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S'igi of Bronze Kovith - S'igi - 19.Nov.17

[Image: GdGn4TM.jpg]
Scott Eastwood
Important Details
Original Name: Sentanigi
Pronounced: Sen-tan-iggy
Honorific: S’igi
Pronounced: Suh-iggy
Nicknames: Iggy

Dragon Name: Kovith
Dragon Name: Ko-vith
Dragon Colour: Bronze
Wing Assigned: N/A
Wing Rank: N/A

Primary Rank: Bronzerider
Secondary Ranks: Ladies Man

Place of Birth: Benden
Date of Birth: 17.06.694 AL
Searched/Stolen By: N/A
Searched/Stolen Date: N/A Weyrbrat
Impression Age: 15, 27.06.709 AL
Physical Age: 32

Exiled With: Greenrider D’nal, kitchen worker Kimalt

Partner: N/A
[Image: pSZObVL.jpg]
Eyes: Narrow pale blue eyes that can make him look like he’s squinting or falling asleep.

Hair: Light brown that’s almost blonde in the summer months that is kept short for ease of maintaining it.

Height: 6’2

General Appearance: S’igi is often seen with a neutral or stoic expression on his face but he does know how to smile and gives out flirty little grins or confident smirks when the occasion calls for it. It’s also obvious he knows how to laugh as there are faint laugh lines around his keen eyes that seem to always be aware of what’s going on around him.

His physique is nothing out of the ordinary for a dragonrider. He’s lean yet toned due to years of bathing and oiling his dragon and swimming with Kovith as well. During exile he had slimmed down some but has long since been able to restore his proper weight and preferred physical shape.

Dressing Style: The easiest way to describe S’igi’s style is business casual. He wears well-made pants and well-fitted shirts that have the top few buttons left popped or the laces undone. His riding gear is always in immaculate condition as he tends to it almost as much as he tends to Kovith’s hide. In the cooler months he’s often seen wearing his jacket undone even indoors for convenience.
[Image: KPqhFt9.jpg]
General Character Traits:
S’igi is flirtatious and playful by nature. Many end up surprised that he’s a bronzerider and not a bluerider given the stereotypical views set for the lower level riders. He can definitely still be serious and focus on the task at hand but he doesn’t feel like that needs to be the only thing that defines him as a human or bronzerider. Fun isn’t just for the lower class riders and S’igi proves it by sleeping around as much as a bluerider and partaking in card games right alongside them.

He’s rather arrogant; knowing he’s good at all that he does and doesn’t mind pointing it out should someone forget it. That being said, he doesn’t go out of his way to talk about himself but will point out his strengths and achievements if it calls for it in a conversation.

While he doesn’t want the responsibility that comes with some of the ranks bronzeriders get, S’igi is serious when it comes to tasks involving dragons and their safety. He was always at the top of his weyrling class and nowadays he might not be the first one to volunteer for a task but he puts his all into it to show he’s good at what he does.

S’igi likes adventure and doesn’t mind being called a thrill-seeker. Jumping from high cliffs to the water below is one of his favourite thrills though he ranks the unknown of flight lust and trying new things during sex right up there as well.

If a romantic sort were to look at S’igi and think they could change him or get him to love; they’d be sadly mistaken. He’s been on his own for most of his life, keeping people close enough to warm his bed or pass the time with as a friend. He’s not a fan of love and doesn’t see its use or need. Life is a lot simpler when you have everyone categorized as friend or enemy and without the added worry about protecting someone because of your heart.

Habits/Mannerisms: Doesn’t like to sit with his back to the door as he likes to see who is coming and going and hates being snuck up on.

Threadfall Theory: He doesn’t like to think about it. It sounded like ugly business and not the right level of thrill-seeking he’s into. If it returns, he’d rather not be around for it.
Stealing/Kidnapping: Look, dragons would have died without the whiny ungrateful brats. So long as it helped them, S’igi didn’t care either way.
Weryrleader S'kef: Brownriders have no right to lead and S’kef proved it. The only thing he did right was bring them North again.
Firelizards: They’re little pests but it’s good to see them around again since he remembers being fond of them pre-plague. However, like many other dragonriders, he did worry some at first that they might still be carrying the deadly disease.
Women's loss of honorifics: Not really bothered by it. He never fully agreed with women on fighter dragons and since goldriders never had honorifics, why should the others?
Return North: About damn time it happened! Katila was nice and even relaxed but dragons and humans need to spread their wings and have more space and people around.

Adrenaline Rush: It makes him feel alive. He doesn’t fear death nor is he looking for it but there’s something about the rush during a free fall that gets him more excited than just about anything else.
Card Games: S’igi enjoys a night in with the boys, playing cards, drinking, and just being guys.
Bread: The man loves his carbs. Bread goes with everything and he finds it gives him energy before a work out.

Commitment: There isn’t a need for it. It simply holds you back and ties you to one person or place. In the life of a dragonrider, he doesn’t see why either would come in handy.
Cleaning: While he’s organized, S’igi isn’t fond of having to clean.
Uppity Women: Sometimes they’re amusing but women should know their place and not make such a fuss.

Adventurous: Whether it be extreme activities, exploring new locations, or even during sex, S’igi is up for new experiences.
Determined: He knows what he wants and makes sure he gets it. Once he has a goal, S’igi tends to work towards achieving it no matter the cost.
Rational: In times of crisis, S’igi can keep his head and find the right course of action. In times of play he might be more spontaneous but he’s still not about to go around causing chaos.

Arrogant: Can’t fix what’s already perfect! S’igi believes he’s the best and doesn’t see why others shouldn’t know it as well.
Naughty: Not in the disobedient child way but in the way where everyone knows he’s a playboy and has a bit of a reputation for a love em and leave em bad boy.
Superficial: He likes pretty things and women and doesn’t usually see the it as necessary to learn anything more of them.

Father: G’sen, b.672, d.716
Rank: Bronzerider
Mother: S’ani, b.674, d.716
Rank: Greenrider
Siblings: Two brothers on his mother’s side that did not survive the plague. It’s easier to pretend he’s an only child since they weren’t that close to begin with.

Past Lovers/Partners: Greenrider D’nal (Dynal) (d.719), kitchen worker Kimalt (d.718), others.
Current Lovers/Partners: Nothing serious.
Dyndandal [M] b.27.06.718
Kydra [F] b.19.09.718
Taniara [F] b.728
Background Story:
694 & Born: Sentanigi is born after a flight-fuelled encounter.
695-700 & 1-6: He spends a majority of his time in the crèche and some time with his mother. He has little to do with his father.
701-704 & 7-10: Starts taking classes to learn the basics. He doesn’t particularly enjoy any of the subjects and often tries to skip out, resulting in punishment.
705 & 11: Old enough to start Standing, Sentanigi starts attending Candidate classes and pays more attention than he did in the basics. It didn’t hurt that his father finally paid him some attention and told him not to be an embarrassment and to work hard to be what a bronze dragon would want.
706-708 & 12-14: Spends the next few years Standing for clutches and walking away alone. It leaves him frustrated but he uses it as time to continue learning to be the best dragonrider he can be and finding out who he really is.
709 & 15: Finally Impresses. He’s a bit annoyed that it has taken this long but the strong looking bronze dragonet bonded to him makes it all worth the wait and a smug satisfaction settles in. He knew he’d be a bronzerider as he’s simply amazing and deserves the best.
710-712 & 16-18: Continues doing his best and coming out on top of his class in all areas. It’s only upon graduation that S’igi and Kovith agree that they can chase now without it being a distraction.
712-715 & 18-21: S’igi finds he enjoys playing around and not settling down. While he takes his tasks as a bronzerider seriously, relationships come and go for him and he’s happy with the way things are both in daily routine and rotating bed partners.
716 & 22: The plague hits. S’igi loses a lot of friends and both of his parents to the plague and gratefully follows the order to go South and get away from the others. Still, he doesn’t know how long the exile will take and decides he doesn’t want to be alone during it and invites the female greenrider he was sleeping with along with the cute kitchen worker he was also sleeping with to help keep them fed as he has no cooking skills.
717-718 & 23-24: The three fall into a comfortable routine in exile with both women understanding they either share or get nothing. Along the way, much to S’igi’s annoyance, both women end up pregnant several months apart. Kimalt dies during childbirth.
719 & 25: Near the end of 719, D’nal dies in a feline attack that also gives Kovith multiple scars as he tried to defend her. Deciding that while he doesn’t want to raise kids, he also knows he’s not a killer and can’t abandon them.
720 & 26: The call to reunite is heard and S’igi is relieved. He was rather over living in exile and with two toddlers to boot. He more or less shoves the kids at someone else when they get to Katila though he still checks up on his kids from time to time when the mood strikes.
721-726 & 27-32: It took some time to get used to being around so many people again but S’igi adapted and found himself slipping into old habits easily with chasing women and enjoying life, including the horrible liquid that passed as wine. He did his best to stay out of trouble and to avoid as much responsibility as he could.
727 & 33: Nirinath finally rises. Kovith eagerly chases but Ronarth bests him. S’igi didn’t really mind as he had no desire to become Weyrleader. While he enjoys his status as a bronzerider, he doesn’t want the extra duties that come with running a Weyr.
228-230 & 34-36: Ends up as a father for the third time and with a third woman. Like with the others, he has little contact. What bothers him more is the lack of golds and how Kovith has to chase greens which often lands him in bed with men.
731 & 37: World Above hatches and a gold safely Impresses! S’igi is pleased and hopes there will be more clutches in the near future, especially with more golds to help sate hunger.
732 & 38: Firelizards are rediscovered and S’igi isn’t sure how to feel. He’s cautious around them and tries to keep Kovith away until it seems there’s nothing to worry about and these firelizards also escaped the plague.
734 & 40: The night of the landslide saw him sleeping elsewhere which was good considering his hut was wiped out entirely. A lot of good riders were lost that night and S’igi buried his grief in the work to help rebuild. When S’kef said they were moving North again, S’igi applauded the decision and decided that was one of the only good things to come out of a brownrider playing at being a Weyrleader.
735 & 41: Moving to Telgar means starting over again. It’s a routine he’s now used to and S’igi easily settles in.
736 & 42: He still turns down any hints that he should run one of the Weyrs that would be opening soon. He has no desire to lead, though he knows he’d be great at it, and wishes the others well. He does have a hint of jealousy, though, that the new Weyrleaders have built in goldriders to keep their dragons happy.
737-738 & 43-44: S’igi finds himself growing bored with the routine. He debates asking for a transfer but knows that won’t help. He needs a new adventure or game to take his mind off the tedium before he seriously considers applying for one of the wingleader positions said to be opening up soon.
Craft: N/A
Education Details: Basic Weyr education that was further advanced in reading and writing when he Impressed a bronze.

Dragon Name: Kovith
Name Pronounced: Ko-vith
Dragon Colour: Bronze
Wing Assigned: N/A
Wing Rank: N/A

Hatching Date: 27.06.709 AL
Birthing Weyr: Benden
Home Weyr: Telgar
Clutch Name: Lazy Days
Clutch Mother: Gold Teldorath
Clutch Father: Bronze Genavath

Length: 30
Height: 16
Wingspan: 45
Scars & Markings: Several scars on the right side of his lower torso and legs from fending off felines.
Weyrlinghood: Pale with streaks of a shade that’s close to orange on his two front legs, head, and tip of his tail.
Adulthood: Before the plague, Kovith was one of the largest bronze dragons amongst the Weyrs. Now, however, the new clutches seem to produce larger dragons and Kovith finds himself on the lower end, though his regal stance still sets him apart from many of the others.

When it comes to colouring, he’s always been a bit paler than most bronze dragons to the point where he looks sun-faded along his front. It has never bothered him and S’igi says it makes him stand out as much as his posture and personality.

Mindvoice: A low tenor that turns silky smooth when he or S’igi are randy.

General Character Traits:
Kovith is more of an observer than a participator. He likes to know what’s going on and to be able to fill in S’igi if his rider fails to notice something. He comes across a bit aloof because of this, especially since he’ll do his best to only speak to S’igi. Fellow dragons may get some words out of him but he prefers to avoid that as well.

Like his bonded, Kovith will work hard when given a task. They reigned at the top of their class and while neither have lofty goals of ruling, they do like to reign above everyone else when it comes to a show of skill and talent.

Otherwise, he’s a bit laidback, feeding off of S’igi’s emotions and desires, knowing that it wouldn’t be frowned upon for them to relax whenever they can.

Habits/Mannerisms: Enjoys hunting his prey. Even within the hunting grounds, Kovith will watch from afar, looking for the perfect victim, stalking it, before swooping in. He then eats in a rather prim manner; no slouching and does his best not to make a complete mess of himself and the area.

Bread: He once stole a piece of S’igi’s bread when he was a hatchling and found he enjoyed it as well. He’s often given pieces as a special treat.
Swimming: Like most dragons, Kovith enjoys splashing around in water, getting exercise and cooling off.
Sunning: Spending the afternoon on a hot rock in the sun is relaxing and needed regularly to keep his cool around idiots.

Kids: They’re loud and smell. He especially hates if they try to climb on him or think he’s there to play with.
Felines: They make him nervous after the feline attack that left him with scars and killed one of their small party members while in exile.
Cold: He feels sluggish in the cold and wants to sleep in.

Observant: Kovith likes to know what’s going on and, in a sense, people watches. He tries to be an extra set of eyes and ears for S’igi.
Intelligent: Given the limitations on the way the dragon brain functions, Kovith is among the brighter dragons. He pays attention to how things work, how people behave, and learns through his bond with S’igi, delving into his memories regularly to help keep him updated.
Loyal: As all dragons are, Kovith is always there for S’igi, even willing to step outside his comfort zone if it assists his rider. A very small collection of other dragons receive nearly the same level of loyalty from him.

Aloof: Kovith doesn’t really need to talk to other people or even dragons, though his brethren will get him to speak before a human outside of S’igi will. He likes to keep his distance.
Tactless: He’s not the most sensitive dragon and will blurt out the honest but brutal truth if he feels like it. S’igi is not immune to this treatment though he doesn’t receive it too often.
Sarcastic: When he’s not pointing out the obvious to S’igi in an effort to annoy him, he’s tossing sharp-tongued comments at him usually about the person S’igi is talking to or thinking about.

Hex Codes: Kovith
Font: Dragon talking all day long~ Singing a song~
Background: e59748
Preview: f9e6cc

Infant Image
[Image: qGwYQMP.jpg]

Adult Image
[Image: Vj4qqRI.png]
RP Sample
Finally the call to reunite had come. S’igi had nearly given up on this day, though he had long since stopped asking Kovith on a daily basis if he had heard anything or could reach any of the golds they knew. The fact that it came from Nirinath and Tsuen didn’t really bother him. S’igi could only assume she had knowledge of the plague and it dying out that he clearly didn’t know. He had taken the exile seriously and never sought out anyone else. He did have two beautiful women with him for most of his time exiled so that had helped. The past several months had been hard on him, though, with raising two young toddlers on his own when he didn’t even have a strong affection for children to begin with.

He paused in his packing of the few things they had as memories hit him hard with the death of his lovers and the birth of his children. His gaze went distant as he sat down in the dirt, playing idly with the buckle of his riding jacket.

Everything had been going rather well considering they were in exile and only three of them. He had chosen wisely over those he would take with him. He had been casually seeing greenrider D’nal and while she was a great lay, S’igi almost turned her away, afraid for Kovith. In the end, it seemed both of their dragons were fine and it was best to pack and head out as soon as possible. With two dragons, they were able to pack a decent amount of clothing and supplies and still have room for the other woman he was casually seeing; the kitchen worker Kimalt. She was easy on the eyes but also could cook for them, which was a strong selling point since he could barely boil water for klah.

They had a good arrangement and S’igi was almost able to convince himself he was happy with being settled down even if it was with two women who had to come to terms with sharing or not getting anything at all. Then, he had screwed up and got D’nal pregnant. Kovith still liked to point out he had been careless and taking care of the kids was a proper punishment. S’igi supposed Kimalt’s jealousy and insisting a few months later when it was obvious D’nal was with child that she also wanted to give him a kid was part of the punishment for being stupid. Since he was stuck in the wild with two women that could swing their mood as fast as swing a stick at his head, he had relented and taken the next several months to increase their fortification around their camp, knowing the wailing babies would attract predators’ attention.

S’igi focused again on the task and went to the bags that were stuffed in the corner of their hut that he hadn’t looked at for months, having belonged to Kimalt. D’nal’s pregnancy had been surprisingly easy and it was only when she went into labour that he truly realized how stupid it was to knock up both women. They didn’t have a Healer and none of them knew more than basic first aid for scrapes and a fever. Luckily, she had survived and given him a son, Dyndandal. Kimalt, however, hadn’t been as lucky. The labour was long and hard and in the end she bled out and died hours after giving birth to a girl, Kydra. She had held her daughter and seemed a peace and, oddly, S’igi took comfort in that. He didn’t blame the girl for killing one of his lovers and the one that was most talented with cooking, but focused on the positive; they had learned to cook along the way and D’nal was happy to look after both kids.

He decided that all the supplies they could carry would be welcomed at the reunion since he wasn’t sure what anyone else had though most of her clothes had been repurposed for the children. Kimalt’s bags were added to the trunk and without debate, D’nal’s were added as well. Someone might like her extra clothing. A slight pang of guilt hit him and S’igi almost didn’t recognize the foreign emotion. It hadn’t been his fault for her death but sometimes he wondered if they could have done more or maybe he should have gone with her on the foraging for berries. The felines hadn’t been seen in over a week and they assumed it was safe. They were on her quickly and Kovith was quicker than the lazy green that had been napping in the sun and got to her side, but not quick enough. He had suffered vicious claw attacks and even a few bites before they were scared off. It didn’t matter though. D’nal was dying and Kovith was bleeding from deep enough wounds to leave scars. By nightfall, D’nal was in enough agony that she asked her dragon to take them between to end it sooner and with more peace than her wounds would give her.

The next day, sitting somewhat numb at the campfire as he made klah, S’igi debated bringing the kids out to the woods and leave them for the felines. He couldn’t though. He wasn’t a murderer and couldn’t banish their mothers’ memories that easily with them out of sight.

Even now, hours before they would head off to reunite, S’igi once again had a brief moment of leaving the kids behind. Kovith, however, had already chided him for those thoughts and S’igi took that seriously. The bronze didn’t like kids any more than he did but he did have a high code of morals that wouldn’t let either of them abandon those who couldn’t take care of themselves.

That didn’t mean he couldn’t foist the toddlers onto someone else as soon as they were reunited with others once more. It’d be best for the kids and even better for him and his need to stretch his wings and be free again.

The Player
Character Created By: @InsultingTruths
Dragon Created By: @InsultingTruths and ThistleProse for the adult artwork
Played By: @InsultingTruths
Preferred Contact: PM or Discord
Inactivity Preference: Adoptable NPCs / Death

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