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Benden Weyr Moving In Details - Insulting Truths - 27.Apr.20

The move is finally upon us!

Months of cleaning and organizing has led to a hopefully smooth transition from your old Weyr to your new Weyr.

The move was staggered by Weyr over nine days to help avoid too much air traffic. There would be a lot of back and forth with riders moving their own belongings and helping the cavern folk move in as well. This also helps keep track of everyone arriving, checking off various lists, making sure everyone gets their proper weyr and all jobs are covered, as well as track down anyone that is missing whether due to cold feet or other reasons.

The move in dates (using real life dates but you know it's month 4):
Ista Weyr will move April 21-23
Telgar moves in April 24-26
Fort moves in April 27-29

To celebrate the move, there will be a party on April 30th beginning at dinner and continuing until the wee hours of morning. This is kind of a meet your neighbour party and will only be for Benden Weyr residents since some people may not even know each other having lived in other Weyrs the entire time or perhaps you haven’t seen someone since the days of Telgar Weyr.

The party itself will be held in the Dining Cavern and the area of the Lower Bowl around the entrance. Anyone that was a Harper or that has a good singing voice or can play an instrument is encouraged to help entertain the crowd but you won’t be forced to. It’s a night of drinking, mingling, and enjoying yourself!

Some technicalities that are important:

There were sign-up sheets for which day you wanted to move on for your Weyr’s timeframe to help yet again with the flow of air traffic and to make it neater and easier for the leadership to track all the moving parts.

Your weyr was arranged beforehand!

Because everyone had a hand in cleaning and preparing the Weyr, everyone moving in was told to pick out which weyr they would like to have with three back-ups. Each weyr was labelled by floor and a pre-assigned letter. An example would be 2-D. You would give your options in order of preference to M’ris or Ameris and they (probably Ameris, let’s be real. She would organize it better) would go through everyone and assign everyone their new home. Bronzeriders would get first choice and those from Ista get it above the others, though M’ris wouldn’t let that fact be known. I imagine the week leading up to the move in days was spent finalising this. You would see the leadership upon arriving in Benden to announce your arrival and find out where you are.

Also, since Benden is a lot larger than Ista, I would say only a certain amount of floors are open right now, starting from the bottom and working up.

I probably forgot something, so feel free to ask questions. Otherwise, go forth and play out your arrival or partying!

Oh, and please reply with which of your characters moved to Benden Weyr and don’t forget to update their profiles to reflect that as well.

RE: Benden Weyr Moving In Details - Insulting Truths - 27.Apr.20

My Benden Weyr crew!

RE: Benden Weyr Moving In Details - Jenn - 27.Apr.20

Ameris & Mizeath (for obvious reasons)
K'ton & Ironth
T'drin and Gelabrith

RE: Benden Weyr Moving In Details - DeeStar - 29.May.20

Way late but both my girls are going to Bendon for obvious reasons

Vaeyla & Nadioth

RE: Benden Weyr Moving In Details - ThistleProse - 14.Jun.20




@Indivara, unless Val decides to move, then she follows him

I don't remember/know
- @Cazelarias will follow Nerreh, lmao. Lost puppy boy is lost
- @Phinarion - Candidate, he goes wherever there are eggs

RE: Benden Weyr Moving In Details - ValGal9 - 21.Jun.20

Latest of all..
Helyna is moving to Benden

RE: Benden Weyr Moving In Details - Zandelion - 09.Oct.20

forgets to do this for months

@M'dox has moved to Benden!

Maybe someone I never play or two will end up there as well, idk, depends on if we need more of X color somewhere

RE: Benden Weyr Moving In Details - Pallas - 15.Oct.20





Moving Kestra to Benden