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741.12.24 | Responsibility Sucks - Yfris - 24.Dec.20

Yfris was miserable. He had realised he was damned no matter the outcome of the conservation he was about it have. He had done a lot of research--more than he cared to admit to or had ever really done for anything before--and had meetings with too many niceties and pretty words that bored him terribly but were necessary. He was currently draped dramatically in a chair of Cazan's weyr thanks to T'ryn bringing him. Normally he would have asked K'dar but that man was too sensitive and would worry himself to the grave if he sat in on the conversation he was still putting off. T'ryn could have stayed since he was somewhat tied to it but he was annoyingly polite and left to visit with Malvayth.

He was sulking and delaying the news he had to give. He knew he was but it was taking so much responsibility and he just wasn't used to that! It made him feel gross and uncomfortable but still he sat up straighter and pulled out a folded piece of paper and tossed it onto the table. "That will likely buy your freedom from marrying me or anyone else in a Hold. It's from the leaders of Telgar Weyr. I met with them two days ago to ask them if you're Weyr or Hold property and if your mother can marry you off. You're a goldrider now so your mother has no claim on you any more."

There was more, so much more, and he held up his hand to stop her from commenting just yet. "I contacted the Harper Hall and asked them to look up any cases of married couples being separated by an Impression and if they involved someone of rank. It took a few days but they found several for me to look over on a quick and heavily supervised visit. For a place filled with Harpers, it's rather dull. I expected singing battles at the very least." He knew Harpers were also record keepers and taught lessons and Yfris recalled how boring the ones he sat through were so it shouldn't have been too shocking but he wanted music. "Essentially our marriage would mean nothing with us living apart. I would have to give up the Hold and move in with you for it to have any meaning so it doesn't do anyone much good since you're technically Holdless. The alliance of families could still be counted by our parents, I suppose."

And the final announcement for what he had done the past week since they last spoke was the most chilling of them all, "I also sat down with my parents to review their list of potential ladies. I had very tedious dinners with two of them. Absolute bores, Cazzy! So prim and proper and extolling the virtues of marriage and how they're prepared for their wifely duties. Utter torture!" He slumped back in his chair, drained all over again at the mere memory of those dinners. "There are three others I'll meet with soon. Fingers crossed I live through those."

RE: 741.12.24 | Responsibility Sucks - Cazan - 24.Dec.20

Since the moment that she'd punched Yfris in the face she'd been trying to think about the marriage as a possibility and not just as an annoying obstacle put forth by her mother. Cazan had even talked to T'ryn about it, and then cried far more than she'd wanted (which was to say, at all) when he'd continued being the wonderfully supportive man who loved her back and provided as much reassurances as he could that no matter what things would be okay for them.

As pesky and dramatic as Yfris was, with his carefree attitude and general laziness, he was her friend, and Cazan did worry about him a little. She'd done a bit of her own research, and mostly just exchanged letters with her older brother knowing he kept a close enough eye on their mother to usually know what was going on, while also having at least a somewhat decent head on his shoulders. She was about to bring those letters up when her fiance dramatically tossed a bit of paper onto the table.

Cazan found herself surprised and impressed with how much Yfris had done. It was far more than she'd ever expected he'd do on his own, and she had to quietly rethink the label of lazy that she'd applied to him before. Sure, he was probably still lazy in general and seemed to enjoy avoiding work, but it seemed that once he put his mind to something he could get quite a bit done.

When he mentioned reviewing his other marriage options though, Cazan's eyebrow shot up. "Really? You actually took a look at the other available options and sat down and met them?" If he wasn't acting so dramatic about it all she might have asked who he really was and what he'd done with the real Yfris. Instead she shook her head. "You should probably still see those other three to find out if you like any of them. Because if there are any that you actually do enjoy you should probably stick with that. Otherwise..."

She paused to take a sip of her tea. If he got to be dramatic then she could have her own little moment as well and leave him in a moment of suspense. "I've been writing Cazonel. He is sure my parents would agree to some sort of trade agreement or alliance with yours for the marriage to continue. And I think you could live with me only half the time and not have to give up the Hold, but I'm not as sure about that one so you should double check. You'd have to do something useful while you were in the Weyr, but we could find something that wasn't completely terrible for you to do."

RE: 741.12.24 | Responsibility Sucks - Yfris - 24.Dec.20

Yfris narrowed his eyes at her encouragement to meet the others. She would be the one that would get off on his torment. Cazan was the one that punched him after all. He already knew he wouldn’t like two of them as he had met them in the past and the third was younger and likely as pure as snow which meant also dull. His pouting was interrupted by Cazan’s dramatic pause and he quirked a brow at her, a slight smirk appearing as she sipped her tea. That was yet another reason why they actually were rather compatible and would be a fearsome pair.

He had taken into consideration how desperate her parents would be to wed her off, seeing her Impression as a boon and an embarrassment since she hadn’t wed beforehand. They would also be scandalized by her being pregnant and not wed so they would jump at anything Yfris’ family wanted in trade. But he hadn’t expected Cazan to look into it and start planning things as well. He said he would take care of it… and that was more than enough reason for her to do it herself. His reputation at work. He really should just let it do all the talking and sit back.

“I know. I checked that angle as well. I even spoke with Mulrissa and A’dris since I assumed you would move in with T’ryn and his dragon’s mate issue meant he couldn’t come here.” He ran his hands through his already somewhat dishevelled hair, adding to his laze about lordling image. “Details are still being worked out but I could be used as an ambassador for Misty Hold and negotiate trades between it and the Weyr. My father would likely want extra protection or more say on issues and he could provide the Weyr with more fish. I could also assist the leaders in dealing with other lords and play diplomat. Can you imagine that? Me in charge of such important things? I’d have to be sober for it!” There were worse things but that was still a pretty dreadful thought. He’d possibly also have to help with other paperwork or maybe even get his hands dirty sometimes but he was already bored enough by the thought that he spared Cazan.

“But, Cazzy, I’m giving you a chance to get out of being tied to me. You could be happy with T’ryn without any extra complications.” She already had everything she could want and didn’t need him third wheeling on her life. He didn’t mind crashing in unexpectedly at times so she wouldn’t fully be rid of him.

RE: 741.12.24 | Responsibility Sucks - Cazan - 24.Dec.20

"I'm sure you'll make up for your soberness by having the wildest parties," Cazan smiled as she teased. She was oddly proud of him for having done so much work on his own and finding out as much as he head. He certainly was clever and conniving enough to be able to handle the politics. Even though she was only a junior Goldrider, and not even a graduated one at that, Cazan doubted she could hide behind her leather forever. Eventually she was sure she'd have to help a bit more actively with the Weyr. Having Yfris to consult and get ideas from might be handy one day. But she could probably do that whether they were married or not.

Cazan tilted her head when he brought up that chance to free her though. Had he really crawled out of his comfortable and cozy carefree attitude just to try and help her? She took another long sip of her tea, trying to keep the sudden surge of emotions from making her do anything stupid or silly. "Iffy, I'm beginning to suspect you are secretly an adorable sweetheart. I'm touched that you'd work so hard to give me an out from all of this."

She considered being dramatic and taking the paper he'd tossed on the table to throw over her shoulder, but then she'd have to clean it up and she was not that dedicated to the bit. Instead she just shook her head. "I realized that I would probably be inconvenienced the least by this marriage. I'd have to visit family and do the occasional fancy dinner, maybe show off the baby if people were so inclined, and send a rider to pick you up and take you back to Misty Hold... but I'd be fine. I'd still have Malvayth, I'd still have T'ryn. And I'm willing to let you have an alternative to marrying a proper dragonless lady. So if you think this would be the better option for you, then... let's get married I suppose. I'm just grounded and can't leave the Weyr until after Mal's clutch hatches."

RE: 741.12.24 | Responsibility Sucks - Yfris - 25.Dec.20

"Don't get used to it. This whole being responsible thing is exhausting," he wrinkled his nose and then waved a hand brushing off the actual compliment. "I'm always adorable and sometimes a sweetheart. Just not everyone is lucky enough to know that." It wasn't like he was cold towards people. He was extremely friendly and outgoing but being too sickeningly sweet wasn't as widely known and now Cazan knew and he wondered how many people she would tell.

Yfris was amused by being called the least inconvenient option and laughed at the thought. He knew many people who wouldn't agree with that assessment but he'd take it. "You realise you could have saved me from so much work if you believed me last visit when I said we should just get married, right?" Yfris went from amused to annoyed as he gave Cazan a flat look. She didn't want the marriage and deserved her happy life with T'ryn so Yfris had spent hours reading and discussing and meeting boring women... for no reason.

"We don't need a fancy celebration. We can marry right now if there's a Harper around to make it official. I can give our parents the Harper's sealed note tomorrow. And we can celebrate tonight." Yfris smirked at his almost-wife and wondered if T'ryn returned while they were having sex if that would finally get the man to join them.

"Or give me two days and I'll round up at least the parents and a Harper and get them here so they can witness it. And then we can celebrate. Though I'm not opposed to celebrating our ability to agree to all of this either."

RE: 741.12.24 | Responsibility Sucks - Cazan - 25.Dec.20

"Well I'm glad that I'm lucky enough to get to see that part of you then." Cazan gave him a smile though it quickly turned into a frown as she sighed. "Yes... fine. You were right, I should have just believed you when you brought it up. I'm sorry that I made you have to do so much terrible work and I will try to make it up to you. Come dramatically flop over here on the couch so that I can pet your hair."

The lordling complied with all of the dramatic flair she expected and once he was settled, Cazan started to gently pet his hair. She wanted to claim it was just to try and soothe him, except she was enjoying herself as well. There was just something nice about running her fingers through the surprisingly soft waves of his hair. "You'll just have to remind me about this next time you have a brilliant idea or plan that I'm ignoring."

Caz was in ready agreement about not needing a fancy celebration, though she wasn't exactly sure when would be the best time to act on that. "I'll leave when we find that Harper up to you, since you clearly have a better sense of timing than I do. And as for celebrating... Hm. Do we really need to celebrate?" She was teasing him again, the wicked smile on her face betraying her.

"I think either way, celebrating could be in order. And maybe if we're lucky we can convince T'ryn to join us this time. I could try to send Lady to get him. We've been practicing teaching her to go to specific people." As if on cue the little gold popped into the room, crawling over to wedge herself between Yfris and Cazan to try to get as many cuddles as she could.

RE: 741.12.24 | Responsibility Sucks - Yfris - 25.Dec.20

"It seems my wife may have a secret fondness for long hair. Saves me from arranging to have it trimmed," he teased, letting his eyes fall shut as he enjoyed the gentle playing of his hair. He twitched internally at saying 'my wife' but it was mostly a sham of a marriage. They would each have their own lives and collide from time to time. Cazan really was the best choice for him, even if it did have some obstacles for them to get through first. And the responsibility he'd have! At least a normal marriage he could have delegated everything to better people. This path seemed like he would have to rely on himself to get things done a lot more.

He cracked an eye at her dismissal of celebrating and saw the grin which he returned. "Already finding ways to avoid my bed? Oh how marriage has changed you, Cazzy." Beds and living arrangements would have to be sorted out eventually but that was a bit further down the list as he had a ceremony to arrange first. Perhaps the first day of the new year. It was a new start for them so it seemed poetic.

As Lady appeared, Yfris shifted to let her snuggle in and he started petting her. The family had one but it was bonded to his older brother. Yfris didn't get a chance to play with him or cuddle like he was currently doing. Not that he wanted one of his own but now he'd have Lady around more often.

"Read my mind. I figured he would have no choice but to join us if he walked in on us. His naked and lusty girlfriend needing his dick as well? Even he's not strong enough to politely excuse himself and leave." He didn't think so, anyway. T'ryn had already been ignoring his flirtations for three months. Maybe he was actually made of stone.

RE: 741.12.24 | Responsibility Sucks - Cazan - 25.Dec.20

"I don't know about longer hair," Cazan said with a smile. "I do like this length though, long enough to play with, short enough that it doesn't get into everything." A good length, like T'ryn's hair, though she didn't bother to say that tidbit aloud. Yfris already knew how fond she was of her bronzerider.

Cazan laughed at the silly accusation that she was trying to avoid his bed. "Me? Avoiding my wifely duties? How could you insinuate such things? Besides, you have this pesky habit of making it hard to avoid your bed."

She gently gave Lady a tiny scratch to the back of her head, listening to the adorable little thing make soft happy noises. "See, you've even charmed Lady. Not that she isn't friendly enough, but she doesn't cuddle just anyone you know." Just the people and dragons she and Mal were fond of, it seemed. Caz gave the little gold a tiny pat and tried fixing a picture of T'ryn firmly in her mind. "Go find him for me and pester him til he comes back."

Lady gave the both of them one last little nuzzle before popping away to her task. Once the firelizard had gone, Cazan turned her attention to Yfris, leaning down to give him a kiss. "So, should we arrange for a show for T'ryn to walk in on, and should we leave some encouraging tea out to help convince him to join us? We're not surprising him with it, we're going to warn him, but it might help either way. And if he doesn't want it I'll drink it. Just not your slutty gold sex klah, I'd rather have more of a mind left."

She already knew at least what part of the answer would be, so she pulled away from those comfortable snuggles so that she could strip as she made her way into the bedroom to grab her collection of various vials and teas that Yfris kept slowly adding to when he visited. She'd leave it up to her fiance to decide which one he thought would suit T'ryn the best for the moment. With that out of the way and settled back on the couch and pulled Yfris into a kiss. She wanted to have at least some sort of show going on for the bronzerider.