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740.07.17 | Not So Dirty Dancing - Mylorah - 19.Jul.19

Mylorah had just had a wonderful time with a friend, eating too many sweets and having a couple of drinks—mostly water for her given all her activities of the day—while lounging under a tree and chatting. It was fun and refreshing to have that downtime but now she was ready for more dancing and simply appreciating the Harpers. Some of the time on the floor saw her standing and clapping along to a tune that was more to be enjoyed by listening and maybe a bit of swaying than actually going all out and when some of the men took their own breaks, she managed to slink in close and ask them about their instruments and life as a Harper. It was all so fascinating! Though she continued to laugh and shake her head in the negative when asked if she sang or played anything. She didn’t want to make their ears bleed!

On her way back, she spotted a certain bronzerider that she was beginning to think wasn’t going to show at all. Or, more likely, he was purposely dodging her if he spotted her first since he knew she’d drag him into whatever she was up to. And he was right! Mylorah hummed along with the tune that was being played over at the square as she skipped up behind N’mor. A tap to his right shoulder was given—a bit unfair of her since that was his missing arm so he couldn’t swing it wildly at her—as she danced over to his left and grinned mischievously at him.

“N’mor, my darling! I was beginning to think you would stand me up,” she gave him a pout though her eyes still gleaned with the trouble she was brewing. “You owe me at least three dances for that, love.” They both knew they didn’t have any plans together and she knew she had been pulling random people in to dance with her when she was tired of being the only one twirling around the floor. But none of that mattered as she had a chance to spend time with another friend and one that was practically a brother. She had so many actual brothers yet she seemed to collect fake ones as well in the form of F’drel, N’mor, and now even Z’rin was part of the family.

“Tell me you’re sorry and then tell me about your day. Where’s Z’rin?” She looked around for the bluerider as she tugged on N’mor’s hand to get him to follow her, which he surprisingly did. She had no issues with the boys in her life humouring her even though she wondered what she would owe N’mor. Maybe playing his date for the rest of the day so he’d be the respectable bronzerider Holders wanted to believe he was. She would deserve that for already calling him with affectionate names.

RE: 740.07.17 | Not So Dirty Dancing - N'mor - 23.Jul.19

N’mor, who had just waved Z’rin off with amusement when Zararin came bouncing over and begging to dance, promising N’mor she’d dance with him next, looked up in surprise when he heard his name called. Considering N’mor had just last night borrowed his father’s firelizard to promise Amorandii dances (‘if you can find me!’) he almost expected the tap to his shoulder to be from his little sister; as a result, he wasn’t sure if he was relieved or not at the sight of Mylorah.

“I would never,” N’mor said regally, rolling his eyes at Mylorah even as he played along with her apparent game. Considering the way some of the Holders were staring — and they thought greenriders were gossip mongers! — N’mor had no doubt they were expecting something. He wasn’t sure what; he was a bronzerider so surely they ddin’t expect them to start fucking on the dance floor? Then again, he was a dragonrider, so probably they did. N’mor’s lips twisted into a smirk and he stepped forward, wrapping his arm tightly around Mylorah’s waist to tug her tightly against him.

“Two,” he said lowly, dropping his head to kiss her teasingly. “For making me kiss you,” he added under his breath, eyes sparkling with his own mischief as he shifted his eyes with a quick darting look towards the still gawking onlookers. “Holders are so ridiculous,” he added under his breath, before stepping back just enough that he could lead her to the dance floor. “You just missed him, my lady,” N’mor spoke at a volume that wasn’t quite obviously pitched for their audience. “He’s dancing with his daughter. Though I am sorry it took you so long to find me, darling. I was thinking I was going to die alone and bored on the sidelines.” He tilted his head slightly to peer at her playfully.

RE: 740.07.17 | Not So Dirty Dancing - Mylorah - 23.Jul.19

Mylorah’s eyes went wide at the kiss she did not expect from N’mor. Any other friend, sure, she’d almost be disappointed if they didn’t play along and kiss her for play or for real. But N’mor? It wasn’t even the fact that he was mated but simply that he had never been into her or girls in general and never really played along with such games even if he did humour her at times. So he had a surprisingly quiet companion as he escorted her back to her new favourite place, though she finally found her voice and shook her head lightly. “Three if you step on my toes,” she countered the offer that she had a feeling would either make him dance the best dances of his life to ensure he got out early or purposely stomp a toe just to mess with her further.

“He is?” Mylorah had no shame as she looked around to see if she could find Z’rin and his daughter. She was the cutest and spunkiest girl; she couldn’t ask for the more perfect daughter for N’mor to have in his life. She’d definitely keep the bronzerider on his toes if he stepped out of line with her daddy or he didn’t spoil her enough. From what she could tell, though, N’mor doted on Zararin as much as he did with Amorandii. “I hope you dance with her as well and I get to witness it. I adore her,” she smiled when she spotted the father-daughter pair and laughed lightly when she saw Z’rin was doing all the dancing as Zararin stood on his feet to be moved along.

She tore her gaze away from the happy pair and smiled brightly at N’mor, enjoying the odd mood he was in. “I’m sorry, love, you know how I get at such events. Dying alone and bored is what you deserve, though, for letting me out of your sights and hold.” She pressed in against N’mor so she could drape herself over him, arms looping around his neck. They were almost of the same height so it didn’t take much effort to kiss his cheek and then rest her own on his shoulder, whispering, “it’s tempting to make you dance like this but I want to have fun and see your face when you admit it’s fun as well.”

Standing straight once more, Mylorah smiled innocently at N’mor, cheered when the Harpers started a song she knew, and grabbed his hand to start their two but likely three dances.

RE: 740.07.17 | Not So Dirty Dancing - N'mor - 02.Aug.19

N’mor’s lips twitched in amusement at Mylorah’s speechlessness; perfect. A laugh was given at her belated but no less sassy comeback, and N’mor smirked at her. When his companion sought out Z’rin and studied the bluerider dancing with his daughter, N’mor took the opportunity to watch his mate himself, expression fond. N’mor really didn’t know how Z’rin had managed to wriggle his adorable blue butt into N’mor’s heart, damn him, but he had and he was definitely in love with the man, even though the whole prospect freaked him out when he actually stopped and thought about it. Blueriders were dangerous – Z’rin possibly more than any others, what with his sneaky heart stealing skills.

N’mor shook his head, laughing again at Mylorah. “Of course you do,” he teased, “You two are cut from the same cloth.” And Amorandii; between the three of them, N’mor got more than his share of feminine company. He was intensely glad that they three of them all lived elsewhere than his home, and that the age gaps between them prevented the kind of torturous situations N’mor was quite positive they could all come up with without too much effort at all. Amorandii was unlikely to ever leave the Holder lifestyle now, but N’mor was sure Zararin and Mylorah were likely to be fast friends once the youngster hit the right age-group. Funny, how ages only mattered until you hit twenty, and then they mostly vanished.

More laughter disrupted N’mor’s thoughts and he turned his gaze to lift his eyebrows at Mylorah, smirking mischievously as he leaned closer to her, to whisper so that their holder dance-mates wouldn’t be able to hear. “Come, now, My-love, I love to dance.” He paused playfully. “Albeit, usually horizontally and with another man. Alas, Holders look down on such antics.” Sighing dramatically, N’mor’s pale eyes sparkled as he adjusted his grip on Mylorah’s hand, sending her twirling before falling into the dance. He was glad his father had made him learn the dances that had been popular before Katila when he was younger; he was fairly up to date on current dances, too. N’mor rather liked not making a fool of himself, and besides, it wasn’t like he and Rhezalth had wing practices to keep them busy.

Not that Mylorah seemed intent on doing the actual dances that usually went with the song in question, and N’mor choked on his laughter as he followed her lead, slaughtering the dance itself but having an absolutely wonderful time in the process.

RE: 740.07.17 | Not So Dirty Dancing - Mylorah - 13.Aug.19

"I don't blame you; that's a wonderful way to dance," Mylorah finally replied after she both found that reply and wasn't distracted from the start of the song. If anyone heard her, they wouldn't know what she was responding to though the wicked look she gave N'mor before bursting into another carefree laugh at another spin may have clued in the observant.

"Do you mind if I dance with your mate after our three dances?" Mylorah giggled as she managed to spin N'mor around this time. He was a good friend and knew how to have fun and not worry about his precious image that much; it was just a shame more people didn't believe it. "I can't promise I'll be able to keep my hands to myself, however. You did pick quite a sexy man."

After finding the letter T'ryn never gave to N'mor--which meant she of course had to--Mylorah was a bit bummed still that the two didn't work out whatever was holding them back. She always assumed they would end up together with the looks she always caught them giving the other when they thought no one was looking. But she supposed a certain bluerider had a hand in the issue, whether he was aware of it or not. No doubt T'ryn sacrificed his own happiness so someone else could be happy. That was so something her brother would do. But N'mor and Z'rin were happy and she couldn't stay mad at the outcome. It just meant they all had to work harder to find someone for T'ryn, like Vaera!

RE: 740.07.17 | Not So Dirty Dancing - N'mor - 21.Aug.19

N’mor clucked his tongue against his teeth, silently scolding Mylorah for taking so long to issue her comeback at his quip, grey eyes sparkling as he twirled her around. Catching Z’rin’s eye over the top of the swirling lady, N’mor rolled his eyes with a small smile, before turning his attention back on Mylorah and laughing when she brought up the topic of Z’rin, and he snorted. “I’m sure I couldn’t stop you,” he teased, lifting his eyebrows up pointedly. The idea of trying to stop Mylorah when she got something in her head seemed rather dangerous. Not that N’mor was against danger, but rather that he preferred to pick his fights.

A laugh was startled out of N’mor by Mylorah’s coy quips about not keeping her hands to herself while she was dancing with Z’rin, and N’mor shook his head, smiling wryly. “I’m not particularly worried,” he drawled, tugging Mylorah close and spinning her around before wrapping his arm around her waist and trapping her playfully. “Better be careful though,” he teased, his tiny playful smile turning into a wicked little smirk as he leaned forward and whispered against her ear, “he’s been a bit broody…” N’mor quickly stepped back, pulling Mylorah along with him, so he could smirk at her expression.

While N’mor absolutely adored Zararin, and the couple of times Z’rin had mentioned future children in passing hadn’t sent N’mor fleeing for the hills (mostly because the times they came up tended to involve nakedness and delicious sex) N’mor had never actually answered Z’rin’s little comments. That didn’t mean he hadn’t heard them, though, and while he really didn’t want Z’rin to come home with a baby he’d stolen off some lady in the Weyr (he wouldn’t be surprised, honestly) he wasn’t against the idea. But like, in the future. When he was at least as old as R’nd… So like, Old. N’mor smirked to himself, slightly saddened he was teasing Mylorah and not her father at that particular moment.

RE: 740.07.17 | Not So Dirty Dancing - Mylorah - 23.Aug.19

"Broody?" Mylorah frowned, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Broody? Z'rin certainly didn't look like he was upset or that anything was bothering him. Then she realised N'mor had said it oddly and was now smirking at her and she laughed. "Oh, broody! Noted. Who invented these words? They couldn't come up with something different?" She laughed more at her own confusion than anything else but it was definitely mentally noted that the couple might be looking for a woman to help with their needs and she wasn't stepping up to that challenge.

"I love you, N'mor, and I would gladly sleep with you or your mate, but I'm not going to play oven for any baking you have in mind." Being pregnant did not sound like a fun time to her. It didn't matter that she wouldn't have to raise the kid either. Actually, part of her fear of having a kid was knowing she would suck as a parent and she didn't want to give a kid the kind of weird experience she had by not knowing one parent and losing another far too soon. At least in this situation she would be the parent backing out and not being left alone to raise a kid alone. Not like that really eased any abandonment issues she had.

As the song came to a close, Mylorah twirled out of N'mor's hold so she could do her usual clapping and bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement. It looked like they were going to take a five minute break as some Harpers were swapping in and out and Mylorah gasped as she took N'mor's hand to drag him off to some refreshments. She gave him two cups of wine and she took herself and led him over to the two Harpers that had caught her eye the most that day.

Each were given a cup she held as she complimented them and expressed her hope to see them perform again before she left that night while she drank one of the wines N'mor had been charged with. She didn't even need to look over at N'mor to know he was smirking at her enthusiasm that was bordering on flirting. Not that it bothered her and when the fresh Harpers started up a song, Mylorah visibly perked up, finished her drink, and dragged N'mor back to the floor for their second dance.

"We need this every night! Dancing and music after every dinner would be so lovely!" With another twirl, Mylorah ended up draped back around N'mor, smiling and waiting for him to lead this time.

RE: 740.07.17 | Not So Dirty Dancing - N'mor - 29.Aug.19

N’mor laughed, enjoying watching the clogs turn over in Mylorah’s mind. He shook his head at her question, not sure how to answer it, and swiped a wineglass from a passing tray even as he twirled Mylorah around, taking a sip of the wine, grimacing at the cheap bite, and tossed the glass back, before literally tossing the glass, smirking mischievously when a fancy holder lady squealed as it broke at her feet. Sniggering, N’mor turned his attention back to Mylorah, and snorted. “Sweetheart,” N’mor said playfully, “even if I wanted you to cook for me, not even your clever fingers could get a rise.” Laughing at the face Mylorah pulled, N’mor kissed her fleetingly on the nose, before spinning her away again.

When Mylorah started dragging him around at the end of the song, N’mor went along with it, deciding the glasses of booze she was handing him were his reward for all the dancing and teasing he was being forced into. He would have had empty hands when she turned to get the glasses from him – having already downed both with a mischievous smirk, believing one was for her – but had figured out her intent halfway to the Harpers. N’mor managed to snag a couple more glasses before the bubbly girl noticed, and handed them over innocently. Judging by the amusement on one Harper’s face, they’d seen N’mor’s self-save on the way over, and he winked at the man, deeply amused when the guy flushed.

Watching with deep amusement for a few moments, N’mor snagged another glass of wine as he turned to look across the mostly empty dancing zone. It took him a moment to spot Z’rin, clearly busy catering to his daughter’s every whim, the young bronzerider taking a lazy sip of his wine as he watched – after which he scrunched his nose up and peered down it into the glass. Really; did Telgar Hold have nothing better to offer than this murky water they called wine? Swallowing his distaste, N’mor chased it with the rest of the wine, feeling the happy buzz settle in his veins. Between the intense workout of dancing and snagging several wineglasses with increasing regularity, he was well on the way to delightfully drunk. He hadn’t been drunk in a while; it was nice to feel the warmth radiating through his body and the freedom of his thoughts.

Laughter sprung free as Mylorah dragged him back to dancing, and he shook his head. “You’d get bored,” He teased, “Weyrharpers don’t know nearly enough songs to keep you entertained for hours every evening.” Nevertheless, he fell into the easy sway of the dance, leading Mylorah with graceful confidence and teasing her the whole time. The fact that he didn’t step on her toes – not once – was a further source of teasing, though N’mor honestly wasn’t sure who was teasing whom, and changed it up after a while to playfully trying to step on her toes, causing them to bump into several other couples as Mylorah danced away from him, and N’mor did quick, bouncing steps after her.

When the Harpers finished their song, and Mylorah was busy cheering them, N’mor was more than ready to slip away, partly in teasing and partly because he wasn’t sure if that was two dances or six but he felt pretty confident he had upheld his portion of the deal. He rather felt he should probably eat something, too, otherwise he’d be crashing in his dusty old weyr or at his father’s, and he wasn’t sure which was least appealing. Unfortunately for his plans of eating, though fortunately for Mylorah’s entertainment, the Harpers started up again quickly and N’mor’s face lit up at the opening melody.

“Ooh!” He cooed, grabbing Mylorah’s hand even as he sent an almost pouting look towards Z’rin, before being distracted by his lady partner. He turned back to her with bright eyes. “I love this song!” Grinning like an excited child, N’mor practically dragged Mylorah out with him, spinning her around and giving her a look of pure mischief. As the Harpers began to sing, N’mor fell into time with them, pulling Mylorah close as he sung with a low, husky voice and teasing eyes. He could feel Rhezalth’s dry amusement in the back of his mind, and the warmth of the bronze’s love and pride; the fact that N’mor only sang when he had been heavily drinking made Rhezalth sad, but at least his rider did sing occasionally, now.

For any stalkers who are interested, he’s singing Michael Buble’s version of ‘Sway’. His voice is very similar to Buble’s and he has Issues with it, thinking its awful, which is why he only sings when he’s been drinking and I think this is only the second time he’s ever sung around people who aren’t his father?

RE: 740.07.17 | Not So Dirty Dancing - Mylorah - 01.Sep.19

Mylorah was having fun and laughed at N’mor’s sudden enthusiasm when the next song started. She happily followed him back into position, happy to have a partner for a while longer. Then N’mor started singing and she smiled, figuring he wouldn’t sing for long—or that he would be so good! It made sense given his father was a Harper but she’d never heard him sing. Their friends, R’dare and Beckitt, had beautiful voices as well and were more inclined to burst into song but how had none of them known about N’mor? Of course it was N’mor and he let people believe what they wanted about him since it kept people away or learning too much, but she was ready to smack him for this one.

If she hadn’t been having so much fun and so enthralled by the singing.

“Hold me close, sway me more!” Mylorah sang along with a laugh—which covered up the fact she was not as graced in the musical department—and followed the words to sway and move in time with N’mor. She knew he’d likely rather be swaying a lot closer with a certain bluerider and she wouldn’t mind being with someone that the flirting and gyrations would be an invitation for a little more fun later on, but the clean fun on the dance floor was currently enough for her.

As the song ended, Mylorah actually forgot about the professionals and just smiled at N’mor, savouring the last seconds of what she knew was a rare treat—and no doubt one he would deny ever happened if she tried to tell anyone. “Oh, Nem,” she used the nickname that always felt more like T’ryn’s to use but sometimes it just fit with the sentiments she wanted to convey. Leaning in, she kissed him tenderly on the lips and pulled back to continue smiling.

“Thank you. That was wonderful and fun. And! I think you’ve fulfilled your obligation to dance with me now if you want to run away.” She didn’t want to get too sappy over his singing and quickly changed the subject to a more carefree topic that fit their friendship. If he wanted to stay or leave, she’d be fine with it either way.

RE: 740.07.17 | Not So Dirty Dancing - N'mor - 22.Sep.19

N’mor laughed, pulling a playful face at the gentle kiss, before leaning in to place a light one on Mylorah’s temple in response. He raised an eyebrow in mocking scepticism at her comment, knowing it set him free if he wanted. Taking her hand, N’mor lead her back over to the edge of the dancing floor, getting her a glass of cool water and himself another glass of wine, this one a crisp white wine that wasn’t Benden, but was hardly bad. He wouldn’t admit it to his father, of course (unless doing so was going to cause more amusement than not) but N’mor rather liked the Tillek wine. Especially since it was much more affordable, and that meant he could keep filching his father’s precious Benden.

Handing Mylorah her glass of water, N’mor then sipped at his wine as he watched Z’rin and Zararin, the young lady looking rather fabulous in her gather dress, bossing her father around as only a daughter can. Smirking behind his glass, N’mor watched as Z’rin glanced at him, and then said something to the girl. Smirk falling into an easy smile, N’mor lifted his glass in a toast to bluerider and child. “Looks like we’re both getting re-partnered,” N’mor laughed, tilting his head to look at Mylorah with a slightly raised eyebrow once more, lips still twitching, belying the small smile he had still.

Expression turning naughty, N’mor leaned into Mylorah, wine scented breath brushing her ear. “No keeping him out past curfew, or I’ll drop Zara off wherever you are.” Laughing playfully, N’mor bumped his shoulder gently against Z’rin’s as he swept into a courtly bow for Zararin, finishing his wine and setting the glass aside before offering his arm to the young girl, guiding her regally out onto the dancefloor. With the whole of the Hold, half the Hall, and most the Weyrs available for Mylorah’s choosing, N’mor didn’t truly think she’d smuggle Z’rin away for a quickie, but the opportunity to tease her – and by proxy, Z’rin – was too good to miss out on.