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741.01.13 | Secret Adventures - Madiquel - 26.Jan.20

Madiquel had refused to socialise ever since A’tay had told her how Quinvalis had been injured. She’d been sending Clover to her home Weyr daily, seeking updates and sending her own to her friend with tidbits about what she’d been up to in class, and how desperately she wished she was there and able to help. Madiquel loved Zezeth more than she could ever put into words, but she felt so trapped on the Istan Island, with her dragon who was growing, but was still too small for riding. They’d finally passed their fifth-month-birthday, and Zezeth was seriously outgrowing her brothers, which was… confusing. Madiquel was somewhat worried, and she knew she wasn’t alone. All of Zezeth’s effort appeared to going into growing bigger, the dragon was still little more than skin and bones and a glossy green hide that Madiquel kept drenched in oil. Her dragon had recovered well from the dislocation of her left hip, but it had done the damage to the way everyone treated her. Zezeth hated the way her siblings and the humans who spent time around her were cautious, like they were constantly waiting for her to pop another joint.

A flicker of a smile danced over Madiquel’s face when she felt Zezeth touch on her mind, letting her know that the boys – dragons and riders – had gone to bed, and the coast was clear. Madiquel hadn’t meant to isolate herself so thoroughly, and was kind of embarrassed about the scene she’d managed to make. She was angry with herself, for not being able to be there to help Quinvalis or simply to support him. She had been upset when A’tay had brought her the news, and while she’d burst into tears and fled from him after he’d finished speaking, refusing to talk to him or any of her friends, she hadn’t been angry at him in any way. It wasn’t A’tay’s fault he was the bearer of bad news! But after the first two days, Madiquel still hadn’t been ready to see her friends, and had taken to sneaking around. Today, she was sneaking because she was embarrassed to face them. She’d been awfully dramatic and childish and she was quite ashamed of herself and not sure how to go back to normal. She was afraid of questions.

Slipping into the weyr where the dragonets slept, Madiquel joined Zezeth. She glanced at the two blues, but they were either genuinely asleep, or were humouring herself and Zezeth and pretending to be asleep. Madiquel smiled fondly at them, and then scrambled onto Zezeth’s back, settling herself at the base of the dragonet’s neck and wriggling to make herself comfortable. Zezeth was very skinny, and quite uncomfortable, but they both enjoyed the contact and the way the pony ride felt so natural as the young dragon slipped out into the night air, spreading her wings and flapping them slowly; she wasn’t trying to take off, but exercising the joints and muscles, and getting them both used to the way the motion felt.

Technically, while fifth-month lessons included the grounded rides, the Weyrlingmaster had insisted that none of the dragonets were ready. Dyoricath and Erebuth were both still very small, though Madiquel had overheard some of the others talking about how they weren’t that much smaller than the Old dragons, the ones before the Plague, and Madiquel had ended up seeking out Casa to query about it. Everyone knew that Thallyath was tiny compared to the other Katilan gold dragons, but discussion with her rider had brought Madiquel up to date on a lot of information and from there, it really hadn’t taken much effort on Zezeth’s part to get Madiquel atop her.

The after-dark though, that was because Madiquel wasn’t interested in causing a scene. She didn’t want to upset the boys, she didn’t want to get scolded by her Papa or her Weyrlingmaster or anyone else. Neither she nor Zezeth did. But Madiquel was careful! She had checked Zezeth over so thoroughly before their first riding session that the green had become exasperated with her. But Madiquel had made her do all kinds of things, until she was confident that the dragonet wouldn’t collapse under her into a pile of green bones.

None of that was in Madiquel’s mind, though, as she sat atop Zezeth with her head thrown back, staring up at the ceiling of stars in the darkness of the sky. Madiquel hated the dark, and with the stars as the only light, it was very dark around her. But she felt safe and secure with Zezeth, so long as she didn’t think too deeply about how alone they were, how far they were from everyone and everything, and how dark it was… Company, Zezeth said softly, and Madiquel startled, blinking and lowering her face so she could stare with huge eyes into the darkness in the direction she knew her dragonet was looking. Zezeth didn’t sound stressed, but Madiquel still shifted anxiously and chewed on her bottom lip.

“Who?” She whispered softly, as Zezeth meandered confidently towards the other dragon. It took them almost until they were atop one another for Madiquel to realise that the shadowy shape was Xyxyth, with A’tay. “Um, hi,” Madiquel said weakly, wondering if A’tay and Xyxyth would scold her and Zezeth for their late night wandering. She could feel Zezeth’s amusement as she folded her wings away and stood placidly, peering up at the other dragon with a soft croon.

RE: 741.01.13 | Secret Adventures - A'tay - 28.Jan.20

Normally, A'tay would have already been fast asleep given the hour but something kept niggling him in the back of the mind to the point that he got up and dressed. He was superstitious enough to believe that there had to be a reason for him not being able to sleep and he was worried it was something bad. Maybe it would have to do with the weaker weyrlings despite them looking stronger and healthier with each passing month.

Since Madiquel was a part of that group, A'tay found himself in the Lower Bowl with Xyxyth, quietly walking side by side in the direction of the weyrlings' barrack. He just wanted to double check there wasn't any major commotion to help sooth his fears before going back to bed. We don't have to go much further. Madiquel and Zezeth approach.

A'tay frowned at the approaching figure he could only barely make out the shape of. That's not Madiquel. They aren't allowed to ride their dragons yet. And Madiquel certainly wasn't the sort to break such a rule when it came to the health and safety of her dragon. But when the figure came closer and a familiar voice greeted him, A'tay found himself wrong and gawked. Told you.

"Madiquel!" A'tay gasped and struggled to find words, any words really. She was clearly out after curfew and was riding her dragon when she wasn't supposed to. This wasn't the friend he knew! Sure, they had gotten into mischief when they were younger and that meant breaking or bending some rules but this just felt different.

And then he remembered the feeling he had and suddenly A'tay found some words again. "Is everything okay?"