked and it's going to result in velvety remarks that the silly woman won't even realise are insults as he goes in for the kill. He will chase the same female, and catch her, time after time - but the moment she starts getting ideas about his intentions Vyaniorth is going to tell her exactly where he stands; he never flees and will never back down. But he's not about to let any pretty face try and corner him, either. Allendris' desire to settle down completely boggles the intelligent dragon, who cannot understand why his human would want to do such a thing, when there are any number of men and women who would welcome Allendris' to their bed. That, however, doesn't mean he is against - it just means that any potential partner is going to be grilled.

Strengths: Unquestionably, Vyaniorth is intelligent, and as he grows up, this will become more obvious. He is not a genius-born dragon; his intelligence is something that will develop as he and Allendris' deepen their bond and he is able to further delve into the man's own mind and pick up the information stored away there. Vyaniorth is a strong dragon, physically and mentally. His physical strength and abilities were obvious the moment he cracked shell, and occasionally spark curiosity as to why he was amongst the last to appear on the scene. They do not fade as he grows, and he takes a deep though subtle pride in his appearance and his abilities.

Flaws: Vyaniorth is a risk taker, and so long as it doesn't put Allendris' life in too much danger, there is no challenge that the bronze dragon will ignore. He will become well known to take what appears up front as stupid risks, regardless of the pay out or lack there of. While the dragon claims that he actually thinks through whatever motion he is going to make, his thought function tends to stop as soon as he realises Allendris' won't actually die in the process. Beyond that, all that is important is getting the result he wants when he wants it. While it could be debated that taking risks isn't a weakness in and of itself - when an intelligent dragon such as Vyaniorth can be challenged into doing anything because someone threw a sly remark at him... Allendris will quickly learn to keep his dear beast as far from Charath as he possibly can.
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