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Cazan of gold Malvayth - Cazan - 01.Dec.19

"Journeyman" Leatherworker
[Image: Emma-emma-watson-30964652-500-230.gif]
Emma Watson
Important Details
Original Name: Cazan
Pronounced: kah-ZAN
Nicknames: Caz, Zan, Zanny, Cazzy

Dragon Name: Malvayth
Dragon Pronounced: MAL-vay-th
Dragon Colour: gold
Wing Assigned: TBA
Wing Rank: TBA

Primary Rank: Accidental Gold Mom
Secondary Ranks: "Journeyman" Tannercrafter

Place of Birth: Katz Field Hold
Date of Birth: 14.02.717 AL
Searched/Stolen By: N/A
Searched/Stolen Date: N/A
Impression Age: 23, 10.01.741 AL - their age, and the date that they Impressed.
Physical Age: 23
Aged Out: N/A

Exiled With: N/A

Partner: N/A
[Image: d558152dd3d580812dd427eb6c40ac00.jpg]
Eyes: Warm brown, and almond shaped set beneath dark eyebrows that add to the expressiveness of her eyes. Especially talented at looking cross.

Hair: Darker auburn that looks brown in most lighting conditions, but bright sun brings out a reddish sheen. She keeps it cut short enough to help her pass as a man.

Height: 5'10"

General Appearance: Tall and lean, Cazan has a generally androgynous appearance accentuated by her short hair cut and her rather modest and easy enough to hide breasts. She has an athletic build from a combination of dedication to her craft and her inability to stay still for long. Her hands are rough though she tries to use balms to keep them from being too calloused. When she does put time into her appearance she can be rather feminine, but her chronic resting bitch face during those occasions tends to keep people away.

Dressing Style: Cazan has always enjoyed masculine attire, in addition to helping her achieve her goals, it just always felt right. She enjoys pants, fine button up shirts, dress jackets, decorative scarves, and hats when she's dressing up for herself. Usually she can be found in work clothing; sturdy pants, a well made shirt, vest, well worn long leather gloves, a belt with smaller tools, wool cap, and a small scarf that she uses to mop up sweat or wipe her hands. She has glued hair to her face in the past when her brother refused to shave, but she makes him help with that (or more frequently just makes him shave). She also shaves her face to remove any peach fuzz and small mustache hairs that would further differentiate herself from her brother.

Cazan is capable of wearing a dress, owns at least one nice one for dinner parties, but doesn't enjoy it and is always distant and quiet when forced to wear one for social occasions. To help distance herself from her brother's appearance on those occasions she tends to make an effort to appear even more feminine with makeup, jewelry, and finely crafted dress gloves that she made herself her brother made for her.
[Image: 73d5d106c6beb6d58e1e8721bec12b09.jpg]
General Character Traits: Cazan has always been a tomboy with a self assured stubborn streak. She's determined and tenacious, clever enough to try and find unorthodox ways to achieve her goals, bold enough to give those plans a try, and sneaky enough to pull it off. She can get too caught up in her goals though, and is prone to tunnel vision, hyperfocusing on what she wants to the point that she forgets to take a break and relax and live a little. A workaholic as a result, she's abandoned thoughts of romance not because she isn't interested, but because she's more interested in her work for the moment.

She's friendly enough when she does manage to get her eyes off of work, and Cazan even has a habit of flirting with pretty girls while disguised as her brother to keep up appearances. If anything comes out of the flirting she just arranges a meeting time later and sends her brother out on a date. She enjoys feeling in control of her life, and while surprises and changes to her plans can irritate her, she is generally resilient and given more towards optimism than pessimism.

When drinking, two things usually happen: she feels warmer and generally is more fickle about the temperature, and becomes generally more brazen and less subtle. This usually results in her removing articles of clothing to cool off and then stealing clothing from others (even if they are actively wearing the item) to keep from getting too cold. Her antics are generally harmless (if a little scandalous) up until ideas get put into her head. She can be reasoned with, but it usually takes more effort.

Habits/Mannerisms: Cazan cannot keep her hands still. When she's bored or thinking, she has a habit of spinning small tools across her fingers. When she doesn't have tools in hand she drums her fingers or picks up small objects without thinking to fiddle with them instead.

Opinions: These can be kept short and sweet; a sentence will suffice.
Threadfall Theory: She doesn't know enough about it to have an opinion really.
Stealing/Kidnapping: Well kidnapping people sounds awful, but she's glad that they've stopped.
Weryrleader S'kef: N/A
Firelizards: They're cute and interesting.
Women's loss of honourifics: What? Why? If a man can have an honourific she should be able to have one too, it's just a name.
Return North: Hopefully it's good for business.

[This section is optional]
Freedom: Feeling in control of her own life.
Craftsmanship: Making things and the immense satisfaction and pride that brings.
Recognition: She adores the validation from receiving praise, but her favorite is when someone compliments her skills as herself and not as her brother.

Stillness: Cazan hates holding still, there's so much she can be doing if she moves around, and if she's not moving she feels awkward and off balance.
Interruption: She dislikes distractions and being interrupted, when she's in a groove the last thing she wants is to leave before she's done. She will even forego sleep to finish something she's in the middle of.
Silly restrictions: Being told she cannot do something that she thinks she can do. It almost guarantees she will try to do it or at least think about how she could try and get away with it.

Quick Thinking: She's adaptable and quick on her feet after a lot of practice pretending to be her brother and having to cover for him and fill in gaps. When trouble is brewing she's usually able to nimbly maneuver her way through it and keep herself together up until she's alone.
Independent: Even though she enjoys and desires validation from others she's fine doing her own thing and is able to appreciate her work on her own merits.
Self confident: She is willing to take calculated risks, and doesn't tend to focus on fear and uncertainties (except when it comes to her personal life).

Workaholic: Cazan works to distract herself from everything, from how lonely she can be to how anxious she is about the thought of landing a husband and her life ending as she knows it. She doesn't know how to relax and feels lost and uncomfortable when she doesn't have a task to focus on.
Tunnel Vision: When she's focused she has a tendency to latch on and forget about other things going on around her. This happens to worries she fixates on and to tasks she's in the middle of. She frequently skips meals and has to snack at odd hours to make up for it if she's not pulled away from her work by someone at meal time.
Difficulty Delegating: If you want something done right you should do it yourself. Cazan gives herself so much extra work this way. She has difficulty trusting others to get stuff done to her satisfaction.
Proud: She has trouble asking for help or admitting when she's made a mistake in an area she feels she should be proficient in. Instead she tries to fix things on her own, or even scrapping a project and starting over.

[end optional section]
Father: Casorian, b.692, d.YYY
Rank: Lord of Katz Field Hold
Mother: Zanela, b.695, d.YYY
Rank: Lady of Katz Field Hold
Eldest brother - Cazonel, b.715
Twin brother - Cazelarias, b.14.02.717 AL
Brother - Casorzan, b.719
Brother - Zacian, b.720
Brother - Zanori, b.722
Past Lovers/Partners: Cazan entertained a suitor once when she was younger, but he was clumsy, inexperienced, and boring enough that the time they had together left her with a very lackluster impression of sex and romance.
Current Lovers/Partners: None, she is far too busy with her brother's work and has managed to dodge suitors by posing as her brother and promising to forward any messages.
Children: None. Everyone is shocked and appalled that she has managed to chase off every suitor and fail to be knocked up yet.
Background Story:
722, age 5:
Discovers she likes wearing her brother's clothing and confusing people into thinking she's him.
723, age 6:
Breaks leg trying to climb the tallest tree near her home. She heals well but is chastised and scolded for being so reckless.
724, age 7:
Twists ankle trying to climb same tree.
726, age 9:
Makes it to the top of the tree without incident.
731, age 14:
Starts going to lessons for brother in disguise, is delighted by the prospect.
732, age 15:
Starts discovering people are attractive, moderately confused at the variety of people who she finds attractive but distracts self with apprenticeship work.
733, age 16:
Had a fling with her "boyfriend" at the time. The results were very underwhelming. She decides that work is way more interesting, proceeds to drown self in more work.
734, age 17:
The party incident.
737, age 20:
Reached journeyman status for her brother, a very personally proud time even though the rest of the family was just proud for her brother.
740, age 23:
Has a petty spat with brother, decides to go check out one of the weyrs for potential employment in disguise with every intention of returning home eventually to get back to doing his job for him since someone needs to take care of him.
Craft: Tannercraft
Specialty: Garment work: making clothing and boots

Craft Rank: Jr. Journeyman (in disguise)
Date Apprenticed: 04.03.731 AL
Date Tapped: 05.04.737 AL
Mastership Obtained: N/A

Education Details: Cazan started out learning from and helping her twin brother while he was apprenticing. This quickly escalated, and she found herself dressing up in his clothes and attending classes in his place. She's managed to get him through his apprenticeship and considers herself the real journeyman even if it's attached to his name. She did rather well in tasks that required finer manual dexterity like tooling and stitching together finer pattern garments, as well as getting the mix right to tan especially supple leathers for that use. Cazan was considered slow with dye work though, because she was always especially careful to try and avoid staining her hands.

Dragon Name: Malvayth
Name Pronounced: MAL-vay-th
Dragon Colour: Gold
Wing Assigned: TBA
Wing Rank: TBA

Hatching Date: 10.01.741 AL
Birthing Weyr: Fort Weyr
Home Weyr: Fort Weyr
Clutch Name: Continuously Interrupted
Clutch Mother: Aradissicath
Clutch Father: Xyreith

Length: 38’
Height: 20 (slightly tall)
Wingspan: 60’ (slightly big)
Scars & Markings:
Weyrlinghood: Upon Hatching, Malvayth has a sandy-gold hide, tinted slightly brown. The underside of her wings look like they were blasted with starlight, with some speckles looking almost white, while some areas are quite dark. The sprinkled starlight is especially visible when she flares her wings, and when learning to fly as a youngster before her hide changes. In build, she is similar to many of her siblings in that she is quite pudgy, with little rolls fo fat wrinkling along her sides and rippling with her movements. Her tail looks short, due to how fat it is, and her toes are pudgy with sharp little claws.
Adulthood: A growth spurt is what finally slims Malvayth down – prior to that, she has had little to no success with losing her weight she Hatched with – and she doesn’t hold back with her growth, topping out at several feet bigger than even her mother – one of the biggest golds currently on Pern. Her body becomes long and delicate, her features refining in a way that splits those that know her; those who knew her as a Hatchling tend to see her as too sharp and angled, while those who knew her only in adulthood see her as delicate and refined.

Her hide changes are just as startling; while her underbelly retains the pale colouration, it still fades, to a buttery yellow mixed with too much milk. Meanwhile, the rest of her hide is a rippling tangle of brilliant sunshine yellow and deep golden-bronzed tones. The shades seem to weave together, threading and creating waves of movement, even when she’s standing still. The moment she takes a step, though, or shifts her wings – and especially when flying – gives her a hazy, fuzzy look that can be more than a little trippy. Watching her move when drunk or high can become a fascinating obsession to some folks.

Mindvoice: Malvayth’s voice begins and ends with innocence; its soft, delicate, and usually full of curiosity. However, she also has a tendency to shriek like a five-turn-old who was refused the sweet they simply cannot live without. When this happens, Malvayth’s voice is more like claws on chalkboard than the soft warmth she usually speaks with.

General Character Traits: Almost as if to balance her beauty and her size, Malvayth isn’t really a very smart dragon. She isn’t outright stupid but intelligence isn’t something her genetics gifted her with. Malvayth tends to take words at face value, and has no concept of sarcasm or intentions. She tends to better understand smaller words and simple phrases, and certainly communicates better with them herself. A sweet dragon, Malvayth gets upset when individuals pick on her for her lower intelligence, and feels bad that she has burdened her wonderful rider with a ‘dumb dragon’. She pouts a lot, and sulks, but is also easily entertained and happy to play with anyone – human, dragon or firelizard – and even creates fun games that she can play with playmates of various sizes.

For all her innocence, Malvayth can be mischievous, and will enjoy teasing Cazan – especially while she’s a fat little Hatchling and small enough to disrupt her rider’s plans – but no less when she grows up. She enjoys innocent pranks that Cazan will usually be able to see coming from a mile away – like a child that hides in plain sight before jumping out and shouting ‘raw!’; nonetheless, playing along with Malvayth will keep her crooning with delight, and bubbling with love and affection. The times that Cazan doesn’t play along, Malvayth often turns into the shrieking, foot stamping, outraged she-devil that the whole Weyr can hear, and the whole Weyr will know what a ‘terrible, terrible mind-mate’ Cazan is. Malvayth is not particularly creative with her insults, and throws them with all the five-minute venom of a child.

Grudges aren’t something that Malvayth keeps track of, however. She might hate someone for an hour or two – if they really upset her – but as soon as she’s distracted, she forgets it. She doesn’t understand a lot of what goes through Cazan’s head, but she always does her best to help her rider, even if all she can do is listen as Cazan tries to make sense of it, be that verbally or otherwise. She’s supportive and loving, and believes wholeheartedly that Cazan is the best person to ever step upon the grounds of Pern – or flies the skies on the back of a dragon. She is encouraging and often confused by the restrictions humans place upon themselves and one another. Her biggest victory will be her convincing Cazan that she should convert a well lit area of the weyr ledge to be a workshop, so that Malvayth can watch her work, and better keep her company.

Habits/Mannerisms: Malvayth likes to babble, and often it is completely unintelligible gibber-jabber.
Stories: While Malvayth doesn’t have her mother’s imagination for story creation, she will nonetheless begin by listening in rapt attention as Aradissicath shares her made up stories (often taking them very seriously) before eventually trying her paw at making them up herself. Her favourite stars of the story are firelizards, as she views their them as little flickering creatures who can go anywhere and see anything.
Like 2:
Like 3:

Negative Emotions: Malvayth is very receptive to the emotions around her, taking them in and returning them tenfold into the space around her. Unfortunately, this means that when people close to her are feeling a lot of negative emotion, Malvayth absorbs it. It makes her anxious and uncomfortable, which has a strong tendency to make her angry, which in turn makes her shriek, shout and otherwise wreak havoc upon the minds of anyone within the local area.
Dislike 2:
Dislike 3:

Flying: Malvayth is a good filer, and it is something that makes her feel equal to her fellows in a way she doesn’t when she’s on the ground. Indeed, Malvayth is quite probably a better flier than the majority of her colour-mates, though getting anyone to admit that might be tough. She has an excellent ability to know how to move, when to move, and where to move, to maximise coverage of distance, with minimal expenditure of energy. She’s fantastic at judging distance and how the wind and weather will affect her. If asked, she wouldn’t have any idea what the asker was talking about, let alone how to explain it. It’s just natural to her.
Strength 2:
Strength 3:

Thin-Skinned: Quick to take offence, or view something as a slight, Malvayth is especially sensitive to insults. Cazan, herself, and her friends are all those that she gets upset about insults being lobbed at them – whether that insult is real, or imagined.
Flaw 2:
Flaw 3:

Hex Codes: Malvayth
Font: #ffe5af
Background: #f57a11
Preview: Dragon Speech

Infant Image
[Image: UKmeXYo.png]

Adult Image
[Image: x3GZsIv.png]

Other Information:
Name Base: Malva, Greek, ‘Sledner, Delicate’
Inspiration: Yellow Freesia – Innocence, Friendship, Trust,
Created By: @ThistleProse

RP Sample
The trip had been awful, too long with nothing to do but ride, too long with her thoughts. By the time Cazan reached her destination she had even forgotten the details of the fight with her brother, only remembered the smug look on his face, his entirely too relaxed demeanor, and the fact that she'd threatened to ride out and find a job at Ista Weyr. Cazelarias would have to do his own work, and then he'd be sorry. Except he wouldn't; nothing would get done without her there. The thought had popped up rather frequently during her trip, and each time had been almost enough to make her turn back. No, she reminded herself firmly, give it a month or so. That or until mother sent someone after her. Father would be too busy to even notice she'd gone missing again, Cazonel would be occupied helping father, so that made her twin the most likely candidate to be sent off to fetch her back home (and likely meet some new nice young man her mother had found to introduce her too in hopes of finally marrying her off). Odds were good he'd just take it as an excuse to have a vacation while he waited for her to return on her own.

And she would return, but not before taking a look around the Weyr and maybe get to see a dragon up close while she was exploring the potential for work. Maybe she'd even like it enough to try and come back as herself to get a job. At the very least Cazan would be able to make some contacts, spread her brother's name and a good reputation for his goods out a bit further. She checked her outfit to ensure she still looked like her brother before she led her runnerbeast to the stables. The beast was secure, she had her pack containing a sampling of wares and some tools, she had the knot marking her as a journeyman leather worker set properly on her shoulder, now she just had to take a look around and find work. With that thought she finally gave Ista Weyr a proper look, a small amount of awe shining in her eyes as she took it all in.

Cazan shook her head as she refocused. There would be time to gawk like a tourist later, for now she set her goal on finding a friendly looking dragonrider to see if she could get a feel for the business opportunities. She shouldered her bag, took a look around, and spotted a likely rider to walk towards and try to flag over with a friendly wave.
The Player
Character Base Created By: @BardlyThere
Character's Finalisation Created By: @BardlyThere
Dragon Base Created By: @Username
Dragon Finalisation Created By: @Username
Dragon Image Created By: @Username
Played By: @BardlyThere
Preferred Contact: Discord
Inactivity Preference: Adoptable NPCs / Death

RE: Cazan - Cazan - 04.Jan.20

"Sprink" Sprinkle of Stars in the Sky at Twilight III
[Image: horses-black-and-white-dapple-black-966916601.jpg]
lineart credit here
Important Information
Pet Name: Sprinkle of Stars in the Sky at Twilight III (Sprinkle or just Sprink)
Name Pronounced: Sprinkle
Colour: Dapple Grey Mare
Date of Birth: 12.08.735 AL
Too pretty and she knows it.

She's a good girl. (will add more in later)

Pet Created By: @"BardlyThere"