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741.09.19 Free Time - Aederyn - 20.Sep.20

The late afternoon sunlight glanced off of the Weyr bowl, sending rays dancing skyward in dazzling display. Summer warmth fought to hang on, seeking refuge in the rock, and the Weyr's many dragons took advantage, sunning themselves on their ledges. Aederyn plucked her way down the steps from the Weyrwoman’s rooms and started at a brisk jog around the edge of the bowl, finished with her duties for the day and eager to have some time to herself.

The last few months had been a whirlwind. She was busier than she ever was as a Runner. If she wasn’t corralling kids she was helping in the lower caverns, and if not there she was studying and learning all she could about the dragons. Though there weren’t any clutches on the sands at fort just yet, she still wanted to take in all the information on the creatures that she could before she stood on the Sands.

Thoughts of studying brought thought of writing, and she realized she hadn’t checked in with her brother in far too long.The lack of a proper message pouch or tube also settled in her mind, as she’d need to send Rudi to figure out where Alekse’s next Runner Station destination would be… Who was the girl R’dare had mentioned? She’d made one crazy mark with her unorthodox Impression, but she couldn’t honestly say that she’d seen the girl since then…Stopping and scanning the bowl, she saw the beautiful gold and her rider down by the lake. Figuring this fluke of some free time shouldn’t go to waste, she picked up her pace and ran down to the pair, waving as she approached.

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Cazan - 21.Sep.20

Malvayth waited until Cazan finished removing the riding straps before she flopped onto the ground to stretch out in the sun. The only thing the gold loved more than flying was flying with her precious rider, even if it meant she wasn't allowed to do the loop de loops or thrilling rolls that she enjoyed. She'd at least gotten a jump from Cazan when she took a particularly sharp turn (sharp as far as a dragon of her size was able to pull off at least). Her tail reached over to give Cazan a lazy tap as she said, Next time you should let me spin.

"Nope. Not next time. Probably not even the time after that. You remember what happened last time you tried to not listen to the weyrlingmaster." The gold's mom had been called in, and as far as Cazan was concerned that was a very mortifying situation and so Mal had been embarrassed too.

So instead of outright defiance, the gold tried to whine instead. But you had fun once you got over being scared and you'll have fun with the spin too! I wouldn't let you fall! I promise! Pleeeease? Cazan sighed. "If the weyrlingmaster says it's fine then you can. But not until then, okay?"

Yay! Oh who is that? The dragon tilted her head as she watched the stranger approaching with a wave. Cazan turned to look at the woman, giving her a wave in return. She didn't recognize her, but it was possible they'd already met and she'd just forgotten. "Hello. Having a nice day?"

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Aederyn - 21.Sep.20

Skipping to slow herself down, Aederyn smiled lopsidedly, still not quite sure of herself with casual introductions. “Yes, thanks. Happy to enjoy the last bits of summer while I can.” It didn’t matter how long she had been in the Weyr, or how long much she had been around dragons, she still felt in complete awe, and if she was being honest, a little unworthy, when in such close proximity to them. She couldn’t help but gape at the gold, not even a year old and already significantly taller at the shoulder than the full grown blues she’d met.

Her rider also caught her by surprise, seeming close in age to herself, and a surprising few inches taller. She idly reflected that while she was taller among hold and craft folk, she was among the shorter, or at least average, women in the Weyrs.

“I don’t think we’ve actually met. I’m Aederyn. I’m new—well, new-ish—here. And…” she trailed off and shook her head. No sense in spewing her life history. It wasn’t relevant and she didn’t want this woman to think her crazy. “Long story short, R’dare recommended you and your leather work. Have you ever made anything for fire lizards? If you’re willing, I’d like a message pouch or tube for my little brown.” She raised her arm out to the side, but put it down when Rudi didn’t immediately appear, likely otherwise occupied. Chewing her lip, she shrugged. “He’s around here somewhere, and usually comes when called. He likes the dragons, so he’ll show up soon, I’m sure.”

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Cazan - 23.Sep.20

There was a small bit of relief when she found out that she had in fact, not met the stranger before. Cazan smiled and nodded. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I'm Cazan and this is Malvayth."

She reached out to pat the dragon's hide as Malvayth craned her head closer for a better look at Aederyn. Hi! Cazan is the best at making things! She makes wonderful things like pants! I'm sure she could make something for... the dragon's voice trailed off for a moment before it rang with bubbly excitement. Fire lizard?! Can I meet him? I want to see!

Cazan was too busy pulling out her small notebook to pay Malvayth's babbling much mind. She was already pondering the commission, excited for something new to make. "How big do you need it to be? I've not made very much for fire lizards, once did a tiny vest, but I should be able to make a pouch. Do you want it as part of a harness or just a loop that your fire lizard can grab onto?"

She started to sketch out a few ideas, steadfastly ignoring the soft mental whine that she knew Malvayth wanted her to hear. I'm trying to work, Mal. You like it when I work, remember? Or at least that's what you keep saying. The whine changed to a soft huff. I like it when you do the interesting parts and actually make things. Cazan smiled and reached out to rub her dragon's head fondly. I can't get to that unless I do this part first.

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Aederyn - 23.Sep.20

Warmth flooded her mind along with the young queen’s voice, and she couldn’t help grinning at the dragon’s praise for her rider. To be bespoken so casually caught her off guard, and she laughed with the excitement of it. Aederyn had only ever carried on conversations with Edath, and when she could, she offered a greeting to the dragon and rider on watch, and occasionally got a reply.

“Of course!” She nodded to Malvayth, raising her arm again and mentally calling her brown with added enthusiasm along with an image of the gold, and was satisfied when he burst into the air above her, chittering in curiosity. He alighted briefly on the redhead’s arm, turning his head the way and that to watch Malvayth, chirping and warbling, before taking flight once more and flitting about the gold to get a better look, squealing in delight.

With Rudi now otherwise occupied, and just fine being left to his own devices as long as he didn’t annoy the queen, Aederyn turned back to Cazan. “Oh, a harness would be preferred, for sure. He’s a smart little thing most of the time, but he’s lost messages in the past and I think it would be best to leave his little mind to only doing the flying.” As if to emphasize her point, Rudi made a wide arc around the little group and only narrowly avoided flying into the redhead by popping between, seconds later popping out again above the queen. Aederyn shook her head and shrugged.

A thought occurred to her and she stopped, bringing a hand absently to her mouth as she started to chew on a nail. “Wait, maybe not…I don’t have a way to pay you.” She frowned as she realized the few marks she’d had saved for the Gather several months back had slowly been eked away on little things, leaving her with very little to pay for such fine, custom work. “I have a few marks, but not nearly as much as this would warrant. And my former Craft was fairly limited in needed skills. Running isn’t needed nearly as much in a Weyr. But I am a quick learner, so if you need help with anything, I’d be happy to exchange work.”

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Cazan - 24.Sep.20

The tiny brown creature's antics fascinated Malvayth and she was absolutely enraptured as she watched Rudi fly around. She even tried her hand at returning a few of the chirps and warbles, though they came out quite a bit deeper than her new tiny friend's voice. Cazaaaaaaan! I want one! Can I have one? I'll take care of it! I promise! It wasn't the first time the subject of fire lizards had come up, but it was the first time she'd offered to take care of one. Cazan couldn't help but wonder how that would even work out. She imagined the rather enthusiastic dragon and a fire lizard wreaking havoc in her workshop and she shook her head. No. I don't have time to take care of a fire lizard and you and work. But I'll do it! I'll make sure it doesn't mess with your work!

She didn't have time to have a lengthy discussion, not when there was potential work at hand. I'll think about it. Malvayth gave a delighted chirp and turned her attention back to the fire lizard, watching it fly around and occasionally stretching out a wing or extending her tail to offer different perches for him to land on before he took off again.

At least Mal was distracted enough that Cazan could get back to thinking about work. She studied Aederyn again for a moment as she considered the suggested exchange. "I could pretty much always use help oiling Mal, but there are also some basic leather working tasks I could teach you so that you could help out. If that's something that interests you."

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Aederyn - 28.Sep.20

Aederyn visibly relaxed at that, releasing a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. “Whatever suits you. I could use learning in both,—oiling dragons and leather work—if I’m to be of use to the Weyr.” She snapped to a loose stance of attention and bowed slightly, breaking up the pseudo-formality with a small smile. “I am at your service.”

Well, this was a step in the right direction, for sure. Any new skill was a useful skill. And if Rudi could be kept out of trouble by keeping company with the queen, it was even better. The little brown perched on Malvayth’s tail and the redhead laughed. MUCH better. She felt bad for constantly sending him off to out of the way ledges or back to her quarters in order for him not to be a bother or a nuisance. If he made a friend in the gold and was able to stay out of trouble, she was in a good mood.

“Just let me know when you’d like me to start.” A part of her hoped she might find a friend in this young woman, too. Even if she and Cazan only kept mostly silent company it would break up the monotony. She felt even more alone in the Weyr than she had out on the traces, being so useless. Watch children, study, kitchen caverns. Repeat. Even though it was still more work, it would be a pleasant break from her current day-to-day. She looked forward to it.

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Cazan - 29.Sep.20

Malvayth was having a grand time with her new little friend and her joy was infectious. Cazan smiled as she considered her schedule and the excitement of teaching a student some of her craft. Not an apprentice, she couldn't have a proper apprentice after all since Cazan was only a journeyman herself and even then only by pretending to be her brother, but hopefully at least an assistant. She didn't have any plans for the evening, no visitors that she knew of; it would probably be a good enough time as any to start. "We can probably get started now if you want. We can go to my weyr, I can show you how to cut and burnish leather for your little guy's pack."

Malvayth's voice bubbled excitedly in her mind, Can you make something for me too? I want to match Rudi! Cazan turned to the dragon to raise an eyebrow. "Oh? And will you be delivering messages if I make you a bag too?"

The dragon seemed to consider for a moment, then looked at Rudi then back to her rider. I can carry Rudi! Cazan laughed at the idea but then the sound trailed off. As ridiculous as the idea was she couldn't help but think through the pattern and how to make the idea work. "Well, now I want to make one out of principal." She turned to Aederyn and gestured for her to follow. "Let's go, you can tell me more about yourself or ask any questions while we walk."

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Aederyn - 07.Oct.20

“No time like the present.” Aederyn gestured for Cazan to lead the way and easily kept pace beside her. She cleared her throat awkwardly as she considered the invitation to share more of her background. She’d always been so guarded, but she was trying to learn to open up. Her own words echoed in her mind: ‘No time like the present…’

“About myself…well. I’m Craft bred. Runnercraft, relaying messages back and forth across the continent. I was based out of station 298, not far from here.” She pointed in the general direction of the location, to the southeast. “But as a female runner, even though I could outpace half or more of the men on the traces, my participating in the craft wasn’t exactly something to be welcomed. I found out this past spring that I was to be married off.” She grimaced at the memory, and Rudi swooped by, chittering with mild concern at her spike in anxiety, as her mind made the jump from marriage to babies…She did her best to quell the feeling and shove it away, hoping it wouldn’t migrate from her to Rudi to Malvayth. As much as weyrfolk seem to be more understanding and accepting, she wasn’t sure she wanted to spill that particular part of her past to someone she’d just met.

“Suffice to say, I wasn’t too keen on the idea.” She waved him away, watching with mild annoyance and amusement as he went back to circle the queen. “So, I ran away and joined the Weyr. R’dal and Edath Searched me, and I think that’s to be made official whenever the next clutch is on the sands. Until then, since I’ve no useful, relevant skills to offer—after all, what good is running messages when a dragon can go BETWEEN with a message faster than I can hit my stride? —I look after the Weyrwoman’s children, help in the lower caverns, and study. And still get in a good run when I can. I do miss running. Gotta keep busy, you know.” With a half-laugh and a shrug the redhead smiled. Weyr live wasn’t what she’d expected, but she was happy. “How about you? I was here at the hatching when you Impressed from the stands! You seem to have adapted quite well to Weyr life.”

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Cazan - 09.Oct.20

Cazan nodded along as she listened. She didn't know too much about runners, and she didn't want to just make assumptions about the craft. Even if she couldn't really relate to it since they didn't make anything. There was one thing she could relate to though, and that was being married off. Or at least people trying to marry her off.

Malvayth had picked up on Aederyn's momentary anxiety, but luckily was quickly distracted by the little brown. Cazan only gave her dragon a long enough check to make sure things were fine before she turned her attention back to the woman. "Busy is good. And my parents have been trying to marry me off for a long time, I was just too busy, and good at finding excuses. I think my mother is still trying to find me a husband, she seems to think having a gold dragon will make me more desirable. I don't think she understands how things work in the weyrs."

Though truth be told, Cazan wasn't quite sure she really understood completely herself. "And I suppose I've adapted well enough. Most of it has been just trying to get by with Mal, making sure I take care of her as much as I can. For the first couple of months things were really... I don't know if hard is the right word. I was too busy and exhausted to really notice if it was difficult or not. Didn't have time to do much thinking until it was too late."

She could feel the start of an insecure question from Malvayth so she added, "I wouldn't trade it for anything though. Mal is amazing, and I actually have time after classes to do my own work again."

They reached the private weyr and Cazan immediately showed Aederyn to her little office workshop. "Now let's get started with some basics. I'll show you how to cut leather..."

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Aederyn - 20.Oct.20

“Hey, excuses work. That’s better than I did, at least. I couldn’t come up with any, so I just ran off. Quite literally. I still think my father is waiting for me to come back…”

Aederyn chuckled a bit at the idea of a gold rider getting married…she supposed the whole weyrwoman/weyrleader relationship was similar, but she’d been learning that relationships among dragonriders seemed to be in a constant state of flux, and sometimes not determined by the riders, but by the dragons themselves, regardless of the riders’ wishes. It was a unique way of life, to be sure, but she was adjusting to the idea.

She nodded as Cazan continued. The idea of being too busy and exhausted to think wasn’t terribly difficult to grasp. She’d had her moments of it, to be sure. Her sister’s new baby, her own firelizard, but nothing to the extreme of caring for a newly hatched, rapidly growing dragon. The idea of someday possibly having her own dragon to care for sent a wave of excitement and nervousness through her, and she looked back toward the gold and smiled.

Aederyn gawked at the projects in Cazan’s work area, reaching toward but afraid to touch the various pieces that sat on the bench until Cazan directed her toward some materials to start in on. She listened attentively as the woman explained what tools to use and how, as well as how to measure and cut for seam allowances—margins?—and when to cut with or against the grain. Rudi had taken up a perch atop the gold, comfortable and content but in such a spot that he could watch the two women. Occasionally he got called over for measurements, only to take up his position on the queen again afterwards. He had taken quite easily to both Cazan and Malvayth, and she praised him when he interacted easily and responded to either of them.

Time seemed to fly and Aederyn was almost sad when Cazan seemed to be ending the lesson for the day.

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Cazan - 21.Oct.20

Malvayth happily jabbered away at Rudi, crooning softly and pleased for his company. Every now and then she'd gently prod Cazan's mind, insist that she thought Rudi needed a friend his size. Then after a bit she would prod a bit more, suggesting that maybe they could get a firelizard of their own to be Rudi's friend. Each little nudge to her rider went unanswered, but Mal could tell that Cazan had heard, and silence while she was distracted with her work was better than an outright no.

Cazan kept her focus primarily on teaching Aederyn the basics and helping her make her own little pouch for Rudi. It was nice to work with someone again, even if she kept silently fretting about things not being quite as right as she would have liked them. In the end, though, Aederyn had a nice pouch that only needed to be either oiled or dyed. "If you want colors we can do that some other time, for now I think this is good."

She turned to her dragon to look for the little brown firelizard and called him over so they could do a final test fit of his new pouch. With Rudi looking rather dashing in his new accessory Malvayth couldn't help but chirp, He's so cute!

"Yes, he is very cute," Cazan said with a smile. Looking at the final product filled her with a familiar pride. "And you've managed to put together a very respectable pouch. Feel free to stop by whenever you'd like, if I'm here I'm sure I'll have something for you to help with, either with leather or with Mal."

RE: 741.09.19 Free Time - Aederyn - 24.Oct.20

Dusting her work-cramped hands on her trousers, Aederyn studied her first bit of leather handiwork. A part of her marveled at how Cazan for the long hours spent doing such tedius, fine work. Just the little bit she’d done was going to have her hands sore for a day ,at least.

The pouch wasn’t perfect, but it was functional. She’d have to tweak a few things. The thought of starting one for her brother and his firelizard Handsome made her smile despite the sore, stiff hands. It would give her a chance to try and improve the design. Faranth knew when she’d see him again, so she’d have the time.

“Well, thank you so much, you have been a great instructor. I’ll be happy to stop by whenever I can to help cut, dye, oil…or whatever else this requires that I don’t know about yet.”

Rudi whistled and flitted around the queen once more before alighting on Aederyn’s shoulder, and with that, she saw herself to the stairs and back down to the Weyr bowl. The work had been more tiring than she’d thought, and she was glad to collapse back into her bed at the Candidates’ dorm.

Well, Cazan was nice enough. Straightforward. Helpful, and willing to teach. And Mal was a cheerful thing. Rudi certainly liked her. She wasn’t quite sure where this working partnership might go or what skills she’d be able to retain, but she was hopeful, at least. It was something. And progress was progress. She ran Rudi’s new accessory through her fingers, already thinking of how to improve and where she might be able to add little details that Alekse would appreciate. Work for another day.