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740.03.31 | Flying Doctors of Pern - R'nya - 31.Mar.19

R’nya smiled warmly at Rhaedalyn as he slipped into the bedroom, a wooden platter of meats, cheeses and bread in one hand, and two wineglasses carefully balanced on a platter in the other hand. The wine was mulled in a fashion the pair enjoyed, and the bread warm from the oven. While the children had woken at the crack of dawn, parents, dragons and firelizards had managed to keep the older girls chugging along without a nap, so that they crashed early and hard after eating their dinner. The three infants were a bit more of a mixed bag, but somehow, they had managed to wrangle all five children into their appropriate beds, and have them all asleep – at the same time –, earlier than usual.

Setting the platters carefully on the small table between two comfortable chairs on the far side of the bedroom, R’nya kissed Rhaedalyn on the temple. Moving across the room, he collected Rhaedalyn’s favoured comb, before sitting on the arm of her chair and gently collecting her hair up. “I have something I would like your opinion on,” R’nya said quietly, working on the day’s tangles at the bottom of Rhaedalyn’s growing hair, “before I propose it to our beloved mentors.” There was just the softest sting of sarcasm in his tone, as he referenced Jajojin and Wenon. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate and respect them – quite the opposite.

“While I do no fancy Fort becoming quite as liberal as Ista,” R’nya began, working his way up Rhaedalyn’s hair gently, enjoying the silky feel of the curly strands, “with the Healer Hall taking on most of the young women who are bound to us, it may prove fortuitus to have more young women Searched as potentials for green.” He didn’t really feel it would be worth while Searching for women who would show potential as blueriders, considering the extreme rarity of their Impressions so far. In the near future, there would be a couple thousand dragonriders, and R’nya figured there would be maybe one female bluerider for each Weyr, and that was assuming they were actively Searched for.

R’nya paused for a few moments, to let Rhaedalyn process what he’d said, before continuing mildly; the pause wasn’t quite long enough to give her room to speak. “I am not sure any of us are going to have what it takes to fight Thread, when it sees fit to Fall. We are going to need healers in every wing, as well as here on the ground.” Stopping with his combing of Rhaedalyn’s hair, R’nya slipped off the chair and onto his knees before her, tilting his head slightly as he peered up at her. “Half of Pern doesn’t believe it will come back,” he said with quiet insistence, losing his careful speech mannerisms in the process. “It will be back, but I don’t think half our upper riders believe that, never mind the holders. I think starting with the girls, will be the best way.” He paused, eyebrows furrowing. “What do you think?”

RE: 740.03.31 | Flying Doctors of Pern - Rhaedalyn - 07.Apr.19

Rhaedalyn was too tired to think. The girls were all in bed and that was where she wanted to be, but she also liked the evening wind down she got to have with R’nya. No kids looking for attention, no mentors telling them they were doing something wrong or not doing something they should be doing, no one in their care looking for advice or a solution to a problem she sometimes still wondered what qualified her to fix… just the two of them enjoying the quiet and sometimes a little more than just conversation.

She knew there was something on R’nya’s mind when he came home and despite how tired she was, she made sure to stay awake after the girls were down for the count. She flopped in one of their comfy chairs and smiled when R’nya entered with snacks and wine. She was a bit peckish and popped a piece of cheese in her mouth as her darling mate settled in on the arm of her chair to brush her hair. In the past, R’nya tried combing her hair and learned her crazy curls weren’t nearly as easy to deal with as straight hair. It was a painful learning experience but he now had the gentlest of touch and it always melted the tension of the day right out of her.

She listened carefully to what was on R’nya’s mind while she built little sandwiches out of the various snacks so they could be grabbed by either of them with little thought. She sipped on her wine as she considered what was being proposed and was a bit surprised he would ask her opinion on such an important matter. “I think there are a lot of merits to the idea.” She wanted to make sure her thoughts were organised and spoke a bit slowly as she worked her way through the points that might even help R’nya sway the mentors.

“I’ve always been torn about girls on fighters since it will be a tough life for them but riding gold isn’t an easy pass either. It’s still a lot of work but with a bit more respect,” only a bit though, thanks to past leaders changing the way some things worked. Though, honestly, she was okay with how Weyrleaders were chosen now. She couldn’t bear to think about being the WeyrWoman and having the possibility of someone else winning Aradissicath and then they became the Weyrleader until her next Flight.

“Honestly, if the girls knew they were Standing for gold and green, it would better prepare them for what could happen. Look at what happened to dear Vessaelia. She had been Searched for gold and everyone believed it and she ended up with a green I hear she struggles with. That could have gone so differently if she had been prepared.” Rhaedalyn frowned at her wine, heart breaking again for that pair. She could see how the pretty red head struggled with her emotions on the Sands, both happy to have a dragon but devastated at the colour. She would struggle so much in life now because of that.

But that wasn’t the entire point of the conversation and Rhaedalyn shook off her sorrow to grab a cracker sandwich and pop it into R’nya’s mouth to keep him from commenting just yet. “Healers in general will always be a good thing regardless of gender or where they are stationed. I like that we’ll have our own trained group in the near future and maybe some of them will start studying dragon healing again as well. It certainly doesn’t hurt to send as many girls as the Hall will take and it won’t hurt to Search for more to Stand to help bolster those numbers as well. Ista hasn’t fallen apart just yet,” though some would say the devastating heat and the fires were the spirit of Ista showing the distaste of women on fighters, “and I think the dragons will find their girls whether they’re on the Sands or not. We might as well help everyone be prepared.”

RE: 740.03.31 | Flying Doctors of Pern - R'nya - 07.Apr.19

Relief washed over R’nya when Rhaedalyn agreed that the idea was a good one, and he smiled just slightly, a physical display of the weight that had come off his shoulders. He knew Rhaedalyn wouldn’t lie to him; if she didn’t like the idea, she would have told him. Not as bluntly as some might have, but she would have made sure he was aware of exactly why it was a bad idea. That she was considering it good, and obviously thinking about why it was a good idea was why R’nya had brought it to her before voicing it to their mentors.

A nod was given and R’nya squeezed Rhaedalyn’s knee gently in a soft reassurance, his line of thought following hers without any additional prompting; Indeed, the idea of someone else winning one of Aradissicath’s flights filled both himself and Xyreith with an unbridled and jealous rage that it honestly frightened R’nya and he prayed they never had to find out what would happen in that scenario. He wasn’t even sure who was the base of the emotions, just that they bounced between himself and Xyreith until it was almost more than he could bear, and he had to push the thought aside before the intensity of the emotions stirred Xyreith out of the lazy nap he was enjoying.

R’nya gave a soft snort of laughter around the biscuit and toppings that was fed to him, the bronzerider giving his mate an affectionate and playfully exasperated look as he set about munching on the snack. He frowned slightly as he listened to Rhaedalyn bring forth more points, and R’nya rocked back on his heels as he considered what she was saying. “I agree,” he said, after finally swallowing the mouthful of masticated food. “Most of the greens have gone to Weyrbred girls; I think Vessaelia is the only Searchee who has claimed one.” Of course, while there were others, it was the dominant personalities like Indivara (though she was on blue, not green) and Daelyne who came to mind. Girls who knew what they wanted, and weren’t afraid to tell anyone who would listen (or wouldn’t, as the case may be) that they would get their goal.

“I was thinking,” R’nya said, after a moment of quiet consideration, “it has been hard enough to get the Holders to give up their women for gold; there are too many – some incredibly incorrect – assumptions about a greenriders’ life for them to agree to their daughters being Searched for fighter. But,” he drew the word out slowly, rocking back on his heels again and then crossing his legs so he sat at Rhaedalyn’s feet, frowning at her stomach but not seeing it, “if we Search from the poorer regions, they might be more willing if their daughter is promised a chance at a Healer education –“ he wasn’t going to try and force Verec to accept every girl they Searched; that wasn’t part of the deal! “And those girls tend to be… hardier.” He scrunched his nose up slightly and tilted his head at Rhaedalyn.

RE: 740.03.31 | Flying Doctors of Pern - Rhaedalyn - 07.Apr.19

Rhaedalyn wasn’t entirely sure Holders had the right or wrong opinion about how a greenrider lived. She wasn’t sure R’nya and she had the full idea either but she suspected a vast portion of what Holders believed was correct for a vast portion of the greenriders. She tried her best to assist where she could with her position but some things would never change and some things were purposely overlooked by those higher up or hidden from them.

But R’nya did have a point. She honestly hated that they had to buy some of the Candidates and it broke her heart that some families didn’t want all of their children. Indivara giving up her girls was different and she didn’t judge her or anyone else in the Weyrs as they still were part of the community and accepted. But a Holder selling their daughter to be rid of some nuisance or extra mouth to feed was horrible. She was glad R’nya didn’t say they could offer more for the girls they wanted but instead came up with a different means of luring them in. Most families couldn’t afford to send even a son to a Hall so to have a daughter have a chance at an education and perhaps return home one day to be married off if they didn’t get a dragon would be too tempting.

“I think that could work. Although, I wouldn’t point out that they’re hardier,” she laughed lightly as she grabbed the second glass and handed it to R’nya. He looked comfortable where he sat on the floor and she didn’t want him to move just yet since she knew he didn’t get a chance to relax much during the day either. Sometimes she swore he didn’t sit down except to eat and even then that wasn’t always a guarantee. He did so much for the Weyr and she hoped everyone else knew that as well.

She sat back in her chair, idly swirling her own glass as she thought further on the offer to entice people to hand over the daughters. Her mind kept circling back to the idea of free education and while she even said herself that healing was noble and always needed, it wasn’t for everyone and some families might not see it as beneficial. “What if we also throw in the option of tailoring, weaving, or baking as back-ups in case they aren’t accepted to Healer Hall? Some of our ladies were properly trained and teach the ‘brats what they know. All of those skills would help around a hold in general or could generate wares to sell at gathers.”

RE: 740.03.31 | Flying Doctors of Pern - R'nya - 28.Apr.19

R’nya waited patiently as Rhaedalyn seemed to mull over everything he’d said, and smiled slightly when she agreed with him, the relief he felt at her agreement almost making it past the surface, but not quite. Accepting the glass of wine that was handed to him, R’nya took a sip and continued to watch his mate and her graceful movements; his pride – and love – for her clear on his face and in soft grey eyes. “A wise caution,” he concluded, amused by the playful quip.

Rhaedalyn’s suggestion caused R’nya to blink, and then his face lit up as he grinned at her suddenly. “Weavercraft Hall is in our jurisdiction,” he said, carefully curbing his excitement as he considered the suggestion. He might not have thought to include the weavers, but that was why he loved Rhaedalyn so much; she could so easily see the holes in his ideas and plans and knew just how to plug them or fix them! “I doubt they’d be as easy to sway as Master Verec,” though honestly, the Healer hadn’t been exactly easy, R’nya knew the man gained as much as the Weyr by the new arrangement.

What could he offer the Weavers? He asked as much of Rhaedalyn, frowning down at his half-full glass of wine as if the answers might pop up out of the liquid depths. Looking up again – the frown still very much furrowing his eyebrows – R’nya blinked at Rhaedalyn. “Is there a Cooking Hall?” he asked, blinking, and looking blank. Never having been at all interested in cooking – especially after the isolation post-Plague – R’nya had no idea where the cooks came to possess their skills and recipes.

RE: 740.03.31 | Flying Doctors of Pern - Rhaedalyn - 28.Apr.19

It was probably silly, or perhaps mean, of her but she always liked when R’nya looked stumped. He always came across as well put together and knowing everything that when she saw confusion or doubt, it made him feel far more human and she felt less like a screw up. She liked it even better when an idea came to her that he hadn’t considered, like the idea of teaching the girls weaving and tailoring. She hadn’t quite thought about dealing with the actual Hall, but she had planted the seed and she was proud. Now, as she nibbled her snack, Rhaedalyn got to watch R’nya work out the new problems that would no doubt come with the ideas.

She had already come up with an idea for the weaving but waited to see what R’nya would come up with or if he would ask for help. She had learned long ago that she didn’t have to wait for that, though. R’nya appreciated her way of thinking and offering insight, even if it hadn’t been solicited. They worked well together and Rhaedalyn was yet again thankful for finding a man that both loved her for all her quirks and respected her enough to take what she said seriously.

A few more little stacks she had created were consumed as she worked out her own solution and whether it was actually a good one or not when R’nya finally put forth a question and one she hadn’t been expecting. “No, my love,” Rhaedalyn couldn’t help it and giggled softly at his missing facts when it came to Halls. She had to remember he was weyrbred and despite now being Weyrleader, that didn’t mean he knew every Hall or Hold in the land or had any reason to know. Cooks existed, what else was there to know? “Everyone with magical skills in the kitchen learn from… well, like a secret master that you have to prove your worth to. They are all apparently very catty and don’t trust each other so a Hall was never formed.” She knew some of the cooks even in the Weyr could be that way and she sometimes felt sorry for the drudges and anyone brave enough to ask for lessons. But she also knew of kind and open bakers, like C’dhin. Oh, she hoped he shared his secrets with people. It would be a shame to lose his techniques and recipes. The same went with D’hys and his way with stews and bread. Those men were wonders!

“Also, to answer your unspoken earlier questions,” Rhaedalyn paused to sip her wine, purposely giving R’nya a chance to digest what she had said about cooking and catch up to her shift in topic. “What if you offer the Weavecraft the flowers specific to the southern island? There are some vibrant shades they would love for dyes but they won’t have easy access to getting them. With our dragons, we often forget how hard it is to travel when you can’t do it with a thought. I’ve never been on a ship so I asked R’nd to tell me stories once and he said sailing is slow and a trip to Katila could take a month!” She didn’t believe him at first but when he explained it further and compared it to travel by horse or even just by foot crossing the Lower Bowl verses doing so soaring on a dragon, she started to get a better grasp on distance and travel time.

RE: 740.03.31 | Flying Doctors of Pern - R'nya - 28.Apr.19

Eyebrows lifted, and expression bemused, R’nya considered this new information that Rhaedalyn had gifted him. He’d known she would know, after all, he remembered that she’d gotten lessons from a couple of riders in the cooking department. He remembered well the… interesting… meals that he had eaten in the beginning. Thankfully, D’hys was apparently as patient a Saint, whatever that was… Before R’nya could get side-tracked by language and words that had obscure meanings, Rhaedalyn was speaking again and R’nya roped his attention back onto his mate, grinning at her from behind the rim of his wineglass as she made herself comfortable.

“My dear, wonderful woman!” R’nya exclaimed, setting his glass aside carefully and smoothly shifting onto his knees so he could lean across and press a quick kiss to Rhaedalyn’s lips. “You are a gift.” Beaming, R’nya shifted to his feet, well versed in the motion from the past couple of turns of sitting on the floor with their daughters. R’nya picked up one of Rhaedalyn’s little sandwiches, and popped it into his mouth, chewing it up as he thought, pacing excitedly.

“Not much we can do about the cooking, if there is no Hall, since we have enough to deal with without organising one of those!” He could just imagine how incredibly painful creating a new Hall would be, especially since Rhaedalyn had just said the people with the best recipes were disinclined to share them. R’nya wondered for a moment how many delicious meals had been lost to the dust, before attaching his attention back upon the Weavercraft Hall.

“The plant-dye-idea is perfect, though.” He turned to smile at Rhaedalyn, visibly proud of her idea and the fact that she had presented it. “We will need to do some research, though,” he said mildly, thinking as he spoke, “find out the going rate of the different coloured dyes. I haven’t the foggiest how much they will give for the plants in Katila.” He glanced at Rhaedalyn, lifting an eyebrow slightly in question, asking without verbalising if she herself had any idea. He did recall she’d dabbled in the trade before finding herself at Katila.

RE: 740.03.31 | Flying Doctors of Pern - Rhaedalyn - 13.May.19

Rhaedalyn was fascinated with R’nya’s good mood and couldn’t stop from smiling both because of it and the praise he had given her. It felt like compliments were hard to receive most days with Wenon always telling her how to lead and what she should and should not do while the male riders barely seemed able to keep their eyes from rolling when she gave orders or asked them to assist with a task. R’nya, though, never acted like the other men and that was likely why she finally settled into his little golden girl group and eventually found herself in love with the man.

“I’m afraid I can’t help you with prices. Even if I had that sort of knowledge from my time training, that was a long time ago. I was mostly kept in sewing and mending. The Lord Holder had his fabrics dyed by masters at the Hall and shipped to his personal tailor.” They likely thought her too stupid to waste time training her with numbers, though her parents mostly wanted her to study the basics so she could be a better wife material.

She picked up R’nya’s glass and set it with her own on the tray with the food, not so much worried it would be knocked over, but more preparing for their next stages in getting ready for bed. She doubted her mate would want to sleep anytime soon with how excited he was at the new ways to get things to go their way. Eventually she’d get him into bed where they could snuggle and continue chatting before she, at least, fell asleep.

As she glanced at the remnants of their snack, Rhaedalyn couldn’t hold back a giggle. “I just imagined you creating not a Hall, but a cooking class. Can you picture D’hys giving lessons to a group of young ladies, most of which would undoubtedly have a crush on him? He’s been so good to us but I think that might finally be where he draws the line.” She continued giggling, knowing the kind bluerider only had so much patience in the kitchen. How he managed to help her improve so much was still a mystery and he never complained but she suspected he had to be frustrated deep down. She knew how horrible she was in the kitchen. Giving him a group of would be chefs with her skills or less? D’hys may be driven to murder!

RE: 740.03.31 | Flying Doctors of Pern - R'nya - 10.Jun.19

R’nya smiled gently at Rhaedalyn. “Perhaps D’hys will enjoy fishing for such information,” he murmured thoughtfully. The bluerider seemed to enjoy doing things like that, and ferreting out information was certainly something he was good at. Of course, it didn’t sound like a particularly interesting adventure for him, but even so, R’nya was sure the crafters would prove tough nuts to crack once they keyed onto what was happening, and even D’hys could only be so subtle. R’nya’s spine straightened as another idea came to him, coyly inching on the edge of his mind. He examined it briefly, before setting it aside and turning back to Rhaedalyn.

“I think that might be more than he could handle.” R’nya drawled, amused. Probably he’d find himself on the wrong end of an assassination attempt like old D’ren had been. Not that he thought D’hys would be nearly as stupid as to get himself caught like poor, idiotic T’shiro, and not that he thought D’hys would mess up… He’d have to bring that up, too, at some point. Perhaps after he’d poked around at his previous idea. R’nya had always been rather black-and-white when it came to what was what, but he also believed strongly in doing what was right for his home, his family, even if doing what was right, could be considered wrong.

Moving back to Rhaedalyn, R’nya held his hand out to his mate, smiling gently when she took it so he could pull her to her feet, and sweep her into his arms. R’nya kissed her with deep affection, though the kiss itself was light and warm. “Come, my love,” R’nya said gently, brushing the backs of his fingers lightly over Rhaedalyn’s cheek. “I see sleep in your eyes, and the girls have yet to learn the pleasure of sleeping in,” he teased, gentle. Usually he was up first and got the girls their breakfast so that Rhaedalyn wasn’t immediately assaulted with the duties of motherhood. He honestly enjoyed the mornings with his little girls, and letting Rhaedalyn sleep in some, though she didn’t always stay in bed.