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Weyr Allocations - Record Keeper - 23.Dec.17



Herein you can find a list of all the dragonriders at a given Weyr, including what Wing they are bound to, and the rank they hold within that Wing.

Wing names are up to the Weyrleader of the given Weyr, and should be submitted to @"ThistleProse", either here in this thread or in Discord. Fort and Telgar each have 5 Wings, while Ista has only 3 - plus each Weyr will have an additional wing for Goldriders, Healers, and incapacitated riders (eg, pregnant, injured, etc). All attempts will be made to allocate PC characters to the same Wing. If you would like to be a Wingleader, please indicate thus, and then speak to your Weyrleader's Player about making it happen In Character.

In Character Wing arrangement and allocations should happen somewhere between months 01 and 03 (January through March). If you have any troubles or issues, please reach out to @"ThistleProse" and she'll do her best to help you.

Note: Goldriders in SP Canon don't fight thread; they don't have flamethrowers. They will be put into Healer Wings, wherein they'll be taking part Weyr-side with non-flying dragons (eg, pregnant, injured or otherwise grounded pairs) to maintain the Weyr, keep an eye on Firestone allocations, and help with any injuries that come in from practices or - in the future! - Threadfall injuries.

Fort Weyr
WING TBA - Weyrwoman - Rhaedalyn of Aradissicath
WING TBA - Goldrider - Oenthi of Verchaylth
WING TBA - Weyrleader - R'nya of Xyreith
WING TBA - Wingrider - An'tell of Erinath
WING TBA - Brownrider - G'nen of Yanth
WING TBA - Bluerider - D'hys of Zeianth
WING TBA - Bluerider - R'dare of Kadaisicalth
WING TBA - Bluerider - R'dal of Edath

Ista Weyr
WING TBA - Goldrider - Vaeyla of Nadioth
WING TBA - Goldrider - Casa of Thallyath
WING TBA - Goldrider - Ambrya of Teamyth
WING TBA - Weyrleader - M'ris of Mosiath
WING TBA - Bronzerider - N'kal of Torath
WING TBA - Bronzerider - T'ryn of Syrendryth
WING TBA - Bronzerider - N'mor of Rhezalth
WING TBA - Brownrider - K'tir of Ghaeth
WING TBA - Bluerider - Z'ia of Aveleth
WING TBA - Bluerider - R'vi of Vydoriath
WING TBA - Greenrider - J'ver of Rilaleeyth
WING TBA - Greenrider - F'drel of Halomirth
WING TBA - Greenrider- J'shom of Siolilth

Telgar Weyr
WING TBA - Goldrider - Mulrissa of Bedith
WING TBA - Bronzerider - S'igi of Kovith
WING TBA - Bronzerider - Sh'dar of Adraith
WING TBA - Brownrider - M'dox of Riquarth
WING TBA - Bluerider - T'bia of Jycenth
WING TBA - Bluerider - R'nd of Ayyonth
WING TBA - Bluerider - V'ler of Veeth
WING TBA - Bluerider - Z'rin of Varralath
WING TBA - Greenrider - C'dhin of Coroth

WING TBA - Weyrlingmaster - Indivara of Venseth
WING TBA - Weyrlingmaster - B'jin of Larrikith

WEYR - WING TBA - RANK - [ID=#][span class="userg_dCOLOUR"]Rider[/span][/ID] of [Name]Name[/Name]

RE: Weyr Allocations - ThistleProse - 24.Dec.17

Fort Weyr Wingnames

Healer/Gold Wing - Fantasy
Wing One - Achieve
Wing Two - Bravery
Wing Three - Courage
Wing Four - Devotion
Wing Five - Endeavour

S'kef - Fort Weyr

Telgar Weyr Wingnames

T'lian of Khaduceth
I'shan - Telgar Weyr

Ista Weyr Wingnames
A'liran - Ista Weyr

13x gold
63x bronze
82x brown
171x blue
284x green

-- I left off Curious Mayhem as they're all still Weyrlings.

WING TBA - RANK - C'vir of Besulth
WING TBA - RANK - Z'lud of Urath
WING TBA - RANK - T'rielle of Caxith
WING TBA - RANK - A'dris of Vyaniorth
WING TBA - RANK - L'te of Teegarth
WING TBA - RANK - E'si of Charath
WING TBA - RANK - Kahleena of Okalinath
WING TBA - RANK - A'jeer of Svarth
WING TBA - RANK - S'jin of Araith
WING TBA - RANK - K"rin of Ajaaskath
WING TBA - RANK - Je'ler of Isperinath
WING TBA - RANK - Peorray of Wydrith
WING TBA - RANK - T'ken of Indrith
WING TBA - RANK - N'tir of Nuloth
WING TBA - RANK - T'vor of Estelth
WING TBA - RANK - L'nis of [Ergrinth]Ergrinth[/Ergrinth]
WING TBA - RANK - S'dae of [Name]Name[/Name]