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FEB 2018 | All About The Date - Record Keeper - 24.Jan.18


During the month of FEBRUARY 2018 we will be enjoying the event ALL ABOUT THE DATES, in celebration of a Valentine's Day! In order to take part in our event, you will need to make sure your participating thread falls within the outlines below!

+ An awesome PARTICIPATION Stamp
+ An overdose of SWEETNESS!

[Image: 2018.02---Date.png]

+ Start Date: February 1st
+ End Date: February 28th

*End date represents when the last Thread can be created, not when the thread needs to be finished by!

In order to qualify, your character must either take someone out on a date, or be taken on a date! It can be a romantic date, a friendship date, a family date! It's completely up to you!

Thread Submission
Be sure to submit your thread to qualify for your participation  stamp/s!

[b]Thread Title:[/b]
[b]Thread Rating:[/b] G or M
[b]Thread Link:[/b] [url=]Link[/url]
[b]Characters:[/b] @Name, @Name