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Azrin | Second Son of High Reaches - Azrin - 03.Oct.17

Second Son of High Reaches Hold
[Image: NUPSjKH.jpg]
Douglas Booth
Important Details
Original Name: Azrin
   Pronounced: Aaz-rin
Nicknames: Baby Boy

Primary Rank: Lordling currently second in line
   Secondary Ranks:

Place of Birth: High Reaches Hold
Date of Birth: 22.02.707 AL

Partner: Candristra
[Image: adNMhWE.jpg]
Eyes: Expressive pale hazel eyes that seem to see right through you are framed with thick lashes giving a slightly feminine vibe.

Hair: A light shade of brown that lightens even further with too much sunlight. He keeps his hair in a respectable length for a Lord Holder’s son but it sometimes gets away from him and seems to have a bit of stylized bed head.

Height: 6’2

General Appearance: It is easy to call Azrin a pretty boy thanks to his smooth skin and youthful complexion. Thick eyelashes and full lips don’t help with this idea either, leaving people shocked when they find out he’s the second oldest son. Sometimes he tries to grow a beard to lose the baby face but he sadly can’t reach a full beard but just a distinguished amount of stubble.

Like the vast majority of his bloodline, Azrin is of slender frame with some muscle definition due to a slight enjoyment from working out. But he’s of high rank and enjoys the life of luxury that keeps him from being fully ripped or more than somewhat toned.

Dressing Style: Suits or a nice sweater are the norm for Azrin. Given the colder climate that they live in nearly year round, he’s not opposed to layering and will often be seen in a shirt, open shirt, and suit jacket on if he’s not simply in a shirt and sweat over top. He’s a bit on the flamboyant side with colours and patterns, preferring to accessorize with a necklace and a few rings—especially his large ring that shows him as a member of the High Reaches family.
[Image: etFG1dQ.jpg]
General Character Traits: Azrin gives off a languid vibe of a lordling that has no ambition or direction in life except to party and enjoy what he has. While he can and does enjoy his life and enjoys a good party, the flighty playboy persona is just a façade. Azrin is extremely ambitious and will do anything to get what he desires, including sabotage or removing an obstacle one way or another. He is a bit calmer than his older brother Jaetyn when it comes to scheming, he’s but still willing to do what he can to move the inheritance along and climb the social ladder.

He has an appetite for the ladies, at least while he’s off on business trips. He’s smart enough, at least, not to have a mistress too close to home where it might cause issues. Azrin borders on being a love ‘em and leave ‘em type of guy where he makes sure there’s no strings and no one gets attached. However, he’ll usually still pop in on the next trip in that direction; until a child appears. The woman is either paid off or possibly ‘taken care of’ if he feels the woman will be too much trouble.

He’s rather intelligent in regards to politics and enjoys the games the lords and Holds play amongst themselves with alliances and secret alliances. He pays close attention to it all, learning what he can so he can make his own alliances; not that he’d trust anyone enough to expose his back or unattended glass of wine to.

Habits/Mannerisms: When lost in thought, Azrin can be seen gently swirling his drinking glass as he stares with unseeing eyes at it.

   Threadfall Theory: Not at all worried about it if it is returning. He lives in a nice solid Hold.
   Stealing/Kidnapping: Rather uncalled for, though he can see why they stayed hidden for so long. Better to return strong and with numbers to back them up.
     Weryrleader S'kef: From what he’s heard, he was a man that knew what he wanted and took it. Azrin can respect that.
     Firelizards: Adorable but hard to trust. They can relay what they see to their bonded, making them perfect spies.
     Women's loss of honorifics: Doesn’t really concern him.
   Return North: Dragons will be a convenient form of travel once again but he wonders about the dynamics between Hold and Weyr now.

   Fine Alcohol: He considers himself a connoisseur of not only wine but liquor as well. He enjoys sipping his drinks to savour them.
   Sex: Surprising some thanks to his playboy status, Azrin genuinely likes his wife and beds her regularly. However, his appetite is too much to be sated by one woman and he does enjoy sleeping around. Women are his preferred partners but he has stumbled into bed a time or two in the past with men sometimes for pleasure and sometimes to help sway someone to his way of thinking.
   Horseback Riding: While he’s not interested in breeding horses or having all that much of a hands on approach to training and maintaining, Azrin enjoys how peaceful the activity of riding can be. It’s a good time to think and unwind.
   Toxicology: A more recent hobby of his thanks to spending time with his cousin J’ver, Azrin finds toxicology fascinating. The subtle ways a poison can be hidden or broken down and the way something harmless reacts when put with something it shouldn’t go near is all useful information in his opinion.

   Hunting: To him, that’s something the staff does to keep food on his table. He doesn’t find enjoyment in the activity but does find it beneath him and scoffs at the lords that do like it.
   Blandness: Fashion, personality, food…  don’t be boring!
   Flowers: He has a pollen allergy that keeps him from enjoying the colourful plant. However, he doesn’t mind greenery and enjoys sitting on the patio that has a lot of ferns and other plants that don’t bother him.

   Cunning: He likes to put himself in someone else’s shoes so he can find the best way to outwit them. He can be rather sneaky in the way he implements his well-thought out plans.
   Strategist: Azrin is good at coming up with multiple plans for the same idea, plotting out what will work best but also trying to figure out what the opposition might think.
   Passionate: Whether it’s something he enjoys doing, something he wants, or even as a lover, Azrin does everything full tilt and thoroughly enjoys it.

   Conceited: He knows he’s good at everything, so why down play it?
   Ambitious: While usually considered a strength of character, Azrin’s ambition can prompt him to go a bit above and beyond what is an acceptable means of grasping it what he wants.
   Suspicious: While not to the level of paranoia, Azrin is suspicious of most people and their motives. He might seem like he trusts you, but he really doesn’t. Everyone has their own game they’re playing and pawns that are being used and he wonders how you’re trying to use him.
Father: Jaebrin  b.686 AL
Rank: Lord Holder of High Reaches (also cousin to J’ver)
Mother: Azmarie b.689 AL
Rank: Lady Holder
Jaetyn [M] b.705 AL
Gabrin [M] b.710 AL
Jalazmar [M] b.715

Past Lovers/Partners: A few but nothing important
Current Lovers/Partners: Candristra b.709
With his wife:
Rindris [M] b.725
Candazri [F] b.727
Rindristra [F] b.728
Drisdraz [M] b.730
Aztrarin [M] b.732
Candrizrin [F] b.735

With various mistresses from his travels, he has several children born between 730-738. He has no contact with any of them or their mothers once finding out they’re pregnant and has laid no claim on the children.

Background Story:
707 & Born: Azrin is born the second son to the Lord and Lady High Reaches.
708-716 & 1-9: When he is old enough, proper education begins as well as learning about the inner workings of High Reaches. When the plague hits the Weyrs, Azrin doesn’t quite know what’s going on as the adults talk vaguely around him. All he knows is that one day the watch dragons stopped showing up and never came back.
717-724 & 10-17: Azrin is sent to Ista to foster with the Lord Holder, gaining education and learning more about the region. It’s a long journey now without dragons but he arrives in one piece, if only a bit tired of ships and tight living quarters.
718-724 & 11-17: Continues his education of Ista and its various exports and holders. When he is 16 he loses his virginity to a cute maid. A few months later he has a fling with an older married woman that is visiting with her lord husband.
725 & 18: Azrin marries Candristra, the daughter of Lord Ista early in the year as an arranged marriage between their fathers before moving back to High Reaches. At the end of the year, their first child is born.
727-728 & 20-21: Two more children are born and Azrin spends time around the Hold lending a hand in the running of the region when asked. He’s the spare heir and while Jaetyn is the pride and joy and expected to rule one day, they can’t risk him dying in an unexpected tragedy and Azrin is trained as well.
729-733 & 22-26: Two more children are born though Azrin is starting to travel more for political missives for his father and representing the family when checking up on those beholden to them.
734-737 & 27-30: He and Jaetyn continue to push each other and plot against each other and even their father in order to get the title of Lord Holder. With the reappearance of dragons, Azrin sees an opportunity for an alliance with them, especially when he starts talking with his second cousin, J’ver. High Reaches Weyr has yet to be reopened but Azrin hopes it’s soon so he can find more allies to have close at hand.
738 & 31: Azrin takes his wife back to Ista for a vacation away from his family and their kids that aren’t off fostered yet. While in Ista, he reconnects with the young Heir, Aldra. In his years fostered in Ista, Azrin spend more time with the girls that were closer to his age but now that they’re adults, Aldra and Azrin spend more time together and even end up sleeping together. By the end of the year, Azrin has Aldra’s ear, among other things.
739 & 32: His youngest brother, Jalazmar, is finally getting married. Both his father and oldest brother, Jaetyn, are attending the wedding in Fort Hold and Azrin sees it as a perfect chance to move himself up the line of succession and arranges a hit on his family members. Unfortunately, only his dad dies and Jaetyn isn’t too happy with him. Azrin takes this as a good sign to cut his losses and moves his family back to Ista to re-establish himself and climb into a position of power far away from his brother’s reach.
Education Details: The finest Hold education focusing on politics and the region. He has extensive knowledge on High Reaches and Ista.

RP Sample
Azrin continued to smile as the dragons appeared one at a time above High Reaches Hold. He had spotted his eldest brother on the first one to arrive and a moment of anger set in. Had the servant failed in serving the specially made wine? He had purposely selected that servant, knowing he was easy to bribe but also too naïve to consider anything murderous to be connected to the gesture of offering up a nice bottle of wine for the men to celebrate with.

Damn, but it would have been a perfect set up! Having his father and Jaetyn die at Fort Hold when he was all the way back in High Reaches Hold would leave him with his hands clean and an easy succession. Not that anyone would challenge him anyway. His family had been ruling High Reaches for more generations than he cared to think about right then. He wasn’t too worried about his youngest brothers, Gabrin and Jalazmar. He liked them both well enough and would have likely properly mourned them if they had partook in the poisoned beverage as well, but if they had lived, he didn’t see either one of them coming after him for the title or even revenge.


As all the dragons landed, Azrin realised his father wasn’t among them and a quick scan for his mother showed her dressed in black and looking horrible. He also found the dragon she rode on was holding a long box; a rather father-shaped box. So his dad had died at the very least but Jaetyn managed to avoid the same fate. Which meant things might get ugly for him soon. Even if the servant talked about getting the wine from him, Azrin had covered his tracks well from using an odourless poison to resealing the bottle in the same manner it had originally been done. There was no way to tie him to the crime. Jaetyn, however, would still suspect him and might retaliate despite now being the Lord Holder. Wouldn’t do to have the spare heir lingering around, posing as a threat to him and his sons.

He’d have to put word out to Aldra, the Lord of Ista’s heir and Azrin’s recent playmate, that it was time to relocate to Ista. He was sure his wife would love moving back to her home where they could build their own hold or even quietly usurp a lord and his family, slowly climbing up the ladder of Ista until he was Lord Holder there. It was a lofty dream but Azrin was confident. Then again, why rule when you could sleep with the ruler and reap the benefits? That sounded a bit better and with less work in the long run.

While everyone dismounted and collected their items, Jaetyn strode over to him. Azrin didn’t bother feigning innocence with just the two of them currently within earshot. He knew Jaetyn knew what he had tried but couldn’t prove it without seeming like he was jealous or paranoid. With a slow subtle grin, Azrin looked his brother directly in the eye and simply said, “welcome home, Lord Holder,” and walked away to greet his mother.

Character Base Created By:  Insulting Truths
Character's Finalisation Created By:  Insulting Truths
   Played By: Insulting Truths
Preferred Contact: Discord
Inactivity Preference: Adoptable NPCs

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