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[740.09.05] Lazy Beach Evenings - P'rin - 06.Sep.19

The sun hung low on the horizon, the haze of late summer hanging heavy in the air still and making most people either seek relief in the water, in the cool confines of indoors, or a few hardy souls taking advantage of the relatively cooler evening to catch up on chores. Then there are the few that actually enjoy the sun; those that seek out the last of the sun's rays to soak up the last heat of the day.

As usual, bronze Davrath is among the last group, and with him is, as always, P'rin. The old dragon is sprawled out on the beach, his wings spread to catch as much of the soon setting sun as possible and providing a convenient shady spot for the old man to relax, leaning against his dragon's side. A soft melody drifts on the breeze from the guitar in his arms.

While the gentle notes from the guitar might be pleasing to most, the quiet humming clashes completely. It's a... striking combination and one likely to drive any others off the beach.

RE: [740.09.05] Lazy Beach Evenings - Mylorah - 17.Sep.19

It was a lazy evening. A group of her friends had finished all of their tasks for the day and they decided a trip to the beach was a good way to end it off. Anyone who knew Mylorah knew she loved the beach and swimming but she just wasn't feeling it all that much that evening.

F'drel's words, warnings really, kept playing in her head. He wasn't a fan of Lords, that much was obvious and he really didn't like her spending so much time with Tazikel. She'd only seen him twice! And was going to see him again in a few days thanks to accepting the invitation to a party Ista Hold was hosting. That in itself was enough to cause the nerves to go crazy but now she had F'drel's warnings in her head as she wandered along the beach away from her group, just needing to walk and think.

At least until she heard a guitar. Intrigued, Mylorah headed toward the sound, wondering who was playing such a lovely piece. And then she was wincing as the humming was heard. Well, not everyone could carry a tune and she didn't think she was that great either so she wasn't going to judge too harshly.

When she saw it was P'rin, Mylorah brightened a bit more. He was probably one of the oldest--age-wise--riders around which made him a strange oddity to the Katilans. She never knew a life before Katila or when there were thousands of dragons and riders of all ages and experience. She bet he was full of tales but like with most dragonriders that Impressed pre-plague, she was afraid to ask questions. Some didn't like remembering those days since they brought up memories of those that were lost to the plague.

And it wasn't like she even knew P'rin personally to even get to that point of asking. She was friends with some of his younger relatives and she knew who he was through them and just by having a habit of learning everyone's names. But inspired by the beautiful music--humming not included-- and needing to get out of her head for a bit, Mylorah walked over to the bronze pair, smiling brightly as she went.

"Evening, sir!" She hated addressing bronzeriders. Some were relaxed and didn't care if their rank was used, but P'rin was older and possibly liked having people always refer to his rank so sticking with a polite 'sir' seemed like a safe bet. "I'm sorry to interrupt but your lovely song called me over. Did you compose that yourself?" It didn't sound familiar to her at least.