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742.01.05 | Precious Prizes - Cazan - 05.Jan.21

Cazan woke up with a start, sitting up as she frowned, looking around for what had disturbed her sleep. She was alone for once, so it hadn't been a restless bed partner, and she couldn't hear anything out of the ordinary. It was Mal, she realized. The gold was being quiet, but in a terribly conspicuous way that she couldn't really explain. It was just something in her gut that told her that her dragon was up to something.

A bit of concentration confirmed it, Malvayth wasn't asleep and she was distinctly trying to avoid saying anything, which only served to make Cazan more suspicious. Mal, what are you doing? She expected some sort of odd story or an attempt at distraction, but instead she was met with even more conspiratorial silence. That was enough to worry her and she climbed out of bed, pulled on clothes and wrapped herself in her warmest coat before trudging out through the snow towards the Sands to check on things.

The gold dragon was curled up with her wings slightly spread out, which wouldn't have been too unusual, except she had a distinctly smug look about her. Cazan stopped short, blinking. "Mal... what are you hiding?"

Nothing, I just didn't want you to be jealous, since I have so many more babies than you. With a dramatic flare she lifted up a wing to reveal her precious prizes. Caz gasped as she did a quick count, twelve eggs all nestled together. It was a smaller clutch from the numbers she'd heard before, but considering how early she'd flown and that she'd been caught by a brown it was a rather respectable number she thought.

But then there was a little tickle in her mind, a hint that there was something else the dragon was hiding. "Mal..." The dragon carefully shifted her weight to reveal a single golden egg she'd carefully hidden behind a foreleg. Malvayth's voice chimed in a playful singsong, See. I didn't want you to be jealous. Cazan laughed. "They're all beautiful, Mal. You did a good job."

Now Cazan just had to let people know. That could wait until later though; for now she pulled her cushion up to her dragon and sat down so she could lean against her and get a little bit more sleep as she basked in the warmth of the Sands and Mal's buzzing happiness and pride.